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Friday, August 14, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 13 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Aug 14 2009

I had to hunt online for it today. No witty cracks just too tired to care.

One half of the British Invasion Doug Williams vs Hernandez. You know I totally dig Hernandez, but dude that intro to your music, has to go. Um audience members ... You have a guy from England in the ring, and a guy from Mexico in the ring and you are chanting "usa" . Hey ticket guy, you have to stop getting the live audience members from the zombie pit at the nearest bar. In this case shouldn't a simple LAX chant have been the sensible thing to do. Hernandez won with a sit down power bomb.

Steven Richards' promo was lackluster. But seeing the return of Holliday was a nice surprise.

Rhino and Neil against World Elite members Eric Young and Bashir in a tag team match. There must have been some Canadians in the audience cause I heard a few chants of "let's go Eric". Young with a tights pull....I mean I saw nothing but a roll up. Now you all have been reading my posts on the state of Sabin's hair, but that's all in fun, this Jessie Neil kid needs to shave that mess off and start fresh cause it's vomit worthy. Rhino's promo was very good, just why the hell do you have to spit on the camera and mic?

A.J. Styles, he likes to tell everyone alot that no one has ever handed him anything. Let me hand you a tissue cause I feel a chic-flick moment coming on, you're story has tugged on my bladder.Note* whomever added this episode to the net, dude I think you missed a chunk cause the next part was in the middle of stuff*
The final match up between Styles and the evil druid Matt Morgan. Everytime Styles says something he puts me in mind of a human bobble head OHMYGOD!! and the evil druid Matt Morgan wins the best of 3, with the sickest kick I have ever seen. Is A.J. Styles alive?

Team 3D promo...I did not vote you greatest tag team. Brother Ray vs Steiner. The crowd started to chant "shut the f**k up" when Steiner was talking. Yes I agree. Oh a no DQ match how uncreative. British Invasion run out for a moment. Steiner got the win. (boo!)

AND the MotorCityMachine Guns!...... Where were they? Damn you creative for not having them on this week. I am addicted to Shelley and Sabin and will be going through nasty withdrawls all week now.

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