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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smackdown Results : 8/21/09

Match #1 was a 6 man tag with Rey Mysterio/Cryme Tyme vs Jericho/Big Show/Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got the win

Match #2 was Mike Knox vs Finlay. Knox got DQed and the win went to Finlay

Match #3 was a Diva tag team of Melina/Maria vs Layla/Natalya . Maria got the win.

Match #4 was the main event. Also a 6 man tag. John Morrison/Hardys vs CM Punk/Hart Dynasty. Matt Hardy got the win

This was a very lame episode. And right before a big pay-per-view. Kinda odd having the show start and finish with 6 man tag matches. And they don't seem to do single diva matches at all anymore.
Honestly, but the time I get the replay I have heard all the spoilers from other people that I just don't care.

Resistance is futile

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