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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Smackdown 3/19/2010

I should right off tell the Canadian readers, that The Score (which is our sports provider here) will be shuffling WWE programming around this week. Please check your local listings. Hopefully it will not mess us up too badly.

We opened with Rey Mysterio addressing the issue from last week.

Match #1 MVP/Matt Hardy vs Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler. Hardy and Ziggler started it off with a collar tie up, which lead to a armbar by Ziggler. Hardy countered with one of his own, but Ziggler broke the hold getting a series of elbows from Hardy for his trouble. Swagger blindtagged himself in, only to get a punch to the face. He managed to get Hardy in the corner with a series of forearms to the spine before dropping him on the mat. Swagger then used a submission move on Hardy in the middle of the ring. Hardy broke out and used a side Russian leg sweep tagging in MVP. Ziggler also tagged in. MVP used an overhead throw followed by short clotheslines on Ziggler setting up for his ballin. Swagger ran into the ring only to be met with a spear from Hardy taking them both out of the ring. This gave Ziggler a chance to use his trademark ZigZag on MVP for the win.

Match #2 McCool/Layla vs Beth Phoenix/Tiffany. Beth and Layla started it off. Layla went right for Beth's legs, trying to take her down but it was countered with an airplane. Beth then knocked her down with a clothesline. Tiffany tagged in, with a series of elbows. Followed by a suplex. It only got her a two count. Layla kicked her sending her out of the ring onto the apron. Tiffany used the top rope for a jawbreaker, just as McCool ran at her knocking her down. Layla then rolled her back into the ring but only got a near fall. McCool tagged in, using a European headlock and a series of knees to the face. Beth tagged in sending McCool into the ropes then using her vertical suplex before using the glamslam for the win.

Match #3 Hart Dynasty vs John Morrison/R-Truth. Smith and Truth started. Smith going at him with a kick, but Truth battled back with a series of punches. Morrison tagged in, they used a double team move on Smith. Smith countered with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Kidd tagged in, stomping on Morrison in the corner. He followed it up with a snapmare and sitdown dropkick but only got a two count. Truth tagged in with his corkscrew for the win.

Match #4 Rey Mysterio vs Luke Gallows. Mysterio started with a series of kicks and forearms on Gallows. But he quickly turned it around whipping Mysterio into the corner. Mysterio turned it around again, with another series of kicks. Gallows used an upper cut knocking Mysterio down, but Mysterio managed to lock a headscissors on him sending Gallows into the ropes. Gallows then used a spinning backbreaker sending Mysterio to the floor. Back in the ring, Gallows used a bear hug before dropping Mysterio into the corner. Gallows went for a high risk move, but it was blocked. Mysterio slammed him with a flying cross body, but Gallows countered with a back slash for a near fall. Two kicks to Gallows face followed by a bulldog and springboard off the top rope, but only a near fall. Mysterio landed a 619 but Serria pushed Mysterio off the ropes letting Gallows get the pin.

Match #5 Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre. Drew slid out of the ring but the Undertaker followed serving up a hard right hand before knocking Drew into the ring apron. He then slammed him in the corner, kicking Drew in the face. Drew got a scoop slam but only a near fall. Undertaker then cornered him with a series of punches causing the ponytail of Drew to come undone. Yes please keep your gross hair in front of your face you look much better that way. Undertaker then used his leg drop and a choke slam, but Drew would not stay down and a tombstone piledriver was needed for the pin.

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