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Sunday, March 7, 2010

TNA to Monday

I made comments on my weekly TNA review this week that I would give some thought to the actual move.

I have been on my main blog for the last while.

To be honest. I am not sure it will matter. Yes, you have fans that watch both companies and I am sure the first week or two those fans will be taping one show and watching the other, then after a while will just flip back and forth.

But you have alot of fans that are very one sided. Loyal to their heroes. I'm not going to lie, I am one of those fans.

I believe it won't matter this week. I believe it won't matter in two weeks time.
I believe it won't make a dent for at lest a good two months. Why? Well Spudgun, it will take I fear that long for people to choose. And by that point summer will be here and everyone will be out fishing anyway.

If you think I have no faith in my team you are dead wrong. I have bundles of faith in them. I just think the timing is wrong. Moving live to Mondays something you should have done in the fall not spring.
I have no idea what TNA has planned for tomorrow's big move to live; but it better as hell be smarter then what it's been offering in the last month.

The lack of personality, the lack of promos, the less then interesting matches, not too mention the lack of matches, TNA what are you thinking?
You can not make a move to live on Monday nights and only be offering chocolate milk to their plain. You need to be upping the bar. I want to see Martinis on the menu. Dig.

Listen to me please. I have in my other post on my blog a few ideas.
Oh my god TNA I am begging you, like a cornered housewife please, think about what you are doing.

I will say this, as for the other company, the only thing on their show I tune in for is Sheamus.
I get that show taped and fast forward through everything and everyone else.

If TNA wants to keep it's loyal fans after tomorrow and scoop up some new ones, stick to what made you - you 4 and a half years ago when you debuted on Spike. The Ultimate X, the X-Division, the tag teams. Showcase more of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, have more air time for Eric Young and Amazing Red. Bring back in Jay Lethal to the forefront. Give us A.J. Styles vs Samoa Joe.

I still count the three way X-Division match between Shelley/Sabin/Petey Williams from the first on air show as one of the best. There was just something about the energy in that one.

And what ever happened to Shark Boy?


  1. I agree the move to live should have been done in the fall so all the people stuck inside during the winter would have tuned in

  2. I'd like to know what the wrestlers think about the move?
    The rumours have been a mixed bag.


  4. I think WWE is still worth watching while I can't stand Sheamus I still like the show. I generally don't watch TNA as the story-lines are deader than WCW. I don't think TNA is up for this as WWE has great wrestlers and not just the well known ones. Kingston is good, as is Legacy my problem lies with Sheamus having the mysterious title shot out of no where. Most people are wondering that I'm sure.

  5. I'm not. I'm just drooling needing a bib when Sheamus is on. Not thinking. Not thinking just drooling.
    Besides, without that belt you can see his tummy better.

    Sorry mind in gutter always