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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday Night Raw Results 12/28/2009

Tonight the show began with Jericho outside the arena trying to get people to s
ign a petition to allow him to Monday Night Raw. The people all shouted NO. Which is a big surprise. Then it went to theme

John Cena has a
match tonight against Sheamus for the title. Mr. Machon makes an appearance to address the Hart situation to let people know if there is truth to the rumors.

First out was John Cena, he got a big audience applause, cheering. He went and pulled out a table. To which he put in the ring. And
starts setting up the table. He talks about how Sheamus became the WWE champion.

He wants to battle Sheamus in a table match. Out comes Sheamus with a peice of gold he didn't earn. Why cause he only battled like four people before getting the title shot. Sheamus claims he owns Raw which we know is not true and Cena quickly straightens him out on this situation. Sheamus doesn't want a table match. He wants Cena 1-1 on a main event match later tonight. Cena jumps over the table and throws Sheamus into the table. Proving he doesn't have much to prove.

(Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne will be making a stop at ECW tomorrow night to see
who will battle Christian for the title)

Next they talked a
bout the guest host Timbeland. They show Matthews interviewing Timbeland about whether or not the match would be postponed. and he said no. They put each other through tables what's the big deal.

Next they show Legacy talking about the movie Marine 2 where they bump into Orton who is contemplating breaking up Legacy. Talks about how last week three men beat them, three men who have nothing in common. Rhodes reminds O
rton of all the times they h
ave bailed his rear out over the past year. As Orton calls
them failures. Now Orton is gonna test them. Dibiase versus Bourne, Rhodes versus Henry. If they loose Orton will kick them out of Legacy and beat the hell outta them.

Next up are the Legacy matches. (Next they show Jericho pleading with people outside. Not going well for him.) Out first is Dibiase to fight Evan Bourne. Dibiase stared down Orton while he waited for Evan Bourne. Dibiase quick to inflict pain on Bourne to impress Orton. Each trying to pin the other. Ted Dibiase won the match claiming a pinfall. Orton looking at Dibiase like he isn't impressed.

Next up is Cody Rhodes versus Mark Henry with the same stipulation he looses he's out of Legacy and Orton will beat the hell out of him. Out comes Mark Henry the world's strongest man. Henry quick to brutalize Rhodes. Henry pushed Rhodes out of the ring. Rhodes having to dig down deep to win the match. Henry injuring his knee on Rhodes. Rhodes capitalizing on the leg injury. Cody
Rhodes won with a DDT to Henry. Orton looks impressed with Rhodes.

Gillian is next seen talking to Gail Kim, while DX with their newest recruit Hornswaggle is aiming to cause some sort of injury with a skateboard. Taping him to a skateboard to see how far he will go. DX has a match tonight with a partner of Big Shows choosing. Gillian gets flipped by Hornswaggle and shakes hands with Timberland.

Next was a Diva
match between Maryse and Kelly Kelly. Maryse dominating the match against
Kelly Kelly. Pins Kelly
Kelly for the win. And grabs a mic to remind Melina that she wants the Diva Championship Title.

Next they show Mr. McMahon heading out to the ring to make an announcement. Then they show Big Show breaking up with Jericho. Telling him to let it go.

Back to McMahon heading into the ring. He talks about the WWE Universe. And the discussion of Bret Hart comes up. Next week they have a special guest host, Brett "the Hitman" Hart. There was a match t
hat was shown in the footage where Shawn Michaels pinned Brett Hart with a sharp shooter. Vince McMahon claims that he and Michaels didn't screw Brett Hart but that Brett Hart screwed himself. He has let Brett back in the wwe, and had him inducted into the hall of fame. Brett Hart showed him utter contempt. McMahon has reservations about havin
g Brett Hart on WWE. He changed his mind and won't allow Brett Hart be on WWE Raw. And out comes Shawn Michaels. Shawn is very serious no
smiles no nothing. He goes on about the Undertaker and how he can
beat him. He's out here to appeal to his wallet. Since he knows McMahon cares about money. He tells Shawn he won't make the match that Shawn will have to make it happen. Telling
him he gets the fear of the Undertaker but the fear of Brett Hart it's um time to end the rivalry with Brett Hart. Bring him back to Monday Night Raw. If you do only good things will happen. Shawn Michaels would be more than happy to see Brett Hart one more

Matthews interviews John Cena who gets attacked by Sheamus. Then they show the Diva's talking to Timbeland, and MVP playing a game on the psp player. Then they show Kofi Kingston thanking Timbeland for the opportunity to fight The Miz for a chance to battle for the title shot. If Kofi wins the match then The title match will be tonight.

The Miz versus Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston won the match and now the Miz has to defend his title against Kofi Kingston in the match. Miz has to find something to beat Kingston who's on top of his game. Randy Orton came out and screwed Kingston causing the match t
o end.
Kofi Kingston was seconds away from winning his title. Orton gave Kingston a RKO on the floor outside the ring.

Orton being interviewed by Matthews, and he has decided that his fight isn't over with Kingston until he says it is and is looking to kick Kingston in the skull.

Next up is DX versus Big Show and a partner of his choosing. Jericho has made it i
nto the arena and it so sad. Big Show gave him a ticket. The Big Show makes his way out with his partner Chauvo Guererro. Jericho is a mess. No tag team titles on the line in this match. DX digging down deep to beat The Big Show and Guererro. DX wins the match with Triple H delivering a pedigree. Jericho jumped the ring is trng to
yell at The Big Show and throwing a temper tantrum. DX agrees to give them one last title match and if Jericho looses he will be thrown off Ra
w forever. No way back.

Last match of the night is Sheamus versus John Cena. Both men have been attacking each other through out the night. Timbeland the guest announcer. John Cena makes his way out to the ring. And out comes Sheamus who looks like he's been oiled to death. Sheamus dominates John Cena. The match ended when Sheamus grabbed him. John Cena won the match. After the match John Cena got kicked in the head twice before it ended.

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