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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday Night ECW Review December 1, 2009

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ECW Results for December 1, 2009-- The show opened with a match for the main event for the night which would be Shelton Benjamin and Christian versus Ezekiel Jackson and Valdimir Kozlov.

Then it went into the Abraham Washington show with their guest hosts Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendez. The "It" couple. Zack wrote a poem for Rosa on pink paper. Oh god he really needs to learn to write. "Zack tested Ryder Approved" She wrote a poem for him, on white paper. In it she spoke a ton of spanish what she said no one knows.

Next they recap on the situation striking with William Regals goons. Aparently there are riffs. For lying to William Regal about who interfered in the previous week. Up next is Regal versus Goldust.

Regal making his way to the ring with Jackson and Kozlov. For his match against Goldust. The mission of the three men is to dominate ECW. Goldust is out for revenge from Superstars. Goldust is quick to dominate the match. Regal went out the ring and Goldust went outside the ring and kicked him in the head. Regal able to regain control. Regal continues to inflict damage on Goldust's head. Outside the ring is yet another fight betwwen Kozlov and Jackson when Kozlov tried to interefere with the match causing Regal to capitolize on the match inside the ring. Goldust not yet pinned was able to take advantage of Regal for the cover. Regal on one side of the ring with Kozlov while Jackson is on the other side of the ring.

Next backstage you see the Burchills talking to Tiffany the general manager. They are pleading to come back but Tiffany holds her ground saying there is nothing that can be done. Then it cuts into a new tag team joining ECW Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft.

Next match Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft versus Bobby Shields and Tyler Hilton. They are very dominate in their match. They have managed to keep Hilton in the corner of the ring unable to get a tag. They were able to be victorious and get the pinfall.

Next they show Lance Archer in a interview with an ECW reporter. And how he remembers all his matches to get up there for the championship belt. And that ECW better be scared. They are recapping matches for the TLC pay per view. Christian and Shelton Benjamin will be in a ladder match at the pay per view, to see who will claim the silver belt at the end of the night.

Next they show Shelton Benjamin playing the new game smackdown vs raw 2010. Christian wants to make sure Shelton and him on the same page and they are. And the round table Kozlov and Jackson are still arguing with each other.

The next match is the main match of the night Shelton Benjamin and Christian versus Jackson and Kozlov. On this Thursday on superstars Zack Ryder will face The Hurricane. I will be giving you superstars on this blog.

Out in the ring are Kozlov and Jackson. Next out are Christian and Shelton Benjamin, This should prove to be an interesting match. Jackson seems filled with all sorts of anger. I wonder if the Anger is more directed at Kozlov and not Christian. Christian threw Jackson out of the ring. Christian able to tag in Shelton Benjamin to go after Kozlov and got knocked out by Jackson. Right now The "Round Table" is dominating the match. Right now Jackson is dominating the match and Benjamin was able to tag Christian. Kozlov got knocked out by Christian. Kozlov got tagged in. The Round Table trying to wear down Christian's bad arm. Christian fights back. Christian and Shelton Benjamin were able to reign supreme in the tag team match.

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