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Friday, December 11, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 10th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Dec 11 2009

iTunes Canada had it for download late again. Dude, this is killing me.

Kevin Nash was running the show. Interesting idea. Um... So he came to the ring with Eric Young. I'm listening to this line up of matches that Nash has in store for the night and I am rolling my eyes at it. Dude, I know the holidays are here, and you want to end the year's wrestling season on a fun light note, but I can see nothing good coming of this line up. I mean putting Eric Young in a match for his Global Belt against a Knock Out? Haven't we gone through that craziness enough with the whole Deaner having the Knock Out title storyline.

The recap of the news heard around the world, Jan 4th 2010 will have a 3 hour special that will be starting the Monday Night Wars. All the fans are a buzz with it, we at Blind Tag Blog had a small note on it this past week as well.

Lashleys vs Steiner/Kong in a mixed tag match. there's a shocker for ya. Steiner and Lashley started. Lashley slammed Steiner in the middle of the ring. Then Steiner ducked out of the ring before landing a few chops across Lashley's chest. Lashley turned it around by giving him a shoulder breaker then a suplex. Lashley went for an off the ropes move but Kong grabbed his legs knocking him to the mat. Kong kept trying to get tagged in but Steiner just ended up giving Lashley a closeline. Lashley turned it around again giving Steiner a tbone suplex. Crystal tagged herself in and got a scoop slam by Kong before Steiner covered her for a lazy pin. Kong was not happy.

Eric Young's promo was good. He just needs to stay away from the self tanner. Looking a little on the orange side there bud. You're Canadian, you should be pale and chalk white. Okay, now you know I have a rule about not writing about the women's division. But, since there was already one mixed match, and this for whatever reason happened .... Eric Young went up against Hamada in an intergender match. This is one of the only women wrestlers I ever bother to watch. This started with a collar tie up as Eric Young pushed her into the corner. Hamada got out of it and gave him a stiff spin kick to the jaw knocking him out of the ring. She followed it up with a series of head butts and chops to him. Getting back into the ring, Young turned it in his favour with a boot to the face. Hamada used a snap hurricanrana for a near fall. She then slammed him like he was a feather. Rolling out of the way of a moonsault, Young used the ropes for a pin... I mean I saw nothing but the win.

Team 3D/Rhino/Jesse Neal vs Suicide/Matt Morgan/Hernandez .... and Jesse Neal stole the Pope's trenchcoat. Dude, that was the trenchcoat I was waiting for someone to snag for me.... in a handy cap match. Rhino and Morgan started this. And right off, Morgan had Rhino in the corner for his series of elbows. Quick tag in by Brother Devon who got floored by another series of elbows and forearms by Morgan. Suicide tagged as did Brother Ray, in with an attempt on an arm drag. Suicide landed two deep hip tosses then a drop kick on Brother Ray. He was going for another top rope move but got pushed off onto the floor by Neal. He got back into the ring and went right into a boot from Brother Ray. Neal tagged in with a series of fists to the gut of Suicide. Rhino tagged in goring Suicide in the corner. Hernandez tagged in with a flying shoulder for Neal. He got a near fall with a very hard slam before everyone started to run into the ring causing chaos. Neal gored Hernandez for the win.

It was good to see Jay Lethal back again, even if it was only for a minute. But dude, the moo-moo has to go. Seriously.

A.J. Styles vs Wolfe in an "I paid for a title shot" match. Styles pushed Wolfe into the corner, as Wolfe hung onto the ropes. Wolfe then slapped a full nelson on Styles. He then turned it into a wristlock. He managed to keep this hold on Styles even as Styles got him up into a slam. This went on for a few minutes before Styles landed one of his double drop kicks on Wolfe. He went back to work on Styles' arm, adding a semi-bulldog sending Styles face first to the mat. Styles managed to get it back around to his favour with a backbreaker then his trademark spring board flying closeline. Wolfe then got him with a low blow but Styles got the roll up for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin in a singles match against all three members of British Invasion. Yeah it was a handy cap match. And banned Alex Shelley from ring side. I am going through withdrawls you realize that right? Doug Williams started this, getting Sabin in a wristlock. Sabin got out of it, and did a beauty of a leap frog over Williams. Sabin got thrown into the ropes, where Brutus kneed him in the back, but Sabin turned around and used a baseball slide to knock Brutus off the ring apron. And tossed Williams out of the ring. Then Big Rob the Useless got in and closedlined Sabin. Is Sabin okay? Doug Williams got back into the ring with a knee to Sabin's jaw and a forearm. The crowd chanting this sucks. Brutus tagged in, first legal tag of the match, and they double teamed Sabin with a cross necktie. Williams tagged right back in, with a boot to the face for Sabin. Dude is Sabin okay? Another quick tag as Big Rob the Useless got into the ring dragging Sabin around by the shaggy mess he calls a hair do. (our Hair Gel King knows I love him.) the crowd screaming you can't wrestle. For once I agree with the crowd Big Useless can not wrestle. He slammed Sabin from a near 7 foot drop. Is Sabin okay? I forgot, Sabin is part monkey and was able to get up and shake it off before attacking Big Useless with a flying forearm then a boot to the face. All three of the Brits were now in the ring, Sabin going to the top rope for a double drop kick on Brutus and Williams. Somehow Sabin managed to get a tornado in the corner on Big Useless Rob Terry for the win. The moved sort of looked like a sideways version of Alex Shelley's sliced bread. then Alex Shelley came down the ramp to collect what was left of Sabin.

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