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Friday, November 6, 2009

ECW Tuesday November 3, 2009

ECW--Tuesday November 3, 2009--It started out recapping last weeks match between Christian and Yoshi Tatsu. Where Christian retained his title. Then was brutally attacked by William Regal and his goons. Out comes Christian to the ring. He wants William Regal in the ring right now. Christian is about to find him. But instead Tiffany comes out. Tiffany begs Christian to let her handle it to where Christian says he desrepects everyone. And out comes William Regal. He wants to know why he should give him what he wants when he holds all the cards. Tiffany explains they both have other matches. Christian doesn't care he wants it tonight. William Regal doesn't accept the challenge. He will only accept on his terms, which are He wants infront of a worthy crowd not the current crowd. He wants it next week infront of the crowd in England. Christian says I guess I will see you in England Bill. Both Regals goons are banned from ring side. Regal is in action next. Christian looks ready to kill and delivers a powerful kick to Regal as he enters the ring.

William Regal versus Golddust. Golddust is beating down William Regal. Golddust captiolizing on William Regal. Finally William Regal was able to over power Golddust and get the pin. He barely won the match if Golddust didn't hit the post with his head.
Rosa is flirting with Zack Ryder who's fantasying about her. Rosa is in the ring to announce a match. Zack Ryder versus Shelton Benjamin. Ryder seems very distracted by Rosa. Shelton tries to wear down Ryder. Ryder ran out of the ring. To where he sees Rosa and gets flustered all over again. Ryder is getting very vicious in the ring. Shelton Benjamin begins to dominate the match. Inflicting lots of pain of Ryder who quickly fights back. Ryder is back to flirting with Rosa to be pinned by Shelton Benjamin.

Next is Burchill talking about the Hurricane. Burchill calls out the Hurricane. Hurricane is out with his mask and all. Burchill teases Hurricane for having a mask on. For some people Halloween lasts all year long just ask your sister. Burchill calls him a fraud. They are arguing in the ring. A match was purposed. If Burchill wins the fight the Hurricane will unmask and show the world his face, if Burchill looses Burchill and his sister will leave ECW forever. The Hurricane responds with "The Hurricane never backs down from a fight. Your on!"

Next we see Abraham talking about his show, and how he lost his rent a center deposit. He wants Tiffany to buy a new set since last week was all her fault anyway. They knock on her door to see a tall wrestler leave. When asking Tiffany about him his name is Vance Archer and he's intense.

Vance Archer versus Logan Jones. Archer won the match destroying Logan Jones. Then they show Christian and Yoshi heading to the ring for a match against Ezekial Jackson & Vladimir Kozlov. Ezekial and Vladimir are primed for action. In comes Christian who's looking for revenge after his attack last week by them. His partner Yoshi Tatsu comes out eager for revenge too as he was hit during that match as well. Roshi faces Jackson first. Jackson quick to throw Yoshi across the ring. Yoshi tries to regain himself. Yoshi is getting a beat down by Kozlov. They are very big and brutal in their attacks. The winner of the match was Christian and Yoshi.

Next week don't forget you will hear about the match Christian versus William Regal for a title shot and both Kozlov and Jackson are banned from ringside.

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