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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Smackdown November 6, 2009

Smackdown FridayUndertaker comes out. He's talking about how Undertaker is reborn time and time again year and year again. That wrestlers come after him for the holy grail for all who enter the ring. Big Show betrayed an entire team all for a shot at the wwe heavyweight championship belt. To be terminated by the dead man. Two things bring joy to his face. One is fighting along side his brother, Kane. The other is beating Kane but that isn't going to happen due to Chris Jericho. Out comes Jericho. Who spouts out that he is the best there is. Jericho states he isn't afraid of the smoke or lights from the Undertaker. The Undertaker started cholking Chris Jericho and kicked him in the mouth.

Chris Jericho looks very afraid of the Undertaker. Hiding by the ring announcers table. Next they recapped the story of Batista and Mysterio.

Dolph Ziggler and The Hart Dynasty Defeated John Morrison and Cryme Tyme. Through alot of action.

I'm so sick of the fact they keep recapping the Mysterio and Batista saga. I get that you see it once or twice but over and over and over again.

Now Josh Matthews is talking to Mysterio about Bragging Rights scenario. He feels like he's been betrayed. Like a family member walking out over something so small. Then he delivered a message to Batista saying if you won't listen to logic, what ever is gotten into Batista that he has seen a side he never knew existed and now Rey will show a side to Batista that he has never seen.

Beth Pheonix versus Brittney Carter. Brittney has alot of experience with dance so we shall see how she fares. Beth is quick to show her who's in charge. Brittney is a local athelete.

Drew McIntyre versus Jimmy Wang Yang. Drew McIntyre. Drew won the match dominating Jimmy. And they had a fight before the match began. Drew showed alot of agression in this match. Maybe his true colors shinning through.

Josh is interviewing now Batista and he says he's not here for friends. And that Matt Hardy should have butted out it was between him and Rey. He has his eyes set for the championship. Rey Mysterio is up for a match next.

Rey Mysterio versus Mike Knox. Mike Knox is quick to beat on Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio sent Knox out of the ring. The ref is couting as Mysterio tries to get up from the painful DDT to Knox. And time for a area code lookup with a 619.

C.M.Punk versus R-Truth. CM Chump hey that works he seems to be loosing his holiar than though attitude or following. CM is trying to pick and tease Scott the ref from last week. CM is spending more time arguing with the ref. R-Truth defeats CM Punk. Really not liking his approach on things lately.

Next they show Mickie being talked to by Michelle McCool. And that the big Deal with Michelle McCool is her ego.

Next they recap the Batista and Matt Hardy scenario. Now they are showing Matt Hardy about the situation with Batista. He thought it was a mistake that he was mad at Rey Mysterio. And his mistake was turning his back and letting Batista get a cheap shot. And now he's here today to fight him.

Matt Hardy versus Batista. He gets mixed reviews on what he has done in recent situations. Batista is quick to beat up Hardy. Hardy not backing down at all. Batista is inflicting alot of pain on Hardy. Matt Hardy barely able to lift his shoulder on a count out. Batista is taking the fight out side the ring. The match is called and Matt Hardy wins due to disqualificaiton. As Batista continues his beat down. He has hit Hardy with a monitor from the announcers table. Batista left the match. After causing alot of damage to Matt Hardy.