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Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 26th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Nov 27th 2009

I used screen capture for this post

Oh iTunes Canada had it available this morning when I woke up. Nice. Impact and coffee.

Why the freal was Hogan the voice over during opening credits? That man turns my stomach.

Right you American's had your Thanksgiving yesterday. Hence the turkey theme. So this was called Championship Series, which used to be called the Turkey Bowl. I liked the Turkey Bowl title better.
Round One had Lashley vs Abyss. Still not a Lashley fan so routing for Abyss. Now isn't Abyss like 6'8 or something? and Lashley jumped over him...while the crowd chanted "He's the monster". Then a large boot to Lashley's face. Nice. Taz's breakdown on the mic about the mindset of each wrestler going into a series of matches like this was good, that's the kind of stuff I like to hear from the announcers. Lashley kept trying to knock Abyss down, but didn't seem to be able to get his footing. Abyss slapped a bearhug on him before Lashley got a drop toe hold on him which caused Abyss to fall neck first on the ropes. Is he okay? Lashley slapped a dragonsleeper on Abyss for the win.

Next up was Suicide vs Wolfe. You know where my money is in this one. And the screams in the crowd back me up on this one. Wolfe's hot what you want me to say. Wolfe started with a beauty of an arm bar which he turned into a stomped hand. He then turned it into a armbared suplex (underhook for those keeping score) Suicide did manage to get a hiptoss in there for a second. Wolfe then got a running back elbow on Suicide before continuing to work on the left arm of Suicide. Suicide pulled out a rollthrew and a slingshot leg drop, but Wolfe got the tower of london for the win.

Next was the Pope vs Kurt Angle. I see I need to wait little longer for someone to snag me that wicked trenchcoat. This started off very evenly matched, Angle slammed Pope to the mat, Pope got a deep armdrag on Angle, then Angle got the boot up to kick Pope in the face, and Pope countered with another deep armdrag. Pope got a few nicely timed kicks to the chest of Angle taking him down again. Angle did slap a beauty of a suplex on Pope turning the match around. He got 2 more suplexes on Pope before Pope was able to counter with one of his own. Nice. Pope then had this move that I have no term for, a running rope lift that turned into an elbow right on Kurt Angle's chest. Beauty. But Angle managed to get the Angleslam on him for the win.

Next up Homicide vs Robert Roode. Homicide went for a cheap shot before the bell. He had a series of forearms to the skull of Roode, but Roode managed to turn it around. Homicide then got the match outside of the ring, using a simple rake to the back getting once again in his favour. Once they got back into the ring, Homicide used his knees to the spine of Roode to get some advantages, before using a vicious looking claw to the neck area. Roode used a backbreaker to get things in is direction once more, they then had about five attempts each on their finishing moves each being countered before Roode got a spinebuster on him for the win.

Eric Young's promo was bang on as always. waves my maple leaves over here. take that any way you want to it works on many levels.

Round Two Wolfe vs Lashley. Wolfe started off with what was going to look like a full nelson, but Lashley was jut too thick for him to lock it in. Lashley then locked one on Wolfe, until Wolfe got his leg on the ropes for the break. Wolfe's arm locks were of no use against Lashley, infact it was turned around and used on him. Wolfe out smarted him at one point pushing Lashley into the ropes and then elbowing him in the face. Wolfe was bleeding from the mouth at one point but he had managed to get Lashley in a headlock wristlock combo for a few seconds keeping him on the mat. Then pulled Lashley to the ropes where upon he kicked the ropes reverberating off Lashley's neck. Lashley then speared him in the corner and balanced him on his shoulder for a nasty drop. Lashley then attempted his dragonsleeper on Wolfe, but Wolfe grabbed the ropes for a break. Wolfe had a beauty of a move where he was inside the ring, with Lashley under the bottom rope and just lurched him back in a low wristlock - too bad it got him disqualified. Lashley advances.

Next Roode vs Angle. Angle started it off with a headlock. Which if anyone is keeping score, seems to be Angle's mode as of late. Roode did get a heavy elbow on him knocking him to the mat for a second. This then became a slug fest for a few moments. Roode then got a hangman on Angle. Roode was extremely impressive with a series of knee drops and an over shoulder roll before getting tossed to the floor. Angle took it back to the ring and slapped a suplex on Roode. Angle kept it a mat match with a body scissors, then a headlock. Somehow Roode managed to get to the ropes and land a nicely timed springboard neck snap. Roode did get a near fall with a spinebuster. Angle had a near fall with his Angleslam, but Roode somehow kicked out. Wolfe then came down to the ring and spit on Angle. Nice move. Angle then got counted out. Roode advances. Beauty.

A.J. Styles and Daniels promo was a little long this week. I know we're getting the set up for the feud, but dude, cut the speeches in half.

Final Match Roode vs Lashley. I'm cheering Roode on this not just cause he's Canadian but cause I'd like to see him advance. This became a mat match with what was looking like a submission move by Lashley but Roode used the ropes for a break. This then became a game of leapfrog before Lashley went for another power move. Roode countered with a beauty of an armbar snap. This gave Roode a near fall but Lashley kicked out. Roode continued to work on the arm of Lashley for the next few minutes. Both men managed to get near falls before Lashley used a spear for the win.

Lashley now is in the running for Styles' belt. That sucks.

This was one of the better shows I have seen in the last month. Strong matches, not alot of extra crap, and only one real complaint. Where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns!

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