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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Profile on Jamie Noble

Since Jamie Noble is in the news this week, we decided to do our first profile on him (stay tuned A.J. Style fans we know you've been waiting but...)

Before becoming the mid-card jobber to some of WWE's most brutal wrestlers, Jamie Noble was a top player.

In fact, I remember him as being one hell of a wrestler in WCW's Cruiser Weight division back in late 1999/early 2000 as Jamie-San, the masked member of Jung Dragons (with Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang) and having a beauty of a feud with 3Count (a boy band no less).
Others will remember his credits to include the Cruiser Weight Championship in 2002 when he first joined WWE. He made a great Heel back then didn't he.

During a short time away from the WWE, Jamie Noble wrestled for Ring of Honor (ROH) where he won the ROH World Championship as Jamie Gibson (2005)

In late 2005, Noble returned to WWE as part of another tag team the Pit Bulls, which had a limited story angle before casting Noble into what has become a string of mid-card placing and bad gimmicks.

In early 2009, Jamie Noble suffered a neck injury at the hands of Mike Knox, the first of two semi-severe injuries, the other being most recently at the hands of Sheamus. This was the deciding factor for Noble's retirement from wrestling.

Jamie Noble has been a fan favourite over the last 14 or so years wither he was Heel or Face, a singles wrestler or tag team member.

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