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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raw: 2/15/2010

Raw was done like an episode of Jerry Springer.

We open with Sheamus vs Randy Orton. Orton was Face in this match as far as the crowd were concerned. They started with a collar tie up with Orton grabbing Sheamus, tossing him into the corner and planting an upper cross forearm to his jaw. The crowd went nuts. Sheamus turned it around with a series of hard forearms to the back and stomach of Orton getting Orton to his knees. Sheamus then used a short closeline before Orton turned it in his favour with a series of kicks. Sheamus used one of his low punt kicks getting a near fall, he then slammed Orton in the middle of the mat hard. Sheamus missed his punt kick with Orton going for RKO but it was countered, Sheamus rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring Orton did his limb stomp stomping on Sheamus' head just as Legacy came out. This was enough a distraction that Sheamus was able to grab Orton from behind and slap a back breaker on him. He got Orton into the corner and continued to work on his back. Orton managed to battle back with a fresh series of kicks and punches before using a standing drop kick. Orton then used a backbreaker on Sheamus setting up for his RKO but once again, Sheamus rolled out of the ring, before going shoulder first into the steel post. This would be the second time since Christmas Sheamus has injured that shoulder. Legacy then caused a DQ giving Sheamus the win. Orton then slapped an RKO on Rhodes, Sheamus ran back in with a punt kick to DiBiase only to turn around and get RKOed. I have no idea where Orton goes mentally as of late when he does what he does, but he almost looked like he was trying not to puke while having a bout of Tourettes.

Do wrestlers taking acting lessons at all? If not, they should. Hey, here's a thought, instead of putting money into making bad action films, put the money into your wrestlers improving their "back stage" skills. As we see all the wrestlers backstage in couples. Not too surprising that the gimmick tonight is that Jerry Springer promises to unveil the hidden romances backstage.

Big Show/Miz vs MVP/Mark Henry. Miz and MVP started it with MVP getting Miz down in the corner using a series of stomps. Miz used a large boot to the face but it didn't last long, as MVP tossed him into the other corner where Henry was waiting. Miz then rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring, Miz throwing punches but got a large back flip from MVP. Henry tagged in with a series of closelines and a headbutt. He went for a pin but only got a two count as Big Show broke it. BS then tagged in only to be slammed by Henry in the corner. BS then powered down BS before trying a move off the second rope. Henry rolled out of the way tagging in MVP. MVP used a jaw breaker on BS getting a bit of an advantage. But BS used the boot tagging in Miz. MVP used a roll up on him for the win.

And now for the three ring circus part of the show... a mock Jerry Springer episode... now back to your normal three ring circus known as Raw.

Kofi Kingston vs Ted DiBiase. They started with a collar tie up, Kofi against the ropes. Kofi then swept the legs out from under DiBiase before slamming him hard. DiBiase went for a drop kick but Kofi moved out of the way, causing him to slam his head against the mat for the second time in two minutes. Kofi got the drop kick on DiBiase lay him flat. This match was all Kofi for the next few minutes, as DiBiase looked half out of it. DiBiase tried to get to his feet, ended up crawling to the ropes, moving out of the way just as Kofi went for a high risk move tangling himself. This let DiBiase slap on his finisher dreamstreet for the win then promptly fell over looking as if he was going to puke.

Cena vs Triple H. Cena had Triple H in a side head lock that turned into a modified bulldog before using a shoulder block getting the side head lock on him again. Triple H then used a high knee getting Cena off his feet before catching him in the corner. Cena turned it around with an irish whip and suplex combo getting a near fall. Triple H then countered another bulldog before slapping another knee to the head. Cena got Triple H down to the mat but he tossed him across the ring breaking what looked like the beginning of an ankle lock. Taking it out of the ring, Cena went face first into the ring rail. Triple H was going for his petagree out on the floor but Cena countered with a overhead backdrop, Triple H hitting the floor hard. Back in the ring, Triple H had Cena in a sleeper hold but he worked his way out of it. Triple H used a closeline for a near fall. Both men went to the top rope with Cena using a headbutt to knock Triple H down, using then a leg drop but still only getting a near fall. Triple H slapped a boston crab on him but Cena countered with the STF. Triple H got to the bottom rope to break the hold. Triple H then used a spinebuster getting things back in his favour but Sheamus came in with a punt kick to Triple H causing a Double DQ. He then put a punt kick on Cena too. Somehow Sheamus got the celtic cross on Triple H. That is one hell of a strong man.

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