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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Smackdown Highlights for Feb 12 2010

Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk. Mysterio won with a roll up. Then the rest of the Straight Edge Society ran in beating Mysterio up.

John Morrison now has his own DVD out.

Drew McIntyre vs Kane. It was a Double count out. McIntyre keeps his belt.

Diva's match. Mickie James vs Layla/McCool in a handi cap match. McCool got the pin with the Styles Clash which they are now calling the Faith Breaker or the Face Breaker. Not too sure as my subtitles do not work and they are still turning the volume down on the Canadian version.

Matt Hardy/Khali/Maria vs Hart Dynasty. Matt Hardy got the pin over Kidd with a roll up.

R-Truth vs John Morrison. Morrison went for a roll and landed wrong. R-Truth had to help him get his boot off, what looks like a snapped ankle.

We got a short commercial for the new show NXT. Which did not really tell us anything other then it starts in two weeks.

Edge came out to kill time and fill what was suppose to have been the Morrison match.

Jericho vs Undertaker. Jericho won with the code breaker.


  1. I think you got the spelling of the show wrong Smackdown :)

  2. Well you know when you are typing quick.
    Fixed it