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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smackdown for Feb 19 2010

We open with Jericho coming down to the ring talking about his win over Undertaker last week. Claiming he should be the number one contender. Then Edge came down to the ring to tell him otherwise where he speared him. According to the announcer right out of his ... I didn't catch what he called them, but I am guessing it's a status shoe like what a Manolo Blahnik is to a woman.

Match #1 Kane vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler looked strong right off the top with a series of kicks and punches getting Kane off guard, but it didn't last for long as Kane tossed him across the ring then slammed him. Ziggler went face first into the top rop before Kane used a low drop kick but only got a near fall. Kane continued his assault with a boot to the throat of Ziggler then another big scoop slam followed by an elbow. Still only got him a two count. Ziggler finally got the upper hand with a series of punches, but it didn't last long. Kane used an upper cut knocking Ziggler to the mat. Ziggler tried to counter but got tossed out of the ring by a closeline. Back in the ring, Ziggler slapped a modified fugiwan (?) armbar but it was countered with a sidewalk slam from Kane. Kane was then going to the top rope when Drew McIntyre came out to the ring giving Ziggler a moment to slap the sleeper on Kane. Getting to the ropes, Kane was able to break the hold, then used his trademark choke slam for the win.

And it looks like the ECW title will be coming to Smackdown.

Match #2 Cryme Tyme vs Caylen Croft/Trent Barreta. JTG and Croft(?) started off with a collar tie up (is that like the first step in the dance a collar tie up? Can't we start off some time with a different move?) looking like Croft had the advantage with a high knee but JTG slid out of the ring knocking Barreta (?) off the ring apron. He then used a shoulder block from outside with a back fly into the ring and a hard elbow off the ropes before going for a near fall. JTG went for a top rope move but was knocked to the floor by Croft. Barreta tagged in going for a pin but only getting a near fall before JTG kicked out. Barreta used a second rope step ladder elbow on JTG in the corner then tagged back in Croft for a double team move. Another quick tag as Barreta jumped over the top rope to land an elbow into the chest of JTG but only got a two count. He then got JTG in the corner on the top rope going for a high risk move, but JTG elbowed his way out, getting a tag to Shad. Shad laid in a series of closelines before an over head drop and a pure power slam for a near fall. Barreta then used a drop kick to get Shad off his feet but it didn't last. Shad used a grapevine for the win.

Match#3 Straight Edge Society vs R-Truth/Morrison. Punk and Morrison started it off with Punk going right for the injured leg of Morrison. Morrison counted with a modified small package getting a one count. Punk then tried again for a leg sweep but Morrison once again countered turning it into a side head lock. R-Truth tagged in and they used a double team stomach breaker with Morrison limping away from the move. R-Truth then slapped a side headlock on Punk keeping him down on the mat before Punk powered out with a side slam of his own. Gallows tagged in only to get slammed in the corner and R-Truth going for a cross body for a near fall. There was a few moments of the Undertaker's pyro scaring everyone into chaos. Punk had tagged back in, using a submission move on Truth. Punk then used a kick to the chest and a scoop slam before tagging back in Gallows. Gallows turned and kicked Morrison off the ring apron to the floor before turning his attention back to R-Truth who was in the corner with a large belly slam. Punk tagged back in with a punch to Truth's back getting him to the mat. Truth countered with a running forearm to Punk's jaw/neck but Punk turned it back around again with a kick of his own. Another quick tag to Gallows who used a series of elbows to the back of Truth. Another tag to Punk who was going for a top rope move but Truth caught him with a kick in mid air. Morrison tagged in with a series of closelines on Punk and a wicked drop kick before using the ropes for a high knee. It was only a two count. Morrison managed to get Gallows off the apron and moved just as Punk was going for a spear, but ended up in the ring post shoulder first. Morrison was going for a kick when Punk moved, and Morrison's injured right ankle connected hard with the ring post. Punk went right to the leg with a series of elbows the ref having to pull him off and end the match. The sound of his leg hitting the ring post was sickening.

Match #4 Matt Hardy/Khali/Maria vs Hard Dynasty. Natalya and Maria started off. Natalya going right for the kill with a belly to back suplex then a stomp to the back of her head. She slapped a side headlock on her tossing Maria into the ropes. Maria countered with a boot to the shoulder. Kidd tagged in as did Matt Hardy, Kidd going right after him with a series of hard forearms but Hardy turned it around with a spinning side slam. Hardy then used a swinging sit down power slam on Kidd from the corner but only got a two count. Smith then blindtagged himself in with a large boot to the gut of Hardy then used a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Quick tag to Kidd who got a two count. Another quick tag to Smith for a vertical slam then a submission move. Hardy managed to get a side effect on Smith. Smith then got up and tossed Hardy out of the ring head first, with a semi blindtag on Maria. Natalya dragged Maria into the ring then used her nato closeline for the pin.

Match#5 Batista vs Edge. Batista spent the beginning of the match dodging Edge then just walked away. It's interesting to see Edge as a Face after the past 6 years of him being the Heel.
Batista got into the ring and they used a collar tie up. Batista kicking Edge but the upper hand went to Edge as he used a series of forearms on Batista keeping him off center before using a round heel kick, Batista rolling out of the ring. Back in the ring, Batista throws Edge into the ring post back first. He then tore up the stairs before Edge countered with a back body drop onto the stairs rolling back into the ring. Edge then used a running spear off the ring apron before tossing Batista into the ring. Batista had Edge up for a power slam but Edge countered with a revised sitdown power slam for a near fall. Batista used a spine buster but only got a two count. He went for another but Edge countered with a side slam for a near fall. Edge speared him just as the lights went out and the Undertaker had Edge in a choke slam. This was a double DQ.

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