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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bragging Rights Pay Per View October 25, 2009

Bragging Rights--October 25, 2009

Find out who will be able to have Bragging Rights tonight. Tonight you will find out which show is the bst. Bragging Rights is taking place in Pennsylvania. Which ever show wins 2-3 matches will win a trophy and Bragging Rights.

The Miz comes out kissing his belt. He's way too confident bonding with his belt. These two men use to be tag team champions.

Out comes John Morrison the intercontinental champion. Who looks confident. Smackdown team locker room is looking on their tv of the match. And Raw team is looking on in the match in the locker room. Both men got their start on ECW. Miz ran to the ring to evade John Morrison. Morrison tried to pin the Miz twice unsuccessfully. The Miz ran out of the ring. Then slowly reenters the ring. Morrison punched The Miz out of the ring. Morrison is building momentum. Then the Miz throws Morrison out of the ring. This match is punch for punch. Just when Morrison thought he had the Miz the Miz had his foot on the post. The Miz won the match. Back in the locker room the Raw Team is cheering and clapping.

Now it breaks to Cody Rhodes and R-Truth spitting insults at one another. To which the Big Show comes out calmly and tells them that's what you get for hanging with Chris Jericho.

Next up is the Diva match Michelle McCool, Beth Pheonix and Natayla versus Kelly Kelly, Melina and Gail Kim. Gail Kim starts the match against Beth Pheonix. And soon Diva's from Smackdown have all had a turn with Gail Kim and Gail Kim hasn't switched out. Gail Kim tags Kelly Kelly. Smackdown got their first win with the help of Beth Pheonix. The Smackdown teams likes what they see.

Now you catch Team Raw getting a pep talk. To which Swagger complain about having to listen to them. And it ended with if you not down with it we've got two words for you.

Next up is Undertaker, versus Rey Mysterio versus Batista versus CM Punk. This match has been crazy with all the ups and downs. Almost at a pin CM Punk kicks Batista in the head to end the countout. Rey Mysterio was put to sleep by CM Punk. Hells gate got locked in my Undertaker on Batista. This has definitly been a great match to watch. CM Punk gets taken on a last ride. With Batista knocking Undertaker out. This match has really become every man for themselves. Undertaker is throwing bombs with the animal Batista. CM Punk has been playing a interesting offense. Undertaker threw CM Punk out of the ring. He has now set his sights on Batista. The animal performs the Batista bomb. Batista and Rey are fighting about being friends and such. Undertaker cholk slams Batista. The Undertaker wins with a Tombstone to Batista.

Matthews is talking to Rey Mysterio and Batista. Batista keeps walking away. Talking about how good the match was. Batista thinks he was close to winning the match. He's tired of being close to victory. He's tired of his best friend hurting him. Batista wants to rip Mysterio's head off. And delivers Rey a painful message throwing him out the ring screaming at him. Batista is beating Rey Mysterio within a inch of his life.

Team Raw versus Team Smackdown This match should prove to be very interesting. This match will determine who will win the Bragging Rights trophy home. R-Truth against Cody Rhodes who are still talking smack at each other. Cody Rhodes is getting a lesson about R-Truth. R-Truth dominates the match. Big Show Taps in himself with Cody Rhodes back. Where R-Truth taps in Kane. Kane stands eye to eye with Big Show. Big Show dominates this match until Jack Swagger got tapped in. In comes Matt Hardy and he's dominating the match. Jack Swagger fights back. They are all standing outside the ring wanting to kill each other. Jack Swagger starts to dominate again. Mark Henry gets tagged in. Who dominates Matt Hardy. The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is now dominating Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy really needs a tag. This match is insane. Matt taps in Finlay. Sending Shawn Michaels into the ring post. Finlay dominates the match. They are both down in the match they both need a tag. Sweet Chin Music. Then the Hart Dynasty started to destroy Shawn Michaels. Now Chris Jericho is tapped in. Who's beating on Shawn Michaels who needs a tap. Now Kane gets tagged in. Shawn digs deep down to keep Kane from a win. Team Smackdown is learning it takes a lot to bring down Shawn Michaels. Finally the Game gets tagged in. Kofi Kingston is coming in and he's exploding on Team Smackdown. Kofi almost had Jericho in a submission hold. Everyone is fighting now. Talk about insanity. Big Show is now beating on Team Raw. Team Smackdown is the superior brand. After pinning Kofi Kingston after Big Show cholk slammed Kofi Kingston. Triple H tried to confront him, and got kicked in the head.

John Cena versus Randy Orton. This match is an iron one hour to do as much damage as possible and whoever has the most pinfalls wins. So far Cena has 1 win to Orton 0 wins. Orton is dominating the match trying to bring Cena down. Cena is fighting Orton's hold on him. In this kind of match all the stops get pulled out. Time for a you can't see me. But instead Randy Orton got an RKO on John Cena. So now the score is 1-1. Cena is bleeding from a hit to the monitor. They are stoping the clock to check his head wound but Cena has lost it he's going nuts and snapped. He's destroying the viper. Cena's face is covered by blood and not letting the doctors check him out. Randy Orton is focusing the attack on the skull. Randy is getting blood of Cena all over himself. Cena has a bullseye on his head that Randy Orton is capitolizing on. Cena starts exploding on Orton again. And performs the you can't see me followed with a 5 knuckle shuffle and performs an attitude adjustment and an RKO simutaneously. Cena is still fighting medical attention. Randy Orton is not doing well either as he tries to recover himself. It is thought that the medical team might of super glued Cena's head shut as his head is not bleedying as much. Cena gives an attitude adjustment off the top rope. Cena has a cover. 3-2. This match is definitly proving that no matter how much you hate the two boys they are digging deep for this match. Then legacy shows up to destroy Cena while Orton recovers. They are not doing well as Legacy helped Orton to claim the pinfall. Kofi Kingston came in with a chair to remove Legacy. Randy Orton is trying to crawl away from John Cena. John Cena is continuing his domination. Randy sent John into the pyro technics and is scaring Orton into reality. Now John Cena is being thrown into lighting grids. And getting a pin fall. Orton 4- Cena 3. Orton is looking at the pyro stuff, hitting various buttons to see what happens. Almost like he wants to send John Cena to the area where the pyro technics would injure him. Randy Orton has completely lost his brains or screws. Orton checked Cena for burns and Cena has none Orton is going nuts. Orton is just destroying Cena who manages to tap out. Everytime Cena taps out Orton gets more angry and looks for something more severe to do. Orton is having a temper tantrum after Cena got a roll move on Orton making the score tied again. Orton is livid. Orton manages to get a pinfall on Cena setting the score to 5-4. Cena is stumbling around and Cena's head is bleeding again. Orton is running away. Orton stared at the score board and has taken to beating up Cena again. Cena is out to destroy Orton now. Cena is mad now Orton just keeps him walking from one end of the arena to the other end. And now Orton is beating on Cena again. Randy Orton is taking a walk through the crowds. Cena is hot on his trail and so is the referee. Falls count anywhere. They are in the crowds fighting with 16 mins left. Orton is being destroyed by Cena. Orton is falling down the steps. Getting very hard for Orton to play defense with Cena hot on your tail. Cena threw orton of the audience barrier. Went for a pin and Orton pulled out. Orton got shoved into the steel steps. Cena is digging down deep. Cena is dishing out a lot of pain on Orton. Orton is showing that he may not be as tough as he thinks he is. He threw Orton right through a baracade. Cena is looking for the steel steps. John Cena has angers in his eyes. John Cena hit Orton with the steel steps. The mementum has definitly shifted in this match. This has definitly been a great match to watch. John Cena is about to go for an attitude adjustment on the anouncer tables. And he was successful. The match is tied. 5-5. Cena has to dig down deep for a last pinfall. Cena is bringing out the tables. As anything is legal right now. Orton is barely moving. He put Orton on the table and is climbing the rope to get to Orton but Orton got away. The score is tied still with 5 minds left in the match. Both men are stirring. Punch for Punch these man are giving it there all. Using everything they have in their body. Lots of body shots being used on each other. Cena is kicking Orton all over the place. The ref got wiped out. Another ref has appeared and Orton still can't capitalize on a RKO. Randy went over the ref. Orton is loosing it in the ring. Orton is really showing signs of cracking. And is attempting a bunt in the head. Will he tap out to a stf. Will Orton tap or will it go to overtime. CENA WON!!!!!! 6-5

As you can tell I got very excited. Stay tuned tomorrow for Nascar drivers in the driver seet of WWE Raw.

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  1. remember with the match Orton vs Cena there is no rematch as part of Orton's stipulation to the match no rematch and the war between them is over.