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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ECW October 20th, 2009

ECW October 20, 2009 ECW began with Abraham Washington, ECW has joined in with different hosts. Chris Jericho interrupts Abraham Washington to ask where the general managers office. Chris gets invited to the Abraham Washington show. Chris states "I'm sure you would"

Yoshi Tatsu fights Zack Ryder for a number 1 contender spot for the title. Yoshi is quick to dominate the match. Yoshi gets tied up in the ropes and Zack Ryder kicks him out of the ring. Ryder pins but doesn't succeed. Both men are showing how important the title shot is. The two end up on the top ring post just to fall off it and land outside ring. Yoshi dominates the match, pinning Ryder who continues to bounce back. Yoshi won the match with a springboard pin. Yoshi Tatsu is the number 1 contender for the ECW championship.

Tiffany is seen talking to Rosa about how Rosa is so happy to be on ECW, and breaks off to Chris interrupting. He's coming looking for new talent for Team Smackdown. Tiffany tells him no, he's not stealing ECW members for Team Smackdown. He can watch the show or go home.

Next we see Regal talking with his team mates about the number 1 contender match. And in walks Jericho complaining about Tiffany. To which Tiffany catches him, and tells him he is no longer welcome on ECW. And informs Chris Jericho that he will be competing against Christian.

Sheamus versus J.T. Quinn. Sheamus is quick to dominate in this match. He has had 2 chances to end the match and decides to punish Quinn more. In comes Shelton Benjamin to teach Sheamus a harsh lesson. The winner of the match was Quinn by disqualification.

Paul Burchill comes out to talk about Gregory Helmes. He picks on people for following The Hurricane. And wants Gregory Helmes to come out without his mask on. Hurricane is coming out masked. Hurricane has his head held down. He hands over the mask but it's not Gregory Helmes. Hurricane's music plays again. Hurricane attacks Burchill from the back with the Hurricane's cane.

Chris Jericho versus Christian. Chris Jericho runs out of the ring. Then goes back in. Chris Jericho works on beating down Christian. Christian starts to dominate the match. Chris Jericho flips Christian outside the ring. Christian is outside the ring trying to recover from the fall. Chris grabs and him and sends him into the steel steps. Christian was successful and won the match.

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