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Friday, October 23, 2009

Smackdown 10/23/2009

Smackdown 10/23/2009: Announcing the Smackdown night was Jerry "The King" Lawler and Michael Cole due to Jim Ross's recent illness. The show began with Chris Jericho coming out the ring. Who was dressed in his wrestling gear. Where they recap what happened on Team Raw on Monday night. Which result in chaos on Monday night. And then of course Jericho begins his brag fest about how he's great and he'll over come the Raw Team. And how his team has to now prove it's worth to be able to stand in the same ring as the almighty Chris Jericho. And in comes Cryme Tyme to find out what part of handling will occur.

Now Chris is spending his time insulting Cryme Tyme. And that they should feel honored to be in the same ring as Chris Jericho. Naturally out walks Vicki. She is the official consultant. Who announces Eric Escobar. Eric Escobar is confident that no one will forget his name after Sunday when he takes his team to victory. Then out comes Dolp Ziggler who claims he can take them to victory. Where Chryme Tyme teases him for not being able to win the intercontental championship. Out comes MacIntyre (if you can keep up with this you've got skills) Drew is confident he will win cause Vincent picked him himself. And out comes Captain Kane who claims none of them are in the same category as him. And since he'll be busy tonight with Chris Jericho fighting Rey Mysterio and Batista. The men are in a tag team match up to see if they have what it takes to fight on Sunday.

There match begins next. Out comes R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Finlay and the Hart Dynasty. Team Smackdown is not fairing well in this match. Bodies are being thrown out of the ring. And Matt Hardy gets the pinfall with a twist of fate. Which has now created a major upset to Team Smackdown. The five are headed towards victory road or will it be? Have to tune into blind tag blog to find out on Sunday.

Next it cuts to CM Punk who's telling the ref from the match that he has no clue what he's getting into. CM Punk is spouting out his confidence which Teddy Long and the Ref. are not as confident. Vince McMahon wants to speak with the referee and Teddy Long about the match coming up with Undertaker.

Next it cuts out to John Morrison walking down the hallway. John Morrison is in a match against Mike Knox. John Morrison has to dig down deep to fight Mike Knox. John Morrison sent John Morrison into the post and performed the starship pain on him for the pinfall.

The new team that won against Team Smackdown they are being told by Chris to follow their lead. They stop him and tell him that he can save the speech cause they believe in him. Kane has a look like he doesn't believe it totally.

Next they show Mickie James and Mae and Michelle McCool and Mickie and Michelle spitting words at each other. Then the camera pans and Beth Pheonix tells her not to get to comfortable with the title. Mae says she told you and Michelle tells Mae to shut up to which Mae Young slaps the heck out of Michelle McCool. That should teach Michelle to tell an elder person to shut up.

Next it pans to Batista and Rey Mysterio discussing their match from the last week. And Rey talks about Batista's video which is available in the wwe shop store. And they are both confident they will each win bragging rights. Next match is Rey Mysterio and Batista versus Chris Jericho and Kane. Batista won the match with a pinfall on Kane.

As the camera comes back it's CM Punk, Teddy Long, Vince McMahon and the referee Scott talking about the straight edge. The referee and Teddy Long look less than excited about this match coming up.

Mickie James versus Layla. Mickie James is quick to dominate the match, not that Layla should be discounted as she gets some good shots in as well. Michelle McCool watches from inside the locker room. Mickie James wins via pinfall.

Next they gave us a tribute to Lou Albano who has recently died and we pass on our deepest sympathy during this time.

CM Punk is coming out with the referee and Teddy Long. Looks like the long walk to death. He's to confident going up against the Undertaker.

Undertaker versus CM Punk for a submission match. The look on both Teddy Long and the referee's face is pure terror. Scott Armstrong looks scared half to death over this match. Teddy Long looks like a little kid who is in deep trouble with this match.

C.M Punk gets knocked down by the Undertaker who really wants to destory him. (oh and to set the record straight Undertaker never officially tapped out on the Breaking Point Pay Per View)

The Undertaker is dominating C.M. Punk and beating him down. CM Punk is slowly fighting his way back. CM Punk is laughing which makes little sense unless he's lost it completely. Undertaker continues to destroy Punk. After the Scott the ref was knocked out the Undertaker mde the kill noise at Teddy Long. And gets the submission on CM Punk with hell's gate. CM Punks planed completely backfired.

Make sure to tune in on Sunday for Bragging Rights to see who will have Bragging Rights.


  1. Okay question : Did John Morrison throw himself into the ring post, or did he throw Knox or did Knox throw him?

  2. my bad Morrison sent Knox into the ring post

  3. It's the wrestling hair police again... Matt Hardy really needs to update that look. He needs to admit his hair is thinning out and it's time to cut it.