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Monday, October 19, 2009

RAW October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009--Guest Host tonight was none other than Snoop Dogg raper, producer, and actor. The show began as Snoop Dogg was introduced on the show. He drove in his pink cadalliac. And was escorted into the ring with the Bella Twins and Eve. Snoop Dogg announced that RAW will back the hell outta smackdown. Randy Orton will fight Ted Diabese later. Chris Jericho will be fighting Shawn Michaels later. And Snoopy Dogg announced Degeneration X.

Degeneration X came out to talk about Bragging Rights, and the team they have created to take on Team Smackdown. They picked on team Smackdown, discussing how it's gonna be easy to beat them. Team Raw consists of: Triple H, Shawn Michales, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, and Jack Swagger. Cody Rhodes insults all the member of Team Raw saying he may not tag anyone on Team Raw this Sunday. Too much ego in the ring at once in my opinion.

To test Team Raw there will be a 5 on 5 match tonight. And if they loose whoever wins the match will replace them on Team Raw. Begining well typical RAW now. Out come their opponents: MVP, Evan Bourne, Chavo Guerrorro, Primo, Chris Masters. Cody Rhodes being thrown around the ring by MVP. Jack Swagger took the pin from Cody Rhodes. Team Raw is falling apart with bodies flying everywhere. Shawn Michaels and Triple H have a big problem for Sunday at this rate.

Next they showed Josh having an interview with Ted DiBiase saying that what he did last week is nothing Randy wouldn't have done himself to succeed. Randy tells Ted that he won't fight him. Or else he will throw him out of Legacy. And that if he takes advantage again he will live to regret for the rest of his life.

Randy Orton fought Ted DiBiase. While the DiBiase initially seemed unwilling to surrender in the ring, in the end, DiBiase did just that, allowing Orton to RKO him for the victory.

Next they showed a little biography/tribute to Lou Albano as his death happened recently. A legend died, and thoughts are with his family during this time.

Next you get to see Hornswaggle interrupt Snoop Dogg's party in the office. Where Chavo comes in and begs to be part of Team Raw. Where Gillian Hall comes in attempting to sing Snoop Doggs songs. Then Santino showed up dressed as Charlie Brown trying to hang with Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg kicked them all out.

John Cena having his final fight on RAW faced Triple H. As per stipulation to his fight on Sunday if he looses his career on RAW is over. He will most likely go back to Smackdown. This could very well be Cena's toughest match besides Bragging Rights.

John Cena tries to dominate the match. I'm sure that the thought that he might be leaving RAW on Sunday is running through both wrestler's minds. Triple H is regaining control temporarily. Cena quickly regains control. Cena throws Triple H out of the ring after hitting the ringpost. Cena throws Triple H into a stf. To which Tiple H climbs out of. And Triple H pedigree's John Cena. When he pins him John Cena manages to get his foot on the rope. Very classic match. The match just keeps going and going. Everytime you think it's a pinfall someone lifts their elbow. Finally Triple H after 3 pedigrees later is able to pin John Cena. A match that lasted over 20 minutes with Triple H shaking his hand. He got an exit fitting of a warrior. With his name being chanted. You could feel the respect and honor flowing through the arena right then.

The Miz versus Marty Jannetty. After the Miz had slammed him on John Morrison's show on Smackdown Jannetty decided to pay The Miz a visit to knock some sense into him. The Miz is as always getting a tad desctructive with his opponent. The Miz pinned Marty Jannetty.

Next up was Melina verses Gillian Hall and with some sneaky moves by Chauvo. Melina was still able to pin Gillian Hall for the women's title. Hornswaggle also joined in going after Chauvo which caused Snoop Dogg to come out knock Chauvo around and deliver what looked like a painful Spear to Chauvo, before being joined by all the Diva's for some fun dancing.

Shawn Michaels verses Chris Jericho Now Jericho instead of fighting grabs a mic (in my opinion be quiet and fight Chris.) Now Chris is calling out his Team Smackdown. Chris calls out Cryme Tyme, and Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Eric Escobar, McIntyre. And out comes the calvary of Team Raw. Talk about looking insane. And incomes Vicki Guerrero oh boy telling Raw that Team Smackdown is leaving. Team Smackdown is getting the beatdown from Team Raw as Team Raw isn't owned by Vicki Guerrero.

So don't forget to read all about Bragging Rights. Until next time have a great night.


  1. even though I don't watch wwe anymore you are doing an awesome job on your reports. Top notch.

  2. thank you glad your enjoying them :)