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Friday, October 16, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA for Oct 15 2009 (3hour show)

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Oct 16th 2009

I waited all day and finally found it on youtube.

I don't know about anyone else, but it is great to see A.J. Styles with that heavy weight belt.

Pope's promo was different, nice way to sluck the product. I am still waiting for someone to snag me that trenchcoat of his

Whomever uploaded the show, dude you had alot of glitches.

X-Division title match. Suicide vs Amazing Red with Don West. As always this was a fast paced match with a few near falls. Red pulled off one of his trademark corkscrew dives. This was a fabulous match, until the Pope ran out and caused a DQ.

World Elite's Eric Young was on mic for the next match. Hernandez vs all three members of British Invasion in three single matches. Hernandez won all three rounds.
Eric Young then hit the ring for a beat down on Hernandez. Can we get rid of Rob Terry he's useless.

Four point promo between British Invasion, Team 3D, Beer Money Inc, Booker/Steiner. Which turned into a small riot. Where upon the Guns! ran out to help break it up. Interesting.

A.J. Styles' promos lately seem like he's reading the same script over and over. Maybe after this ppv coming up he'll have some new material.

The Pope vs Daniels. Not one of Daniels better matches, he's been alittle off last while and he's starting to look creepy. But Daniels did manage to get the win. Homicide came out dressed as Suicide at the end of the match for a beat down on Daniels.

Foley came out with popcorn. Doesn't he normally come out to the ring at the beginning of the show? This by the by was the first time of the night we see him (if the dude who up loaded it to youtube got everything that is) Actually I like the fact Foley is upset over the Abyss gimmick. I have been saying that its time to let Abyss go without the mask for months. Then Abyss came out to the ring

Homicide's promo could have been better. What, was he doing it off the cuff without a script?

Rhino vs Lashley in a stretcher match. Lashley won.

Styles vs Angle. They take so frealing long to get their butts down to the ring I could grab a coffee in that time. This was a twenty minute match, and was all submission still stuff. You don't see matches like this anymore, and it was nice to hear Taz admit to that during his commentary. This one did something I haven't seen in a long while, it hit it's timelimit. It was a draw.

This was being called the Super Show. Personally, I don't see what was so super about it. The last hour was wasted on comparing each wrestler for their match at the ppv this weekend.

And where the hell were the Guns!


  1. ya it was a regular two hour show with promos added to pad out the rest of the show. Bad plan. Otherwise it would have been a fine two hour show. The Angle/Styles match was killer.

  2. The thing I hate about having to locate it on youtube is you're never sure if the whole show was uploaded. This dude whomever it was, was missing the intro and one promo got cut short. Not sure what else might have been missing.