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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday Night Raw October 26, 2009

Monday October 26, 2009--Monday Night Raw was incredible. It started out with Chris Jericho basking in his glory over the victory at Bragging Rights, then Big Show tried many times to interrupt explaining his decision for the previous night. To which Jericho wanted to thank him for sticking up and knowing the Smackdown is the better show. Finally Show was able to say he did for a title shot against the Undertaker and that he's returning to Smackdown. To which Chris Jericho was less then thrilled and wanted to know why he wasn't consulted first. Then it broke away to the Nascar boys Kyle Busch and Joey Logano showing up Kyle stated he understood where Show was coming from to which Joey said he didn't. The first show was announced that Big Show would battle the man he knocked out last night Triple H. And Kyle announced that Jericho had a match with Kofi Kingston the man he pinned.

The match began right away. Lots of action between the two wrestlers and when Jericho thought he had a three count the ref told him otherwise. Kofi Kingston kicked Jericho in the head and got the pin. As he was leaving the match while he was faced the audience he got attacked by a disgruntal Randy Orton. Who blamed the loss of the match on Kofi Kingston.

Next we see Randy walking around outback where he bumps into his legacy crew who have a present for him. A Randy Orton race car. Randy gets lost staring at the car. And Rhodes and DiBiase tell him they will get the title back to Legacy.

Next was a match with Gillian Hall, and Chavo versus Melina and Santino. Melina too
k out a lot of her anger out on Gillian Hall. With a little help from Hornswaggle Melina and Santino were able to win the match.

Next you see Hornswaggle get served by a lawyer with "Cease and Desist" order in order to force Hornswaggle to stop imitating them.

And of course Legacy went into the ring to call out Cena for either a one on one with either men or a handicap match. Cena came out and told them no, he realized that Orton couldn't fight him. But they are not the man Orton is. They haven't earned their shot yet but they will get a chance taking on the tag opponenets of MVP and Mark Henry. Who they tried to beat down but Mark Henry proved to be too much for them and they lost the match.

Then Orton came out demanding his rematch to which a monitor turned on and you heard No, there won't be a rematch. It was the man Randy Orton had just knocked out not too long ago. Randy dared him to look him in the face and say that and Kofi said I am. As he st
ood on top of Randy's car. He proceeded to cause lots of damage to it and ended by pouring paint on the car.

Next was a match between Evan Bourne and The Miz, The Miz is looking for a title shot but his plan was short lived when he got distracted by Jack Swagger who was flirti
ng with Eve. Jack Swagger at one point took the microphone and informed the Miz no one was watching him fight as they were watching Eve who was watching The All American American to which the Miz started attacking Jack Swagger who were now face to face outside the ring. To which Even Bourne flew out the of the ring and hit both Swagger and The Miz and while they were out the ring the count out began Evan returned to the ring on the count of 8 and Miz got counted out as he entered the ring. A big win for Evan Bourne.

Shamus fought Jamie Noble and abused Noble to the point Noble was out cold. Shamus was a fighter who was recently acquired from ECW. He's a tough Irish fighter, who seems to enjoy mocking his opponent when he's pinning them. He gets them to a 2 count before lifting them to end the count out.

It was announced that next weeks RAW will be guest hosted by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. Wonder what they will bring to RAW.

The last match of the night was Triple H versus the Big Show. Triple H gra
bbed a mic and informed the Big Show that there were some changes to the match. It was turned into a lumberjack match with all the players from the night before out for blood. And to add to it he informed the ref they had a guest referee, which was none other than the WWE champion John Cena.

As the fight progressed Big Show was sent out of the ring where everyone attacked him, and he sent bodies flying. When he went back into the ring, Triple H tried a few times to lift the Big Show, but that wasn't happening very well. Masters jumped the rope and took a shot at the Big Show which proved useless as Big Show knocked out Masters. The Big Show pinned Triple H and Cena began counting but decided to stop after two with a hand wound. Which resulted in Cena and Show arguing to which Cena lifted up the big show for an attitude adjustment. And Triple H delivered a pedigree. Then he pinned him and Cena counted him out faster than Nascar races cars. Triple H got off him grabbed a Smackdown shirt and threw it on the Big Show.

Then the Nascar boys came out to announce the number 1 contender for Survivior Series. They couldn't come up with one so they relied on Hornswaggle. He created the match of Triple H, versus John Cena versus Shawn Michaels. To which the three men just stared at each other and John Cena backed away from the two.


  1. Was the Miz wearing a copy of Johnny Devine's old trunks?

    Still have issues watching the Miz as he looks like my ex the "Trainwreck"

  2. the miz is a miztake he's too idk can't think of the word for it arrogant I think it is.

  3. lol well hopefully they will alter his storyline so he doesn't look like he's gonna shot his enemy down.