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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dear Dixie Carter -An Open Letter to TNA

Normally I leave things like this for my main blog, but I feel so strongly about it that I have to post on Blind Tag.

Dear Dixie Carter:

I feel you are making a massive mistake by bringing in Hulk Hogan to TNA.
When I saw the video package this morning on TNA's official youtube, I felt my heart sink and my blood boil.
You have just ruined TNA.
Fans have stood by TNA for the last few years because we adore the new ideas like the Ultimate X and the X-Division. We have been thankful of the proper attention and support to the Tag Teams that you have given.
The past year's gimmick with the Main Event Mafia was harsh enough to sit through, I just don't understand why you would want to take that one step further.
As a fan of TNA, of the X-Division and Tag Teams, I can only say your time and money would have been better suited towards finding more young talent for those two divisions.

Signed Ardeth Blood

I feel cheated.
I got into TNA because it was an alternative to the other company. It was fresh and wasn't using alot of gimmicks at the time.
The past year it's fallen into the same old patterns that the other companies had used a few decades ago and the product started to suffer.
I tune in every week, and I have never missed an episode of Impact since it first aired in 2005, to see guys like Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, A.J. Styles, Eric Young, Amazing Red, Jay Lethal, and Samoa Joe. I even love watching the promos J.B. does. He adds a bit of fan-flavour to the episodes. I have been a fan of tag teams my whole life, and seeing teams like Beer Money Inc, British Invasion, Lethal/Creed, MotorCityMachine Guns! and World Elite are the a major part of why I love TNA.
So for me hearing that they just signed Hogan is a devastating blow. I see nothing good coming of this.


  1. I heard about this and I hope they won't do too much damage with Hogan on your show. I know how much you like it. Totally not right.

  2. My show.
    Honey if it was "my show" it would be two hours of the MotorCityMachine Guns! and Eric Young every week.

  3. ya then nobody would watch... but seriously, I don't know how anyone could get mad about something that may happen... I usually get mad when stuff DOES happen.

  4. Wasn't the whole point of the last year with the Mafia because the guys were not getting the real push they need?
    I know that was the scripted showline, but with all those old wrestlers being there it seemed like it mirrored reality way too much.
    I agree, Hogan coming to TNA is not going to help any at all.