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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 2012

I know I sort of closed this blog down few years ago, and started up the "new" wrestling blog.

There is a part of me that wished I hadn't done that, and there is a part of me that is glad I moved on starting fresh.

When I started this idea, it was meant to be a group effort.  Each person taking a slice of the work to create something that felt like a episode of wrestling with the commentary going back and forth.

Obviously, I failed at it.

The last few years, I've winded down a lot of my wrestling stuff simply because it became too stressful.  This past year alone, I've had two knee surgeries which has left me less then I should me emotionally speaking.
I'm still ranting about the wrestlers, still offering up my thoughts on the fashions, still once in a blue moon doing the dvd wrestling reviews. Even if I am doing it on my own now and in small doses. 

BUT, with that said, the idea behind this blog is still something I want to work on in the future.

As we all know, no one in the wrestling business truly retires. They just change their stage name and add a few feathers to the glitter.

Love Always, Ardeth Blood

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where I went

I took a bit of time off for awhile  and when the smoke cleared,  I decided to have a fresh start.   You can catch up with everything here

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 26th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on April 27th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it at a decent time tonight

I still think that removing the belt from A.J. Styles was a mistake. A big, big, big, big mistake. You were setting up to give it to Abyss were you not? Then you swerve and hand it to RVD ? What the freal for? Mistake! Styles could have handled holding that title for at lest another 5 months before it got tired. The logical step would have been to have him go against Abyss or even Eric Young for it, but noooooo you had to go and screw it up. No cookies for the crew. None.

Knock Outs match... Love vs Tara vs Rayne... Rayne won with a roll up and keeps her title.

Shannon Moore vs Kaz. And the story here is, that Kaz won the Lockdown ppv last week, but the championship belt is still in the possession of former champ Doug Williams who is still stuck in Europe because of the volcanic ash. For anyone who might have been wondering why Kaz came out without the belt. They started with a collar tie up that was quickly turned into an armlock by Moore. Kaz countered by tossing Moore over, then used a deep armdrag before following it with a scoop slam. He missed with the elbow though as Moore rolled out of the way. Moore then delivered two arm drags and a scoop slam of his own on Kaz. Another collar tie up,which Kaz turned into a side headlock on Moore. Moore fought out getting Kaz in a scissors flip. This was followed with an inverted atomic drop and a double leg take down, Kaz on the mat. Moore used a leg drop but only got a two count. Kaz in the corner, as Moore came charging at him, but he moved out of the way using the rope as a slide. Kaz from outside slingshot into the ring with an armdrag on Moore. Kaz backed this with a spinning neck breaker but only got a two count. Moore got to his feet and went to the apron for a inside sunset flip but was caught by Kaz. Kaz was going for a reversed piledriver but Moore countered and was thrown into the ref. Moore was going for a top rope move, but Kaz delivered a sharp kick to the side of the skull. Kaz then went for a top rope hurricanrana but it was blocked by Moore who then went for a top rope move himself. It was ruined by Matt Morgan the evil druid as he ran out pushing Moore to the ground. Morgan the evil druid then pushed Moore back into the ring, and Kaz used his reversed piledriver for the win. Kaz is still the X-Division champ. Samoa Joe then came down after the match for a five minute beat down on Kaz. And the muscle buster will get a large pop no matter who is on the other end of it cause it's such a Beauty of a move.

A.J. Styles/Sting vs Jeff Jarrett/Hardy.... Now, you know how I feel about Sting and Hardy so... that don't impress me much. This was a falls count anywhere no dq match. Jarrett and Sting in the ring, Styles and Hardy on the ramp. (dude that sounds so wrong) Oh damn! Styles got suplexed on the ramp hard. But it was only a two count. I've said this a million times, I am not a fan of hardcore/street fight matches at all. I don't understand why the guys would want to do those type of matches I really don't.
I do however, like the fact they are scrolling injury reports on the screen. Sting pinned Jarrett for the win on the stairs.

Team 3D vs Matt Morgan the evil druid/Jessie Neal. Neal and Devon started with a collar tie up. Devon turned it into a side head lock, then slammed Neal with a hard shoulder block knocking him down. Neal walked right into another side headlock before Brother Ray tagged in with a wicked sounding slap to Neal. Brother Ray followed up with a bear hug. Nash and Hall then came to the ring ruining the match. I think run ins work much better when you do NOT play the music. When you don't know who is coming till they are in the camera's view

Flair vs Abyss. They started with a collar tie up, Flair getting tossed across the ring. Flair started to kick Abyss then went for his trademark chops. Abyss turned it around, getting Flair into the corner with a series of punches. Followed it up with a back body drop on Flair. another round of chops from Flair now outside of the ring. Abyss put Flair face first into the rails. Back in the ring and Flair used a thumb to the eye,then was heading for a top rope move, but Abyss caught him slamming him down hard in the middle of the ring. Big boot from Abyss knocking Flair down. A hard side slam from Abyss followed that, before a large splash in the corner from Abyss. Flair did his trademark falling flouso on his face and eyes. Lowblow takes the ref down. Hahaha Then Flair used the brass knuckles as a lowblow. Dude! damn. Flair gets the win. The ref saw the brass knuckles and restarted the match. Flair went right for Abyss with a kick to the face, a series of punches and chops. Abyss shook it off before Abyss used his blackhole slam for the win.


Monday Night Raw 4/26/2010

Monday Night Raw began at 8 pm.  It was the WWE Draft.  Raw wrestlers against Smackdown to decide who got the draft picks.  Raw acquired, Edge, John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho. Smackdown acquired The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Kelly Kelly, and Christian.  Also there was number 1 contender for the wwe title.  Between Orton, Sheamus, and Batista.  Which proved to be the same old same old.  Orton would have been victorious had he not been speared by Edge.  Also last night a tag team fight between The Big Show and The Miz vs The Hart Dynasty.  The winner was the Hart Dynasty.  Granted the show started earlier but much of it is still lagging and the same thing.  They need to spice it up some how to compete against other television shows on right now.  Triple H is out right now due to his injuries he suffered at Extreme Rules by Sheamus.  Orton did all but call Sheamus a dirty fighter, and for assuming he would get a title shot instead of earning it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for April 19th 2010-Highlights

Originally posted on my blog on April 22nd 2010

3 days late again on iTunes Canada

A.J. Styles came to the ring wearing the cuff links in his ears again and too much self tanner/make-up. Do I have to start yelling at the make-up crew again...Stop it! The wrestlers do not need to look like oranges.

Oh look air.... hey anyone else looking forward to the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street at the end of the month? I am...

Knock Outs tag match... I don't care

Wow alot of filler on the show tonight and you know how I feel about filler. Oh look more air.
Time for another coffee... this is just a terrible show tonight

Then two guys I can't stand had a match ... then they both did a mini commentary on their replay. why?

A return match from the ppv this past weekend. Team Flair vs Team Hogan. Which is another group of guys I don't care for so... But it was the return of Samoa Joe. Dude, you're looking like a bit of a zombie, that your Clockwork Orange eyes? All bugged out and spaced.

A.J. Styles went up against RVD... I don't like RVD. Damn it Styles! lost the belt. Really not happy at all.

I'll be back to normal with the review next week my Spudguns.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Raw 4/19/2010 HIghlights

We open with an announcement about the fact the whole Raw crew were stuck in the airport in Europe because of the volcanic ash.
Which Triple H handled the job of telling the fans well.  And well... he was funny, which if you've seen Blade 3 you already know.
The show was filled with members of the Smackdown crew.
It was a chance too for them to remind fans about the draft next week, which is suppose to be a 3 hour show.
I like that fact they pointed out how greasy CM Punk's hair is... I've been saying that for months.  Wash it, cut it, and I hope you have to shave it after your match with Rey Mysterio.  I've actually thought about shaving my skull like that Seline or whatever Punk's girl is named, but I wouldn't look any good that way, not brave enough.  Yeah I'm babbling cause there's not much show to actually do a review on.
Rey Mysterio then came to the ring for the five minute beat down. He grabbed the hair snippers, while Triple H held down Punk. He got a nice chunk of hair off him too.  I guess that means that on Sunday at the ppv Punk will loose the rest of his hair.

Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy.  Drew went right after Hardy, but missed and Hardy managed to get the first punch in. Drew came back with a series of kicks but Hardy turned it around with a neckbreaker. Drew out of the ring, Hardy used a flying axehandle. Drew then threw him head first into the steps. Drew then started in on more kicks to the skull, following it up with a short clothesline. Hardy was down on the ropes and tired to come back with a side effect.  He used another neckbreaker on Drew but only got a two count. Both men went for short clotheslines in the corner taking each other down. Hardy was going for a top rope move, but Drew took out the legs and got the cover. 

Vladimir Kozlov's speech was bang on.  I like this dude.  Then the guest host came out... Okay the Canadian is bored....
He went up against R-Truth... or not as Truth seemed to be ... blown up.  What the freal?  Was this wrestling or an episode of Saturday Night Live?  

Kane doing comedy?  What now?   Hang on... more Kane doing comedy please.

Swagger cut a promo... someone tape his mouth shut please.  Wow, the Undertaker took him up on his open challenge.  Interesting.  Wow, it's takes him 6 minutes to get to the ring.   They started with a collar tie up, Swagger slapping on a side head lock, then using the ropes for a running shoulder block. Another collar tie up, with Undertaker slapping on a side headlock. He then started to work on Swagger's shoulder. Undertaker walked the ropes, then added an elbow to the shoulder of Swagger. Swagger started to use kicks to fight back, and followed it with a scoop slam.  Undertaker had to roll out of the ring after a series of kicks from Swagger. Undertaker with an upper cut then slammed Swagger face first into the steps. Swagger turned it around, sending Undertaker into the steps knee first. He then started to work on the leg of the Undertaker. He got him into the corner tying him up in the ropes.  Undertaker threw Swagger out of the ring for a moment, setting him up on the apron for his leg drop. Undertaker used a snap suplex but only got a two count. He then started to work on the neck of swagger with a choke hold.  Swagger fought out and slapped a leg lock on him, Undertaker booting him to the face.  Swagger went back to the knee getting Undertaker in a strange submission hold. Swagger back out of the ring, but had done enough damage on the leg of Undertaker. Back in the ring, and they traded blows for a few minutes. Undertaker used a DDT but only got a two count. Swagger went face first into the top turnbuckle, but sill only a two count. Swagger fought out of the choke slam but walked face first into a boot. Swagger used a spinning neckbreaker but only got a near fall. Choke slam applied followed by a tombstone piledriver for the win.

Triple H/Rey Mysterio/Edge vs CM Punk/Luke Gallows/Jericho.  Rey and Jericho started it off. Jericho with a kick to the gut of Rey then Rey used a spinning head scissors on him sending Jericho into the ropes. Punk and Gallows came to help him only to have Rey springboard into a suicide dive knocking them all down. Back in the ring, and Punk has tagged in, he's got Rey in a bridged submission. Punk then put Rey face first into the post.  Gallows in, with a series of stomps to Rey. Then a series of drop elbows only getting a two count. Jericho tagged back in, with a large side slam on Rey. Rey fought back with kicks, but Jericho monkey flipped him into the corner. Rey used the ropes for a spring board moonsault but only got a two count.  Edge and Gallows tagged in. Edge with a boot and flying shoulderblock on Gallows. Then a sit down neckbreaker on Gallows. Chaos outside the ring. Punk tagged in, stomping on the injured leg of Edge. Jericho back in and continued to work on the leg. Punk back in with a quick tag working again on the leg with a figure four. Gallows tagged in, stepping on the leg. Edge went for a flying clothesline, Triple H tagged in.  Punk tagged in. Triple H with a high knee and a jaw breaker followed by a clothesline but only got a two count. Spinebuster. Chaos again. Triple H used his pedigree on Punk for the win.

Dude, I'm bored... watching this and you're telling me I've sat through it for nothing cause there was no Sheamus this week.  Dude this sucks! (the 30 seconds on the monitor does not count even though he looked fabulous in a suit)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Smackdown 4/16/2010 Highlights

Drew McIntyre vs Kane.   Drew managed to corner Kane right off, getting in some stiff kicks and hard punches. Kane fought back with punches before using a hip toss sending Drew across the ring. He then used a side headlock takeover holding Drew down on the mat. Kane used the ropes for a hard shoulder block knocking him down. Followed up with a drop kick. Drew battled out, and got Kane with a boot to the face. He then used a neckbreaker on Kane. It only got him a two count. Kane came back with a boot to the face of Drew then got him with a clothesline in the corner. Only got a two count. Kane went off the top rope with a flying clothesline setting up for the choke slam but Drew rolled out of the ring. Matt Hardy came down pushing Drew back into the ring causing a DQ.

Dolph Ziggler vs R-Truth.  Ziggler used a cheap shot on Truth then started to lay in the punches. Following it up with an inverted bodyslam but only getting a two count. He then went into a modified sleeper but Truth fought back with a series of clotheslines. He then used a deep hiptoss sending Ziggler across the ring. Ziggler ducked as Truth went for his lie detector. Ziggler then slapped on the sleeper hold finisher for the win.

Divas match.... don't care.

Hart Dynasty/Rey Mysterio  vs CM Punk and his crew.    Luke Gallows and Smith started it off with Gallows giving him a kick to the face. Gallows then had him in the corner, but Smith fought back and used a deep scoop slam but only got a two count. Rey tagged in. They used a drop toe hold and a double drop kick to the skull of Gallows. Kidd tagged in, as did Punk. Collar tie up into an armbar by Kidd.  Punk used a series of hard kicks to the back of Kidd, but Kidd reversed it using another one of his armdrags to get the better of Punk. Smith tagged back in, then Rey as they used a triple team move with Rey getting a two count. Punk pulled Rey into the the second turnbuckle then laid in some kicks, standing on Rey's throat. Punk then had Rey wrapped around the ringpost and used a drop kick on him.
Rey fought back with his flying bulldog. Darren Young tagged in and got stomped on in the corner by Smith who had tagged in. Kidd then tagged in and they used a double team move on him. Gallows tagged in with a hard batch of punches on Kidd. Kidd went for a top rope move by got kicked in the skull and knocked out of the ring. Gallows brought him back in and used a drop elbow but only got a two count. Darren Young tagged in and used a neckbreaker getting a near fall. Punk tagged back in with  a stomp to Kidd then a back breaker, then slapped a scissors choke on Kidd. Smith tagged in with an off the ropes shoulder blocks but Punk went for a roll up before using a vicious kick only getting a near fall.
Smith used a drop toe hold sending Punk into the second turnbuckle, giving Rey the chance to 619 him in the corner giving Smith the change then to cover Punk.  Smith got the win with a roll up.

Caylen Croft vs JTG.... I don't care about these guys either.

Jack Swagger vs Jericho vs Edge in a triple threat.   Jericho went after Edge with a series of punches, then Swagger attacked as well.  Jericho then went for a roll up on Swagger but failed. Swagger answered with a side suplex on Jericho. Edge working on the back of the neck on Swagger as Jericho rolled out of the ring. Edge sent Swagger off the ropes and out of the ring.  Jericho back in, laying in fists to Edge then choking him on the ropes. Edge came back with punches of his own then Swagger pulled him to the mat. Jericho using the ropes to continue working on Edge's neck. Swagger used another side slam suplex on Edge.  Edge pulled down the ropes sending both of the others out. Then baseball slide to break up the count. He sent Jericho into the rails, then Swagger face first into them. Back in the ring Swagger was sent. Swagger tried to get Jericho back in the ring but Edge took the legs out from under both men sending Jericho to the floor and Swagger to the mat.  Back in the ring and Edge went for his spear but he got the poll. Swagger then started to work on the shoulder of Edge. Swagger then used a backbreaker but only got a two count. Jericho never got back in, and Swagger used his running corner springboard but once again only got a near fall. Outside of the ring and Swagger goes face first into the announce booth. Jericho gets Edge back into the ring and used a side slam but only got a near fall. he then started to work on the neck of Edge with a choke hold. Edge then used Swagger as a battering ram sending him into Jericho. Then total chaos. Jericho with a roll up on Edge but nothing, then Edge going for a cover but nothing. Jericho was going for a bulldog on Edge but ended up in the ropes tangled. Edge got ready for a spear but Jericho countered with the walls of Jericho, the whole time Swagger was on the floor. Swagger in then got slapped with a Walls of Jericho, but Edge broke it with a DDT. Jericho used the codebreaker on Swagger and all three were down. Jericho up thinking he'd spear Edge but Edge leap frogged. Swagger pulled Edge out of the ring and pinned Jericho keeping his title.