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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ringside 01/31/10

Well I was just reading some of the fan sites and have got this to tell you.

The results for last week's TNA Impact came in at a 1.4. Their second highest rating in under one month.
You need to be marking your calenders for the first week of March it seems. From the rumours I have been reading, the Monday Night Wars are on... again. The fans are buzzing with the talks that TNA Impact is moving to a Monday night time slot.

Resistance is futile

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 28 2010

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 30th 2010

Not too sure how good this week's is going to be, as I had to go hunting online for it. Haven't had to do that in a long while. BUT it's Saturday morning already and neither iTunes Canada nor Spike Tv official channel posted as of this time (9:43 am EST)

Looks like we opened with alot of Filler. Hey, they must have read this column last week as they called Bishoff on the lack of injury. And I still hate the idea of the ramp going all up to touch the ring. NEXT....

Mr. Anderson's promo was good. Short and to the point. And very right on the use of Mr./Miss/Mrs when you don't really know someone. Proper use of title it's not just for Jane Austen fans anymore.

First match of the night is a first round match of a tournament. Winner of the tournament becomes number one contender.
Wolfe vs the icky sex guy. Please tell me; we are not taking icky sex guy seriously. Morley got Wolfe in a hammer lock, but Wolfe turned it around and then kicked the ropes while Morley's shoulder was against it. Wolfe had him down in the corner for a boot to the throat but he got up and used a closeline to knock Wolfe down. Wolfe managed to use his flying hammerlock takedown to get the upper hand. Wolfe then slapped on his reclining arm stretch before Morley rolled out. Morley used a power slam before Wolfe got him up on the top rope for his tower of london for the win.

Daniels vs Hernandez. also a first round match of the tournament Daniels did not wait for the bell, and jumped Hernandez. He hit him with a series of kicks before running him face first into two turnbuckles. (not going to scream about the six sides being gone. you don't listen anyway)
Hernandez countered with a knee to the chest then got Daniels in a vertical suplex. Daniels went for a sunset flip but it was countered and turned into a clean over head suplex. Daniels then used a cheap shot thumb to the eyes before an insergurnee (this is why I never call it that and just call it a kick to the back of the skull. I need a wrestling dictionary ) Daniels got a near fall then used a jawbreaker and slam softening Hernandez up for a moonsault. Hernandez used a shoulderblock, closeline and then a large overhead back drop. He then went to the top turnbuckle for a splash but Daniels had rolled out of the way. Daniels tried a rollup but only got a near fall. Hernandez got the win with a heavy side slam.

Knock Out match. Beautiful People vs Kong/Hamada/Tara.... Madison Rayne got the win. No I am not going to break the rule I have, just not a whole lot of matches this week so thought I would just say....

The British Invasion came to the ring and cashed in their X-Division title match. But instead of it being Big Useless, Doug Williams had the match against Amazing Red. Williams used the chaos theory to win the X-Division title.

And thank you Mike Foley for the grossness of the dren cleaning story. That was filler we really did not need to hear.

Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Jarrett. Nice. I like the fact Jarrett came to the ring without pyro or music or anything. They started with a collar tie up, Jarrett getting Anderson in the corner. Jarrett had him then in a side head lock before using a shoulder block. Anderson turned it around with a few punches to the back. Jarrett used a high hiptoss takeover then a double dropkick to turn it back around again. He used a running closeline to toss Anderson out of the ring. Anderson got back into the ring and threw Jarrett into the post. Anderson then slapped a hammerlock on him, using a slam to drop him adding extra pressure to the hold. Anderson then continued to work on the arm and shoulder for the rest of the match. He then went to the top turnbuckle but missed as Jarrett rolled out of the way. Anderson used a small package for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! teamed with Brian Kendrick vs Generation Me/Amazing Red. Kendrick jumped Red before the bell. Red somehow managed to get it turned around and slammed kendrick into a corner then powerwalked over his back (sort of sideways) both Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin blindtagged themselves in. Red got a kick up to Shelley's jaw then rolled over him to get Sabin with a second kick sending Sabin into the ropes. Then both members of Generation Me tagged in double teaming Shelley with a double mule kick and an odd leapfrog kick before double teaming Sabin with a combo stomach breaker (?) and flying leg drop. Sabin managed to fight out of it and turn it around on Max (the greasy dark haired one) with a knee lift to the jaw in the corner before Shelley came in for an attempt at the stepladder jump but got a facefull of top turnbuckle (is Mr. Shelley okay?) Jeremy tagged in but was caught in an atomic drop by Shelley letting Sabin use his trademark low dropkick while Shelley held him in place in the middle of the ring. Sabin got a near fall. And a very late chant from the crowd of MotorCity
Red tagged in and used a hurricanrana on Sabin. Shelley got into the mix with a superkick which lead nicely to another stepladder dropkick by Sabin to Max, tossing Max off the ring apron. (still do not like the idea of that ramp being there) The Guns! went for a double team on Red but kendrick tagged himself in. He ran in with a stick kick then used a cradle for the win. Mr. Shelley then did his little scratchy thing which we haven't seen him do in a while.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Raw Results Monday January 25, 2009

This was originally posted on my blog here

Raw Results for Monday Night.

Unified Tag Team Champions DX defeated The Legacy. This caused a major upset to Legacy.

Big Show defeated MVP. After MVP talked a lot of smack to The Miz Big Show came out to show him who was large and in charge.

Maryse def. Eve for
a shot at the women's title the person to face Maryse would be determined later that night.

McMahon came out to discuss Bret Hart. To which Cena came out and called hi
m a joke saying that all he cares about is lining his pockets and if he really cared at all he would allo
w B
ret Hart to return to confront McMahon.
Bret Hart to return to Raw next week.

WWE Champion Sheamus against John Cena tonight.

Kofi Kingston def.
United States Champion The Miz in a Non-Title Match. A huge upset to The Miz especially when standing ring side was MVP.

Carlito vs. Kelly K
elly ended in a No Contest. As Kelly Kelly was about to enter the ring looking annoyed about the match issued by The guest gm, Santino came out to take her place in the match.

Alicia Fox was seen talking to the GM asking if she would win her match, Of course Dule Hill trying to be psychic claimed she would be victorious. Which proved not to be the case. Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox. Alicia seeked her revenge for loosing by slapping the GM.

William Shatner will act as special guest host of Raw next week

WWE Champion Sheamus def. John Cena by Disqualification This match was good as Cena showed he doesn't go down lightly, then to add to it, Sheamus was the end of a nasty RKO by Orton who then went af
ter Cena to which Cena FU'd Orton. The bodies were definitely flying that night

Monday, January 25, 2010

Smackdown Results :01/22/2010

Match #1 Batista vs Finlay. Batista got Finlay into the corner then showboated letting Finlay get a series of forearms then a drop kick from the second rope. Finlay got two near falls before kicking Batista out of the ring. Batista then tossed Finlay into the announce table getting a DQ.

Match#2 Drew McIntyre/Jericho vs John Morrison/R-Truth. Morrison and Jericho started with a modified sleeper, before Jericho slammed Morrison with a shoulder block. Morrison countered with a deep arm drag and a drop kick. Truth tagged in and they used a double team move on both of the other team. Truth used an armbar on Jericho as Morrison tagged back in. Jericho turned it in his favour with a closeline but Morrison got a scissors kick knocking Jericho down. Morrison ended up on the wrong side of the ring and tossed out. Jericho dragged Morrison back into the ring using a hard sidewalk slam on him. McIntyre tagged in with a series of stomps on Morrison. He then used a short closeline for a near fall. McIntyre had Morrison in the middle of the mat working on the shoulder. Jericho tagged back in with a large stomp before going back to work on the shoulder. Morrison fought back with a short backbreaker and grapevine on Jericho. McIntye tagged back in ripping apart Morrison. Morrison got it back around for a moment with a kick but McIntyre got another near fall. Jericho tagged back in with another backbreaker on Morrison. Jericho was going for a superplex but Morrison blocked it and used a crossbody for a near fall. McIntyre tagged in using a half submission hold before a suplex for another near fall. Morrison managed to get a DDT on him finally able to get Truth a tag. Jericho tagged in . Truth used a spin kick and roll up for a near fall. Truth did use his trademark scissors kick for the win.

Match #3 Cryme Tyme vs Knox/Haas. JTG and Knox started it off with a collar tie up before Knox tossed him into the corner but JTG used a money flip to get the advantage. Haas tagged in only to be hit with a series fists. Then Kane came down to the ring, tossing everyone out.

Match #4 Great Kahli/Matt Hardy vs Hart Dynasty. Hardy and Kidd started with a wrist bar on Hardy that was turned around and Hardy used a closeline on him. Some double teaming in the Hart's corner, with Smith holding Hardy while Kidd used a double leg drop on him. Smith tagged in and used a vertical suplex dropping Hardy hard. He then when for a submission move trying to keep Hardy from tagging out. But Hardy managed to get a side-effect on Smith and used a small package for the win.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jesus Christ .... I can't believe you went there

CM Punk. In the beginning I was cool with the anti-drug message. We even called it "his Jesus Christ Pose".
Damn it! Us here at the hardcore Vamps Prods., office regret having ever said that, cause he's really turned it into a Jesus Christ Pose. Or poser as the case may be.

I was watching a snip from this week's Smackdown and I had to come write this. Its gone too far. Way too far.
The scene I just witnessed was a woman running up to him saying she needed him. Like that's not every straight man's urban fantasy? A woman saying they need you so much they can't live without you or what you have going.

Not only has the last few weeks of "saving your soul" military hair cuts been too much, he's even got the Jesus Christ facial happening. Punk this is in bad taste.

I don't see how religion and politics fits in what is suppose to be a "family" show? Not that the WWE is too concerned with what they are showing kids who happen to watch every week (another rant for another time)

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 21st 2010

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 22nd 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada was late tonight with the download again.

Let's start with the new opening shall we... Where the hell are the MMG? They used to have 2 spots in the opening credits now it's filled with Hogan. WTF? (I liked the old boy band in the rain look on Shelley and Sabin)

....speaking of children, then Flair came out with a couple of 12 year old stick insects in the latest slut wear.... wow you really are trying to recapture the old WCW days aren't you?

and the ring.... deep sigh... most of us hate the four sided replacement and no one wants to listen....moving on. Talk Talk Talk Talk blah blah blah.... what's with all the filler? A.J. Styles, love you to death, but you don't do comedy too well. The fans loved you just the way you were, we get you are having a Heel turn but what's with all the extra talk ? Was it just me or does the new Styles feel fake?

British Invasion vs Hernandez/evil druid Matt Morgan. This is a return match from the ppv this last weekend. Morgan/Hernandez had won the belts at the ppv. Doug Williams and Matt Morgan started it off. Morgan used a series of headbutts sending Williams into the corner. Williams turned it around getting Morgan to the mat (no pun intended) with a series of forearms to the skull. But that didn't last long, as Morgan got him back into the corner using his trademark rapid fire elbows. Morgan now outside of the ring, was distracted by Brutus Magnus while Williams hit him with a baseball slide. Back in the ring Brutus tagged in, getting a near fall on Morgan before slapping a modified sleeper on Morgan. Both Hernandez and Williams tagged in. Hernandez used a flip/DDT combo but only got a near fall. Big Useless Rob Terry came down to the ring with his Feast or Fired case which was used on his own team by mistake letting Hernandez get the win.

Okay you know what, I can see in a twisted way why you would change the shape of the ring, but I don't see why you would have the ramp touching the ring. Seriously, won't that cause issues with the X-Division guys and some of their moves?

Orlando Jordan vs The Pope. I'm still waiting on that wicked trenchcoat there Pope, I've got a purse that would so totally work with that trenchcoat just waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag it and send it to me. They started with a collar tie up, but Jordan tossed Pope across the ring with a deep armdrag. Pope went for a submission hold but Jordan swept his leg out from under him landing him in the middle of the mat. And either they got stronger microphones or else that was one hell of a slap Jordan gave Pope, cause you could hear it very clearly. Pope then got him on the second rope for a smooth-slide and landed not just on his feet but into a sitting position on the railing. Jordan pulled Pope back into the ring with a dragon-screw-leg whip. Jordan then DDTed Pope for the win. Damn it!

Too much filler. iTunes Canada is just the show no commercials, this is the 45 minute mark (that would have hour and 10 minutes on tv with commercials) and we have only had two matches. What the hell? Normally by this point we have 4 matches.

The return of Angelina Love. She went against Madison Rayne. I still refuse to write about the Knock Outs but I have to say this, I always love to see a Canadian beat the crap out of an American.

The Nasty Boys vs Young/Nash. Righty-ho Righty-ho. Seriously, I used to love the Nasty Boys.... 20 years ago when I was 15. Dude, please. That's all I am saying about this match. I love love love Eric Young but.... I am going to make Eric Young the photo of the week cause he looks yummy.

The promo by Mr. Anderson was just what we all expected. Okay, this is one new player I am a fan of. And he does his gimmick very well.

Main Event was A.J. Styles vs Kurt Angle. Styles jumped the bell with a series of closed fists to Angle. Angle turned it around to his favour with a stiff closeline that flipped Styles. He then used a backbraker for the near fall. He then used a snap suplex for another near fall. Styles got the leg up for a low blow breaking the series of suplexes. Styles used a thumb to the eye at one point to keep Angle off kilter. He then slapped on a figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring. Angle broke the hold with the bottom rope and managed to get Styles in an overhead suplex. Styles used the paylay but showboated not even trying for the pin, which allowed Angle to slap the ankle lock on. Styles countered and slapped the move on Angle just when the ref rang the belt. I have no frealing idea what just happened here

Kurt Angle screamed he quit TNA and was going to head back to the other company then spit in Hogan's face. With the crowd chanting "thank you Angle". Kurt then continued to tell Hogan to freal himself. (okay so he used the real f**k word but I like my word better for blogging reasons) Kurt went on to say "you just lost the frealing franchise" Seriously, I'm not even sure if this was a real break down on Angle's part or a score being played. It might have been a score but the fact Angle actually said the F word as often as he did makes me wonder, as he normally says "freaking" when he's doing a promo. BUT the fact he said the name of the other company and it was not bleeped out makes me wonder.

Then Bishoff stumbled out with a small slice on his hairline. Which we all know is the easiest spot to slice ourselves when needing to have an in ring wound cause skull wounds bleed the worst. All I have to say about the Bishoff part was Hey remember back in 1998-99 in WCW when you did the New Blood vs Old Guys routine? I remember that. You dusted off those old scripts. History really does repeat itself, and this is tasting like a bad bowl of day old maggoty fish.

This show was a total load of dren. There was only 5 matches in a 2hour show. That's crap. The matches were short and there was barely anything above brawling. Way too much filler. I know I don't write about the Knock Outs, but normally there is at lest 2 Knock Out matches per episode and they normally last 10 minutes each. There was one match at it barely clocked in at 5 minutes. There wasn't any X-Division matches either. The tag team matches were less then impressive this week as well. I don't know if this was done this way cause it was the day after a ppv when it was taped and the guys were all bruised and tired or what, but it was low on fuel tonight.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Raw Results Monday January 18, 2009

Previously posted on my blog

Raw Results

Undertaker declined HBK's request for a Wrestlemania ticket. If HBK can defeat Undertaker tonight he will get his title shot at wrestlemania. To which HBK says no. He won't fight unless it is at the grandest stage of them all. HBK will enter the Royal Rumble to win and defeat the Undertaker.

Undertaker is confident he will be the title holder in two weeks after he fights Mysterio. HBK is aiming for Undertaker's soul.

Sheamus versus Evan Bourne. In two weeks Sheamus puts his title on the line against Orton. Evan Bourne one of 30 men to battle in the royal rumble. Orton is walking down the ramp heading towards the ring. Sheamus is getting distracted Bourne capitalizes on Sheamus. Sheamus refocuses and inflicts more pain on Bourne with a boot to the head. And ends with the Celtic Cross.

Orton heads into the ring. The audience is desperate for a RKO. Sheamus backs away from Orton to get his title. And holds it high in the air. Next they show HBK talking with Triple H. And they show Don Johnson the guest gm for the night. Don Johnson talking with Triple H. They show Carlito dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite.

Mark Henry versus Jack Swagger. Which proved to be a lame match when Mark Henry tossed Jack Swagger over the ring. Ending the match. He will be a difficult man to eliminate at the Royal Rumble. Bella Twins are coming out with John Heder and Don Johnson.

Out comes the two actors. Accompanied by the Bella Twins. The main event is gonna feature Degeneration X. To which Heder wants something new. Heder calls out the Miz. The Miz causes conflict between the gms. Wow so I'm watching the back and forth between Heder and The Miz with reference to Miztake. Hmmm I think I have seen this somewhere.

MVP came out and is set to take out the Miz and Heder. Out comes the Big Show. Big Show comes after MVP and MVP went after the Miz. Miz and Big Show are sizing each other up. DX will go against the team of The Big Show and The Miz.

Up next is Kofi Kingston and John Cena versus Legacy. The crowd goes insane for both Kingston and Cena. Kingston and Cena won barely with Legacy doing everything in their power to win. But the team of Kingston and Cena were successful.

Looks like the main event will be a 6 man match including Hornswaggle with DX and John Heder with Big Show and The Miz.

Maryse and Alicia Fox versus Gail Kim and Eve. Maryse is beating on Gail Kim along with trash talking her. Alicia Fox tagged in causing more pain on Gail Kim. Gail tagged in Eve who is quick to battle. Eve gets Alicia to tap out ending the match.

John Heder is freaking out with his upcoming match. He is trying to convince Johnson to take his place. Big Show and The Miz try to reassure him. Don Johnson says this is a miztake.

Next they show what is going to happen at the Royal Rumble. Triple H is seen talking to McMahon trying to figure out why the McMahon's can't let things go. Orton is in action next.

Orton versus Chris Masters. Chris Masters escorted to the ring by Eve. And out comes Sheamus to watch the match. Causing a big distraction. Orton causing lots of pain on Masters trying to prove a point to Sheamus. Orton is stuck in the master lock. No one has ever escaped the Masterlock. Orton able to deliver the RKO. Sheamus delivers a kick to Orton knocking him out and stepping on Orton. Sheamus acts more and more like a barbarian. Not sure what his deal is.

Next up DX with Hornswaggle versus Big Show, The Miz, and John Heder. Heder looks ridiculous as the Flame. Don Johnson escorts DX to the ring. Something about the Miz in purple really makes me wonder about him. Big Show has been tagged in to cause pain on HBK. To which Miz gets tagged back in. Don Johnson watching from ring side. HBK quick to turn the match around and cause pain on the Miz. Triple H trying to get HBK to tag in. Hornswaggle tagged in and kicked the Miz in the head. Heder wants to be tagged in. Who's whiter then Sheamus. Heder kicks Hornswaggle. Hornswaggle causing pain to Heder. and Triple H gets tagged in and Heder jumps out of the ring and Johnson throws him back in. HBK delivers sweet chin music and Hornswaggle wins pinning John Heder. Triple H tells him it's not going to work going after the championship to Shawn Michaels and out comes John Cena. John Cena has an announcement to make. John Cena will be in this years Royal Rumble. Last time he was in it he won the whole thing. Big show is coming in to say something. He is in the Royal Rumble as well. Triple H says he will win the Royal Rumble cause he's in it.

Next weeks hosts will be James Roday, Dulé Hill from Psych.

From Ring Side: Jan 18th 2010

Off the heels of another pay per view for TNA that I did not get to see either. The hardcore Vamps Prods., staff are to poor for such treats, but I have been spending my morning surfing the fan threads.

The buzz is that the traditional Six Sided Ring was removed last night for a common four sided one and the crowd HATED IT!

I don't blame the fans for screaming about it. I would have too had I been there. Ardeth posted about it awhile back on one of her blogs saying removing such a part of the identity of TNA would cause trouble. Wow, maybe she was right?

You can read her thoughts on it here as well, I was reading in the fan forums about the unhappiness many are expressing towards the new storylines. Once again, you need to drop the past and get onto the future.

That's the view from Ring Side.

Resistance is futile.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 14th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on Jan 15th 2010

I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada was late again to day with the show.

Hey, you know how I had the rule not to talk about MainEventMafia.... well, I am only going to talk about the guys I like.

Kurt Angle called out A.J. Styles saying Styles was really that good. Um yeah we've known that for nearly a decade. And the mystery guy.... okay you fooled me, my money had been on Wolfe and it was Tomko. Nice.
A.J. Styles vs Tomko in a title match. Styles didn't wait for the bell he went right after Tomko with a series of punches. They took it out of the ring and Style slammed Tomko's arm into the steps going right for the repaired shoulder. Getting back into the ring, Styles had him down in the corner with a boot to the throat. (so unlike Styles) He then used a double drop kick to the face. Styles got shoved out of the ring and the camera went to the announce booth for half the match...Tomko got a near fall. Tomko used a boot to the face to turn Styles inside out for another near fall. Tomko then managed to get Styles on the bottom rope stepping on his neck. Styles used the paylay for the win. There was no energy in this match. Normally, Styles is just all over the ring but this match was more then just slow paced it was disappointing. I was expecting more out of these two but it was just terrible.

As far as the Knock Outs go... breaking my rule slightly, the women's tag champs Hamada and Kong were up against the Beautiful People, and it was cool to hear the crowd chanting for Kong and Hamada.

What with all the filler? I don't like filler. I like matches.

Lethal and Creed vs .... the match didn't get to happen because Lashley came out and hit them from behind. Maybe he was sick of seeing Lethal in the moomoo too? Lethal honey get rid of the damned moomoo. Well they were suppose to go up against Team 3D, but when Team 3D came down to the ring... the bell rang they got Creed in a 3D and Devon covered him for the win. That's dren total dren. Creed and Lethal are two of the best in the X-Division and one of the best tag teams around, why the hell are they being used as fodder?

I thought Daniels was the Face in this new feud he's now in with the icky sex dude? Was I wrong?

Hernandez and the evil druid Matt Morgan vs Beer Money Inc. Hernandez and Storm started off. Storm got tossed into the corner, and over the ropes but he managed to hang on and kick Hernandez in the back of the skull. Storm then got a near fall. Roode tagged in and they doubled teamed Hernandez with a suplex. Evil Druid Morgan tagged himself in giving both members of Beer Money Inc a short closeline. He got Roode in the corner for his rapid fire elbows then used a sidewalk slam on him. Storm tagged back in, they went for a double team on him but Hernandez tagged in getting both of them with a double flying closeline. Storm got tossed out of the ring and Roode got tossed down to the mat giving Hernandez a chance to use a suicide dive. Then Big Useless Rob Terry from the British Invasion came out to the ring causing a double DQ.

Wolfe vs Samoa Joe. The Pope was on the mic for this one. Hey Pope, did anyone snag me that wicked trenchcoat of yours yet? Joe pushed him right into the corner and started with a series of punches then threw him across to the other side and kicked him upside the skull. It looked like Wolfe was getting some headway but Joe caught him in mid-move, flipping him into a slam. Joe when for his trademark rear naked choke, but Wolfe managed to push him backwards to slam into the post. He rolled into Joe and used an arm drag before a kick to the face. Wolfe then went to his usual assault trying to take out the arm. Wolfe then got Joe on the top rope setting up for his Tower of London. Winning the match. How'd he do that? When was the last time we saw Samoa Joe loose?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Generation Me. Oh god, two more guys with long greasy hair. Oh you brought me a pet werewolf, he's cute can I keep him? Chris Sabin and the guy with the greasy dark hair started it. Sabin used an arm bar on the guy -Max? before he turned it around in his favour and used an arm bar on Sabin. Sabin got out of it with his trademark flip and a deep arm drag then a drop toe hold slamming Max to the mat. Alex Shelley tagged in continuing to work on the guy's arm. Sabin blind tagged himself back into the ring and they double teamed him with a wishbone. The blonde guy with the greasy hair-Jeremy jumped into the ring only to get a stereo round kick by both Guns! Sabin then got Max to the mat with a fist to the forehead. Another quick tag in by Shelley where upon he had Max in a sleeper in the center of the ring. Max broke out of it giving Shelley two elbows to the gut before Shelley landed a chop to him. Sabin tagged back in, and they had Max in the corner, but Max flipped Shelley out side of the ring hard. He then used a flying bulldog/hangman combo on Sabin. Jeremy tagged in, giving a flying dropkick over the top rope to Shelley knocking him once again off the ring apron. He then put an inverted atomic drop on Sabin before using a backward suicide dive on Shelley sending Shelley into the guard rail. He managed to get a near fall on Sabin, but Sabin kicked out. Max tagged back in, but Sabin got the boot up knocking the momentum out of him. With Shelley still out on the floor, Generation Me double teamed Sabin in the center of the ring. Chris Sabin managed to use a quick arm bar into a roll to tag in Alex Shelley. Shelley used a flying thrust kick to get things back into the Guns! favour. Which did not last long, as both members of Generation Me doubled teamed Shelley with a double standing moonsault. Shelley then used a dead stop on the second turnbuckle on the dark greasy haired one -Max- before Sabin got him with a mule kick. Looked like the Guns! had him with a double team but the blonde greasy haired one -Jeremy broke the pin. Sabin went for a dive, but missed landing hard on the outside god his arm while Shelley went for his trademark sliced bread but was stopped with a double 450 splash from both members of Generation Me and got the pin. I am really hating this new team.
My tag team are injured I am not happy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raw: 1/11/2010 -Highlights

It's really late this week. Sorry. WWEGIRL is having some family issues right now, hopefully she will be back soon.

Mike Tyson was the guest host this week.

He was joined in the ring by Sheamus, then Cena, Orton and Kofi all decided to join the party.
A three way dance was booked for later in the show, Cena vs Orton vs Kofi. Winner will face Sheamus at Royal Rumble later in the month.
Side note, Randy Orton was having a hard time keeping a straight face while John Cena made reference to the Tyson video game.

Match #1 Divas match. Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox. Fox started with a forearm and a high knee to the face of Kelly Kelly before slamming her into the top turnbuckle. She got her down on the mat with a choke hold and a handful of hair. Kelly Kelly got out of it turning it into her favour for a moment by using a cross body outside of the ring. After getting back into the ring Fox used a power slam roll up for the win. Fox will continue in this Diva tournament next week.

Match #2 Legacy vs Evan Bourne/ Mark Henry. Bourne and DiBiasi started. Bourne went into the ropes using it as a springboard then getting DiBiasi in a scissors move before using a drop kick to throw him off balance. DiBiasi kicked him out of the ring while Rhodes used a cheapshot on Henry. DiBiasi got Bourne in the middle of the ring with a modified choke before Rhodes tagged in. He got a near fall before using closed fist to Bourne's skull. Rhodes got Bourne up in a slam going for a second near fall, before slapping on another modified camel clutch submission move. Mark Henry tagged in, using a series of forearms on Rhodes before a massive power slam. Bourne tagged back in just as DiBiasi ran into the ring. Rhodes used his crossroads for the win.

Match #3 Swagger vs Santino . Swagger got Santino slammed into the corners, before dropping down on him in a belly flop. Swagger was then tossed over the top rope being eliminated. Santino won by default.

Match #4 Cena vs Orton vs Kofi. Cena and Kofi worked together getting Orton out of the ring. Cena used a fishermans suplex on Orton just before Kofi attacked Orton with a series of forearms. Sheamus came out to ringside to watch, which was just the distraction Orton needed to get back into the ring and knock out both Cena and Kofi. Orton had Kofi in the middle of the ring in a choke hold submission while Cena was out on the floor after having been tossed into the announce booth. Kofi got out of the hold, just as Orton DDTed Cena on the second rope. Kofi went for a crossbody on Orton for a near fall. Orton used a hangman jawbreaker on Kofi as Cena bulldoged Orton then Cena went shoulder first into the post, giving Kofi a chance to put an SOS on Orton for a near fall. Cena slapped and STF on Kofi. Kofi then knocked Cena out of the ring, and Legacy got into the ring letting Orton get the win on Kofi.
Orton will face Sheamus at the Rumble.

Match #5 Divas match Eve Torres vs Katie Burchill. Katie had Eve on the mat with a simple knee to the spine before Eve rolled out. Burchill used a slamming backbreaker across the knee for a near fall. Eve came back with a short arm closeline for a near fall. Eve used a drop kick, but Burchill got another near fall, before Eve used a simple roll up for the win.
Eve will go against Mayrse in the Diva finals.

Match #6 DX vs Jericho/Tyson. Tyson started with HBK, tossing him across the ring a few times before running into Tyson and getting dropped to the mat. Triple H tagged in getting into a collar tie up in the corner. Triple H started a shoving match with Tyson, before Jericho tagged himself in with a series of forearms to Triple H. Triple H then used a high knee on Jericho. HBK tagged in, but Jericho got a near fall on him, HBK then nearly ripped Jericho's tights off for a roll up near fall. Tyson tagged back in, just as Hornswaggle joined the match. Tyson then turned on Jericho giving DX the win.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Michigan Championship Wrestling Association Live

Just to let you all know, there will be a live event on Feb 13th 2010 featuring former TNA star Cody Deaner.
You can find out more by going to the official Myspace page

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Jan 4th 2010 (Monday Night 3 hour special)

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 8th 2010

Okay I had to wait for Spike Tv official website to have it. And I realize by now everyone and their dog's grandmother has already seen the show themselves or has read other site's spoilers/reviews.

So going to do this way different today. First off, everyone has been hearing about the fact the replay which is what this is that I saw, was edited from the live show massively. Hold your crickets, this is a flat out bitch fest me ripping apart everyone and everything.... Oh it's on!

You morons in the line talking to whoever the freal that was with the frealing mic, shut up! You don't know dren from good chocolate.

I posted on my gozno blog about the very bad feelings I had all day Monday leading into the show. You can read it here and here I was so upset I did two blog posts on the topic. Caution I do not censor that blog

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! were part of the Steel Asylum match vs Homicide and Kiyoshi vs Creed and Lethal vs Suicide vs Amazing Red. Okay so this was difficult to see as it was inside a large red cage. But I think I spotted Chris Sabin with forearms to Kiyoshi. Alex Shelley was climbing trying to win the match. I could not keep up with this one, the cameras were not close enough and it was chaos. And let's face it, I'm not happy at all about this whole mess and not even going to pretend to be professional this week. Jay Lethal went for the quick win too with a climb up the other side at the same time. Lovely, a chant of "let's go Shelley" Red had a spin kick that I couldn't even see who on. Sabin had a mule kick for Kiyoshi. Shelley fell from the top of the cage to the middle of the ring. Oh God! is he okay? Creed had Kiyosi up for a slam. Homicide turned on Kiyosi with a weapon while Lethal was choking Shelley on the ring apron. That got the whole match dqed. That is total bulldren and the fans know it! Oh jesus freal the other biggest piece of dren in the business just walked out of the frealing crowd. You are trying to make me vomit aren't you? Now is it just me, or did the look on Mr. Shelley's face show the same disgust as I am feeling? when he saw the bucket of dren climb the outside of the cage and sit on it?

Speaking of spoilers and stuff. I read that Alex Shelley has a possible back injury from that show. I hope he's okay.

I know Wolfe wrestled, Raven wrestled, the evil druid Matt Morgan wrestled (yes he came out in his robe again so he's once again the evil druid) but I'm just too pissed off with this episode to talk about much. I don't even feel like making a comment about waiting for that wicked trenchcoat of the Pope's. (which I am still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag for me)
And since all I care about is the X-Division and Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. That's all I will talk about this week.
Next week my temper will be under control and hopefully TNA will have gotten their heads out of their asses and be back to normal.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday Jan 4th, 2010

This was originally posted on my site WWEGirl

Monday Jan. 4, 2010 Results:

Guest host Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels reconciled

Maryse def. Brie Bella

MVP def. Mark Henry, Carlito and Jack Swagger

Unified Tag Team Champions DX def. Chris Jericho & Big Show

Mike Tyson to serve as special guest host next week

WWE Champion Sheamus def. Evan Bourne

Randy Orton def. Kofi Kingston

Mr. McMahon betrayed Bret Hart

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 31st 2009 (Knockout Eve part 2)

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings
on Jan 1st 2010

iTunes Canada had split the show into two downloads.

We open with the continuation of the Turning Point (Nov 15th 2009 ppv) match between Samoa Joe/Daniels/A.J. Styles.
Styles getting a suplex on Daniels. Joe had been outside the ring then slides in to be greeted by a series of punches from Styles. Joe then kicked Styles on the side of the skull knocking him down. He went for the same round on Daniels but was blocked. Daniels then got Styles with a punch before Styles slapped a paylay on Daniels. Styles had been outside the ring but used a shoulder block on Joe then a flying headbutt before hitting Daniels with a disk closeline. Styles then used a flying forearm off the top ropes on Joe for a near fall. Styles then tried for a flying hangman for another near fall. He went for the move again on Daniels this time but was caught mid move as Daniels got him in the last rites sending him to the mat. Daniels then got a suplex on Joe. Joe then used his trademark muscle buster for a near fall. The crowd started their chant again of this is wrestling Styles and Daniels then spent the next few minutes trying to beat each other with the other man's finishers only to be kicked in the back by Joe. Both Styles and Daniels were sitting on the top rope both about to try a suplex when Joe chopped Styles sending him to the floor. Daniels then used an STO takedown on Joe inside the ring. Daniels did his BME on Joe only to be knocked out with Styles landing a 450 on him getting the pin over Joe. Styles kept his belt.

Round Two of the Knock Out tournament
Roxxi vs Hamada. Hamada got Roxxi down on the mat with an armbar before Roxxi turned it around on her. But Hamada used a drop toe hold to once again gain the advantage. Roxxi used a rolling arm drag to get the momentum back on her side. Hamada used a submission move forcing Roxxi to break it with the use of the ropes. Hamada used a double foot stomp landing on the back of Roxxi from the top rope before using a single legged boston crib sitting down. Roxxi managed to turn it around for a moment with a running kick for a near fall. Hamada used a drop kick off the top rope to send Roxxi flying across the ring. Roxxi used a quick roll for a near fall. She then used the voodoo drop for another near fall. Hamada used a roll up for the win.

ODB vs Kong. Kong gave ODB a short arm closeline on the exposed floor causing ODB's skull to bounce. ODB used a bottle smashing it over Kong's skull for the pin.

We then went to the third fan voted best of match. Styles vs Sting from Bound for Glory (Oct 18th 2009 ppv) This was roughly a 25minute match, and I just could not sit through that much Sting. Bound for Glory is out on dvd.

Final Round of the Knock Out Tournament
ODB vs Hamada. Hamada started with a series of headbutts before using a standing hurricanrana. She then used a tornado DDT off the top rope for a near fall. ODB rolled out of the ring for a few minutes before getting kicked to the face. Hamada used a rollup cradle for another near fall. Hamada then went for a top rope move only to get strung up. ODB used her trademark fall away slam for a near fall then went right into a bear hug. Getting out Hamada used a loose kick knocking both herself and ODB to the mat. Hamada then used a cross body out of the corner for another near fall. ODB then used a jawbreaker getting back in her favour for the moment. Then Kong came to the ring with a table. It took 2 extra refs to get Kong to settle down. Back in the ring, Hamada used a kick to the skull to send ODB to the floor. She then set ODB on Kong's table and moonsaulted off the top turnbuckle. But ODB rolled off last second letting Hamada take the full blow. ODB got her back into the ring and used a TKO for the win.

ODB goes on to face Tara for the Knock Out title on Monday Jan 4th 2010 in the special 3 hour Impact which has a 8pm start time.

The final recap of 2009 was a beauty of an edited package. I thought it summed up the TNA year nicely. Cookies for the editing team.

For those who did not read my "Monday Night Wars Weight In" let me know what you think will happen.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 31st 2009 (Knockout Eve part 1)

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Jan 1st 2010

And iTunes Canada had it ready early this morning.

I think doing a double show was a brilliant idea for the end of the year. And I am starting to wonder if this first half was a ploy to get me to write about the Knock Outs and break my rule of not talking about the women's division? Well, I will give you highlights on the Knock Out championship tournament.

First Round
Madison Rayne vs Hamada. They started with a collar tie up and Rayne got an inside roll on Hamada before Hamada started to target the arm of Rayne. Hamada delivered a few headbutts then walked the top rope before Rayne tossed her off balance. Hamada delivered a nasty sounding boot to the face. Rayne did get two near falls before having another vicious kick to the face given to her. Hamada used her hamadadriver for the win.

Traci vs ODB. ODB got the win

Roxxi vs Velvet Sky. Roxxi won with the voodoo drop.

Daffney vs Kong. Okay I have to say this though, the group of fans in the front row who were shaking the rails in time to Kong's music, um you looked like you should have been barred from ringside and I think they have a cream for that. This started off with a test of strength before Daffney got the knee out from under Kong, before Kong tossed Daffney to the ropes. Kong then used an inside leg bar submission. Kong then used her trademark slap torture rack before using her implant buster for the win.

There was a nicely packaged recap of Jeff Jarrett's .... situation... The editing team had that run a little longer then they normally run them so no cookies for you.

We then went to a fan voted best of match. From Turning Point (the Nov 15th 2009 ppv) the match of Wolfe vs Angle. They started with a collar tie up that ended with Wolfe in the corner before Angle started to work on the arm. Wolfe countered and got a wristlock on Angle while the crowd chanted "this is wrestling". Angle used a hip toss and a series of arm drags to get Wolfe down to the mat. Wolfe countered once again, getting both men up to their feet with another hammerlock. Angle was on the ropes, using them to break out of another one when Wolfe kicked the ropes, tossing Angle onto his back. Wolfe got Angle in the corner again with a simple double shove to the chest at close range before Angle kicked Wolfe. Angle used a suplex for a near fall. He got Wolfe into the corner using a series of shoulder blocks then Wolfe got out of the way sending Angle shoulder first into the ringpost. Wolfe then went to work on the left arm, using a combo submission move Angle got out of the move with a nice roll back trying to slap on the ankle lock but was unable. Angle did get a belly to belly take over before using a series of running closelines. Then Angle managed to get six german suplexes in a row. Wolfe then countered the Angle slam before using his vicious short closeline for a near fall. Wolfe was going for his tower of london but Angle blocked it. Angle went for his ankle lock, but Wolfe countered turning it into a figure four arm lock, before Angle rolled out and got his ankle lock on him. Wolfe made it to the ropes to break the hold and somehow got a mid air DDT on Angle. Wolfe then used a tower of london for a near fall. Angle went for a moonsault that caught nothing but empty canvas. Angle went for a frogsplash off the top rope for another near fall. Wolfe tapped out to the side triangle choke.

Then we were given a promo package called Before the Bell. That's all I am going to say on that.

Then we were given a recap of the ppv Final Resolution. Bashir was the one to get the Fired briefcase.

The British Invasion came out to ring side with the tag team belts. Um what? They won their match at Final Resolution vs MotorCityMachine Guns! that blows goat man. Seriously. When are we going to see those tag team belts around Sabin and Shelley??????????????? they were on commentary for the women's tag team match.

We then saw the second of the fan voted best of matches. From Turning Point the Samoa Joe vs Daniels vs A.J. Styles match. Daniels started right off with a slap/punch to Styles before getting into a punching match with Joe. Styles gave both men a series of closelines and forearms knocking Daniels down before giving Joe a series of shoulder blocks and going airborn with a flying forearm. Joe turned it around with a kick to the skull for Styles. Daniels used a jumping leg lerria (I can't spell it) knocking Joe out of the ring. Styles used a roll up for a near fall on Daniels. Styles and Daniels got into a back and forth of leapfrog before Styles went face first into the mat. Joe got back into the ring just as Styles delivered a drop kick to both men. Styles got Daniels down on the mat with a side head lock before using Daniels as a jump pole to give Joe a kick sending him face first into the ring apron before he landed outside. Joe got back into the match by using the top rope to the throat of Daniels. He then had Daniels in the corner with a series of rapid shots before kicking Styles in the ribs. Joe got Daniels down on the mat into a submission with a legbar which was broken up by Styles using a running knee drop. Styles used a suplex on Joe. Daniels started to work on the neck of Styles then got both Styles and Joe in a double submission move that was half camel clutch half boston crab. Joe bit Daniels hand breaking the hold then got Styles in the corner with a series of kicks to the neck and skull. Daniels went for a moonsault but got caught on the ropes by Styles and Joe chopped him from outside the ring. He then slapped on a rear naked choke on Daniels but Styles knocked both men out with an over the top flop. Back in the ring, Styles gets a near fall on Joe then uses a head scissors then Daniels came back into the ring and got caught in the corner. Joe then got Styles in the middle of the ring for a series of submission moves that lead him to two near falls. Daniels used a combo dragon sleeper and chokeslam getting both men in a pile up. ..... And we hit the end of this episode

Don't forget Monday Jan 4th will have a special 3 hour Impact Live. It will have an 8pm start time.

Since iTunes Canada had this a two different downloads, please check back in an hour or so for part 2

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