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Friday, July 31, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 30 2009 (200th Episode)

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 31 2009

I used screen captures for this post

Yay! iTunes Canada was on the ball this morning.

The show opened with what looked like two different openings. One in the MEM locker room as a pep talk , and then the official opening which was a beautifully edited flashback of the last 4 years of TNA on television.

The MainEventMafia came down to the ring as the crowd started to scream for Lashely. Whoo like I care I'm sure Lashely then came out to answer Kurt, dressed as a baseball player. What the freal? Mick Foley coming out to do his impression of Romper Room telling Kurt to look into the camera and picture the board members watching the show. I thought for sure they were going to challenge the MEM to leave for a show or two since Kurt Angle keeps saying how the show would die in ratings without them. But no you would not give me that would you, instead it was a tag team match with two of the single titles on the line. So they sent Booker and Steiner in to beat them down, and the Beer Money Inc came for the save. Then Foley hobbled down to the ring for a handi cap match with Lashely out cold. Foley won.

First up was Hernandez vs Samoa Joe. I like this match up, could make for a great feud. Both are evenly matched in size and strength. Both have the same idea for moves. Both very large men that have mastered the X-Division. Hernandez won this match with a top rope splash. Beauty.

And TNA's evil druid had a match against A.J. Styles. Matt Morgan, I just hate the robe. I loved the promo packages before each wrestler's walk down the ramp. Thought it was a brilliant way to sum up their history so far. Styles got it with a beauty of a 450 splash off the top rope. This was the first round in a best out of 3 matches between these two men.

The World Elite lead by Eric Young. I love this. I really do. I kind of hope Eric Young starts coming out in Canadian Maple Leafs, or with the Canadian flag. (Hey he's #3 on my Canadian Celebrities I Would Love To Met list) And everything he said Made me nod my head and scream yes. Then 3D came out for their match against British Invasion. It kind of became a free for all. But I have to say, as a Canadian it was cool to hear Eric Young say that. This was a tables match for the titles. British Invasion wins. (yay)

The flashback of the Comic-Con was well put together and quick.

Steven Richards melt down. I missed something on that one.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Now, normally I fast forward through the women's matches cause they are useless to me, but I left it on while I was making coffee, and heard the chant of MotorCity. When I went to look I saw Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin standing there holding up signs. This just echoes what I have been saying for weeks. Why the freal are the MMG not wearing the Tag Team belts? Why have they not been on lately?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Raw Results for July 27 2009

Because the staff are having some scheduling issues, and we did not want to miss a week if it could be helped and running with the idea Raw is having "guest hosts", my Mom called this one in, I will translate it for you. Hold on to your hats cause Mom's a hoot.

The big bald guy who plays basketball hosted. (Shaq) and he started it all off by booking a 5 man Beat the Clock match to see who is in line for Randy Orton's belt. Then the guy with the short hair came out to complain as always (Chris Jericho), where upon Shaq kissed him on the forehead. The crowd then went wild calling Jericho "Christina". Big Show came out then claimed to be the new tag team partner of Jericho. Shaq then challenged Big Show to a match. Which was a set up for Cryme Tyme to jump over from Smackdown. Thought it was lame the way Shaq kept calling Jericho "Christina"
They had the first beat the clock match. The really big guy who looks like a mountain ( Mark Henry )went up against the guy with the perm (Carleto) Carleto just ran around the ring for a few minutes before Mark Henry grabbed him by the hair pulling him into the ring. Mark Henry won with a 6:49 minute clock count. Carleto must have really pissed someone off to be put in that match.
Next was Women's match. 3 members on each team. The short girl in the white (Gail Kim) started it off against the large girl who looks like a a man (Beth Phenox) Then the chick with the crazy hair (Alicia Fox) started to punch Gail Kim. Then the chunky one in silver (Mickie James) got in there and started to punch Fox. Then Gail Kim came back in and won.
Then the midget played basketball backstage with Shaq.
Another beat the clock match.
MVP vs the guy who thinks he's a bodybuilder (I scratched my head on this one for a few minutes before realizing it was the return of Chris Masters) There were a few near falls for MVP with Chris Masters trying to put on his Masterlock but failing. Then went outside the ring pulling MVP to the floor slamming on the Masterlock causing MVP to be counted out.
The guy with the long hair wearing a Micheal Jackson jacket was in the ring yelling at Lawler (Brian Kendrick) he got kicked in the head and knocked out by the guy with the dreadlocks (Kofi Kingston) and was pinned in like 30 seconds.
Triple H got hit on the leg in the hallway. His beat the clock match was against Rhodes. He had him on the mat for most of it, using arm drags and submission holds. Then slammed his knee into Rhodes' face. Rhodes countered by crushing Triple H's knee into the post a few times before spending the next 2 minutes working the knee. He even used a figure four leg lock. Dibiase came down to interfere causing Triple H to loose to the clock. Stupid he wasted time trying to get his Petegree on Rhodes and the clock ran out. (Mom likes Triple H)
Shaq then played scrabble in the office with Santino.
The midget wrestled Chavo (again) with Chavo blindfolded. This was stupid.
Some blonde guy with a last name that began with "s" (Jack Swagger) was next for the beat the clock match. He went against the look alike (Evan Bourne) Bourne used a double low drop kick to get Swagger off his feet. But Swagger got a very powerful suplex on him. Both got a few near falls, and Bourne pushed Swagger into the turnbuckle. Evan Bourne won the match. This means that the clock to beat is still Mark Henry's time as it was not Bourne who was in the challenge.
John Cena vs the loud mouth (Miz) in another beat the clock. They just ran around the ring for the first few minutes avoiding each other then Miz went outside the ring then used a few submission holds before knocking Cena out of the ring. Cena made Miz tap beating the clock.
Cena goes now to Summer Slam to face Orton for the belt.
And the main event of the night was a tag team match with Big Show/Jericho vs Cryme Tyme with Shaq as the special ref. This was nothing but a way to get Shaq vs Big Show in the ring together. The match was a double dq, leading to Shaq jumping into the ring facing Show. Shaq then chased him out of the studio.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/24/09

Hardy vs Jericho
-This was all Hardy for the first half until Jericho pulled him through the ropes onto the floor. Both had a few near falls. Hardy used a power bomb to get it back on his side but missed with his trademark dive. Jericho used his trademark walls of Jericho but Hardy countered with a swinging hip. Third try got the walls of Jericho slapped on. This time Hardy used the ropes to break out, and landed in a codebreaker, only to fall out of the ring. Jericho had to get him back in before the countout. Hardy used a twist of fate and won.

-There was a profile of John Morrison. He must be inline to be the next big thing.

-Khali vs Mike Knox.
Knox had a few punches in before Khali turned it on his side only to have Kane come down to the ring. Just when it looked like Knox would get it, Khali won.

-Dolph Ziggler vs Finlay
Finlay had the upper hand for the first round of this match then hit his shoulder on the ring post. This opened it up for Ziggler to use arm bars to weaken him. Finlay used a hip toss and short clotheslines to get it in his favour only to get counted out.

-CM Punk came out to address the fans. I am not sure where they are going with this. Having a Heel talk about good values and having the Face be the one who isn't just does not make sense. I could see if Punk was the Face but at the moment he's not.

-Divas action saw Eve Torres vs Natalya. Natalya made this a mat match near the beginning. Lots of strength and submission moves from her, beautiful use of a surfboard on Torres. Torres did get a few drop kicks in before having Natalya use her diskus clothesline, but Torres pulled it off with a moonsalt.

-RTruth vs Charile Haas.
Haas looked like he was going to have this one for the majority of the match taking out the knee of Truth but R-Truth used a few low arm drags to get it in his favour before using a scissor kick for the win.

-CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Mysterio started strong but Punk turned it into a mat match. Both went for the knees of the other, trying to keep each other grounded. Mysterio had a near fall then it became a kicking match. Mysterio went for a high risk move but landed badly on the ropes before being forced to the floor. Punk used a baseball slide on him then, using an armbar for a near fall. Punk looked strong with a few submission moves but failed to get a pin as Dolph Ziggler came down to break up the match and caused a DQ. Ziggler began a beat down on Mysterio, only to have Hardy run in and save him. Hardy got a Go To Sleep from Punk for his trouble.

I have to say that I found the Sesame Street segment by Cryme Tyme to be retarded. I have no idea what they are trying to do with their little skits, or for that matter with Jessie. And the set up for the Diva's match at Night of Champions where Melina insulted McCool could have been handled better.

WWE needs less skits and more matches.

Where's the Smackdown?

The Smackdown Results for the week of July 24th 2009, which normally Salamandergrey does, is late this week for a few reasons.
No, we have not forgotten. A mistake in the schedule was made. Salamandergrey had a personal issue and I did not get the message in time that she left for me.
I therefore am the one who screwed up.
There is a replay tonight, and I will have it for you later.

Resistance is futile

Friday, July 24, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 23 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 24 2009

I had to hunt on the web again this week, simply because I was in a hurry and could not wait all day for iTunes Canada or the official Spike TV site. And whom ever it was that uploaded it, very choppy job. You left in commercials and cut out half the promos. Once again hot on the heels of a ppv that I did not get to see.

We open with ...TAZ! Very nice. The crowd showed their respect with chants of ECW, and booed when the other company was mentioned. (that should tell you something right there!) I have to admit, back few months ago, the first time I saw Samoa Joe come out with a black towel I thought of Taz. Then I laughed it off telling myself it was wishful thinking. But, I should have listened. Joe then came out for his X-Division match against Homicide. This was a very smart, and very strong opening for this week's show. I rarely find the openings to be quick, smart and of use. This started off as a great X-Division match, and soon turned into a great submission match. With Joe pulling off one of the best suplexes I have in awhile. Joe then hit the ref and got DQed. Homicide is still X-Division champ. Joe then did a beat down on Homicide, which lead to Hernadez making his return. This is good. This reminds people that there are a few big guys in the X-Division that can pull off what is needed to be in the division.

The MainEventMafia came out to the ring...blah blah blah blah blah blah......Then Mick Foley came out to address the situation but I was bored and did not pay attention. Oh sounds like we have some more Rocky Horror Picture Show fans in the audience again with their cants of as*h*le while Kurt Angle was talking.

Kevin Nash vs Amazing Red for the Legends belt. This was a nice filler....NOT. Bored now. Nash just brutalized Red.

MEM tag team match, Booker/Steiner vs Rocco and Sal. WTF? Why?

Eric Young's promo.... interesting. But not as good as it could of been.

The Cody Deaner promo all I have to say is "The Wolf man's got Nards".... great now I just want to watch Monster Squad

A ten man tag team match with British Invasion, Beer Money Inc., Styles/Daniels, Eric Young, Bahsir/Kyotshi (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Young and Bashir started off, with a bunch of quick counters. Storm tagged himself in, landing a hard smack to Bashir's jaw. Quick tag to Roode with Beer Money using a double team move. Styles tagged in, turning this into a proper X-Division match. Daniels tagged in. The big guy from British Invasion with the bad hair then tagged in. And stood there while Daniels tried to knock him down. Everyone runs into the ring, and I no longer know who the legal two are. Eric Young turns on Styles and piledrives him. Nice. Did not see that coming. Do it again.

Mick Foley vs Kurt Angle with a keys on a pole match. Boring. MEM run out do a beat down. Then Bobby Lashley came out....don't care not a fan.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!.... Where were they? Okay, seriously, you wasted my time this week with with the Nash match and the lack luster promos and you did not even give me any Shelley/Sabin to make up for it? I hate whoever in creative put together this episode.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Raw for July 20 2009

I love ZZ Top and I actually NORMALLY enjoy Santio's comedy bits. But these taped segments were pretty lame.

The six way with Carlito, Big Show, Swagger vs. Kofi, Primo, MVP was average. Kofi, Primo and MVP won.

Kendrick vs. Lawler was a waste of time. Lawler wins.

Jericho vs. Henry was another waste of time. Henry wins via dq after Jericho hit henry with a chair.

Hornswaggle vs. Chavo AGAIN? REALLY? Do they hate Chavo or what? Hornswaggle wins for the third time in a row. It was a "Sharp dressed man" match with Chavo's pant legs sewn together.

Legs match with Rosa and Alicia vs. Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim. Alica and Rosa win.

Legacy vs. Triple H and John Cena. Cena and HHH win. This is very repetative with these guys in the main event every week with slight variations.

Next week Shaq is hosting. That's fine. He's a WWE fan and an entertaining individual. But it won't really matter much. What matters is that there were NO good matches this week on Raw and it's the Raw before the Night of Champions PPV.

I give this a show an F for not having any decent matches. Storyline development? Not much. Just mix and match variations of matches that will happen at the PPV.

Horrible show. Plain and simple. F for failure.

Past Polls

Our first poll which ran from June 25-July 13 2009 Who do you feel should be next in line for the X-Division belt? (Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Eric Young, Jay Lethal, Daniels) had a tie between Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

Results of our second poll which ran from July 13 2009- July 20th 2009 What is the Most Original Finishing Move? (Chris Sabin : Cradle Shock, Petey Williams : Canadian Destroyer, CM Punk : Go To Sleep, Bret Hart : Sharpshooter) result was Petey Williams Canadian Destroyer by 66% of the votes.

Results for our third poll which ran from July 21st 2009 -July 27th 2009 Who Would You Like To See Us Profile (Tara, Gail Kim, Melina or Angelina Love) There were no votes at all.

The Results from our poll that ran from July 27th-Aug 3 2009 Who do you think should be the next WWE Champ ( Miz, Ted Dibiase, MVP, Why do we care?) MVP won with 68% of the votes.

The Results from our poll that ran from Aug 3 2009-Aug 13 2009 Which Tag Team would you like us to Profile (Beer Money Inc, MotorCityMachine Guns!, British Invasion, Team 3D) was a tie with Beer Money Inc getting 66% of the votes and MMG getting 66% of the votes.

The Results from our poll that ran from Aug 13 2009- Aug 20 2009 Who Would You Like To See Return to TNA (Austen Aries, Petey Williams, Curry Man, Havoc) Aries won with 100% of the votes.

The results from our poll that ran from Aug 20- Sept 11 2009 "Do you like the weekly guest host on Raw?" (Yes, No, It doesn't mean anything cause it's scripted, Why do we care) -It's all scripted- had the most votes at 68%

The results from out last poll that ran from Sept 11 2009-Oct 24 2009 "Do you think the TNA women's tag team belts were of good use of belts?" The results were a large No at 55%

The results from our poll that ran from Oct 24th 2009-Nov 3rd 2009 "Should WWE's Unified Tag Team Belts be kept as One"? 66% said yes,

The results from out poll that ran from Oct 25th -Nov 2nd "Who would you like to see us profile"? (A.J. Styles, Batista, Kofi Kingston, Hurricane) A.J. Styles won.

The results from our poll that ran from Nov 2nd -Nov 10th "Do you think a match should be stopped if someone is injured" had a landslide of "yes".

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/17/09

We open with Jeff Hardy coming out to the ring and addressing his past with substance abuse. CM Punk then came out to rebuff him.
Punk had the first match of the night vs John Morrison. It started off as a strange session of back and forth before turning into a shoving match. It quickly became a mat match as Morrison slapped a beautiful arm bar on Punk from a flat position on the mat by leaning into Punk's shoulder. Punk used a spider move on the ropes trying for a submission, he then tried his go to sleep but it was countered by a monkey flip. Punk had a near fall with a short back breaker. Morrison got the pin with a small roll up.
Second match of the night was Kane vs R-Truth. This was all Kane. R-Truth got a few kicks in sending Kane over the ropes but Kane turned it back around and pinned him for the win.
Third match of the night was a mixed tag team match. The Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme/Eve. Natala and Eve started this one off. Tyson Kid then tagged in causing Shad to as well. This was a series of blows before a quick tag was made to JTG. Another quick tag brought Smith into the match. JTG was sent face first into the turnbuckle. Kid tagged back in having a few near falls on JTG with a submission move. JTG countered with a low hip toss and managed to tag in Eve. This brought Natala in by default. Natala was sent into the ringpost before landing a neckbreaking clothesline on Eve for the pin.
The main event of the night was a tag team match between Jericho/Dolph Ziggler and Hardy/Mysterio. Hardy and Jericho started this one off. Jericho got slammed into the corner with Hardy landing a double kick to his chest. Ziggler tagged in getting a near fall on Hardy by preforming a standing frogsplash. Jericho tagged back in giving Hardy a clothesline for another near fall. It went back and forth for a while. Mysterio tagged in. Ziggler tagged himself in via a blind tag then proceeded to pull Mysterio off the ring apron saving his partner from a 619. He then got a few near falls by turning it into a mat match. Ziggler was then tossed into the ring post. Hardy and Jericho both tagged in. Hardy had one more near fall on Jericho then tossed Jericho into the announce team, where CM Punk had been sitting. Punk then pushed Jericho into Hardy, sending Hardy chest first into the sharp corner of the steel steps. It was ruled a double DQ.

This was a short show. Not many matches, too much crap. I have to say that the quality of the matches have gotten better. I would rather watch 4 matches at 20 minutes each that are of this caliber then what used to be served. Smackdown is improving every week.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 16 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 17 2009

Started this at 8am EDT....
I had to hunt online once again. Really going to have to start wearing gloves when I do, I don't even want to know what that sticky stuff is....(if you do not have cable why not get it? Because cable would be $60 a month Canadian and TNA is the only show I watch. Therefore, I download it normally from iTunes Canada for only $8 a month Canadian.)

Mick Foley started the show off by saying that he feels naked without the belt, and that no one would really want to see that visually......AAAAAWWWWWWWGGGGGHHH.... sorry got that vision stuck in my brain make it go away. He called out Kurt Angle and started talking about last week's match. Sting came out to need to get a new trenchcoat that purple is just....too bright. Kurt's little rant about the "new wrestlers" not wanting to work hurt, um sorry ? Isn't the reason so many of the "older wrestlers" are half dead on pain pills and the like because of working through the pain? Isn't that why so many "older wrestlers" are all physically messed up? Sorry if I feel the idea of not working through the pain is the smart way to heal.

Samoa Joe started beating the dren out of Amazing Red backstage before bringing it to the ring for their match, but not before sending Red rolling head over feet down the ramp from one kick.
It was then a DQ on Joe after only one muscle buster.

What the freal? (frell for all those who are on me for the spelling) The episode then just died. I suppose the dude who uploaded it got slammed. So I waited half the day for iTunes Canada, okay it was there and I tried to download it....but got this message "while you were buying the product it became no longer available" What? You just added it just now? How can it not be available? Is there something about this show this week people don't want me seeing? Finally Spike's official website had it....It is now 6pm picking up where I left off this morning....

AJ Styles and Beer Money Inc vs MainEventMafia. Nash/Booker/Stiener. Styles and Steiner started off. Then all hell broke loose, and Nash eleminated Styles. I got distracted by bordom and paid little attention. Steiner eleminated Storm. So this left it a handicap match MEM vs Roode. Roode had a low blow on Nash eleminating him. Booker eleminated Roode. MEM won.

Team 3D 's promo, had the subtitle on the bottom for the official Twitter. I follow TNA on Twitter, follow JB as well....anyway their promo was about their match this weekend at the ppv with British Invasion.

Abyss always referring to tv shows...he should blog about it ....oh wait he does.

Jeff Jarrett on microphone during Sting vs Angle. Yeah boring I don't care about Sting or Angle.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin vs Suicide in a non-title match. Did Alex Shelley come to the ring in track pants and a belt? Dude love you to death but that is too skinny. Suicide had a few nice arm drags that would have tossed Sabin right out of the ring if he'd a let go but he held on. Sabin then sent Suicide across the ring where Shelley grabbed the leg, Suicide then stomped his hand. Sabin then had Suicide on the ropes which let Shelley deliver a beautiful kick to the skull. And Sabin who is part monkey had a top rope close line that missed, but he was able to land on his feet. A couple of near falls but Sabin kicked out. Suicide then tossed himself over the ropes to land on Shelley. Sabin was going for his hesitation drop but Suicide turned it into a face slam into the second turnbuckle. Then Suicide won the match. (stupid masked freak.) Shelley then crawled into the ring and spit into the mask (it's a mask you know a face guard) then hog tied him while Sabin grabbed a chair and landed a leg drop over Suicide's neck slamming him into it. (yay) . Tonight's X-Division match has been brought to you by the 3 of Swords Tarot card (cause it was all "S" named wrestlers) Homicide did a run in save after the beat down, and cashed in his briefcase for the X-Division belt. Homicide won.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Raw for July 13 2009

Raw starts out with Triple H introducting the special guest host Seth Green. They show a clip of the season premiere of Robot Chicken (which is a great show). Triple H calls Orton a little girl leading to Orton coming down to the ring and Seth making a Legacy vs. HHH, Cena and Seth main event. Yes, that's right, Seth.

Ladies bikini match is next. Yay for boobies. But this is a wrestling show right? maybe.

Primo vs. the Miz. could have been the match of the night BUT Carlito interrupts and causes Primo to lose. Carlito spits his apple on Primo's face. Ok, time for some wrestling between these two. That will be worthwhile.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger. I think Swagger was beaten with an ugly stick. Anyways, Swagger wins. Only decent match of the night really.

Hornswaggle vs. Chavo having his hand tied behind his back. Pointless. Hornswaggle wins. Remember when Chavo wasn't a joke wrestler because he actually has wrestling skills.. oh wait, I'm thinking of WCW. Sorry...

Big show vs. Evan Bourne. pointless. Of course Big Show wins.

Jericho vs. Mark Henry. REALLY pointless. Henry wins via Jericho leaving and being counted out.

Santino playing with "wrestling action figures". Funny stuff. I actually like Santino. He's great comic relief.

Next week's special guests.... not Dusty Rhodes as hinted... it's Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. Awesome. ZZ Top rule... period.

Triple H, Cena and Seth Green vs. Legacy. VERY pointless. Novelty match. I like Seth Green and he was a worthy guest but I was really hoping Seth would take himself out last minute and put a wrestler in his place. No such luck.

Not one good wrestling match. D minus for this show. Horrible. They were doing decent for a few shows in a row there. I really wonder why I still watch Raw.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/10/09

Looks like I am responsible once again for this weeks Smackdown results.

We open with Jeff Hardy coming to the ring with an eye patch. He had the first match of the night against Kane. Hardy had the momentum over Kane at the beginning of the match by pulling on the top ropes sending Kane out of the ring then hitting a swinging baseball slide on him. Kane managed to turn it in his favour with a large kick to the jaw. He then tried to make it a mat match with a series of submission holds. This was interrupted by the appearance of CM Punk, giving Kane the win
The second match was Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison. Morrison started off strong with making it a mat match with what looked like a quick submission move. He then knocked Ziggler out of the ring and landed a corkscrew over the top rope. Ziggler turned it around with a few near falls. Morrison then used a paylay to once again get the advantage. Ziggler cheated using a tights pull to secure the win.
The Divas match was once again a tag match. Melina/Eve Torres vs McCool/Layla. Eve went for a quick pin on Layla then sent her outside the ring with a baseball slide. McCool kicked Eve in the face then went for a leg lock on her. Eve managed to break the hold and tag in Melina. After a few near falls Melina got the pin on Layla with a simple roll up.
CM Punk vs Khali was next. It started off with Punk getting a few serious kicks on Khali, but Khali's brutal slaps to the chest turned it around in his favour. This was a double DQ as Kane came down to the ring with a chair and started to exchange shots with Khali.
Cryme Tyme vs Hart Dynasty was next. JTG was manhandling Tyson Kid tossing Kid out of the ring. Smith tagged in with a beautiful standing vertical suplex. Shad tagged in then to slam Smith. The Harts used a double team high/low to get the pin.
Main Event of the night was Jericho vs Mysterio for the title. Mysterio went for an early pin then was tossed out of the ring to land in a shoulder roll. Jericho tried a for a quick fall but Rey kicked out. Rey then was slammed into the ring post but some how managed to get an irish whip on Jericho before Jericho slapped a torture rack on him. A lot of back and forth near falls on both sides before Rey went for his trademark 619 only to toss himself out of the ring. Jericho used a muscle buster on Rey before putting him in the walls of Jericho. Rey used the ropes to break the hold. Jericho some how managed to slap the codebreaker on Rey in mid air, but Rey countered and won the match finally using his 619. Edge and Ziggler then ran into the ring after the match was over, giving a beat down to Rey. This gives rise to the question is Ziggler now inline with Edge/Jericho?

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Women's Division

Taking a few tricks from Ardeth, I got her to agree to screen capture a few shots. I will give you this weeks high light of the Women's Division.

This week's TNA Impact saw two matches in a row for the Knock Outs. The first match being Velvet Sky vs. Tara with Tara getting the pin after landing the Widow's Peak on Velvet Sky.
This then lead to Tara challenging Angelina Love to a title match for the Knock Out's belt. Once again Tara pulled it off by using her Window's Peak. She is now the new Knock Out's Champ.
In what appeared to be a shoot interview, she thanked the fans for their support, TNA for the chance to be in the company, and even Angelina Love for what can only be assumed at letting her have the match. Then she thanked her spider Poison.
It has been roughly 5 years since Tara held a belt on television.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 9 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 10 2009

I used screen captures again for this post

Yay! iTunes Canada had it for download this morning.

It seems that TNA bought stock in band-aids as both Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett were sporting the white strips. Great inspirational speech, so good I thought I was watching a Sunday night made for tv movie, which of course had me rolling my eyes and hoping for once for a run in by someone, anyone. Boys, please put the "tweak" to rest and get a new catch phrase.

British Invasion...was that an interview or a Vogue shoot? Your good looking we get it, but Brutus you are not a Backstreet Boy stop posing.
So they had an open challenge ladder match and it was Doug Williams vs. Homicide. I have gone on record more then once saying how much I don't care for the more dangerous matches, this match made sense. (in my twisted mind) Homicide did get tossed around a fair bit in the beginning, but made a nice save when he managed to toss Williams over the top rope from the ladder to land on the rest of his team. Homicide made it to the briefcase, with a run in help from Team3D.

The promo for Foley that the fabulous editing team has packaged...anyone else find it alittle on the Linda Blair-y side? Too creepy even for me.

The Suicide Interview... okay you know what, I have had it! Other then being a stupid gimmick, have you even thought about what you are saying to kids? My nephew and niece watch wrestling, that is not a message I want them to have in their heads. "suicide comes alive and takes the pain from all who just can't see the light/dark saviour he can save you" Yeah, I am getting bitchy and stepping out of line as a fan, but as an adult I am begging TNA to finish up the Suicide gimmick.

Sting calling out Samoa Joe...sorry I was bored, and blinded by that bad trenchcoat. The bait and switch with Sting in the carpark, dude couldn't you have thought of something more original?

Abyss' meltdown. Or is it Stevie Richards' meltdown? Any second now someone will come out in full Joker or Scarcrow costumes right?

And from comic book like to cult horror...oh sorry I mean Matt Morgan came out in his Evil Druid robe for a match. He was tagging up with Kevin Nash. As they went against Daniels and A.J. Styles. Morgan toyed with Daniels for the first part of this match. What the hell was Nash doing? Daniels managed to kick out of a near fall thou he looked like he was nearly passed out. Styles tagged in and turned it into a series of quick high then low assults on Morgan, sending a swift kick to the jaw of Nash through the ropes. Styles surprisingly got this with a frogsplash for the pin.

Eric Young as the special gest ref for the main event. Now I did not see that coming. (I am going to have to start baking cakes instead of cookies for you all) Brilliant! It was a non-title match between Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. Foley had Angle out on the floor for most of this match, slamming him into everything and anything. Jarrett then slammed Foley into the steel steps. Angle and Jarrett took it back into the ring, where it was all Angle. Beautiful suplex on Jarrett sending him half way across the ring. Run in by MEM and a paused count by Eric Young. And Young pulls a swirve on Foley as Angle locks in his trademark hold giving Angle the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! (finally it's been weeks I will even forgive the bad Kiss pants) in a non-title match vs. Beer Money Inc. (I noticed in the preview line up that the photo had the MMG with their IWGP belts, but they came out to the ring without them.) The match was ruined for me from the get go with Booker T on the microphone. Chris Sabin was showing a strong form against Storm until Storm sidestepped the arm drag, landing Sabin on his back. And then got the fans (you are all evil and I will make voodoo dolls of all you audience members) chanting "you suck" at Sabin. He then baited Storm outside of the ring letting Alex Shelley to slam a perfect set of knees to his chest throwing Storm into the guardrail. A few quick tags between the Guns giving them a chance to double closeline Storm. Roode is a bit of a genuis (he is Canadian) the first we see of him in the match he pushes his partner out of the way then hip tosses him across the ring inorder to legally get the tag. From there it became one fast paced match that I got wrapped up with watching which ended with Beer Money Inc. getting the pin over Shelley. I have to say, MMG vs BMI is a match I could watch alot of.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why We Are Not Covering ECW

Simply put. We can not.
ECW does not air in our city, and since the official WWE website uses Hulu players, which does not allow for Canadians to view Hulu content,  we at the moment can not bring you ECW coverage.  

We are doing our best to hunt down youtube footage of ECW shows, but so far we keep getting nothing but "content has been removed because of violation of copyright"  messages. 
When we find away to view ECW shows, we the team of Blind Tag Blog will start to cover it.

Resistance is futile

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Raw for July 6 2009

Well Raw this week starts off with the Million Dollar Man. I do enjoy the guest host idea and it's really cool when it's classic WWE wrestlers. He puts Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry and his own son Jr. against Orton. Not what you'd expect. I figured he'd do everything in Legacy's favour. Tough love I suppose. Man do I hate Ted Sr's theme music.

This weeks show is much like last week in the repect that they are actually having more matches and less jibber jabber. I don't mind when wrestlers get on the mic if thy're a) funny or b) intense.

Jericho and Edge vs. the Colons was a good non title match. The Colons lost and Carlito beat down Primo. Saw that one coming.. maybe Carlito threatened to quit if he didn't get a singles push again. I wouldn't mind seeing the brothers fued. At least it will be quality wrestling.

Alicia Fox and Maryse vs. Mickie James and Gail Kim
was an ok match. Gail Kim is new to Raw and is one of the few female wrestlers with skills. Alicia Fox is also new to Raw but didn't add much except looks. Maryse and Mickie James are decent. I usually find diva matches boring to watch other than the fact that some of them are good looking. Gail Kim and Mickie James won.

Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry in a pointless match. Mark Henry has never and will never add to a WWE show ever. Cody walked out and got counted out.

Orton vs. Dibiase Jr. was a decent match. Jr. actually got some offense in but ultimately lost to Orton. Dissention in the ranks? We'll see...

Piper's Pit.. I mean, Carlito's Cabana, I mean, Jericho's whatever it was.. sorry.. MVP's VIP is next. His guest is Jack Swagger. MVP calls Swagger out but Swagger backs off. Could be a decent fued in the works.

Kofi Kingston vs. Evan Bourne was the match of the night. This is the type of wrestling I like to see. More of this please!! Bourne wins via the shooting star press. These two guys are top notch.

John Cena vs. Triple H ends up being a double dq leading to the PPV match being Cena vs. Triple HHH vs. Orton in a triple threat championship match. boooooooring. Same guys are always fighting for the title. Can we inject some new life into this elite group? Please. Cena was being booed big time. Triple H was being cheered. Shades of Hollywood Hogan vs. the Rock. Turn Cena heel. Make somebody else a huge face and sell shirts with them.. it's time already.

This weeks show was about the same as last weeks except there was a little more story development. If they only added quality wrestling matches to the mix we might have a B grade worthy show. Until then Raw gets another C.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Interview with Cole Cash

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on April 24 2009

I recently had the chance to chat with indie wrestler Cole Cash (currently one half of the tag team Bastard Sons of Rock & Roll with Bryan Cross) and here's what I learned.

*Got his start in 1999 in Parkersburg WV. against a friend, both had little training. He was pinned in the match with a Tornado DDT.

*Was trained in NWA TriState in West Virginia.

* Worked for NWA TriState, Ballistic Championship Wrestling, Ohio Hatchet Wrestling, Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, Mad Pro Wrestling, MadMar Wrestling, Rampage Championship Wrestling, NWA Main Event, United Wrestling Alliance, AWA-MWA, AWA Apex, Supreme Wrestling Alliance, 304 Wrestling, NWA Mountain State. (as well as a few others)

* Has been part of 4 tag teams. Twisted Skittles with DJ Skittles (as masked man Twisted Youth) then teamed up with Vance Desmond under the name of Faith No More. From there joined up with Chris Kahn going by the "Heroes of Hetero". Since has been tag team partners with Bryan Cross, and have gone by both the Murder City Devils and the Bastard Sons of Rock & Roll.

* Has held titles for NWA TriState tag team champion on two occasions with Chris Kahn. The NWA TriState Heavyweight Champion and the NWA TriState X Division Champion. XMCW Tag Team Champion with Bryan Cross. The BCW Heavyweight Champion.

* Biggest Influences have been Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Steve Corino, Tracey Smothers, Jake Roberts and Dean Malenko,

*Will be working with Ohio Hatchet in the fall.

Photo courtesy of Cole Cash.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/03/09

Icon copyright Kimberly Hulst

Again, our normal WWE guy was working so I did the review this week.

The show opened with CM Punk addressing the ppv The Bash and his match against Jeff Hardy. 
This lead to the announcement of them being a tag team in the main event against Edge/Jericho.
The first match of the night was Ricky Ortiz vs Finlay. Ortiz gave Finlay a leg sweep off the apron which forced Finlay onto his back then continued with a power slam onto the floor. Finlay some how managed to fight back and got the win with a cross slam.
Dolph Ziggler then went against R-Truth. Ziggler had a nice under hook slam on R-Truth turning it into a false pin.  After some back and forth, Ziggler pulled it with a neck breaker for the win.
Rey Mysterio vs Kane in a non-title match. It was nice to see them pick up their feud from last year. This was the first of the night's main events. Kane looked like he was in total control even with the chants of 619 from the crowd. He had a few false pins even slammed Rey into the steel post. Rey gained some headway using kicks to Kane's chest as well as a drop toe hold that landed Kane face first on the top turnbuckle. After a few more false pins, Kane got the win using his trademark choke slam.
The Smackdown debut of the Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme was a sad showing. Cryme Tyme came on strong for the first half but it was turned around quickly by a suplex from Smith.  Using an under hook arm drag/hip toss combo Cryme Tyme turned it back around in their favour getting a win with a blind slam.
Diva's action saw a tag team match with Michelle McCool/Layla vs Melina/Maria. McCool is the new Women's champ. Maria got a few false pins near the beginning, but was soon suffering a leg injury as McCool worked on destroying her knee. Melina ended up getting the pin over Layla with the leg closeline.
The main Event of the night was another tag team match.  Edge/Jericho vs CMPunk/Jeff Hardy. I was interested in how this would work given we had 3 Heels in the ring.  It looked like an early win for Hardy but Edge broke the pin by using the ropes. Jericho showed a nice amount of talent against Punk, but not enough to keep the quick tags from happening between Hardy and Punk. It was starting to look as if the two could work together as they used a step ladder effect.  Edge was slow moving in this match. Hrdy had a few false pins over Edge before splashing himself on the turnbuckle. Punk's continued "eye injury" kept him from tagging in leaving Hardy to be worn down for over half the match. Jericho got nailed in the jaw by one of Hardy's high flying moves. A blind tag on Punk let to him getting crashed in the far corner by Jericho and Edge. Hardy soon got revenge by faking an eye injury of his own, leaving Punk in line for a spear from Edge.  Jericho/Edge won this keeping their title belts. 

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 2 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 3 2009

iTunes Canada is a week behind having the show and Once again I had to go hunting the show down on the internet people what part of I am lazy and have no detective skills do you not understand....

We open up with Mick Foley making a bad choice....leather and animal prints on a man. I love a nice leopard/cheetah print as much as any Lipstick Jungle fan, but Foley bad choice.

The highlights from the Slammiversary ppv was done quick and to the point. The editing team gets another cookie for that. I have seen better editing in the last few months on Impact then I have in over twenty years of night time dramas. Whoever it is that makes up the behind the scenes crew on the show they deserve alot of credit for the quality of the product.

Abyss on a rampage. It's interesting this sweet montser thing they have going on with him. I like it, can we remove his mask and see what he looks like please? Abyss destroying the sets of Impact... are you guys getting ready to show off a new batch of sets? But it's mid season, don't new sets come in the Fall schedule?
Holliday vs. Jay Lethal.... hang on... I thought Holliday was a heavy weight guy not an X-Division...hhmmm maybe I was right as Abyss is slamming Lethal and Creed around like rag dolls in the why?And Holliday got a Black Hole Slam for being in the building. Now Abyss I have told you before, stop spitting on the camera it's very gross.

Cody Deaner vs Amazing Red. So Deaner is an X-Division guy? The series of rapid flips from Red had my eyes hurting trying to keep up. Watching him is difficult if you don't have a rewind button he's such a fast wrestler. The flying corkscrew over the top rope onto Deaner was like watching a dancer. Sorry, I have no other comparision right now (dude it's 8:30am and I haven't finished my coffee yet) Red won with a DDT.

Jeff Jarrett's rant was nice. He did not need to scream into the microphone thou.

Eric Young vs Rhino. I got caught up in watching this one and forgot I was suppose to take notes. I love seeing Eric Young as the Heel. This is twice now Young has used the ropes.... I mean I saw nothing but a pin with Young getting the win.

Beer Money Inc. sat at ringside for Team 3D vs Booker T and Stiener. I was more interested in the fact Beer Money Inc was doing commentary then the match. I don't like the MainEventMafia... maybe I will start refussing to review them.... Seeing Bashir and Kyotshi (sorry if I spelled it wrong) come over and start an issue with Beer Money Inc was nice, I see that they are entering into the tag team division. Another nice run in by the British Invasion. It started to turn into a tag team expo. MEM won because of all the run ins.

Tag teams were the theme of the night. The main event was Jarrett and A.J. Styles vs Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. The Heavy Weight belt was on the line for this one. The leg sweep by Joe on Styles was beautiful. Styles managing a double DDT on both Joe and Angle...nice. You rarely see someone break out of the Rear Naked Clutch, but Styles did and landed his trademark Paylay (seriously if you have a wrestling dictionary please email me some proper spellings) Having Jarrett pass out from the "pain" of the Ankle Lock was a nice touch. For once we were spared from hearing the Announce team from screaming about the wrestlers working through the pain.
MEM won.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!... WTF? Again I ask where the hell were they? Give the people what they want, and what they want is Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


From our team to yours. Have a Happy Canada Day.