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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/24/09

Hardy vs Jericho
-This was all Hardy for the first half until Jericho pulled him through the ropes onto the floor. Both had a few near falls. Hardy used a power bomb to get it back on his side but missed with his trademark dive. Jericho used his trademark walls of Jericho but Hardy countered with a swinging hip. Third try got the walls of Jericho slapped on. This time Hardy used the ropes to break out, and landed in a codebreaker, only to fall out of the ring. Jericho had to get him back in before the countout. Hardy used a twist of fate and won.

-There was a profile of John Morrison. He must be inline to be the next big thing.

-Khali vs Mike Knox.
Knox had a few punches in before Khali turned it on his side only to have Kane come down to the ring. Just when it looked like Knox would get it, Khali won.

-Dolph Ziggler vs Finlay
Finlay had the upper hand for the first round of this match then hit his shoulder on the ring post. This opened it up for Ziggler to use arm bars to weaken him. Finlay used a hip toss and short clotheslines to get it in his favour only to get counted out.

-CM Punk came out to address the fans. I am not sure where they are going with this. Having a Heel talk about good values and having the Face be the one who isn't just does not make sense. I could see if Punk was the Face but at the moment he's not.

-Divas action saw Eve Torres vs Natalya. Natalya made this a mat match near the beginning. Lots of strength and submission moves from her, beautiful use of a surfboard on Torres. Torres did get a few drop kicks in before having Natalya use her diskus clothesline, but Torres pulled it off with a moonsalt.

-RTruth vs Charile Haas.
Haas looked like he was going to have this one for the majority of the match taking out the knee of Truth but R-Truth used a few low arm drags to get it in his favour before using a scissor kick for the win.

-CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio
Mysterio started strong but Punk turned it into a mat match. Both went for the knees of the other, trying to keep each other grounded. Mysterio had a near fall then it became a kicking match. Mysterio went for a high risk move but landed badly on the ropes before being forced to the floor. Punk used a baseball slide on him then, using an armbar for a near fall. Punk looked strong with a few submission moves but failed to get a pin as Dolph Ziggler came down to break up the match and caused a DQ. Ziggler began a beat down on Mysterio, only to have Hardy run in and save him. Hardy got a Go To Sleep from Punk for his trouble.

I have to say that I found the Sesame Street segment by Cryme Tyme to be retarded. I have no idea what they are trying to do with their little skits, or for that matter with Jessie. And the set up for the Diva's match at Night of Champions where Melina insulted McCool could have been handled better.

WWE needs less skits and more matches.

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