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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smackdown Results : 7/10/09

Looks like I am responsible once again for this weeks Smackdown results.

We open with Jeff Hardy coming to the ring with an eye patch. He had the first match of the night against Kane. Hardy had the momentum over Kane at the beginning of the match by pulling on the top ropes sending Kane out of the ring then hitting a swinging baseball slide on him. Kane managed to turn it in his favour with a large kick to the jaw. He then tried to make it a mat match with a series of submission holds. This was interrupted by the appearance of CM Punk, giving Kane the win
The second match was Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison. Morrison started off strong with making it a mat match with what looked like a quick submission move. He then knocked Ziggler out of the ring and landed a corkscrew over the top rope. Ziggler turned it around with a few near falls. Morrison then used a paylay to once again get the advantage. Ziggler cheated using a tights pull to secure the win.
The Divas match was once again a tag match. Melina/Eve Torres vs McCool/Layla. Eve went for a quick pin on Layla then sent her outside the ring with a baseball slide. McCool kicked Eve in the face then went for a leg lock on her. Eve managed to break the hold and tag in Melina. After a few near falls Melina got the pin on Layla with a simple roll up.
CM Punk vs Khali was next. It started off with Punk getting a few serious kicks on Khali, but Khali's brutal slaps to the chest turned it around in his favour. This was a double DQ as Kane came down to the ring with a chair and started to exchange shots with Khali.
Cryme Tyme vs Hart Dynasty was next. JTG was manhandling Tyson Kid tossing Kid out of the ring. Smith tagged in with a beautiful standing vertical suplex. Shad tagged in then to slam Smith. The Harts used a double team high/low to get the pin.
Main Event of the night was Jericho vs Mysterio for the title. Mysterio went for an early pin then was tossed out of the ring to land in a shoulder roll. Jericho tried a for a quick fall but Rey kicked out. Rey then was slammed into the ring post but some how managed to get an irish whip on Jericho before Jericho slapped a torture rack on him. A lot of back and forth near falls on both sides before Rey went for his trademark 619 only to toss himself out of the ring. Jericho used a muscle buster on Rey before putting him in the walls of Jericho. Rey used the ropes to break the hold. Jericho some how managed to slap the codebreaker on Rey in mid air, but Rey countered and won the match finally using his 619. Edge and Ziggler then ran into the ring after the match was over, giving a beat down to Rey. This gives rise to the question is Ziggler now inline with Edge/Jericho?

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