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Monday, July 13, 2009

Raw for July 13 2009

Raw starts out with Triple H introducting the special guest host Seth Green. They show a clip of the season premiere of Robot Chicken (which is a great show). Triple H calls Orton a little girl leading to Orton coming down to the ring and Seth making a Legacy vs. HHH, Cena and Seth main event. Yes, that's right, Seth.

Ladies bikini match is next. Yay for boobies. But this is a wrestling show right? maybe.

Primo vs. the Miz. could have been the match of the night BUT Carlito interrupts and causes Primo to lose. Carlito spits his apple on Primo's face. Ok, time for some wrestling between these two. That will be worthwhile.

MVP vs. Jack Swagger. I think Swagger was beaten with an ugly stick. Anyways, Swagger wins. Only decent match of the night really.

Hornswaggle vs. Chavo having his hand tied behind his back. Pointless. Hornswaggle wins. Remember when Chavo wasn't a joke wrestler because he actually has wrestling skills.. oh wait, I'm thinking of WCW. Sorry...

Big show vs. Evan Bourne. pointless. Of course Big Show wins.

Jericho vs. Mark Henry. REALLY pointless. Henry wins via Jericho leaving and being counted out.

Santino playing with "wrestling action figures". Funny stuff. I actually like Santino. He's great comic relief.

Next week's special guests.... not Dusty Rhodes as hinted... it's Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill from ZZ Top. Awesome. ZZ Top rule... period.

Triple H, Cena and Seth Green vs. Legacy. VERY pointless. Novelty match. I like Seth Green and he was a worthy guest but I was really hoping Seth would take himself out last minute and put a wrestler in his place. No such luck.

Not one good wrestling match. D minus for this show. Horrible. They were doing decent for a few shows in a row there. I really wonder why I still watch Raw.


  1. WTF? Are they on crack?

  2. I caught part of the show. Well, actually I had it taped and fast forwarded through 90% of it cause it's crap.

    I think I figured out the Guest Host pattern on a week when they have a former wrestler, there will be wrestling. On a week when they have an actor they will have comedy routines. Kinda like a three ring circus. Let's see if over the next few weeks I am right.

  3. if I was on crack raw would have been good I'm sure