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Friday, July 3, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 2 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 3 2009

iTunes Canada is a week behind having the show and Once again I had to go hunting the show down on the internet people what part of I am lazy and have no detective skills do you not understand....

We open up with Mick Foley making a bad choice....leather and animal prints on a man. I love a nice leopard/cheetah print as much as any Lipstick Jungle fan, but Foley bad choice.

The highlights from the Slammiversary ppv was done quick and to the point. The editing team gets another cookie for that. I have seen better editing in the last few months on Impact then I have in over twenty years of night time dramas. Whoever it is that makes up the behind the scenes crew on the show they deserve alot of credit for the quality of the product.

Abyss on a rampage. It's interesting this sweet montser thing they have going on with him. I like it, can we remove his mask and see what he looks like please? Abyss destroying the sets of Impact... are you guys getting ready to show off a new batch of sets? But it's mid season, don't new sets come in the Fall schedule?
Holliday vs. Jay Lethal.... hang on... I thought Holliday was a heavy weight guy not an X-Division...hhmmm maybe I was right as Abyss is slamming Lethal and Creed around like rag dolls in the why?And Holliday got a Black Hole Slam for being in the building. Now Abyss I have told you before, stop spitting on the camera it's very gross.

Cody Deaner vs Amazing Red. So Deaner is an X-Division guy? The series of rapid flips from Red had my eyes hurting trying to keep up. Watching him is difficult if you don't have a rewind button he's such a fast wrestler. The flying corkscrew over the top rope onto Deaner was like watching a dancer. Sorry, I have no other comparision right now (dude it's 8:30am and I haven't finished my coffee yet) Red won with a DDT.

Jeff Jarrett's rant was nice. He did not need to scream into the microphone thou.

Eric Young vs Rhino. I got caught up in watching this one and forgot I was suppose to take notes. I love seeing Eric Young as the Heel. This is twice now Young has used the ropes.... I mean I saw nothing but a pin with Young getting the win.

Beer Money Inc. sat at ringside for Team 3D vs Booker T and Stiener. I was more interested in the fact Beer Money Inc was doing commentary then the match. I don't like the MainEventMafia... maybe I will start refussing to review them.... Seeing Bashir and Kyotshi (sorry if I spelled it wrong) come over and start an issue with Beer Money Inc was nice, I see that they are entering into the tag team division. Another nice run in by the British Invasion. It started to turn into a tag team expo. MEM won because of all the run ins.

Tag teams were the theme of the night. The main event was Jarrett and A.J. Styles vs Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe. The Heavy Weight belt was on the line for this one. The leg sweep by Joe on Styles was beautiful. Styles managing a double DDT on both Joe and Angle...nice. You rarely see someone break out of the Rear Naked Clutch, but Styles did and landed his trademark Paylay (seriously if you have a wrestling dictionary please email me some proper spellings) Having Jarrett pass out from the "pain" of the Ankle Lock was a nice touch. For once we were spared from hearing the Announce team from screaming about the wrestlers working through the pain.
MEM won.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns!... WTF? Again I ask where the hell were they? Give the people what they want, and what they want is Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.


  1. I thought Impact was good last night (well, the parts I saw) And if you miss the Motor City Machine guns then I miss Daffney. She's my crush. Favorite knockout for sure. I miss a chunk of the show so I'll do a review next week.

  2. What is it with geeky guys and goth chicks?

  3. I wish I was a geek. I'd be smarter and richer probably!