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Friday, July 10, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for July 9 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on July 10 2009

I used screen captures again for this post

Yay! iTunes Canada had it for download this morning.

It seems that TNA bought stock in band-aids as both Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett were sporting the white strips. Great inspirational speech, so good I thought I was watching a Sunday night made for tv movie, which of course had me rolling my eyes and hoping for once for a run in by someone, anyone. Boys, please put the "tweak" to rest and get a new catch phrase.

British Invasion...was that an interview or a Vogue shoot? Your good looking we get it, but Brutus you are not a Backstreet Boy stop posing.
So they had an open challenge ladder match and it was Doug Williams vs. Homicide. I have gone on record more then once saying how much I don't care for the more dangerous matches, this match made sense. (in my twisted mind) Homicide did get tossed around a fair bit in the beginning, but made a nice save when he managed to toss Williams over the top rope from the ladder to land on the rest of his team. Homicide made it to the briefcase, with a run in help from Team3D.

The promo for Foley that the fabulous editing team has packaged...anyone else find it alittle on the Linda Blair-y side? Too creepy even for me.

The Suicide Interview... okay you know what, I have had it! Other then being a stupid gimmick, have you even thought about what you are saying to kids? My nephew and niece watch wrestling, that is not a message I want them to have in their heads. "suicide comes alive and takes the pain from all who just can't see the light/dark saviour he can save you" Yeah, I am getting bitchy and stepping out of line as a fan, but as an adult I am begging TNA to finish up the Suicide gimmick.

Sting calling out Samoa Joe...sorry I was bored, and blinded by that bad trenchcoat. The bait and switch with Sting in the carpark, dude couldn't you have thought of something more original?

Abyss' meltdown. Or is it Stevie Richards' meltdown? Any second now someone will come out in full Joker or Scarcrow costumes right?

And from comic book like to cult horror...oh sorry I mean Matt Morgan came out in his Evil Druid robe for a match. He was tagging up with Kevin Nash. As they went against Daniels and A.J. Styles. Morgan toyed with Daniels for the first part of this match. What the hell was Nash doing? Daniels managed to kick out of a near fall thou he looked like he was nearly passed out. Styles tagged in and turned it into a series of quick high then low assults on Morgan, sending a swift kick to the jaw of Nash through the ropes. Styles surprisingly got this with a frogsplash for the pin.

Eric Young as the special gest ref for the main event. Now I did not see that coming. (I am going to have to start baking cakes instead of cookies for you all) Brilliant! It was a non-title match between Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. Foley had Angle out on the floor for most of this match, slamming him into everything and anything. Jarrett then slammed Foley into the steel steps. Angle and Jarrett took it back into the ring, where it was all Angle. Beautiful suplex on Jarrett sending him half way across the ring. Run in by MEM and a paused count by Eric Young. And Young pulls a swirve on Foley as Angle locks in his trademark hold giving Angle the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! (finally it's been weeks I will even forgive the bad Kiss pants) in a non-title match vs. Beer Money Inc. (I noticed in the preview line up that the photo had the MMG with their IWGP belts, but they came out to the ring without them.) The match was ruined for me from the get go with Booker T on the microphone. Chris Sabin was showing a strong form against Storm until Storm sidestepped the arm drag, landing Sabin on his back. And then got the fans (you are all evil and I will make voodoo dolls of all you audience members) chanting "you suck" at Sabin. He then baited Storm outside of the ring letting Alex Shelley to slam a perfect set of knees to his chest throwing Storm into the guardrail. A few quick tags between the Guns giving them a chance to double closeline Storm. Roode is a bit of a genuis (he is Canadian) the first we see of him in the match he pushes his partner out of the way then hip tosses him across the ring inorder to legally get the tag. From there it became one fast paced match that I got wrapped up with watching which ended with Beer Money Inc. getting the pin over Shelley. I have to say, MMG vs BMI is a match I could watch alot of.

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