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Friday, August 28, 2009

Smackdown Results 8/28/09

We open with what has become the standard for the show last few months, CMPunk talking about his last match against Jeff Hardy. Then Hardy came out to counter him.

First match was a tag team with John Morrison/Matt Hardy vs the Hart Dynasty. Morrison got the pin with his Starship Pain.

Second match wasn't much of a match. Drew McIntyre vs R-truth. McIntyre jumped R-Truth and knocked him out cold.

Third of the night was a Divas match between Layla and Melina. Melina got the pin.

Fourth of the night was Rey Mysterio vs Kane. Kahli interferred and that was that.

Fifth of the night was Jericho vs Shad. This was all Shad until Big Show and JTG both got involved, turning this into a tag team match. Big Show won.

The main event was CMPunk vs Jeff Hardy in a steel cage match. Looser leaves the company. Punk won. Hardy has to leave WWE.

I have to say, I really love the way John Morrison can do all those standing moonsaults. He's the next big thing, what the company needs to promote more.
And finally, No more Jeff Hardy.

Game Room

We can take a big sigh of relief it would seem for those of us who were afraid our second chance at a TNA video game would be lost.
I have read online in the fan forums that a new gaming company has picked up the rights to the unproduced second TNA game.

Does anyone else find that no matter what wrestler you use for the Ultimate X match on the TNA Impact PS2 that Chris Sabin always wins ? Try it, and let me know if it's just us.
The only time any of us here at the office have won that part of the game is when using the Chris Sabin character.

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My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 27 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Aug 28th 2009

I used screen captures for this post

I love you iTunes Canada you had it for download this morning.

We open with Suicide vs Samoa Joe in a non-title X-Division match. Daniels joined the announce team on mic, and I have to say, I would rather watch Daniels in the ring then listen to him. Please do not make it a habit. Then the Pope came down to the ring. Um... last week duder you had that wicked trenchcoat, this week ....did you get dressed in the dark or something what up with that? Small riot broke out and a double dq.
This then turned into a tag team match of Pope/Joe vs Daniels/Suicide. Suicide got the pin.

Who ordered the extreme close up? Oh it was Eric Young. Nice. Looking good, like the bald look (yummy...wait said that the other week didn't I?)

Bashir's right you know. And the live audience, you realize just how bad you made yourself look... let me walk you through it. He asked you all who is responsible for all those senseless deaths and you chant "usa". Chew on that tasty afterthought for a moment.

The promo package for the evil druid Matt Morgan was too long.
So no cookies this week for the editing crew. None.
He had a tag team match with Steiner/Booker vs A.J. Styles/Hernandez/Sting. Styles won.

Rhino vs Jessie Neal... dude shave it off and start over cause I am serious when I say icky. That hair do makes Cody Deaner's mullet look good. And Rhino was spitting and sweating all over the camera. Rhino won. Of course. Then the ref reversed it after a wicked gore. Dude ? That's just farbots.

Abyss with the groceries...I love it. Too cute. Way too cute.

JB getting beat up by a girl Ha-Ha!

Dixie Carter the company head told the viewing audience about the extension of the show's contract.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! I am laughing my frealing ass off and, that is no small chore. They went against Abyss in a handicap match, wearing the bad kiss concert pants again. (does no one listen to me ?) With Dr. Stevie in pink scrubs. What happened this week, did everyone do their laundry together cause there was a lot of pink in the show. The audience for once said something right, an alternate chant of "Hail Sabin" and "MotorCity". (okay I will put the live audience voodoo dolls away now) Sabin flying like a dart at Shelley to get Abyss off his feet outside the ring, nice. (Why do I suddenly have the song Tweeter and the Monkey Man -Headstones version- stuck in my head?) That pile up near fall, I think I was jealous of Abyss for a half second. Oh my...that shock treatment -leg drop...are the Guns okay? Abyss won with a black hole slam on Sabin. Beauty the beat down on Dr. Stevie by the Guns. Lovely.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Smackdown Results : 8/21/09

Match #1 was a 6 man tag with Rey Mysterio/Cryme Tyme vs Jericho/Big Show/Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got the win

Match #2 was Mike Knox vs Finlay. Knox got DQed and the win went to Finlay

Match #3 was a Diva tag team of Melina/Maria vs Layla/Natalya . Maria got the win.

Match #4 was the main event. Also a 6 man tag. John Morrison/Hardys vs CM Punk/Hart Dynasty. Matt Hardy got the win

This was a very lame episode. And right before a big pay-per-view. Kinda odd having the show start and finish with 6 man tag matches. And they don't seem to do single diva matches at all anymore.
Honestly, but the time I get the replay I have heard all the spoilers from other people that I just don't care.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 20 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Aug 21 2009

I had to hunt online today for it. iTunes Canada is just not being nice to me.

We pick up after the latest ppv, of which once again I did not get to see. Yes I suck so whatever.
And we find Taz is now part of the announce team. I like that.

The evil Druid Matt Morgan came out to scream and spit on the microphone.

Then we jump right into tag team action with British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. in a non title street fight. I hate street fights. Okay once again people in the audience, follow the little bouncing ball...You have 2 guys in the ring who are from Britain and 1 guy in the ring from Canada and 1 guy in the ring from the U.S. and you chant "usa" So you are only supporting one half of the good guys in this match. Wouldn't a chant of Beer Money have been better. (not a question it's a statement) Beer Money Inc won with a pin

Abyss hyper over what he thought was groceries was so cute. I'm sorry Abyss is sweet.

It was actually really nice to hear Taz on the mic this week. There are few announcers who have a decent voice and who keep to the action. The flashback of the ppv was beautiful. The editing team has done a great job once again.

Homicide vs Samoa Joe for the X-Division belt. This was a even back and forth match. I got caught up watching and did not take any notes. Joe won.

Good to see Creed and Lethal again. Creed had a match against the Pope. the freal is up with that dude? Sorry laughing alot. But damn that's a trenchcoat someone snag me that coat. The Pope won. Suicide ran out at the end of the match to a mix of boos and cheers. Aren't we finished with Suicide yet?

A.J. Styles came out to the ring to a round of "don't quit" that perked up my ears. I heard some rumors Styles was needing surgery but nothing about him quitting. This was a retarded segment. One of the worst promos I have seen in months. Just crap writing. What was the point of it? Styles got some tv time why didn't they give him a match or something.

Team 3D had the main event of the night against the evil druid Matt Morgan and Kurt Angle. Tables match. Team 3D won by slamming evil druid Matt Morgan into a table.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Can I get a copy of that promo? Those two could sit on my sofa and look sexy any day of the year. Damn, I am still laughing at that.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Smackdown Results for 8/14/09

CM Punk opened with the best thing I have heard in years on this show. Ending Jeff Hardy

The first match of the night was Finlay vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got Finlay trapped against the post and kicked him to the head. Mike Knox came down to ringside. Ziggler turned it into a mat match with submission moves. Finlay had a near fall. Knox interfered with a shot to Finlay's knee giving Ziggler the win

Second match was Morrison vs Punk. It was back and forth show of strength for the first few minutes with Punk getting the advantage. Morrison turned it around with a moonsault . Punk went to the second rope slamming his knees in Morrison's neck dropping him to the floor. Punk won the match with his GoToSleep.

Match #3 was a Diva's match. Melina vs Layla. Layla had an early near fall. She had Melina in a spider hold on the ropes. Melina managed to get the win

Match #4 was JTG vs Big Show. This was a waste, as it was all Big Show. This match was mostly an excuse to get Jericho on the mic.

The main event was Jeff Hardy in a handicap match vs both members of the Hart Dynasty. Tyson Kidd started it. Hardy looked promising for the first minute then Smith tagged in. Smith had a near fall then used a neck breaker on Hardy. Kidd tagged back in using his necklock. Another quick tag. Smith went back to a submission move with another necklock. Hardy broke it and failed with his whisper in the wind giving Smith the advantage again. Another quick tag. Kidd got the pin.
Punk, Morrison and Matt Hardy all did a run in. This lead to next week's main event being booked. A 6 man tag match with the Hardys and Morrison vs the Harts and Punk.

I am really liking the feud of Morrison and Punk. It is interesting and a solid showing of talent on both sides.
I am also really liking the Hart Dynasty. Since the show was in Edmonton this week, the Harts had a lot of fan approval.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 13 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Aug 14 2009

I had to hunt online for it today. No witty cracks just too tired to care.

One half of the British Invasion Doug Williams vs Hernandez. You know I totally dig Hernandez, but dude that intro to your music, has to go. Um audience members ... You have a guy from England in the ring, and a guy from Mexico in the ring and you are chanting "usa" . Hey ticket guy, you have to stop getting the live audience members from the zombie pit at the nearest bar. In this case shouldn't a simple LAX chant have been the sensible thing to do. Hernandez won with a sit down power bomb.

Steven Richards' promo was lackluster. But seeing the return of Holliday was a nice surprise.

Rhino and Neil against World Elite members Eric Young and Bashir in a tag team match. There must have been some Canadians in the audience cause I heard a few chants of "let's go Eric". Young with a tights pull....I mean I saw nothing but a roll up. Now you all have been reading my posts on the state of Sabin's hair, but that's all in fun, this Jessie Neil kid needs to shave that mess off and start fresh cause it's vomit worthy. Rhino's promo was very good, just why the hell do you have to spit on the camera and mic?

A.J. Styles, he likes to tell everyone alot that no one has ever handed him anything. Let me hand you a tissue cause I feel a chic-flick moment coming on, you're story has tugged on my bladder.Note* whomever added this episode to the net, dude I think you missed a chunk cause the next part was in the middle of stuff*
The final match up between Styles and the evil druid Matt Morgan. Everytime Styles says something he puts me in mind of a human bobble head OHMYGOD!! and the evil druid Matt Morgan wins the best of 3, with the sickest kick I have ever seen. Is A.J. Styles alive?

Team 3D promo...I did not vote you greatest tag team. Brother Ray vs Steiner. The crowd started to chant "shut the f**k up" when Steiner was talking. Yes I agree. Oh a no DQ match how uncreative. British Invasion run out for a moment. Steiner got the win. (boo!)

AND the MotorCityMachine Guns!...... Where were they? Damn you creative for not having them on this week. I am addicted to Shelley and Sabin and will be going through nasty withdrawls all week now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Blind Tag Blog has gone through some staff issues and schedules.
Until further notice Raw and Smackdown will still be covered ; just not on a weekly basis.
We are sorry for any issues this may cause you as readers.

Please note that Ardeth Blood will still be covering her weekly TNA reviews.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Smackdown Results : 8/7/09

It's late this week yes I know. I had to catch the replay.

Match #1 John Morrison vs Tyson Kidd. Midway the Hart Dynasty pulled a triple team on Morrison, tossing him out to the floor. Kidd had a wicked looking head lock on him, for a good part of the match. Morrison turned it around and had a near fall with his standing moonsault. He ended up getting the win with his Starship Pain.

Match #2- Charlie Haas vs Slam Master J (Jessie). SMJ had the crowd cheering for him as he came to the ring. This was a filler match in which SMJ used a large frogsplash to win.

Match #3 -A 4 man corners match for number one contender to Mysterio's belt. The men were Finlay, R-Truth, Mike Knox and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler got the win over Finlay.

Match #4- Jericho vs JTG. JTG had a few near falls at the beginning of the match but Jericho used the ropes. In the end JTG got the win with a roll up.

Match #5- Great Khali vs Ricky Ortiz. Ten seconds and Khali had it won.

Match #6- Main Event with Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk. Special guest ref was Matt Hardy.
Near the end Punk used a baseball slide aiming for Jeff but got Matt instead. Matt then disrupted the three count, pulling Punk off his brother. Jeff was able to get a roll up on Punk for the win keeping his title.

What started off as a strong promise in the show with the Morrison vs Kidd quickly became hot dog material. Everything that happened this week between Match #1 and Match #6 was just filler. And bad filler at that. The feuds are not interesting, the matches are mediocre at best and predictable.

I do like that Punk is the Heel right now, but I feel his talents are wasted on having him paired against Hardy.
I would love to see a feud between Punk and Morrison. That would be worth watching for a few months.

Resistance is futile

From Ring Side: Aug 9th 2009

So the fans are in a furry because of the stuff we are hearing in regards to TNA.
Scandals, Firings, Backstabbing and some Legit Heats (? really now ? )
Here is my two cents worth. It's all going to pop like a micorwavable dinner you forgot to remove the lid from.
Yes I said it.

Then the fans will turn to the next big thing. Which is ROH.
Now, we don't get ROH here (unless you have a dish which no one on staff here does) so we can only see what is posted on the internet. Kinda sucks when you think about it.
But that is where the fresh batch of talent is right now, and where most of our heroes are hanging out anyway in between their TNA/JCW stuff.

So my thoughts right now is expect ROH 's stocks to flyer then an 8 foot frogsplash.

Resistance is futile

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Aug 6 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Aug 7 2009

I used screen captures for this post

I guess I have to love iTunes Canada again. They had the show available this morning.

Eric Young looked yummy. (hey I like bald men so ssshh) Then his little speech about doing whatever it takes.... there is going to be a swerve right? He had a match against Daniels. With two members of World Elite in the ring with him. And Daniels brought out the MMG.... Young won with the piledriver. (is it just me or does Daniels always look like a disapproving babysitter?)

Roode's promo was surprisingly good. I loved the fact he brought up the Canadian angle. Now, if he would just start wearing Canadian gear again.....
This lead to an 8 man tag with British Invasion and Booker/Steiner vs Team 3D and Beer Money Inc. became a free for all with World Elite coming down to ringside then Daniels and the MMG to the save ....then British Invasion won.
Then the riot happened. Kudos fabulous time saving way to set up the next few weeks worth of feuds. Just you spent too much camera time outside when it should have been in the ring on Alex and Chris.

Hey remember a while back when I said I should start to refuse to talk about the MainEventMafia cause they suck. I am sticking to my Guns.

The interview with Hernandez was .....and then to cut to Homicide... hey didn't those guys do a few episodes of OZ back like 6 or 7 years ago?

Round 2 for A.J. Styles and the evil druid Matt Morgan. This was a slow paced match for Styles, and Morgan came off with the win. We are even one win each.

J.B. trying to collect the bounty on Abyss....Love it! Good to see Creed and Lethal again. Even if it was only for 30 seconds.

Brutus vs Sting. I like Brutus. Brutus tapped.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! That made me happy to the point of laughing for five minutes. An extreme close up with comedy.

When they came down to the ring they had something in hand...was it a comic book?
(remember this post I did last month) The crowd was chanting MotorCity in between chanting for Daniels, even though it was Daniels match. Beauty Then their run in save during the tag team match. I could not keep up, the camera man was pulling a Blair Witch shaking the damned thing.

Monday, August 3, 2009

WWE Raw for Monday August 3rd 2009

Well I missed the whole first hour due to unforseen circumstances...

but I picked it up at the Dibiase/Rhodes vs. Triple H match
Dibisase and Rhodes win.
At the end of the match HHH suggests a DX reunion since he's being beaten by Legacy so much.

Carlito vs. Primo is next
Carlito wins via the backstabber. Good match. These two can really wrestle.

Chavo vs. Henry. Henry wins via world's strongest slam. Hornswaggle was under the ring and Henry brings him out to do a tadpole splash on Chavo. Hornswaggle does his hell click and gets Henry to do the same. Mildly amusing.

Kofi vs. Big Show. Big show gets a DQ... lots of Dairy Queen.. man he's getting fat again. Kofi wins and retains his belt. Jericho did commentary. Apparently Jericho and Big Show are tag champs now.

A preview of the new Pivens comedy is shown. It looks funny.

Cena vs. Miz in a lumberjack match. If Miz loses this match he won't be allowed at Summerslam and will be banned from Raw. The guest host Jeremy Pivens and his asian pal from the movie they're promoting come out. They've stacked with lumberjacks with heels so Cena doesn't stand a chance, right? I don't know if Cena won or not, who cares really. I got bored and changed channels to TMZ. I flip back and Pivens goes to the top rope.. Cena turns around and catches him and used him to hit Carlito and Masters who enter the ring. Then the asian guy comes in the ring and hits Cena with his cane. Cena throws him out of the ring onto Swagger, Masters, etc. End of show.

Glad I missed the first hour. This may be the last Raw I watch. I can't take this crap anymore and I missed half of the show!

Raw sucks bad. At least there's still TNA.