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Monday, August 3, 2009

WWE Raw for Monday August 3rd 2009

Well I missed the whole first hour due to unforseen circumstances...

but I picked it up at the Dibiase/Rhodes vs. Triple H match
Dibisase and Rhodes win.
At the end of the match HHH suggests a DX reunion since he's being beaten by Legacy so much.

Carlito vs. Primo is next
Carlito wins via the backstabber. Good match. These two can really wrestle.

Chavo vs. Henry. Henry wins via world's strongest slam. Hornswaggle was under the ring and Henry brings him out to do a tadpole splash on Chavo. Hornswaggle does his hell click and gets Henry to do the same. Mildly amusing.

Kofi vs. Big Show. Big show gets a DQ... lots of Dairy Queen.. man he's getting fat again. Kofi wins and retains his belt. Jericho did commentary. Apparently Jericho and Big Show are tag champs now.

A preview of the new Pivens comedy is shown. It looks funny.

Cena vs. Miz in a lumberjack match. If Miz loses this match he won't be allowed at Summerslam and will be banned from Raw. The guest host Jeremy Pivens and his asian pal from the movie they're promoting come out. They've stacked with lumberjacks with heels so Cena doesn't stand a chance, right? I don't know if Cena won or not, who cares really. I got bored and changed channels to TMZ. I flip back and Pivens goes to the top rope.. Cena turns around and catches him and used him to hit Carlito and Masters who enter the ring. Then the asian guy comes in the ring and hits Cena with his cane. Cena throws him out of the ring onto Swagger, Masters, etc. End of show.

Glad I missed the first hour. This may be the last Raw I watch. I can't take this crap anymore and I missed half of the show!

Raw sucks bad. At least there's still TNA.

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