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Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Ring Side: Aug 9th 2009

So the fans are in a furry because of the stuff we are hearing in regards to TNA.
Scandals, Firings, Backstabbing and some Legit Heats (? really now ? )
Here is my two cents worth. It's all going to pop like a micorwavable dinner you forgot to remove the lid from.
Yes I said it.

Then the fans will turn to the next big thing. Which is ROH.
Now, we don't get ROH here (unless you have a dish which no one on staff here does) so we can only see what is posted on the internet. Kinda sucks when you think about it.
But that is where the fresh batch of talent is right now, and where most of our heroes are hanging out anyway in between their TNA/JCW stuff.

So my thoughts right now is expect ROH 's stocks to flyer then an 8 foot frogsplash.

Resistance is futile

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