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Monday, September 28, 2009

From Ring Side: Sept 28th 2009

Is Jimmy Jacobs the next big thing?

I like to think that he is.

If you are a fan of JCW then you know who I am taking about.
This is a wrestler who has the creative guts to do almost anything in the ring as far as character development goes. So why isn't he more well known?

I have no idea.
I happen to think he's a decent pure wrestler and would be an interesting addition to the X-Division. TNA needs to grab him up if they haven't already.
Since I have only seen his stuff in JCW and ROH ,I am thinking TNA still needs to grab him up.

That's the view from my seat and I've said it.

Resistance is futile.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Favorite Old School wrestlers of all time

1 Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon

2 Bret Hart

3 Curt Hennig aka Mr. Perfect

4 "Macho Man" Randy Savage

5 Dean Malenko

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smackdown Results 9/25/09 "Highlights"

John Morrison/Finlay vs Mike Knox/Dolph Ziggler. Morrison got the win

Slam Master J vs Kane. Kane won

Big Show vs Batista. Batista won because of a DQ

JTG vs David Hart Smith. Smith won

CM Punk vs Undertaker. Punk won because of a count out

We love CM Punk, but it's time for him to stop reminding us about how straight edge he is. It's getting tired. Much like the way he's looking as of late with that hair.

Slam Master J needs to dress like a human being and drop the street ego. It's just silly.

Batista needs to just quit already and do something else. I hear golf is fun for old guys.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 24 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 25 2009

Had to hunt it down on the internet again this morning.

We open with a mugging. Retarded.

Then onto World Elite. I really dig the new look Eric Young has going right now. Spiffy very spiffy.
It's good to see him having a proper spotlight.
Eric Young/Kurt Angle vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Bashir was on mic for this match, and I gotta tell ya, Bashir did a wicked job. Let's have Bashir commentate more often.
Evil Druid Matt Morgan got the win.

Suicide vs Pope in a street fight. Blah. As far as I am concerned that is already 3 strikes in this match. Why do you insist on having street fights? There's no talent needed for one of those . Suicide won.

Rhino vs Devon. Double Count out

I haven't shown love to the editing crew in a while. You did a wicked job on the ppv flashback. Once again it was edited in a sensible quick way without alot of extra goop. You get a cookie. Don't worry mom baked them this week their good shortbread with cherries.

A.J. Styles being the Heavy Weight Champ. The crowd chanting "you deserve it" for once I can not argue with the live audience. This is a big show of respect and admitting talent from the creative team/heads of the company. And it's about frealing time!

Daniels vs Homicide vs Samoa Joe in a three way. Hey that's Vince Russo at ringside in the red isn't it? And an evil clown face on Homicide's pants. Someone been reading Stephen King
Joe won keeping his title.

Holliday vs Lashley. When did Holliday become a jobber?

Foley/Abyss vs Booker/Steiner for the titles. Foley turned on Abyss. Blood everywhere. Dude, I hope someone changes the mat every show. Can you guys wash it like laundry or do you have to buy new ones?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Damn, remind me never to leave any open jars around them, Alex Shelley pouring it back in the jug, they do have off putting theme music now that you mention it, and did my ears hear right did Foley tell Chris Sabin to get a hair cut?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The day the WWE died

I hate the WWE. I try and watch and I patiently wait for the turnaround. I've been waiting since WWE purchased WCW. So 8 years later I'm turning on the WWE. It's been fun but I'm through with you. I'm not going to watch anymore. I'm an old school WCW fan from back in the day. While WCW and WWE were competing wrestling was at it's peak. WWE was even great back then. Now it's at it's lowest low. No competition. TNA isn't competition yet but it's far superior. They still have a lot of work to do but at least they're trying. WWE stopped trying. Therefor, I have officially stopped watching.


Former WWE fan, Dan.

From Ring Side : Sept 24 2009

Our latest poll was asking about your thoughts on the recent decision to give TNA Knock Outs a set of Tag Team belts.
The results are in at a whopping 60% for NO.

And most, if not all of us here at Blind Tag Blog agree.
The addition of tag team belts would have been much better used in the X-Division.

I understand you are trying to make your women's division stand out from the other companies at the moment, trying to give it some heat, but are tag team belts the way to go?

Now granted you have set the plate high with two women who are fairly talented in their workings, and Canadian too I might add, but unless you really import some more female wrestlers like you have in the last few weeks who have been trained in Mexico/Japan well anywhere outside of the Untied States actually, unless you bring in a lot of outside talent you will be tarnishing an already questionable set of belts.

That's the view from ours seats and I've said it.

Resistance is futile

Monday, September 21, 2009

Smackdown for Sept 18 2009

It's just a bit of a highlight reel for this week.
The staff had some issues with who was going to cover it. I caught the replay today and here's what I have to say about it.

Teddy Long coming out with about 8 security guards afraid of Undertaker was funny. Seeing him stop and hold the hands of the two closest and "stop and look while crossing the street" of the parking lot was just priceless.

John Morrison vs Mike Knox. Morrison kicked butt.

Melina vs McCool. Do we really care about the Divas?

What is with the McMannon threatening Teddy Long storyline? Lameass if I have ever seen it.

Cryme Tyme vs the Harts. Harts win.

Jericho vs Batista. Batista won.

Smackdown is ruined for me now, I hate Batista. He can't wrestle worth cow manure .

Resistance is futile

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 17 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 18 2009

Why are you so late with it?

Well, because iTunes Canada did not have it ready for download until after supper time. And I could not find it anywhere on the internet, I spent half the day hunting youtube and youtube wanna be sites and there was not one single place that had it online. Everyone deserted me this morning. Anyway....

I normally put them at the end and give them their own half of the post but.....

The MotorCityMachine Guns! took over the announce team once again! Listening to Alex Shelley is music to my ears. Only way he would sound sexier is if he was reading scenes from a Jane Austen novel. Alex Shelley made fun of that damned teen vampire movie. Well, good to know that they know that vampires do not sparkle. (have I said today yet how much I love these boys)Dude a million and one vampire movies on the planet and you picked that one to talk about? Chris Sabin's hair was actually looking good again this week, it's the headset, doesn't make it look so....flat.

I am still waiting for someone to snag me that wicked trenchcoat of the Pope. Anyone else think that Holy Trent Acid from JCW did that gimmick ten times better? Pope had a match against Suicide. The crowd started to chant MotorCity. Pope won this match.

The World Elite. Always a great promo from this group, and I see Brutus Magnus was doing his Backstreet Boy impression again. (why yes, you make a fabulous Nick Carter)
Bashir and Kyotshi (someone email me on how to spell his name please) went against Hernandez in a handicap match. Hernandez got the win.

Cody Deaner in a ..... dude this is retarded.

Rhino's promo was very good. And the TNA crowd does not need to be lead through a chant like the other company's fans, TNA fans are sort of smart enough to come up with their own right there on the spot.

Foley vs Nash....Abyss came to the ring with the barbwire bat.

Roode/Brother Ray vs Brutus/Steiner.
Brutus won.

Samoa Joe vs the evil druid Matt Morgan. It was a DQ.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Raw Results for Sept 14 2009

Since we got a few comments asking where the review this week was.....

Show was in Toronto Canada.
Batista came out in an armbrace, He was always a crap wrestler anyway, so he quit.
Moving on to something of interest.... wait this is Raw there is nothing of interest....
Randy Orton was sexy as always, he needs to just stand there and look good, stop giving him the mic.
Damn, Batista was faking it, he's just jumping shows to Smackdown.

Trish Stratus hosted as a brunette none the less. A woman only changes her hair back to it's normal colour for two reasons, 1) Career change, 2)Pregnant.
She was way too skinny, so must be a new career.

Match 1 * Kofi Kingston/Primo vs Jack Swagger/Miz. I couldn't watch this. Miz looks like my ex boyfriend and I just wanted to punch the tv.
Swagger won.

Match 2* Divas match. Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox.
Fox won.
Just when did Gail Kim become a jobber anyway?

Match 3* Ted Debiasi vs HBK.
DQ because of Rhodes

Match 4* Hornswaggle/Evan Bourne vs Chavo/Carlito.
Hornswaggle got the win

Match 5* Trish Stratus/MVP vs Jericho/Beth Pheniox.
DQ because of Big Show.
Mark Henry came out and turned it into a 6 man tag.
Trish got the pin for the win.

Match6* Orton vs Batista.
Batista won as it is his last match on Raw.

The best part of the show was the commercial for the new movie ZombieLand.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blind Tag Video Episode 4

This wraps up Season 1 of our video reviews.
As always we would love to hear from you.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Women's Division September 2009

With the fan sites buzzing over the rumours about Angelina Love, I thought it was time for some attention again for the women's divisions.

There has been a lot of fresh talent coming into TNA's Knock Out division as of late. This has lead to the forming of a tag team division in the Knock Outs.
Many of us find this not a good use of new belts.
But the increase of Lucha Libre trained and Japanese style wrestlers in the women's division has added some much needed fresh blood to an otherwise dead division.

I don't know why they brought Roxxi back? Don't get me wrong she's a strong wrestler, but if they are going in a new direction with the high flyer style, she's very out of place with her hardcore ways.

I know another of the staff here (Ardeth Blood) mentioned in the weekly TNA reviews that having Cody Deaner in the Knock Outs is retarded, and I agree. It's just mocking the women's division. I have no idea what they are trying to do with him in there.

Resistance is futile

Smackdown results 9/11/09

We opened with the Undertaker wearing too much self tanner. What happened to the pale look?
CM Punk came out to rebuff, seems he got his roots touched up. I think Punk is right on with his promos, breaking down the barriers of reality of the wrestling world.

Match #1 Finlay vs Mike Knox in a Belfest Brawl. This is just a basic street fight with a nicer name. I like Knox, like the psychology theme. He just needs a haircut and shave. Anyone else feel wwe has the ugliest front row? Trash cans, tables and steel chairs, how boring.
Knox had two near falls but Finlay got the win.

David Hart Smith came out with a lovely intro for a set up to have Kane beat up Khali.

Match #2 Big Show/Jericho vs Cryme Tyme. Why the hell do we need to see JTG dry humping the ropes? Pull you damn pants up. Jericho got the pin

Match#3 Charlie Haas vs John Morrison. Can we say Clinic? Beautiful arm submission by Haas early on. Haas is a great tech wrestler why on earth is he just a jobber? Morriosn won.
So when is he going to start singing ?

Match #4 Melina vs Layla.
Layla is so slow in the ring she throws the timing off for her opponient, makes them look bad in matches. Layla won by having outside interference.

Match #5 CM Punk vs Matt Hardy.
Hardy used submission moves for most of it. Punk turned it around with a submission of his own. This match dragged on for my taste. So not a Hardy fan. He slapped a figure four leg lock on Punk and the two of them rolled around on the mat for a few minutes each having the worse end of the lock before Punk broke out of it.
Punk won with his anaconda vice.

So I watched this at mom's, (so without Mom there would be no review at all) mostly with the sound down, which is good considering I hate listening to JR's voice. They really need to toss Matt Hardy out of the damn place, let him have a behind the scenes desk job or something cause he's old and boring.

Blind Tag Video Episode 3

Back again with part 3 of our video reviews. This one was shot with what was listed as "night light" but it turned out a little gritty. Scheduling issues kept us from re-shooting so deal.
As always comments are desired so tell us what you think.

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 10 2009 (MMG version volume 2)

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 11 2009

I used screen captures again for this post.

iTunes Canada had it ready for download this morning. So I suppose I love them again.

I thought that maybe I didn't get the whole show or something as the usual opening credits were not there and a match was underway. I was wrong. They started the first match of the night early. (come on we all know they are taped ahead of time so it's better so say they jumped in then started early.) 8 man tag. Team 3D, Beer Money Inc, The British Invasion, Steiner/Booker. Brutus Magnus got the win over Steiner (yay cool)

The A.J. Styles and evil druid Matt Morgan's promo was very cool. Long but cool.

Bring your kids to work day? Um... er... I guess they just wanted some air time too? And finally dropping the "doctor" act to let Stevie Richards be a wrestler... I like that idea. So he went up against Abyss for his own bounty.... how does that work? Well it doesn't matter cause Abyss won.

The World Elite it! Eric Young is perfect in the role of "leader" and brings across just enough spite to make it believable.
When they called out Hernandez and got Hector instead, nice twist.
Homicide going Heel. Didn't see that coming.

What's going on with the Suicide/Pope angle? Why do I feel like I was tossed into a Batman comic? And talking of the Pope he went against Jay Lethal, who came out in the bad moomoo but without Creed.... Lethal got roped then fell on his skull hard. Pope got this match.

Cody Deaner says cougars love him.... he's talking jungle cats at the zoo right? Cause this cougar is so running in the other direction. He went up against one of the women...this is just retarded. Put Deaner into the frealing X-Division already and drop this crap.

AJ Styles/Daniels vs Angle/Samoa Joe. With a little help from the evil druid Matt Morgan, Styles gets the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! They came out and took over, sort of. Nice. You know me I can't get enough of those two boys (yes I know I need wrestlers anonymous yeah yeah) and on the extra plus side, the headset made Chris Sabin's hair look good. (you get a carrot muffin... I didn't bake any cookies this week) Alex Shelley had a great barb at the Pope, beauty of a line. (I knew I liked these boys for a reason) We asked it on the other blog (if you are reading this on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings. If you are reading this on Blind Tag Blog then it was on here.) if the MMG play the TNA Impact game and if so do they use their own characters, well I see Shelley was not. But he was having a chocolate bar, so at lest he's eating something. (if you read my rant while back about Shelley you understand )

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blind Tag Video Episode 2

Yes we're back with the second installment of the video reviews. You will notice some red writing at the bottom of the screen midway through. I screwed up on a wrestlers name and found the proper way to say it, which is written in red.
And if you have been following my posts on my main blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings you will get the rest of what I am talking about on here. Let us know what you think just email (subject it "vid") .....Now on with the show.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blind Tag Video Episode 1

Yes we thought we would give video a try. Here is episode 1 of the dvd reviews. Let us know what you think (label it Blind Tag Vid)

And I have to say I look hot as a cartoon!

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 3 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 4 2009

I had to go hunting again for it this morning.

It seems we opened the show with one of the qualifying matches for the up coming ppv. Rhino vs Sting. The announce team was saying Rhino demanded this chance, the match looked more like a jobber match then anything else. Sting won. Rhino pulled out two after match gores. So he's going Heel, where is this leading?

Eric Young, why on earth would you want to live the "american dream" ? You're Canadian.

Daniels....a grown man in nail his promo was bang on though.

Doug Williams vs Suicide. I love that the X-Division was spotlighted this week in these qualifying matches. Glad to see the X-Division getting the push it deserves. This was a really good match. Yes I have said hundreds of times I don't like the "suicide gimmick" so unmask him already and let the wrestler under it just wrestle. The Pope came down to the ring to disrupt the match. Williams got the pin.
He then went on to the second round against AJ Styles. I loved the fact they were taking these qualifying rounds serious enough to not have outside gimmicks going on, and let the wrestlers actually wrestle. Styles won this round.

Hey another TNA WISH LIST addition VAMPIRO bring VAMPIRO in to the show.
I'll have to do another full wish list. I think it would be fabulous if he came to TNA

JB being the smart one in the conversation.... when that happen?

Homicide vs Hernadez in a qualifying match. This was a nice match, quick with Hernadez winning.
Hernadez went on to the second round vs Sting. The win went to Sting via a dq. Okay I spoke too soon on the no run ins and riots. Eric Young and World Elite ran in for a beat down. Styles, and Beer Money Inc came in for a small rescue.

Whoever uploaded this to the internet had a bunch of those little web interviews.....I hate those.

AJ Styles promo...that outfit, you on your way to a disco?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin had a qualifying match vs A.J. Styles. Alex Shelley was on the mic. There is no sound sweeter. (Sabin came to the ring in the bad Kiss concert pants, and Shelley had ripped jeans. I swear I have ranted about the pants before) and that is about as far as I was able to pay attention, I was distracted by Alex Shelley and was laughing. Have I mentioned today how much I adore him. Sabin was looking very much like he was going to rock the roof off the place (I was watching More Bad News Heavy Metal Nightmare the other day.) with a beauty of a counter for the Styles Clash. The second one got him. Damn it. It was so good to see Sabin in a match like this though, reminds me of the stuff from the first year the show was on air. As always Chris and Alex were Fabulous.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Game Room

Hey folks.
Have you heard that TNA has issued a new set of trading cards?
Well, they have so head on over to the official TNA website and look under their shop section.

Resistance is futile