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Friday, September 25, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 24 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 25 2009

Had to hunt it down on the internet again this morning.

We open with a mugging. Retarded.

Then onto World Elite. I really dig the new look Eric Young has going right now. Spiffy very spiffy.
It's good to see him having a proper spotlight.
Eric Young/Kurt Angle vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Bashir was on mic for this match, and I gotta tell ya, Bashir did a wicked job. Let's have Bashir commentate more often.
Evil Druid Matt Morgan got the win.

Suicide vs Pope in a street fight. Blah. As far as I am concerned that is already 3 strikes in this match. Why do you insist on having street fights? There's no talent needed for one of those . Suicide won.

Rhino vs Devon. Double Count out

I haven't shown love to the editing crew in a while. You did a wicked job on the ppv flashback. Once again it was edited in a sensible quick way without alot of extra goop. You get a cookie. Don't worry mom baked them this week their good shortbread with cherries.

A.J. Styles being the Heavy Weight Champ. The crowd chanting "you deserve it" for once I can not argue with the live audience. This is a big show of respect and admitting talent from the creative team/heads of the company. And it's about frealing time!

Daniels vs Homicide vs Samoa Joe in a three way. Hey that's Vince Russo at ringside in the red isn't it? And an evil clown face on Homicide's pants. Someone been reading Stephen King
Joe won keeping his title.

Holliday vs Lashley. When did Holliday become a jobber?

Foley/Abyss vs Booker/Steiner for the titles. Foley turned on Abyss. Blood everywhere. Dude, I hope someone changes the mat every show. Can you guys wash it like laundry or do you have to buy new ones?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Damn, remind me never to leave any open jars around them, Alex Shelley pouring it back in the jug, they do have off putting theme music now that you mention it, and did my ears hear right did Foley tell Chris Sabin to get a hair cut?


  1. Missed tna this week. Sounds like a decent show.

  2. It was. Their heading into a new season next month and alot of storylines are being wrapped up for the next few months.
    Two counts of blood shed this week too. Devon in the first hour, Abyss in the second.

  3. Did you see Scott Hall and the ICP guys at ringside a week or two ago?

  4. I think it was for the full show. I didn't notice until later on in the show though so I'm not completely sure.

  5. Just watched it from iTunes Canada. My bad, it was Shelley that Foley told to get a hair cut.
    And my very wishful thinking that it had been Sabin.