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Friday, September 11, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Sept 10 2009 (MMG version volume 2)

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Sept 11 2009

I used screen captures again for this post.

iTunes Canada had it ready for download this morning. So I suppose I love them again.

I thought that maybe I didn't get the whole show or something as the usual opening credits were not there and a match was underway. I was wrong. They started the first match of the night early. (come on we all know they are taped ahead of time so it's better so say they jumped in then started early.) 8 man tag. Team 3D, Beer Money Inc, The British Invasion, Steiner/Booker. Brutus Magnus got the win over Steiner (yay cool)

The A.J. Styles and evil druid Matt Morgan's promo was very cool. Long but cool.

Bring your kids to work day? Um... er... I guess they just wanted some air time too? And finally dropping the "doctor" act to let Stevie Richards be a wrestler... I like that idea. So he went up against Abyss for his own bounty.... how does that work? Well it doesn't matter cause Abyss won.

The World Elite it! Eric Young is perfect in the role of "leader" and brings across just enough spite to make it believable.
When they called out Hernandez and got Hector instead, nice twist.
Homicide going Heel. Didn't see that coming.

What's going on with the Suicide/Pope angle? Why do I feel like I was tossed into a Batman comic? And talking of the Pope he went against Jay Lethal, who came out in the bad moomoo but without Creed.... Lethal got roped then fell on his skull hard. Pope got this match.

Cody Deaner says cougars love him.... he's talking jungle cats at the zoo right? Cause this cougar is so running in the other direction. He went up against one of the women...this is just retarded. Put Deaner into the frealing X-Division already and drop this crap.

AJ Styles/Daniels vs Angle/Samoa Joe. With a little help from the evil druid Matt Morgan, Styles gets the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! They came out and took over, sort of. Nice. You know me I can't get enough of those two boys (yes I know I need wrestlers anonymous yeah yeah) and on the extra plus side, the headset made Chris Sabin's hair look good. (you get a carrot muffin... I didn't bake any cookies this week) Alex Shelley had a great barb at the Pope, beauty of a line. (I knew I liked these boys for a reason) We asked it on the other blog (if you are reading this on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings. If you are reading this on Blind Tag Blog then it was on here.) if the MMG play the TNA Impact game and if so do they use their own characters, well I see Shelley was not. But he was having a chocolate bar, so at lest he's eating something. (if you read my rant while back about Shelley you understand )


  1. M.C.M.G.M.

    Motor City Machine Guns Mark

  2. Yeah and what you going to do about Mr. NWO? At lest the MMG love me.

  3. You didn't see Homicide turning heel? Come on. I think it was pretty obvious.

    And yeah what's with starting all ready more than half way into a match at the beginning of the show. That's bogus!

  4. No I did not see Homicide turning, as Homicide was reported as leaving the company within the next month.

  5. The machine guns love you? hold on a minute!!