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Monday, September 21, 2009

Smackdown for Sept 18 2009

It's just a bit of a highlight reel for this week.
The staff had some issues with who was going to cover it. I caught the replay today and here's what I have to say about it.

Teddy Long coming out with about 8 security guards afraid of Undertaker was funny. Seeing him stop and hold the hands of the two closest and "stop and look while crossing the street" of the parking lot was just priceless.

John Morrison vs Mike Knox. Morrison kicked butt.

Melina vs McCool. Do we really care about the Divas?

What is with the McMannon threatening Teddy Long storyline? Lameass if I have ever seen it.

Cryme Tyme vs the Harts. Harts win.

Jericho vs Batista. Batista won.

Smackdown is ruined for me now, I hate Batista. He can't wrestle worth cow manure .

Resistance is futile


  1. I had nothing better to watch than Raw tonight... and I still skipped it..... Listening to music instead and read. WWE sucks hard. Tna 4 life!

  2. Mr. Remain, have you read my latest post on Mr. Shelley?

  3. the hair stuff? nah, almost as lame as raw that is! HAHA

  4. You have a fabulous track record of confusing me.