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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Women's Division September 2009

With the fan sites buzzing over the rumours about Angelina Love, I thought it was time for some attention again for the women's divisions.

There has been a lot of fresh talent coming into TNA's Knock Out division as of late. This has lead to the forming of a tag team division in the Knock Outs.
Many of us find this not a good use of new belts.
But the increase of Lucha Libre trained and Japanese style wrestlers in the women's division has added some much needed fresh blood to an otherwise dead division.

I don't know why they brought Roxxi back? Don't get me wrong she's a strong wrestler, but if they are going in a new direction with the high flyer style, she's very out of place with her hardcore ways.

I know another of the staff here (Ardeth Blood) mentioned in the weekly TNA reviews that having Cody Deaner in the Knock Outs is retarded, and I agree. It's just mocking the women's division. I have no idea what they are trying to do with him in there.

Resistance is futile


  1. What are the rumors about Angelina Love...? You teased us with it.

  2. 1) That her Visa has not been valid the whole time she worked with TNA.
    2) That she is headed to WWE again.