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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ecw and Raw highlights for the week of Nov 23-25 2009

Originally posted by WWEGIRL on her blog


Again this is just who beat up who and who won more indepth stuff will start up on this Tuesday sorry for the long delay.

Yoshi Tatsu def. William Regal

ECW Champion Christian’s challenge

Shelton Benjamin def. Zack Ryder

RAW for Monday Nov 23rd

This won't have the same zip mine usually do just scores hopefully be back to better reviews next week.

WWE Champion John Cena and Sheamus signed title match contract

Raw’s special guest host next week will be Verne Troyer

Sheamus def. Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, MVP, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

Legacy def. Cryme Tyme

Kane confronted Batista

DX def. The Hart Dynasty; Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show will defend their titles against DX at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs

Divas Champion Melina, Mickie James & Kelly Kelly def. Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Layla & Jillian

Primo attacked by The Viper; Randy Orton def. Evan Bourne

DX being sued by Hornswoggle

Mark Henry, MVP & R-Truth def. Jack Swagger, Chris Masters & Chavo Guerrero

WWE Champion John Cena def. CM Punk

Sheamus def. Finlay

Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler

Smackdown Results :11/27/09

WWEGIRL's kids were sick this week, so she asked me to cover the show.

We opened with Chris Jericho talking about next month's ppv -TLC

The first match was Cryme Tyme vs Hart Dynasty. Tyson Kid and JTG started. JTG got a flying elbow on Kid, just as Smith tagged in. He used an evil looking backbreaking on JTG then simply stomped on his stomach. Kid tagged back in, keeping JTG in their corner with a series of rapid kicks and got a near fall. Smith tagged back in with his trade mark standing vertical suplex, also getting a near fall. Kid back in with another series of forearms before JTG turned it around using a double kick to the gut. Both Smith and Shad tagged themselves in. Shad used a closeline off the second rope to get a near fall, but Smith managed to get the win with a simple sidewalk slam.

CM Punk then came out to the ring for his match with Luke Gallos (formerly Festus) where upon he downplayed the new dvd being released this week of Jeff Hardy.
He had the second match of the night against Matt Hardy. The start of this was all Hardy as he used multi punches, getting Punk in the corner. Punk somehow countered getting a near fall before working on Hardy's arm. Hardy went for a gore but slammed himself into the ring post as Punk spring boarded off the top rope landing, being caught in mid air by Hardy for a side effect. Luke Gallos interupted making this a Double DQ.

Third match was Kane vs Batista. Kane went for a choke slam but Batista countered and pulled Kane out of the ring. Once they were back in, Kane had Batista cornered then used a hiptoss sending him across the ring before landing a dropkick for a near fall. Kane used an armbar on Batista but, it once again was countered. The next few minutes went back and forth like this. Batista used a closeline then a modifed sleeper, but Kane broke out and got a choke hold in place. Batista kicked him, then continued to work on Kane's knee for the next few minutes applying a half crab. kane managed to break out using both a classic forearm then a boot to the face for yet another near fall. Batista speared him. Using the top rope Kane landed a flying close line before both men went outside the ring and Kane got counted out.
Batista is now the number one contender for Undertaker's belt at the ppv.

Next up was Escobar vs John Morrison. Escobar slapped an armbar/wristlock on Morrion, shoving him into the post. Morrison used a double drop kick on Escobar sending him out of the ring, then a mule kick before a wicked moonsault where upon Morrison landed outside the ring on his feet. Vickie interfered giving Escobar the chance to use a baseball slide for a near fall. He then used a bear hug. Morrison turned it around with a corkscrew kick followed by starship pain for the win.

Final match of the night was Undertaker vs Jericho in a non-title match. This was all Undertaker for the first few minutes. As he worked on Jericho's arm before knocking him out of the ring. Once back in, he slammed Jericho into the post before kicking him on the ring apron. Undertaker then used his trademark leg drop across Jericho's throat. Jericho managed to get a spring board dropkick on him turning it in his favour then slammed Undertaker into the stairs. Jericho got him back in the ring and used a choke. But Undertaker turned it back once more in his favour with a simple forearm. Jericho then tried to use a sleeper getting a near fall. Undertaker countered with a suplex once again taking control. Batista interfered causing a DQ for Jericho.


Friday, November 27, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 26th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Nov 27th 2009

I used screen capture for this post

Oh iTunes Canada had it available this morning when I woke up. Nice. Impact and coffee.

Why the freal was Hogan the voice over during opening credits? That man turns my stomach.

Right you American's had your Thanksgiving yesterday. Hence the turkey theme. So this was called Championship Series, which used to be called the Turkey Bowl. I liked the Turkey Bowl title better.
Round One had Lashley vs Abyss. Still not a Lashley fan so routing for Abyss. Now isn't Abyss like 6'8 or something? and Lashley jumped over him...while the crowd chanted "He's the monster". Then a large boot to Lashley's face. Nice. Taz's breakdown on the mic about the mindset of each wrestler going into a series of matches like this was good, that's the kind of stuff I like to hear from the announcers. Lashley kept trying to knock Abyss down, but didn't seem to be able to get his footing. Abyss slapped a bearhug on him before Lashley got a drop toe hold on him which caused Abyss to fall neck first on the ropes. Is he okay? Lashley slapped a dragonsleeper on Abyss for the win.

Next up was Suicide vs Wolfe. You know where my money is in this one. And the screams in the crowd back me up on this one. Wolfe's hot what you want me to say. Wolfe started with a beauty of an arm bar which he turned into a stomped hand. He then turned it into a armbared suplex (underhook for those keeping score) Suicide did manage to get a hiptoss in there for a second. Wolfe then got a running back elbow on Suicide before continuing to work on the left arm of Suicide. Suicide pulled out a rollthrew and a slingshot leg drop, but Wolfe got the tower of london for the win.

Next was the Pope vs Kurt Angle. I see I need to wait little longer for someone to snag me that wicked trenchcoat. This started off very evenly matched, Angle slammed Pope to the mat, Pope got a deep armdrag on Angle, then Angle got the boot up to kick Pope in the face, and Pope countered with another deep armdrag. Pope got a few nicely timed kicks to the chest of Angle taking him down again. Angle did slap a beauty of a suplex on Pope turning the match around. He got 2 more suplexes on Pope before Pope was able to counter with one of his own. Nice. Pope then had this move that I have no term for, a running rope lift that turned into an elbow right on Kurt Angle's chest. Beauty. But Angle managed to get the Angleslam on him for the win.

Next up Homicide vs Robert Roode. Homicide went for a cheap shot before the bell. He had a series of forearms to the skull of Roode, but Roode managed to turn it around. Homicide then got the match outside of the ring, using a simple rake to the back getting once again in his favour. Once they got back into the ring, Homicide used his knees to the spine of Roode to get some advantages, before using a vicious looking claw to the neck area. Roode used a backbreaker to get things in is direction once more, they then had about five attempts each on their finishing moves each being countered before Roode got a spinebuster on him for the win.

Eric Young's promo was bang on as always. waves my maple leaves over here. take that any way you want to it works on many levels.

Round Two Wolfe vs Lashley. Wolfe started off with what was going to look like a full nelson, but Lashley was jut too thick for him to lock it in. Lashley then locked one on Wolfe, until Wolfe got his leg on the ropes for the break. Wolfe's arm locks were of no use against Lashley, infact it was turned around and used on him. Wolfe out smarted him at one point pushing Lashley into the ropes and then elbowing him in the face. Wolfe was bleeding from the mouth at one point but he had managed to get Lashley in a headlock wristlock combo for a few seconds keeping him on the mat. Then pulled Lashley to the ropes where upon he kicked the ropes reverberating off Lashley's neck. Lashley then speared him in the corner and balanced him on his shoulder for a nasty drop. Lashley then attempted his dragonsleeper on Wolfe, but Wolfe grabbed the ropes for a break. Wolfe had a beauty of a move where he was inside the ring, with Lashley under the bottom rope and just lurched him back in a low wristlock - too bad it got him disqualified. Lashley advances.

Next Roode vs Angle. Angle started it off with a headlock. Which if anyone is keeping score, seems to be Angle's mode as of late. Roode did get a heavy elbow on him knocking him to the mat for a second. This then became a slug fest for a few moments. Roode then got a hangman on Angle. Roode was extremely impressive with a series of knee drops and an over shoulder roll before getting tossed to the floor. Angle took it back to the ring and slapped a suplex on Roode. Angle kept it a mat match with a body scissors, then a headlock. Somehow Roode managed to get to the ropes and land a nicely timed springboard neck snap. Roode did get a near fall with a spinebuster. Angle had a near fall with his Angleslam, but Roode somehow kicked out. Wolfe then came down to the ring and spit on Angle. Nice move. Angle then got counted out. Roode advances. Beauty.

A.J. Styles and Daniels promo was a little long this week. I know we're getting the set up for the feud, but dude, cut the speeches in half.

Final Match Roode vs Lashley. I'm cheering Roode on this not just cause he's Canadian but cause I'd like to see him advance. This became a mat match with what was looking like a submission move by Lashley but Roode used the ropes for a break. This then became a game of leapfrog before Lashley went for another power move. Roode countered with a beauty of an armbar snap. This gave Roode a near fall but Lashley kicked out. Roode continued to work on the arm of Lashley for the next few minutes. Both men managed to get near falls before Lashley used a spear for the win.

Lashley now is in the running for Styles' belt. That sucks.

This was one of the better shows I have seen in the last month. Strong matches, not alot of extra crap, and only one real complaint. Where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to wish everyone celebrating Thanksgiving a glorious day with those near and dear to your heart.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Survivor Series Sunday November 22, 2009

Survivor Series was an incredible show to watch. First up was Team Miz versus Team Morrison. Unfortunately for Team Morrison Team Miz was very much on top of their game. Team Miz won with Sheamus, The Miz, and Drew McIntyre standing tall. Winner: Team Miz

Evan Bourne def. Dolph Ziggler by pinfall
Drew McIntyre def. Evan Bourne by pinfall
Sheamus def. Finlay by pinfall
John Morrison def. Jack Swagger by pinfall
The Miz def. Shelton Benjamin by pinfall
Drew McIntyre def. Matt Hardy by pinfall
Sheamus def. John Morrison by pinfall
Next up was Smackdown's Batista battling Rey Mysterio. Batista went nuts on Mysterio. Delivering three power bombs to end the match and then a last on on a steel chair. Mysterio was carried out of the match on a stretcher with a neck brace on. Winner: Batista

Next was Team Kingston versus Team Orton which proved to be an insane match with lots of anger towards Orton. In the end Kofi reigned supreme and was able to knock out Orton for the pinfall. Winner: Team Kingston
Randy Orton def.>Mark Henry by pinfall
CM Punk def. R-Truth by pinfall
Christian def. Ted DiBiase by pinfall
MVP def. William Regal by pinfall
Cody Rhodes def. MVP by pinfall
ECW Champion Christian def. Cody Rhodes by pinfall
Randy Orton def. ECW Champion Christian by pinfall
Kofi Kingston def. CM Punk by pinfall
Kofi Kingston def. Randy Orton by pinfall

Next up was the Undertaker versus Chris Jericho versus Big Show. Talk about an insane match watching the tag team go after each other once they spent countless amounts of time beating on the Undertaker. In the end the Undertaker would take home his title again. Winner: Undertaker.

Next was the Team Mickie James versus Team Michelle McCool. Mickie James team proved to be pretty successful in the end with Melina delivering all sorts of pain to Michelle McCool. Winner: Team Mickie James

Kelly Kelly def. Layla by pinfall
Michelle McCool def. Gail Kim by pinfall
Eve defeated Gillian Hall by pinfall
Beth Pheonix def. Eve by pinfall
Beth Pheonix def. Kelly Kelly by pinfall
Mickie def. Beth Phoenix by pinfall
Mickie James def. Alicia by pinfall
Melina def. Michelle McCool by pinfall The Last Match of the Night
John Cena versus Triple H versus Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels started out giving Triple H some sweet chin music. Which knocked Triple H out of the ring. Then he went after Cena which proved to be an interesting match. When Triple H came to he gave Shawn Michaels a pedigree on the announcers table. They went back and forth. In the end Triple H had been given about four sweet chin musics and Cena had gotten one. The winner was John Cena able to capitolize on the last sweet chin music delivered to Triple H.

Smackdown Results November 20, 2009

with my son sick it was hard to have the more informative posts like normal so this will be matches and scores I'm hopping he will be better soon to do a more detailed thread.

Drew McIntyre versus Finlay
Winner: Drew McIntyre

Mickie James versus Layla
Winner: Mickie James

John Morrison versus Dolph Ziggler
Winner: John Morrison (title match)

Tyson Kidd versus Rey Mysterio
Winner: Tyson Kidd

Matt Hardy versus Batista
Winner: Batista

Undertaker and Kane versus Big Show and Chris Jericho
Winner: No Contest

Friday, November 20, 2009

From Ring Side : Nov 20 2009

Hey there folks.

So as your senior ref let me first say to VK we are all very sorry for your loss and keep you in our thoughts during this time, specially so close to the holidays.

I'm off on a new job full time, so I'll be around even less. The presses might even stop for awhile.

Resistance is futile.

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 19th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Nov 20th 2009

Once again I am hours late with this as it was not ready for download on iTunes Canada till late evening.

And we open with yet another new set of opening credits, you won't notice really, other then the single shots of a few of the wrestlers were replaced with shots of Wolfe. I noticed. And coming off Turning Point ppv. Mick Foley and Abyss came out to the ring together, Foley having a patch over his left eye from last week when Raven threw the fireball at him. Then out came Raven to answer Foley's challenge.
Did Abyss used to be a furniture mover cause he seems to like redecorating what was up with that?
Raven/Stevie vs Abyss/Foley, only Foley was locked in his office by the desk Abyss put there. Abyss didn't wait for the bell, instead knocked both their skulls together on the ramp. Stevie got slammed face first into the steps, as Abyss gave rapid fists to Raven before Raven did his trademark Russian Leg Sweep into the guard rail. They finally got into the ring and the bell was set to start the match. They double teamed Abyss for most of this now handicapped match. Abyss turned it around with a series of closed fists to both men, before landing a ShockTreatment on Stevie. Raven though got the match thrown out with a planted lighter on Abyss. Then Raven Evenflowed DDTed Abyss outside the ring after the match was over.

A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle promo was typical, and a nice way to set up the feud between them in the next while.
Styles/Angle vs Wolfe/Daniels. Angle and Daniels started it off. Angle got a headlock on Daniels before tossing him to the mat, but Daniels got the legs around Kurt's neck which went back and forth like that for the next few minutes. Each countering and using the same two moves. Daniels then went for forearms over the neck of Angle. Styles then tagged in. Then Daniels blind tagged in Wolfe. It looked like Styles had the upper hand with an lowdragging arm bar, but Wolfe countered it slamming Styles over on his hip. Styles managed to get a drop kick on him then a back breaker. Angle then tagged in. Wolfe got a sweet kick to the face on Angle before Daniels tagged back in. Daniels then worked on the shoulder. Wolfe tagged back in, landing a clean wrist lock suplex combo. Daniels tagged back in, but was served a belly to belly suplex. Both men tagged in. Styles delivered a lovely sidesweeping backbreaker but Wolfe used a Tower of London for a near fall. Daniels then blind tagged himself in and got the pin with a BME on Styles.

Steiner vs Amazing Red. what? huh? how does that make sense. And Don West was wearing a mic for this... okay And they spent more time on Don West then they did with the camera on the ring. Then Red got stuck in the corner while Steiner delivered chops before using a massive hip toss. Red turned it around for a moment with a few quick kicks. Steiner got it back around with a large press. Then Steiner grabbed a pipe and the ref called a dq. uh duh

Nash and Eric Young's promo was good, but what's brewing here?

It was the return of ODB's Trash Talk with Homicide. Then we had the return of Tomko. Nice.

A.J. Styles talking about Hulk .... bored now.

Foley got beat down by Raven and Stevie in the hallway. Typical.

Team 3D/Rhino vs Pope/Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid in a street fight. Brother Ray got a large closeline on Hernandez knocking him down in the middle of the ring but Hernandez turned it around with a suicide dive knocking everyone outside of the ring down. The Pope then brought in weapons. Morgan got Devon cornered with a trashcan on him and used his rapid elbows. Then got a near fall. Meanwhile on the top turnbuckle, Hernandez had a large belly splash on Rhino. Our evil druid then got the tables. But Brother Ray rolled off just as Morgan slammed himself through it. Hernandez then double closedlined 3D before ripping his own shirt off. Then got a near fall on Rhino before the ref was pulled out of the ring as Jessie Neil ran in with a better looking hair do then he used to have hitting them with a chair giving Rhino the win.
Jessie Neil needs to keep his tongue ring inside his mouth (I don't like piercings) Hardcore and Extreme... I sense a flashback to the old ECW days coming, maybe the rumours are true after all?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in new pants... hummm... they teamed with Beer Money Inc against World Elite in an 8 man tag. Eric Young was on mic for this. James Storm and Kyoshi started it off. This was all Storm as he got a beauty of a hip toss on Kyoshi before going for a near fall. Chris Sabin tagged in for a second before tagging in Alex Shelley. They did a double team move on Kyoshi. Bashir kicked Shelley from outside the ropes, causing a distraction. This let Kyoshi get a hard kick to Shelley's face. his poor nose Bashir then tagged in, getting a near fall on Shelley, then another tag in by Kyoshi with a slam to Shelley's ribs. Shelley got a neck slam on Kyoshi into the second turnbuckle. Both Sabin tagged in as did Brutus giving Sabin a chance to do a beauty of a leg sweep and kick. Sabin, who is part monkey, then used a springboard closeline to knock down Brutus. The rest of World Elite then jumped into the ring causing chaos. Beer Money Inc crotched Bashir on the outside of the ring pole. Meanwhile back in the ring, Sabin got a drop kick on Doug Williams sending him flying outside. Meanwhile back on the ramp Beer Money Inc double suplexed Kyoshi. Sabin and Brutus were the legal men in the ring, and Sabin was landing some beauty of a set of punches to Brutus in the corner. Then Mr .Useless sorry Big Rob Terry jumped into the ring out of nowhere to disrupt things, only he got kicked to the skull by Sabin, just before the Guns! did a double kick on Brutus. Shelley landed one of his killer frogsplashes (love when he does that) on Brutus and got the pin. Alex Shelley was then sitting in the corner holding his ribs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ECW--Tuesday November 17th, 2009

Originally Posted on WWE Girl

My Results for ECW.

The show began with Eva and Zack Ryder coming out to challenge Shelton Benjamin to a match.

Tonight on ECW was a match between Hurricane versus Paul Burchill. If Hurricane lost he would be unmasked forever if he won the Burchills would leave ECW. The match proved to be almost at a level that people would pay for pay per view but by the end the one victorious was the Hurricane. Will we ever learn who our masked hero is?

Then we say CM Punk, who was at ECW for a match with William Regal to take on R-Truth and Christian.

Lance Archer fought a local and destroyed him Getting the victory.

Next is the tag team match. To which Christian and R-truth proved to be very powerful and worked well together. The team of CM Punk and Regal proved to be very dominate in this match. The winner of this match is CM Punk and William Regal.

My Raw Results--Monday November 17, 2009

My Raw Results
Originally posted on my blog WWE Girl

My Raw Results Monday November 17, 2009--Tonight Raw came from Madison Square Garden New York. The guest host for this event was Roddy Piper. We open up looking at Piper's Pit, and how he's back and in the pit. He was seen talking to Luis Guzman. Listing of movies he's been in. From there Piper wanted to bring out the Iron Chef Bobby Flay instead we see the Iron Sheik. Who talks about what a legend he was. Then they announce in a Saturday Night Live type Tonight we have live Monday Night Raw.

Where they cut into new music by Nickelback. Not a bad song, don't know that I would've used it for Raw but it sort of works. I think it will take viewers a bit to adjust to. To where the announcers talk about the tag team match tonight, between Big Show, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Undertaker and DX will perform.

The first match was for the United States Championship. The Miz comes out talking about champions and mentions the New York Yankees. And that they didn't earn the title. That they bought it. The crowd starts cheering Let's go Yankees. And he claims he's so important and how he earned his title. He is in a match tonight. The Miz versus MVP. The bell is rung, Miz is quick to dominate MVP. Not giving him much of a chance to recover. MVP finally able to get a upper hand until Miz crawled out the of the ring, which MVP was quick to drag him back in. Miz is dominating MVP. The Miz quick to put a submission hold on MVP doesn't keep him down. He's quick to add some pain to The Miz. The Miz is in trouble. The Miz able to counter with a skull crushing finale. The Miz regains his title.

Tonight will be the Women's Championship. Melina versus Alicia Fox.

Next they show Chavo Guerrero in the ring waiting to fight Santino. Who hasn't been seen in a fight in quite some time. Chavo waits while Santion takes off his many jerseys' of various New York teams endin g with The New York Yankees. Almost upsetting the crowd with a shirt that The Phillies. Chavo begins the match quick to destroy Santino. As Chavo gets on the top rope to jump on Santino, Santino keeps rolling away. And in comes Hornswaggle in DX gear to distract Chavo. To which Santino was able to get a pinfall on Chavo. Santino basks in his glory.

Next out comes Degeneration X. The audience is explosive with DX glowsticks. You can barely even hear their theme song it is so loud with the audience. Triple H talks about how this is the biggest arena in the world Madison Square Garden. Shawn promotes their books. And he threw the book out the audience. Caught by a member of the view. They start talking about their match on Sunday. Triple H living up his not to smart approach. Then they move on Hornswaggle. They talk about how Hornswagle is wearing things he didn't pay for. They called Hornswaggle out by offering him a membership to DX, maybe? Hornswaggle is heading out and jumping around the ring. Triple H tellls him to calm down and stop it. Triple H pedigrees Hornswaggle. They pull out their little stretcher board and collect Hornswaggle.

They recapped their history with Madison Square Garden. Kane was first uncovered in Madison Square Garden. Showing new and older wrestlers, like ones who are no longer with the company. It was a very cool tribute. And again they recap on the tag team match later tonight. Then they go to Piper who's being talked to by Jericho. Jericho is quick to insult Piper, but in reality Piper looks like he could care less. He brings out Chris Masters to talk to Chris Jericho and do his chest dance.

Next up is the Diva's championship. The ring anouncer is Judah Free Lander. He is apparently a big fan of WWE. Melina makes her way down the the ring. Now Alicia Fox is making her way out to the ring. He announced that the match will be a Diva's Championship lumberjack match. All the Divas circle the ring. Alicia Fox looks less than thrilled. Alicia gets sent out of the ring and is quick to get back in. Melina gets knocked out and Raw Diva's try to get her back in quickly. As Smackdown Divas are quick to beat on her. Melina is quick to dominate the match.. Alicia Fox trys to best the Diva Champion. Melina pins Alicia Fox to which Michelle McCool and company start beating up the other Divas. Team Mickie was able to send the other team running away.

Up next with be Rowdy Roddy Piper in the ring. WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper. He talks about how everytime he goes to the garden he gets a standing ovation. He talks about his career how he was not so nice. He talks about all the people who have been in Madison Square Garden. What he wants now is a match with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He calls out McMahon who picks on how age hasn't sat well with Piper. Piper challenges McMahon to a match. McMahon claims he's retired from wrestling. McMahon calls Piper Father Time.

Next week will be Raw Thanksgiving a 3 hour event with special guest host Jesse Ventura. Should be an interesting show to say the least.

Coming out to the ring now is Sheamus, who now has under his belt destroying Jamie Noble's wrestling career. He comes out and challenges anyone to take him on, if they are brave enough. When no one comes out he goes to give the mic back but gets in an altercation with a announcer person inflicting unknown pain on him. When he's questioned by Lawler as to his actions he kicks Lawler in the skull before leaving. Medics attend to Lawler and the announcer, who are taken out back. And a substitute announcer is brought out to cover for Lawler.

Sheamus has proven he's a total and complete Heal if there ever was one. All he has in his corner is blood shed.

Next they recap what happened before hand. Matt Striker from Smackdown helps Michael Cole with the rest of the show, as the King is out back getting medical attention. Next they recap all the matches going into Survivor Series. Which should prove to be a very interesting pay-per-view.

Next up is Evan Bourne versus Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger looking for retribution from last weeks match against Evan Bourne. Jack Swagger quick to dominate the match. Putting a submission hold on Evan Bourne. Evan Bourne trying his best to beat down the All American American. Swagger wins the match with a gutwrenching power bomb.

Up next is Pipper to battle McMahon. even McMahon claimed he retired. Will he show up? Instead he gets Randy Orton. Orton stares down Piper. He wants to put Piper down. Orton begins the assault on Piper. He misses being able to kick him as Kofi Kingston comes out to unleash alot of pain on Orton. Orton tries to leave and Kingston isn't having any of it. Kingston ends up fighting with Orton all over the arena. Kingston proving he's far from afraid of Orton or Legacy. Orton able to cause some pain to Kingston. Orton getting ready for a kick to the head which Kingston quickly uses it to attack Orton. This attack has proved to be insane to say the least. Kingston causes world of hurt to Orton.

Next up is the tag team match. In the match it is three men in the ring at a time. There was alot of tagging in of various partners, not always to the pleasure of the other partner. In the end the Champions won, then Undertaker turned on Cena and gave him a tombstone.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eddie Guerrero 11/14/2009

Today marks the anniversary of the Death of Eddie Guerrero. While his death marked a sad one his presence can still be felt today. When all you have to do is tune into Raw to his his nephew or tune into Smackdown to see his wife. As many of us at blind tag know the pain of death is a sad one we are pleased that he lives on in so many ways. I myself have noticed that no one does the frog splash I often wonder if that is in memory of him that the move is rarely shown. I don't think anyone will ever forget what a great wrestler he was. So we at bling tag want to take this time to pass on our good thoughts to his loved ones and family.

Smackdown Results :11/13/09

I know I know you got all used to WWEGIRL's covering the wwe stuff, but due to unforseen issues (4 kids and a migraine headache) I am covering it this week so it won't be as pretty as what you have gotten used to. Don't worry, WWEGIRL will be back next week.

The show was in the UK this week, and opened with CM PUNK trashing the city they were in, as usual. The beard looks good on him, seems he's found the right shade of hair-dye for men.
He's got that Jesus Christ pose going (yes I said it) which fits with his message.
He had the first match against R-Truth. They started off with a shoving match, with R-Truth getting the upper hand causing Punk to go flying into the turnbuckle. Punk tried to turn it around but ended up getting thrown out of the ring. He did manage to get things going his way for a bit, with a few shoulder blocks and a hard kick to the knee of R-Truth. Punk worked on that knee for the rest of the match, using a semi-figure four, getting a near fall. This match was all Punk from that point on. R-Truth did get a few punches and a kick on Punk but Punk got the win with a sitdown rope hug.

The divas were next with Mickie James vs Natalya. Natalya started it off with a pulldown getting Mickie face first on the mat, before slapping on a vicious armbar. Mickie turned it around with a swinging neckroll, and a double drop kick to the face. Both women jumped out of the ring, with Mickie hitting the stairs. Natalya went for a near fall with her surfboard bridge. Mickie turned it around with a series of forearms to the face of Natalya. McCool and Layla came down to interfere giving Natalya the chance to slap on a classic sharpshoter for the win.

Next up was Drew McIntyre vs Finlay. Finlay started this with a good old fashioned pulling of the nose followed by an elbow to it. Then a few closelines, and chops. McIntyre did get a large kick in that tossed Finlay out of the ring. McIntyre then started to work on the upper arm of Finlay by stomping on it before using a wrist lock. The match got thrown out as a double dq

Dolph Ziggler went up against John Morrison for the Intercontinental championship. Morrison was going for a leg sweep, but Ziggler used a thumb to the eye then started to kick Morrison in the skull. Morrison turned it around with an irish whip then a standing leg scissors for a near fall. Ziggler tripped him just as he was going for a top rope move, causing Morrison to land badly. Ziggler went for a near fall with a simple roll up, before working on the stomach of Morrison. Ziggler turned this to a mat match, with a semi-bear hug in the middle of the ring, before Morrison kicked out. Morrison then went for a flying leg kick but caught himself in the corner flipping himself hard on his shoulder. Another near fall for Ziggler. Ziggler then continued to work on the neck and shoulder of Morrison. He then decided to use a waist lock version of the rear naked choke. Morrison powered out for a few minutes bringing them both back to a standing position for a series of punches. Morrison then used one of his corkscrew leg drops, but it wasn't enough. Morrison used a paylay hand stand to knock Ziggler off his feet for a near fall. Morrison had to resort to a second rope springboard to get a flying chop on Ziggler but it was only a near fall. Both men went to the top rope and fell off to land hard on the guard rail, both were counted out. Morrison was holding his throat and neck, looking as if he suffered a severe neck injury.

Beth Phonex vs Lisa Taylor in a second diva's match of the night. Phonex went straight for a choke and series of forearms to Taylor's neck keeping her down on the mat. Then picked her up and gave her a shoulder breaker before putting her in a tree of woo then slamming her on her back. Finishing her off with a grandslam. The quickest match of the night.

Chris Jericho vs Undertaker in the final match of the night. Undertaker had Jericho in the corner with a series of chops, before he tossed him back first out of the ring. Undertaker got a few more punches in before tossing him back into the ring then landed one of his leg drops on the ring apron. Jericho managed to crawl to the center of the ring before Undertaker slapped a wrist lock on him, turning it into a short arm shoulder slam. Jericho fell to the mat where upon Undertaker got a near fall. Undertaker went back to working on the shoulder of Jericho. Then climbed to the top rope, but this gave Jericho the upper hand as he turned it into a suplex. Both men were down holding their backs. Jericho then got a few forearms on Undertaker. Backing him into the corner using his legs to pin him there. Then got a double kick from the middle rope on Undertaker and a near fall. Jericho tried a choke hold, but Undertaker broke out. It looked at one point like Jericho had Undertaker dazed as they fought outside the ring. He continued to have the upperhand once they got back into the ring, not letting Undertaker get to a standing position for the next few minutes. But Undertaker did flip it around with a few punches, before another drop kick from Jericho knocked Undertaker once more to his back. They went back and forth with kicks for another few minutes before Undertaker made a running leap at Jericho in the corner. Jericho moved out of the way, causing Undertaker to tangle himself. Jericho slapped the code breaker on in the middle of the ring, for a near fall. Undertaker went for a tombstone but Jericho countered and put on the walls of Jericho, but countered with the hell's gates for the win.
The match was over, but Big Show came out to add damage, then Kane came out to even up a few or so it was then announced next week tag team main event.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Nov 12th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Nov 13th 2009

We open with Super Dave and Foley talking about him hosting the show.... um er isn't the other company doing the whole "guest host gimmick"?

Jay Lethal come close to your computer screen, closer closer stop you will get eye strain... close enough, Now please please please I am begging you please Jay Lethal stop it! You have been doing that gimmick for almost 3 years. Please just be Jay Lethal. I am begging. Please drop the gimmick.
Jay Lethal had his first Legends match vs the Anvil Neidhart. Everyone who knows me, knows that the Hart Foundation was my ultimate favourite tag team growing up, so seeing the Anvil come out to the ring caused a small yelp of joy from me. The Anvil started the match off with heavy forearms and a huge overhead toss, before Lethal turned it around with a double axehandle off the top rope. Lethal did get a near fall at one point, but the Anvil got the pin with a power slam.

Dr. Stevie vs Abyss with Foley on the mic. Abyss got 2 near falls withing the first 40 seconds. It went back and forth the whole match with each getting super quick near falls, and Stevie working on Abyss' knee. Abyss slapped a black hole slam on Stevie just as the lights went out and when they came back on, both men were down. Stevie managed to crawl over and get the pin. This saved his career in the company just after Foley finished saying Stevie was never meant to have a long term contract.
Foley then got into the ring, with a chair lights out again and RAVEN RAVEN RAVEN was in the ring. (doing my little happy dance)
Was Raven biting JB's ear? lucky JB

I have stated since the beginning I don't watch the women's matches, but I left it running while I got a coffee and heard the ending of Traci 's match and it seems she got her arm injured. I have to say, it looked slightly red but not dislocated or anything. If this was a honest break I have to say I hope she has a quick recovery. (I've had more then enough broken bones to know it's not fun)

JB was then put in charge of making an X-Division match. you know JB, if you ever want to do that full time and need someone to cover your interviews this blogger would be more then happy.... Where upon he brought half the X-Division into the office and Chris Sabin got the line of the night when he said "Touch my hand".... I am not sure I want to know where his hands were before that promo.

Speaking of promos, Wolfe's was beauty. Totally brilliant. Have I mentioned yet today that I am liking this Wolfe

Team 3D and Rhino....what the hoofers? And calling out Hernandez and Matt Morgan the evil druid...what's the plotline and where did I loose track of things? Then the Pope came out in a new suit oh does that mean someone in the X-Division snagged the spiffy trenchcoat for me and mailed it off ?

World Elite's Eric Young and British Invasion cut a spiffy promo, where once again Brutus Magnus was doing his Backstreet Boy impression. He's hot admit it so is Eric Young . Did you hear the scorch Young had to say, and you all know I agree with almost everything that has come out of Eric Young's mouth. (waves my maple leaves around wildly)
British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. in a non title match. anyone else notice how nice Roode's eyes are no just me then. Anyways, Roode and Doug Willams started off the match, with Roode tossing Williams out of the ring. There was a count of 6 before Williams got back into the ring. Storm then tagged in, using a lovely arm bar on Williams. Then Brutus had to control the third member of their team from causing a dq, there seemed to be more out of ring drama then in ring work happening in this match. When they pointed the camera back to the ring, Roode was back in and the British Invasion were double teaming him. Roode then did a double move off the top rope which I am going to call the Canadian Exchange cause it sounds cool James Storm then tagged in and used a bulldog before Beer Money Inc double teamed the British Invasion. Storm got a near fall, who's the legal men? Storm got the pin with a DWI.

Samoa Joe vs A.J. Styles in a non title match. Joe started this off by running in and out of the ring, having Styles half worn out. Nice move. Then Styles landed one of his drop kicks right in Joe's mouth. Damn. Joe then turned it back around slamming his hip into Styles' face, before slapping on an STF on Styles. Styles broke the move with a rope grab. Joe then turned to simple punches. He got a near fall after using a closeline. A.J. went for the Styles Clash but was tossed with a back body drop landing hard. Daniels then ran out and caused enough of a distraction that Joe got the rear naked choke on Styles for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! in a 6 man match. They were teamed with Amazing Red, and it had me tossed for a few cause they came out to Red's theme, wearing another strange set of bad pants. Mr. Shelley, Mr. Sabin who is your designer? (maybe if I tell you two boys I love the tights you will wear something else and if I tell you I love your hair Chris maybe you will cut it, cause nagging hasn't gotten me anywhere with you two) They went against World Elite. Homicide and Shelley started off as the two legal men in the ring, with Homicide having the advantage. The crowd is learning as they were chanting MotorCity. Bashir tagged in, slamming Alex into the turnbuckle. Shelley then got chopped in the throat is he okay he seems to be getting hurt alot as of late. Sabin ran in for a quick save kicking Kyoshi. Kyoshi then nearly ripped Shelley's ear off. Jesus freal Homicide tried to bring in the barbed wire bat but was handled by security. Bashir tagged in, double teaming Shelley, but Shelley managed to fight it out, slamming Bashir into the second turnbuckle. Amazing Red tagged in and used a series of spin kicks to even the match out some. Red then used one of his perfect DDTS before tossing himself out of the ring with a twisting corkscrew. Chris Sabin then jumped into the ring, with a few kicks to Bashir. Shelley tagged in again, going for a top rope move holding his back. Shelley used a cross body splash to get the pin.

ECW Results--Tuesday Novemeber 10, 2009

ECW Results--Tuesday Nov. 10, 2009: It began with a tribute to the Veteran's day. Tonight will be a championship match between Christian and William Regal. Tony Atlas came out to announce the Abraham Show. With a guest host of Yoshi Tatsu. Then Tony Atlas and Abraham Washington pick on the speech of English. Out comes Yoshi Tatsu. A bright new star on ECW. They seem to have a language barrier issue. Abraham told Tony Atlas to shut up. Yoshi was called to the show as an expert opinion on the show. He said William Regal is a good fighter but Christian will win the match. Abraham called Yoshi Jackie Chan and Yoshi called him Chris Tucker. They are picking on Abraham and Tony got kicked from the show.The two end up in a bowing contest. When Abraham leaves then Yoshi waves to everyone. Next they recap on the obsession with William Regal and the ECW championship title.
Paul Burchill and Katie Lea coming to the ring for a match with Paul Burchill versus Goldust. Goldust is quick to go for a cover. And to dominate the match. Paul Burchill is quick to attack back. Goldust is fighting a very good fight against Burchill holding his own. Burchill just proving his anger towards the Hurricane. Burchill is being interrupted by the Hurricane. Midway through his match with Goldust who was able to capitalize and win the match due to the distraction of the Hurricane interrupting. Will be interesting to watch the match next week between the two.

Zack Ryder is flirting Rose Mendez. He offered to let her be ring side anytime. Which breaks off to a daydream of them skipping along. Whether that happens well this is wrestling so I think NOT. Zack Ryder needs to get his head out of the clouds, and back down to reality.

Next the break to Tiffany talking to Regal. Who associates himself as a god when he has the title. She is glad they are able to have a relationship whether he is champion or not.

Up next is Vance Archer versus Jason Blackwell. No one knows much about Vance Archer other than he's intense. Archer quick to dominate the match. Just destroying his opponent. Archer wins with a pin fall.

Christian is making his way to the ring for the main event. Both men confident they will win. William Regal heading out to the ring. He told Josh there is no way he's loosing his match tonight. Out comes Christian who gets a great attention by the audience. Christian ordered this match to end this once and for all.

Both men with their eyes on the prize. Regal and Christian feeling each other out in the beginning of the match. Both men giving it everything they have in this match. Christian trying to dominate the match successfully. Regal finding it hard to get a leg up on Christian. Regal finally getting an upper hand in the match. Christian quick to retain the upper hand. Christian is not allowing any rest to Regal. A butterfly suplex delivered to Regal. Regal now regaining control. Now both men are fighting outside the ring. Pulling out all the stops knowing how big the match is. Christian fighting out of various submission holds. Regal steps on Christian. Regal keeps trying to force Christian shoulders down failing to get a pin fall. Regal tried to cheat using the ropes but the ref caught that. This match is literally a free for all who's gonna win. Both are digging down deep to get the silver belt. Christian delievered the kill switch to Regal for the pin fall to which Regal kicks out. Christian is fustrated, trying to figure out what to do to claim his belt? But still Regal is able to kick out. Christian is still fighting Regal with all he has. Both men trying to figure out how to win the match. Christian able to break the hold of the Regal Stretch. Christian was able finally to execute the kill switch and win the victory. A well earned title awaits him.

Raw Results--Monday November 9, 2009

Raw Results on Monday November 9, 2009--It opened recapping the last match from the previous week. Monday night Raw was in the United Kingdom. Randy Orton has a match later with Mark Henry. Ricky Hatton is the guest host for this episode. He is being escorted out with the Bella Twins.

Out comes The Big Show and Chris Jericho as Ricky was talking to the audience. they just told Ricky to get out of the ring or they will do something to him. Ricky reminded Big Show about when he got knocked out by boxers. He's up the to the challenge but needs a ladder instead big show got down on the ground. Chris Jericho interferes telling Big Show I'm not gonna let you get embarrassed again. Big Show starts fighting with Chris about his ego calling him Napoleon. Big Show and Chris Jericho are up for a fight against DX. He just pushed Jericho out of his face. Out comes DX before Jericho and Big Show could attack Ricky. The crowd goes crazy.

Triple H asks when they are gonna learn to leave the GM's alone they only get embarrassed by them. And that they will take care of the Huney monster and Mr. Bean. They knocked Jericho out and Big Show is facing three of them then he runs outta thing. If your not down with that two words for you.

At survivor series their will be a traditional elimination match for the Divas. Featuring 5 wrestlers from Smackdown against 5 wrestlers from Raw. Now entering the ring for a match is Kelly Kelly versus Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox kicking Kelly, and dominating the match. Melina is backstag watching the match, my guess to figure out strategy. Kelly is quick to fight her way back. Alicia Fox won the match. And next week on Monday Night Raw will be the match to determine the wwe diva championship. Between Alicia Cox and Melina.

Next they show Ricky backstage with all sorts of gear on. John cena sweat bands. DX hat. John Cena asked why he's not in a match, and Ricky said your busy enough you don't need to wrestle tonight. Cena is to enjoy the show.

At survivor series there will be a traditional elimination match Team John Morrison versus Team The Miz. Again 4 wrestlers will face off against 5 wrestlers from the opposing team. Next they recap the match Jamie Noble had with Sheamus. Jamie Noble sufered neck and shoulder injuries. Out comes the Celtic Warrior Sheamus talking about ending Jamie Nobles career. He is in a match against a local wrestler. To which he is beating down. Alot of what Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are talking about is the damage to Jamie Noble. How much he took in that one match. The winner of the match was Sheamus.

Next they show backstage the Bella Twins wondering how Ricky is doing. They brought him darts. Santino Marella appears to him in boxing gear looking at tad puffy. Then Chauvo shows up to say how good he is at darts and misses completely. And Ricky aims his dart and hits the center. Chavo starts arguing Santino and Ricky puts Chavo in a match against himself. Next they show the Miz talking to Josh Matthews about the upcoming match where Jack Swagger interrupts and the two ego's clash badly.

Evan Bourne verus Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger told the Miz after this match they are gonna wanna make him the team captain. He is quick to dominate Evan Bourne. Sending him into the ring posts. Jack Swagger reminds me of a monkey. Yelling and smacking at his chest. Even Bourne is able to start getting momentum. Which is quickly discouraged by the All American American. Next you hear The Miz coming out. The match with Evan Bourne is far from over. While Swagger is distracted, Evan Bourne was able to capitalize on the match. Evan Bourne got the victory.

Mark Henry is up next against Randy Orton. They recapped how Kyle Busch won the Raw versus Smackdown race. There will be another traditional elminiation match this one led by Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton. MVP and Mark Henry are in the VIP lounge. They introduce to the VIP lounge Kofi Kingston. Who's been recently brought out of his shell.

Interupting the show was Randy Orton and Legacy. They glare at the body guard. Who let's them in slowly. Aparently Orton isn't allowed in the lounge due to past episodes. Randy calls them all low class street thugs. Mark Henry stole last weeks win. And that MVP is the definition of comon criminal. Kofi Kingston destroyed his car. Legacy starts to pick on the VIP lounge. They claim this is where we belong. Where they belong is the hood where they came from. Kofi Kingston got eye to eye with Orton and slapped him, proving he's not afraid of Orton.

Randy Orton is one on one with Mark Henry. Orton trying to dominate the world's heaviest man. Which is proving not the easiest. Mark Henry doing his best to dominate Orton. Orton won with an RKO.

Chavo versus Ricky Hitman. Chavo keeps running out the ring not use to being punched by a boxer. Ricky won by a knock out to Chavo. He hit Chavo on the side of his head.

This Survivor Series will make the 23rd year of it. They then spend sometime recapping the Smackdown events of Survivor Series. Then the RAW matches for Survivor Series in 2 weeks. Next you see Cena talking to Hornswaggle saying how he's going over the line. And he better hide. Then DX comes in wondering where Hornswaggle is. Cena makes a joke about Twittering each other to which Triple H says they dont' even though Twittering isn't a bad thing. Now Hornswaggle is wearing John Cena merchandise. Which John Cena thinks is great. As soon as DX leaves Hornswaggle puts back on his DX gear.

Next match is DX versus Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Next weeks guest host will be Rowdy Roddy Piper, in Madison Square Garden it should prove to be a great week.

Coming out next is John Cena, the WWE champion. My guess he's out to watch the match between DX and Big Show and Chris Jericho. The announcers congratulate John Cena for a crazy iron man match a few weeks ago. Out comes DX for their match against Big Show and Jericho. John Cena wonders what kind of HBK we will see at Survivor Series. If it's the one from Wrestlemania it should be interesting. If it's DX then it will be easier for him to win. As DX will have to fight each other not just Cena.

In the match Triple H is dominating Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels is now fighting and being dominated by the Big Show. Outside by the announcers table you can hear alot of discussion with John Cena over DX and what type of fight this will be. Shawn Michaels trys to crawl to Triple H. He tags him and Triple H is quick to try to defeat Big Show. Big Show manages to spear Triple H. Chris Jericho is tapped in, and quickly begins the assault on Triple H. Shawn Michaels is going nuts watching his partner being injured by Big Show. And again a tag is made and Jericho is in the ring. What I have noticed during these matches with the Big Show is that the Big Show is used to wear down the opponent and then Jericho is tagged in only when Big Show has wounded the opponent enough that Jericho can capitalize on the injuries. Shawn Michaels tapped in laying out Jericho and sending Big Show out of the ring. HBK ducking a hit from Big Show which knocked out Jericho. Shawn Michaels able to get the pin. A huge upset to Jericho and Big Show. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

Next weeks main event match will DX versus Chris Jericho and The Big Show versus John Cena and The Undertaker. That will be a great match to see.