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Friday, November 13, 2009

ECW Results--Tuesday Novemeber 10, 2009

ECW Results--Tuesday Nov. 10, 2009: It began with a tribute to the Veteran's day. Tonight will be a championship match between Christian and William Regal. Tony Atlas came out to announce the Abraham Show. With a guest host of Yoshi Tatsu. Then Tony Atlas and Abraham Washington pick on the speech of English. Out comes Yoshi Tatsu. A bright new star on ECW. They seem to have a language barrier issue. Abraham told Tony Atlas to shut up. Yoshi was called to the show as an expert opinion on the show. He said William Regal is a good fighter but Christian will win the match. Abraham called Yoshi Jackie Chan and Yoshi called him Chris Tucker. They are picking on Abraham and Tony got kicked from the show.The two end up in a bowing contest. When Abraham leaves then Yoshi waves to everyone. Next they recap on the obsession with William Regal and the ECW championship title.
Paul Burchill and Katie Lea coming to the ring for a match with Paul Burchill versus Goldust. Goldust is quick to go for a cover. And to dominate the match. Paul Burchill is quick to attack back. Goldust is fighting a very good fight against Burchill holding his own. Burchill just proving his anger towards the Hurricane. Burchill is being interrupted by the Hurricane. Midway through his match with Goldust who was able to capitalize and win the match due to the distraction of the Hurricane interrupting. Will be interesting to watch the match next week between the two.

Zack Ryder is flirting Rose Mendez. He offered to let her be ring side anytime. Which breaks off to a daydream of them skipping along. Whether that happens well this is wrestling so I think NOT. Zack Ryder needs to get his head out of the clouds, and back down to reality.

Next the break to Tiffany talking to Regal. Who associates himself as a god when he has the title. She is glad they are able to have a relationship whether he is champion or not.

Up next is Vance Archer versus Jason Blackwell. No one knows much about Vance Archer other than he's intense. Archer quick to dominate the match. Just destroying his opponent. Archer wins with a pin fall.

Christian is making his way to the ring for the main event. Both men confident they will win. William Regal heading out to the ring. He told Josh there is no way he's loosing his match tonight. Out comes Christian who gets a great attention by the audience. Christian ordered this match to end this once and for all.

Both men with their eyes on the prize. Regal and Christian feeling each other out in the beginning of the match. Both men giving it everything they have in this match. Christian trying to dominate the match successfully. Regal finding it hard to get a leg up on Christian. Regal finally getting an upper hand in the match. Christian quick to retain the upper hand. Christian is not allowing any rest to Regal. A butterfly suplex delivered to Regal. Regal now regaining control. Now both men are fighting outside the ring. Pulling out all the stops knowing how big the match is. Christian fighting out of various submission holds. Regal steps on Christian. Regal keeps trying to force Christian shoulders down failing to get a pin fall. Regal tried to cheat using the ropes but the ref caught that. This match is literally a free for all who's gonna win. Both are digging down deep to get the silver belt. Christian delievered the kill switch to Regal for the pin fall to which Regal kicks out. Christian is fustrated, trying to figure out what to do to claim his belt? But still Regal is able to kick out. Christian is still fighting Regal with all he has. Both men trying to figure out how to win the match. Christian able to break the hold of the Regal Stretch. Christian was able finally to execute the kill switch and win the victory. A well earned title awaits him.

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