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Friday, November 13, 2009

Raw Results--Monday November 9, 2009

Raw Results on Monday November 9, 2009--It opened recapping the last match from the previous week. Monday night Raw was in the United Kingdom. Randy Orton has a match later with Mark Henry. Ricky Hatton is the guest host for this episode. He is being escorted out with the Bella Twins.

Out comes The Big Show and Chris Jericho as Ricky was talking to the audience. they just told Ricky to get out of the ring or they will do something to him. Ricky reminded Big Show about when he got knocked out by boxers. He's up the to the challenge but needs a ladder instead big show got down on the ground. Chris Jericho interferes telling Big Show I'm not gonna let you get embarrassed again. Big Show starts fighting with Chris about his ego calling him Napoleon. Big Show and Chris Jericho are up for a fight against DX. He just pushed Jericho out of his face. Out comes DX before Jericho and Big Show could attack Ricky. The crowd goes crazy.

Triple H asks when they are gonna learn to leave the GM's alone they only get embarrassed by them. And that they will take care of the Huney monster and Mr. Bean. They knocked Jericho out and Big Show is facing three of them then he runs outta thing. If your not down with that two words for you.

At survivor series their will be a traditional elimination match for the Divas. Featuring 5 wrestlers from Smackdown against 5 wrestlers from Raw. Now entering the ring for a match is Kelly Kelly versus Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox kicking Kelly, and dominating the match. Melina is backstag watching the match, my guess to figure out strategy. Kelly is quick to fight her way back. Alicia Fox won the match. And next week on Monday Night Raw will be the match to determine the wwe diva championship. Between Alicia Cox and Melina.

Next they show Ricky backstage with all sorts of gear on. John cena sweat bands. DX hat. John Cena asked why he's not in a match, and Ricky said your busy enough you don't need to wrestle tonight. Cena is to enjoy the show.

At survivor series there will be a traditional elimination match Team John Morrison versus Team The Miz. Again 4 wrestlers will face off against 5 wrestlers from the opposing team. Next they recap the match Jamie Noble had with Sheamus. Jamie Noble sufered neck and shoulder injuries. Out comes the Celtic Warrior Sheamus talking about ending Jamie Nobles career. He is in a match against a local wrestler. To which he is beating down. Alot of what Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are talking about is the damage to Jamie Noble. How much he took in that one match. The winner of the match was Sheamus.

Next they show backstage the Bella Twins wondering how Ricky is doing. They brought him darts. Santino Marella appears to him in boxing gear looking at tad puffy. Then Chauvo shows up to say how good he is at darts and misses completely. And Ricky aims his dart and hits the center. Chavo starts arguing Santino and Ricky puts Chavo in a match against himself. Next they show the Miz talking to Josh Matthews about the upcoming match where Jack Swagger interrupts and the two ego's clash badly.

Evan Bourne verus Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger told the Miz after this match they are gonna wanna make him the team captain. He is quick to dominate Evan Bourne. Sending him into the ring posts. Jack Swagger reminds me of a monkey. Yelling and smacking at his chest. Even Bourne is able to start getting momentum. Which is quickly discouraged by the All American American. Next you hear The Miz coming out. The match with Evan Bourne is far from over. While Swagger is distracted, Evan Bourne was able to capitalize on the match. Evan Bourne got the victory.

Mark Henry is up next against Randy Orton. They recapped how Kyle Busch won the Raw versus Smackdown race. There will be another traditional elminiation match this one led by Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton. MVP and Mark Henry are in the VIP lounge. They introduce to the VIP lounge Kofi Kingston. Who's been recently brought out of his shell.

Interupting the show was Randy Orton and Legacy. They glare at the body guard. Who let's them in slowly. Aparently Orton isn't allowed in the lounge due to past episodes. Randy calls them all low class street thugs. Mark Henry stole last weeks win. And that MVP is the definition of comon criminal. Kofi Kingston destroyed his car. Legacy starts to pick on the VIP lounge. They claim this is where we belong. Where they belong is the hood where they came from. Kofi Kingston got eye to eye with Orton and slapped him, proving he's not afraid of Orton.

Randy Orton is one on one with Mark Henry. Orton trying to dominate the world's heaviest man. Which is proving not the easiest. Mark Henry doing his best to dominate Orton. Orton won with an RKO.

Chavo versus Ricky Hitman. Chavo keeps running out the ring not use to being punched by a boxer. Ricky won by a knock out to Chavo. He hit Chavo on the side of his head.

This Survivor Series will make the 23rd year of it. They then spend sometime recapping the Smackdown events of Survivor Series. Then the RAW matches for Survivor Series in 2 weeks. Next you see Cena talking to Hornswaggle saying how he's going over the line. And he better hide. Then DX comes in wondering where Hornswaggle is. Cena makes a joke about Twittering each other to which Triple H says they dont' even though Twittering isn't a bad thing. Now Hornswaggle is wearing John Cena merchandise. Which John Cena thinks is great. As soon as DX leaves Hornswaggle puts back on his DX gear.

Next match is DX versus Chris Jericho and The Big Show. Next weeks guest host will be Rowdy Roddy Piper, in Madison Square Garden it should prove to be a great week.

Coming out next is John Cena, the WWE champion. My guess he's out to watch the match between DX and Big Show and Chris Jericho. The announcers congratulate John Cena for a crazy iron man match a few weeks ago. Out comes DX for their match against Big Show and Jericho. John Cena wonders what kind of HBK we will see at Survivor Series. If it's the one from Wrestlemania it should be interesting. If it's DX then it will be easier for him to win. As DX will have to fight each other not just Cena.

In the match Triple H is dominating Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels is now fighting and being dominated by the Big Show. Outside by the announcers table you can hear alot of discussion with John Cena over DX and what type of fight this will be. Shawn Michaels trys to crawl to Triple H. He tags him and Triple H is quick to try to defeat Big Show. Big Show manages to spear Triple H. Chris Jericho is tapped in, and quickly begins the assault on Triple H. Shawn Michaels is going nuts watching his partner being injured by Big Show. And again a tag is made and Jericho is in the ring. What I have noticed during these matches with the Big Show is that the Big Show is used to wear down the opponent and then Jericho is tagged in only when Big Show has wounded the opponent enough that Jericho can capitalize on the injuries. Shawn Michaels tapped in laying out Jericho and sending Big Show out of the ring. HBK ducking a hit from Big Show which knocked out Jericho. Shawn Michaels able to get the pin. A huge upset to Jericho and Big Show. Be interesting to see how this plays out.

Next weeks main event match will DX versus Chris Jericho and The Big Show versus John Cena and The Undertaker. That will be a great match to see.

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