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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 29th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 30th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it at a good time today. Lovely

We start with crap. Why the frealing hoofers do we need a damned recap every week? I don't. And I'm sure the editing crew have better things to do, like create a new opening... Oh my god I'm scared now. Lethal I love you to death but put some pants on... and the crowd chanted "fire Bubba" I agree completely.
Then Eric Young (Mr. Yummy in my world) got the 5 minute beat down from Nash and his guys.

Doug Williams/Brian Kendrick vs Kaz/Moore. I would have liked to have seen Kaz and Williams in a singles match or on the same team. Kendrick looks like he's wearing a diaper. Moore started by pulling Williams into the ring and putting him face first into the corner. Followed it with a kick and a series of punches. Kaz then tagged in and they used a double team move on Williams. Kaz followed up with a scoop slam and a sling shot leg drop. He went for a pin but only got a two count. Williams then pulled the leg out from under him, getting enough time to tag in Kendrick. Kaz gave him two deep arm drags, before whipping him hard into the far turnbuckle. Kaz then used his swinging double drop kick. Kendrick then pulled the ref in the way, which gave Williams a chance to run in and cheat. Williams then tagged in, where upon he used a hard knee to the face of Kaz following it by a scissors stomp. I've seen better scissors stomps this was a little on the clumsy side Kendrick tagged back in, and started to work on the neck of Kaz. Kaz managed to fight out, then both went for a running shoulder block and both went down to the mat. Both Williams and Moore tagged in. Moore went wild with a series of drop kicks and a spin kick on Williams before using a hurricanrana. He got a near fall but Kendrick broke up the pin. Kaz came in and they double teamed Kendrick then turned their attention back to Williams. Then it looks like Williams blindtagged Kendrick in and Moore got the pin on kendrick.

Pope came out ... now before the commercial he was in his gear - I'm still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag me that wicked trenchcoat- then when he came to the ring right after commercial he was in his street clothes... Editing team didn't I tell you that you had more important things to do No cookies No cakes and No dinner for you who's checking the continuity
Then suddenly we were watching a piece from the Blair Witch Project... oh my bad it's the return of Samoa Joe ... sort of.
Then Orlando Jordan did some creepy Cirque du Soleil thing that just made me scared.

Knock Outs match first blood between Daffney and Tara.... don't care but Tara won

Jeff Jarrett vs A.J. Styles. They start with a collar tie up, Styles tossing Jarrett across the ring. Another collar tie up with Styles locking on a side headlock, then turning it into a armbar swinging around into another side headlock-snapmare. Styles went for another armbar but Jarrett countered. Styles went off the ropes then used an armdrag-hiptoss on Jarrett. Once more with the side headlock into a running shoulder block from Styles, then Jarrett tripped up Styles before giving him an arm toss. He used a series of upper cuts on Styles before an inverted atomic drop. He then tossed Styles over the top rope. Back in the ring, Styles attacked with a double axehandle, and went for a flying headbutt in the corner but missed. Jarrett turned the match in his favour with a kick to the back of the skull knocking Styles to the mat. Styles then countered with a kneebreaker. Which he followed with the figure four leg lock. Jarrett broke the hold and slapped one of his own on Styles. Some issues outside the ring for a few minutes. Back in the ring, Styles had a modified choke hold on Jarrett. He broke out of it and went for a sunset flip, but Styles managed to stop it in midmove. Styles used a high knee drop then continued to work on the neck of Jarrett. He had Jarrett in the corner, face first in the top turnbuckle, a chop to the chest, snapmare and back to working on the neck in the modified choke hold. Jarrett broke the hold and sent Styles flying in what looked like a 7 foot high back body drop. Needless to say, Styles came down hard on the mat. He followed up with a series of running clotheslines and and a back drop suplex. Jarrett then used a double underhook but it only got him a near fall. Jarrett was going for a top rope move, but Styles caught him in midair, turning it into a flip. Styles then used his trademark flying forearm but it only got him a two count. Styles was setting up for the styles clash but it got reversed into a flapjack. The ref got knocked out of the ring, and Styles was sent into the ringpost face first. Jarrett then used his trademark Stroke off the second rope. Styles put the styles clash on him and the ref was brought back in giving Styles the win. You could see the blood pouring from Styles' hand from where he hit the post few minutes before. Blood everywhere... You so can not tell me he didn't break that hand

Oh my god the return of Jay Lethal! He went against Beer Money Inc in a handicap match.
Roode jumped in and started it off, but Lethal ducked, giving him a few punches before Storm ran in hitting him from behind. They double teamed him for the next little bit, before tossing him in a massive back body drop hard. Lethal then rolled out of the ring, but Roode followed and started right back in with a series of punches. He got thrown hard into the steel steps shoulder first. They used a double team suplex, and it looked like Lethal was starting to turn the match around when he got another double team move slapped on him. But somehow Lethal got Roode in a small package for the win.

Wolfe vs Pope. Now the Pope is in his gear. Wolfe barely waited for the bell before blind siding Pope with a forearm to the neck. Wolfe then put him in a modified necktie slamming him back onto the mat. Pope countered it by rolling him over, into a chicken-wing. They then went against the ropes, with Wolfe using a back elbow to break the hold before using an upper cut staggering Pope. Wolfe used what looked like a figure four but not really, pushing on the one knee of Pope, but Pope was able to roll him over reversing it. Wolfe then sent Pope face first into the top two turnbuckles then began to work on the left shoulder of Pope. Wolfe spent way too much time showing off. Pope managed to fight back with a series of axehandles, an inverted atomic drop and a flying shoulder block. Wolfe was going for his corner to corner move but Pope slid out of the way, giving him an open hand palm thrust. Wolfe then used a steel chain for a cheap shot and got the pin.

The final match of the night was a steel cage with Eric Young teaming with two guys I don't care for vs Nash and his guys. ....

Okay, people I read the spoiler sheets from another fan site this week, and this show did not match up with anything. The spoiler sheet had a MMG/Team 3D match which I am guessing was used for a web show or was the dark match or something cause It was Not on my iTunes download. Not too mention everything is out of order compared to the spoiler sheet's list of matches. Again, I have to ask who's job is it to check the continuity?

Next week special start time 8pm Est

Monday Night Raw

Originally posted on my site

Monday Night Raw 3/29/2010
Is it me or is Monday Night Raw loosing it's edge? I found myself bored at times. The matches seem the same. Cena came out talking about his title win. Which brought out Batista who conveniently wants his rematch. Which ended up bring out Swagger who won the money in the bank match and almost cashed it in but thought twice.

There was a match between Batista and Jack Swagger versus John Cena and Randy Orton. Was nothing amazing about this match. Orton dominated the match for the win.

Brett Hart came out to thank everyone for the run he's had recently. From there Big Show and The Miz came out running their mouth to which the Hart Dynasty came out. The Hart Dynasty won via count out. As Big Show and The Miz ranaway. Very typical of them.

Shawn Michaels bid the WWE farewell, thanking so many as he had been there for 16 years. What is in store next for the Heartbreak Kid no one really knows.

There was a Diva match as there usually is one. Eve, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim defeated Divas Champion Maryse, Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Layla, Alicia Fox & Vickie Guerrero.

Christian defeated Ted DiBiase in a Legends Lumberjack Match. Which looked really lame all the old timers from the wrestling industry.

Triple H was attacked by Sheamus, big surprise there. Sheamus needs to go back to uggville.

As for the guest GM end it now. It is not helping the show. In fact I would have to say it's crippling the company.

Our First Award

BlindTag was given this award from a fellow blogger.

Thank you so much.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Smackdown 3/26/2010

Match #1 Raw vs Smackdown money in the bank 10 man tag. Kane/Dolph Ziggler/Matt Hardy/Shelton Benjamin/Drew McIntyre vs Christian/MVP/Jack Swagger/Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston. This is chaos. Ziggler and Kofi started it off with a collar tie up. Kofi slipped around Ziggler with what was looking like a reversed bear hug but Ziggler countered. Kofi then slapped on a side headlock but Ziggler broke the move. Ziggler then off the ropes with a shoulder block that knocked down Kofi. Kofi went for a cover but everyone else jumped into the ring breaking up the hold. Hardy and Swagger tagged in. Hardy used a running bulldog but only got a near fall. Benjamin tagged in, using a kick on Swagger then tossed him into the corner. Swagger fought back with a series of punching. Swagger then used a belly to belly suplex getting the upper hand. Swagger was going for another suplex but Benjamin fought out with a hard elbow then a spinning heel kick. Evan Bourne blindtagged himself in with a quick kick to the thighs of Benjamin following it with a drop kick. Christian tagged in. This was good as they were able to wear down Benjamin. Christian used an armbar working on the shoulder, but Benjamin some how got out of the hold. Christian followed this with a quick kick to the stomach pushing him into the corner and tagging in MVP. He used a flying shoulder block to knock down Benjamin. Another quick tag to Bourne who went to the top rope for his airbourne but McIntyre shook the top rope, Bourne stumbled but managed to land a kick to McIntyre before he fell. This let Benjamin enough time to recop and grab Bourne tossing him across the ring. He then got Bourne in a submission move in the middle of the ring. Kane tagged in landing a heavy boot to Bourne's chest. Kane just toyed with him for a few minutes before a large scoop slam. Hardy tagged back in with another scoop slam on Bourne. Only a two count. Ziggler tagged back in, got a two count. Ziggler went with a large elbow then tagged Hardy back in. Another quick tag back to Ziggler who just brutalized Bourne. Christian tagged in with large forearms to Ziggler then to the top rope for a flying drop kick. Ziggler then took out the knee of Christian, who then countered with a sea-saw on the second rope. Then everyone else ran in and chaos. Christian had Ziggler in the corner where McIntyre blindtagged himself in. McIntyre used a DDT for the win.

Match #2 Diva's match. Beth Phoenix vs Vickie. This is Vickie's first ever match. Which became a 5 on 1 handi cap match. The Diva's locker room emptied for this match. Layla started againt Beth and was just over powered with a slam to the corner. Layla got one elbow in before getting slammed. Beth then pulled everyone into the ring tossing everyone into each other and using double clotheslines. Vickie tagged in and got the pin.

Match #3 R-Truth vs Big Show. BS used a few chops then tossed him across the ring before stepping on Truth's throat. He then slammed Truth hard in the middle of the ring. Another hard chop, followed by a toss into the ring post. BS used a headbutt knocking him to the mat. Truth did get a kick in, before BS used an over head toss almost shifting the ring. BS went to the second rope for a flying elbow but missed. Morrison ran into the ring and they double teamed him, having the match thrown out.

This was a short show, so to speak. Only three matches, but the rest was all recaps and shots of fans at the pre-wrestlmaina events.

Given Vickie has been in the business for over a decade, I was expecting a lot more out of her match. I thought that we would finally see her do something with the knowledge she's gathered from her famous wrestling family. But sadly she did not. I really really hope Vickie was paid a lot for that tights pull down. That takes a brave confident woman to be put through that on television.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 22 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 25 2010

iTunes Canada was 3 days late this week. It did not seem to be on Spike Tv official website all week either.

We open with some massive retardedness (that even a word?) Bishoff playing guitar. I'm not big on musicians. Once you've dated four or five watching a man play guitar losses its flavour. Bishoff, I do not want to know a frealing thing about you shut up. Was there camera issues on the show this week? Cause my download is hic-upping.

Knock Out tag match.... I don't care

And then I just fast forwarded till I saw Tomko in the ring. He went up against Rob Terry for the Global belt. Tomko did not wait for the bell, just slapped a large forearm up against his temple. Followed it with a running shoulder block that did nothing. Terry answered with a hard short clothesline of his own knocking Tomko down. Tomko then was tossed from one corner to the other, but managed to get an elbow up making Terry stumble. Terry countered with a hard slam press then followed that with a spinning kick. He then used a choke slam for the win. When the hell did Tomko end up being the jobber of the week?

What's with all the flashbacks? Dude, my memory might be bad, but it's not that bad that I need you to recap what happened fifteen minutes ago. Stop it! Editing crew no more cookies for you.

Does JB look out of sorts to anyone else? Loose the suit it makes you look ... uncomfortable in your own skin. I liked the old JB.

Jeff Jarrett vs Mick Foley with a looser is fired match. Beer Money Inc as the double special refs. Storm stayed in the ring while Roode was outside. We started with a collar tie up, turned into a side headlock on Jarrett, with Foley then going off the ropes landing a clothesline on him. Jarrett down. Another side headlock on Foley, he countered and pushed Jarrett into the ropes, landing a back elbow on his jaw as he came off them. Jarrett down. Foley only got a two count. Jarrett used a sunset flip but Foley countered with a simple clap of the knees breaking the hold. Foley used a backslide for a near fall, following it up with a series of hard right hands before tangling Jarrett up in the ropes for a modified clutch. Foley then was going for the double armed DDT, but Jarrett broke out of it, going for his Stroke, Foley countered. Alot of back and forth in this match so far. We then went outside the ring with Foley slamming Jarrett face first into the guardrails. Up the ramp and Jarrett used a few upper cuts getting the match turned around. Jarrett then suplexed Foley on the ramp. Back in the ring and it's all Jarrett with a series of hard punches. Roode is the inring ref now. Jarrett went for a cover but only got a near fall. Jarrett then used a DDT on Foley but it was only a two count again. Foley somehow managed to turn it back around into his favour with the double armed DDT this time, but it was only a two count as Jarrett used the ropes for a break. Foley then used the sock and a rear naked choke but Jarrett got out. A steel chair was brought in, and Jarrett used the Stroke on the chair for the win.

Did I hear right ? Moving the company forward? No you're not. You've moved it about twenty paces backwards. You say you listen to the fans, but you're not. I've been telling you for months what I think, and I'm just screaming into the darkness aren't I?

Matt Morgan the evil druid vs Hernandez. Morgan came down to the ring with both tag team belts in his hands, and Hernandez slammed him from behind knocking him to the ramp. They made their way to the ring by Hernandez punching Morgan the whole time. He tossed Morgan into the ring . Dude what was the look in Hernandez's eyes? He then knocked him out of the ring with a running shoulder block. It was one brutal attack, slamming Morgan face first into the ring apron then the stairs before using an upper cut and a double sledge handle. Back in the ring now, and Hernandez used the t-shirt toss sending Morgan the full length of the ring. Morgan finally turned it into his favour by tossing Hernandez out of the ring. Hernandez then dragged Morgan out of the ring, going for a slam against the ring post but Morgan ducked sending Hernandez into it. Morgan then used the carbon footprint against him smashing him into the ringpost. The match was called and medics were brought out. At this point I have to say, that it was reported on another fan site that Hernandez suffered what looks to be a career ending injury.

Beer Money Inc had a match against two guys I don't care about so... sorry about your damned luck.

The whole staff at hope that Hernandez recovers quickly.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raw: 3/22/2010

Match #1 Miz vs John Morrison. They started with a collar tie up, Morrison turning it into an armbar, getting Miz down on the mat in a submission move. Miz countered with a slap to the face. Morrison then kicked him out of the ring. Morrison then moonsaulted outside of the ring onto Miz. Back in the ring, Miz had a modified choke hold on Morrision, working on Morrison's now injured neck. Morrison went for a roll up but got only a two count. Miz went back to another choke hold. Morrison fought back with a series of forearms slamming Miz into the corner before using a flapjack on Miz. Miz was then going for a clothesline but Morrison slid out from under him to the ring apron. Miz was going for a suplex off the ropes but Morrison turned it into a sunset flip, then used his starship pain for the win.

Match #2 Kofi Kingston vs Vladimir Kozlov . Kofi started with a few kicks to Kozlov, but Kozlov swept his legs out from under him. Kofi used the top rope for a neckbreaker before continuing with a series of forearms. Kozlov countered with a simple double palm thrust knocking Kofi to the mat. Kozlov followed it with a belly to belly overhead, but only getting a two count. Kozlov just tossed Kofi around the ring, using backbreakers and headbutts to the lower back. Kofi somehow pulled off a DDT and his trouble in paradise for the win.

Match #3 Legacy/Sheamus vs Orton/Triple H. Rhodes and Triple H started it off. Triple H used a kick and punch combo sending him to the mat. Triple H then used another series of punches getting Rhodes in the corner before whipping him to the far corner for a running clothesline. He went for a second one but Rhodes got the knees up then tagged in DiBiase. Who was greeted by a running clothesline. Triple H started to work on his shoulder with an armbar, but DiBiase turned it around with a few kicks. Triple H then used a jawbreaker before giving Sheamus a cheap shot who was on the ring apron. DiBiase countered with a drop kick. Sheamus from outside the ring then pulled Triple H out and slammed him into the rails then tagged in. He used a series of stomps on Triple H, getting him down in the corner. Triple H battled back with a series of punches. Sheamus got a little intense then with his double arm salut causing Orton to have to turn away while he tried to control his laughter from the apron. DiBiase then blindtagged himself in working on Triple H in the corner. Rhodes tagged himself in with a stomp to Triple H. Triple H managed to get a spine buster on him, before tagging in Orton. Sheamus tagged in as well and was greeted by a large scoop slam from Orton. Orton then pulled DiBiase into the ring and served Rhodes a vicious looking back elbow. He then started his shapeshifting before giving Sheamus a backbreaker. He spotted Rhodes on the apron going for a sneak attack, grabbing him for a DDT but was kicked by Sheamus. Sheamus got the win.

Match # 4 HBK vs Kane. HBK started with a series of chops, but Kane got the boot up. HBK in the corner, being stomped on. Kane followed this with a snapmare and a low drop kick. Only a two count. Kane then used a vertical suplex but only got a near fall. He then went for a submission move following it with a clothesline in the corner. HBK turned it around with some more chops but walked into a sidewalk slam. Only a two count. HBK slapped a crossbar on Kane but Kane broke it with the ropes. HBK went for an ankle lock, the two rolling around on the mat. HBK used an inverted atomic drop on him, causing Kane to stumble. HBK used his trademark top rope elbow then the Undertaker came out and then Kane was standing there (lights out Undertaker lights out again Kane) HBK used his superkick for the win. Well that sucked.

Match #5 Diva tag. Eve, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix vs Maryse/Layla and McCool. with every other Diva at ring side. McCool and Gail Kim started it off, McCool with a kick to the midsection. She followed it with an armbar but Gail Kim countered with one of her own. Gail Kim then went hurling herself into McCool in the corner. She used a bulldog-clothesline but only got a two count. McCool used her face plant for the win. You are not reading wrong, no one else got into the match at all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Smackdown 3/19/2010

I should right off tell the Canadian readers, that The Score (which is our sports provider here) will be shuffling WWE programming around this week. Please check your local listings. Hopefully it will not mess us up too badly.

We opened with Rey Mysterio addressing the issue from last week.

Match #1 MVP/Matt Hardy vs Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler. Hardy and Ziggler started it off with a collar tie up, which lead to a armbar by Ziggler. Hardy countered with one of his own, but Ziggler broke the hold getting a series of elbows from Hardy for his trouble. Swagger blindtagged himself in, only to get a punch to the face. He managed to get Hardy in the corner with a series of forearms to the spine before dropping him on the mat. Swagger then used a submission move on Hardy in the middle of the ring. Hardy broke out and used a side Russian leg sweep tagging in MVP. Ziggler also tagged in. MVP used an overhead throw followed by short clotheslines on Ziggler setting up for his ballin. Swagger ran into the ring only to be met with a spear from Hardy taking them both out of the ring. This gave Ziggler a chance to use his trademark ZigZag on MVP for the win.

Match #2 McCool/Layla vs Beth Phoenix/Tiffany. Beth and Layla started it off. Layla went right for Beth's legs, trying to take her down but it was countered with an airplane. Beth then knocked her down with a clothesline. Tiffany tagged in, with a series of elbows. Followed by a suplex. It only got her a two count. Layla kicked her sending her out of the ring onto the apron. Tiffany used the top rope for a jawbreaker, just as McCool ran at her knocking her down. Layla then rolled her back into the ring but only got a near fall. McCool tagged in, using a European headlock and a series of knees to the face. Beth tagged in sending McCool into the ropes then using her vertical suplex before using the glamslam for the win.

Match #3 Hart Dynasty vs John Morrison/R-Truth. Smith and Truth started. Smith going at him with a kick, but Truth battled back with a series of punches. Morrison tagged in, they used a double team move on Smith. Smith countered with a belly to belly overhead suplex. Kidd tagged in, stomping on Morrison in the corner. He followed it up with a snapmare and sitdown dropkick but only got a two count. Truth tagged in with his corkscrew for the win.

Match #4 Rey Mysterio vs Luke Gallows. Mysterio started with a series of kicks and forearms on Gallows. But he quickly turned it around whipping Mysterio into the corner. Mysterio turned it around again, with another series of kicks. Gallows used an upper cut knocking Mysterio down, but Mysterio managed to lock a headscissors on him sending Gallows into the ropes. Gallows then used a spinning backbreaker sending Mysterio to the floor. Back in the ring, Gallows used a bear hug before dropping Mysterio into the corner. Gallows went for a high risk move, but it was blocked. Mysterio slammed him with a flying cross body, but Gallows countered with a back slash for a near fall. Two kicks to Gallows face followed by a bulldog and springboard off the top rope, but only a near fall. Mysterio landed a 619 but Serria pushed Mysterio off the ropes letting Gallows get the pin.

Match #5 Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre. Drew slid out of the ring but the Undertaker followed serving up a hard right hand before knocking Drew into the ring apron. He then slammed him in the corner, kicking Drew in the face. Drew got a scoop slam but only a near fall. Undertaker then cornered him with a series of punches causing the ponytail of Drew to come undone. Yes please keep your gross hair in front of your face you look much better that way. Undertaker then used his leg drop and a choke slam, but Drew would not stay down and a tombstone piledriver was needed for the pin.

GNW to Thunder Bay

Hey Thunder Bay fans.

There will be alive wrestling event at the Fort William Gardens on May 15th 2010

Tickets go on sale this Monday March 22

This event is a Great North Wrestling (GNW) event and at this point (remember everything is subject to change) Vampiro will be headlining along with Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner.

Resistance is futile

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 15th 2010

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on March 16th 2010

I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada had it at a decent time this week.

I still hate the opening credits. You have one shot of the MMG and it's in the uber speed, which you can only see on iTunes with pause. No cookies for the editing team. None.

We open with A.J. Styles.... now you're just doing the bad earrings to bug the snot out of me.
Why the freal is that painted waste of flesh on my screen? Yes I am the only wrestling fan on the planet who frealing hates that painted up freak. I could rant on but...

I get it, now I know why Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin are too thin, the food service gets destroyed before them or any of the other X-Division guys can have supper. I never picked up on that before with the million times a food fight breaks out.

Team 3D vs Nasty Boys/Jimmy Hart. ....bored now. Team 3D brought back in Brother Runt. Nasty Boys cheated for the win.

Mr. Anderson/Wolfe vs Kurt Angle/Pope. Angle and Wolfe started it off. Collar tie up into a chickenwing which was revised by Angle who took down Wolfe in a flip. It was countered by Wolfe, but Angle used a deep armdrag on him. Mr. Anderson tagged in with a series of stomps. Wolfe tagged back in, having Angle in the corner. Angle fought out and used a belly to belly suplex. Pope tagged in with a short clothesline, short running back elbows and an over head toss. Pope went for a cover but Anderson broke it up. Angle came in and put an Angle slam on Anderson and went for one on Wolfe but Wolfe countered, just as Pope grabbed Wolfe by the ankle for a roll up. Pope got the win. Angle landed wrong on his arm and was holding it in the mid-mark, looks like he might have broken it.

Now you all know I am vegetarian right? So why do you keep trying to feed me filler? I've told you before filler is for hot dogs not tv shows. You need new writers bad.

Knock Outs.... I don't care. Hey TAZ nothing wrong with being Pasty pale! You have any idea how much sunblock and years indoors it takes to get that pale?
Did I just hear the human cheese right?...Sting building TNA from the ground up? What? Wasn't Styles/Daniels/Sabin/Joe/Shelley there a good 3 years before Sting?

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall. This was a 5 minute challenge. If Hall lasted 5 minutes in the ring, he won $25,000. He stayed at the far end of the ring for the first 2 minutes. Nash then laid in a knee and a series of forearms knocking Hall to the ropes. Hall came back with a few punches of his own, rocking Nash. Hall followed it up with a few short shoulder blocks. You all forget that Hall has been in JCW for the last few years so he's really not all that ring rusted as you might think. Nash fired back with a hard shoulder block of his own sending Hall to the mat. Picking him up, Nash got Hall into the corner with his trademark knees to the guts before using a series of elbows. Waltman ran into the ring taking out the knee of Nash. Eric Young then ran down for a save. Why the freal is Waltman so vulgar? He was ... you know what Not going to give him the blog time. Hall seems to have won... er still standing so he got the money.

Hernandez vs Beer Money Inc in a handi cap match. Jeff Jarrett as ref. BMI went right for him before the bell even rang, Storm ripping Hernandez's shirt off him as Roode laid in the punches. They put an inverted atomic drop on him, and a high double knee before going for the cover, but it was only a two count. They then switched off with choke holds while the other distracted Jarrett. Hernandez turned it around with a double short clothesline knocking them both down. He then used a shoulder block sending Roode across the ring. He then countered their double team move, sending them both over in an overhead. Hernandez was going for a border toss but ended up with Storm's foot in his face. BMI used their trademark DWI for the win.

Hey Foley while you have the clippers half the X-Division need a haircut!

Another painted up waste of flesh... he said he represents the tattooed? Oh hell no you do NOT represent me.

Abyss was the special enforcer between Styles and the waste of flesh... I really really don't care.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Yay! They had a promo. Though they came out in the outfits I thought the other week made them look odd. Mr. Sabin had the microphone, and I must say has really improved with his promo skills. That's worth a full plate of cookies and a cup of coffee. And then Mr. Shelley said they are great... that's funny, I thought you were a god. (to me Mr. Shelley is ) And then a bunch of guys I don't like came out and it was chaos. One of them jumped off the trust and landed on Mr. Shelley, is he okay?

... TNA you are sleeping on the sofa tonight cause you are in the doghouse with me.

Dear MotorCityMachine Guns!

Posted originally on My Newfie Kitchen

On the other blog, I already got comments, all positive.
So, the challenge is out there. Let's see if our favourite tag team has the guts.

Monday Night Raw 3/15/2009

Monday Night Raw results opened with a recap of last weeks Monday night fight between McMahon versus Cena.  Tonight the Guest GM is Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Shawn Michaels will battle Chris Jericho tonight.  Triple H and Randy Orton will battle tonight as well.  Out comes Stone Cold looking very different, more trim and well kept.  He receives a standing Ovation by the audience.  

He's opening some beers already.  Classic Austin  moves.   Big Show battled Cena which was a good match and was against Cena when Batista came out to taunt Cena costing him the match.

Next is Sheamus threatening to beat down Triple H at WrestleMania.  Sheamus threatens to take Triple H's throne.  

Next they show Shawn Michaels talking to Stone Cold.  Michaels asking if Stone Cold thinks he can beat Undertaker and Stone Cold says hell ya but you won't the streak won't end.  Michaels assures Stone Cold that he will win WrestleMania and prove people wrong.  To which Jericho comes in ultra cocky, about his match with Michaels.  Stone Cold kicked Jericho out of his office, and told him to go compete.

Kelly Kelly versus Maryse.  Alot of blonde hair flying around.  Maryse able to get Kelly Kelly down for the pinfall.  Maryse punishing Kelly Kelly to which Gail Kim and Eve come out to rescue Kelly Kelly.  All sorts of Diva's come flying out to fight.  Along with Vicki Guerrero.  

Next up is Michaels versus Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels defeated World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho by Count-out. In the end Edge came out and speared Jericho once he was thrown back in the ring.

A new match was made for WrestleMania Randy Orton vs. Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes in a Triple Threat Match.
Triple H vs. Randy Orton ended in a No Contest. With interference by both Legacy and Sheamus.

WWE Champion Batista def. Kofi Kingston.

2010 WWE Hall of Fame inductee announcement: Gorgeous George
Gorgeous George, has been announced as the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010. The legendary blond wrestler, whose robes were equally as spectacular, became a cultural sensation in the 1940s and 1950s.   

After inviting Mr. McMahon and his WrestleMania opponent Bret Hart to the ring, special guest host “Stone Cold” Steve Austin did what he does best – made The Chairman squirm.

Austin announced that, under his orders, Bret Hart’s father, Stu, would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2010. Austin then recalled how tough The “Hit Man” was in their WrestleMania 13 match as his fellow WWE Hall of Famer signed the match contract. As Mr. McMahon glared across the table at his hobbled opponent’s crutches and broken leg, he also gleefully signed his name to the document. And that’s when the trap was slowly, sweetly revealed.

As Austin departed, he implored Hart to “tell Vince.” Much to Mr. McMahon’s dismay, The Excellence of Execution then tossed his crutch aside, removed his cast and informed the man who had screwed him more than 12 years earlier that his leg was perfectly fine. He also told a shocked Chairman that if he tried to back out of their match, he would sue him for every cent just before he clobbered The Chairman with his cast. As a final verbal backhand, Hart paraphrased Mr. McMahon from 12 years ago: "Vince just screwed Vince.”

Pete Rose will serve as Raw’s special guest host next week
The man many call the greatest baseball player ever, Pete Rose, will be honored next week as Raw’s special guest host.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Smackdown 3/12/2010

We opened with Rey Mysterio who for some crazy reason brought his wife and kids to the ring. WTF?
Then CM Punk came out and made the kids cry. I would too if that bearded long haired freak was staring me in the face. What is it with wrestlers and not washing their hair?

Match #1 Miz vs R-Truth. Miz started off looking strong with a series of fists to the back and neck of Truth getting him into the corner with a high knee. Truth got out and ducked a clothesline from Miz before hitting him with a large leg. Miz then got tossed out of the ring, Truth backed it up with a dive. Back in the ring, Miz had a side headlock on Truth, but Truth broke out and slammed Miz hard. They then started to trade fists for a few minutes, Miz then got put down with a few clotheslines before landing a kick to Truth's face. Truth then went for a pin but only got a near fall. Miz used a backbreaker but only got a near fall. Miz went for another pin with a rope cheat but his rookie pushed his legs off the rope. Truth then used his lie detector for the win.

Match #2 Drew McIntyre vs Aaron Bolo. Drew started with a knee to the gut of Bolo then followed with a series of short clotheslines in the corner. He then used his future shock ddt for the win.

Match #3 Big Show vs John Morrison. Morrison went right for BS with a kick and a forearm but was knocked hard to the mat by a shoulder block from BS. BS then used a headbutt before getting him in the corner for a large chop. BS then just dragged Morrision around by the ankle yelling at him. BS stepped on Morrison's chest before laying in another series of chops. BS got him then in a choke hold in the middle of the ring, Morrison trying to fight out with a series of elbows before making it to the ropes to break the hold. BS then kicked Morrison in the head knocking him out of the ring. BS then reached down and pulled Morrison back into the ring over the top rope by his hair, clearing the rope completely. Morrison used a kick and a series of punches as he tried to get it into his favour. He then took out the knee of BS. Morrison used a top rope drop kick but only got a near fall. Morrison was going for another rope move but BS punched him in mid air knocking him out and getting the pin.

Match #4 Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme. Kidd and JTG started it off with Kidd using a combo of kicks and punches. JTG countered with a sliding uppercut (he slid across the ring to land an upper cut rocking Kidd) and a drop kick. Kidd turned it around and took the knee out from under him. Kidd continued to work on the knee before slapping on a Boston crab. Then the lights went out and the Undertaker was in the ring. Match was thrown out.

Match #5 McCool vs Tiffany. McCool shoved her hard mocking her before Tiffany landed an inverted atomic drop on her. Tiffany then followed with two clotheslines and a low dropkick before kicking McCool out of the ring. She then continued to slam McCool face first around the ring apron. Vickie then got involved used a running shoulder block to knock Tiffany down causing a double dq.

Match #6 Kane vs Luke Gallows. They started with a collar tie up, Kane turning it into a side headlock following it with a shoulder block. Gallows pushed Kane into the corner wiht a series of punches, Kane turned it around with a running clothesline. Gallows then ducked another clothesline and answered it with a shoulderblock of his own knocking Kane down. He started to then stomp on Kane, but Kane rolled out and served up a low drop kick on Gallows. Gallows then rolled out of the ring. Back in the ring, and Gallows suplexed Kane going for a pin but got only a two count. Gallows then slapped a choke hold on Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane got to his feet and gave Gallows a boot and an upper cut. Kane used a sidewalk slam but only got a two count. Kane had a choke slam on Gallows, and Punk ran into the ring causing a dq.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 8th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 10th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada was very late this week, and has it listed for the 11th not the 8th for anyone whom might be going to download it.
This was the big move to Monday nights.

New opening credits..... um... er... *cough cough* Moving on....

We open with Abyss and Hogan.... yeah, um don't mind me, my mind is so not on this as I just found out Corey Haim died which I know has zero to do with TNA but given the fact I compared Alex Shelley's hair to his few weeks ago.... Back to Abyss, dude, that vest looks like you spilled mustard on the back little Tide and it should be good as new. Then big bird came out... sorry my bad that's just A.J. Styles in that ugly ring robe with Ric Flair. Taz is right, I am not proud of this version of Styles, and would someone please tell Styles to loose the damned cuff-links in his ears. Abyss and Styles started it off, with Styles giving a series of kicks to Abyss. He then grabbed Styles and power slammed him in the middle of the ring. Flair tagged in, with a collar tie up and a series of his trade mark chops. Abyss turned it around with some of his own then a large back body drop. Flair used a low blow on him before Styles used the ugly robe to blind Abyss. Hogan came in NOT tagged just wandered into the ring standing on Flairs neck for a few minutes then took a paylay from Styles. Nice. Heels up, Faces down and in comes.... crap. Sting came in for what everyone thought was a save but yay Heel turn. I just said yay to Sting, and I am so NOT a fan of his. Bats and chairs and blood oh my. Are we off to see the wizard now?

Um... AUDIO!!!! MIC CHECK IN THE IMPACTZONE... were none of the mics working proper everyone sounded hollow. And I see Styles has taken up his ventriloquist routine again as he was standing with Flair during the promo "silently" reciting Flair's speech. Busted!

Kaz was in the ring looking .... um maybe you should put the Suicide mask back... okay tell me the truth, is he or is he not Antonio Banderas' stunt double?
Finally, someone is saying something worth listening to, as he was talking about the X-Division being the way to be. Then Curry Man... oh my bad again, Fallen Angel Daniels came out to the ring. Then Doug Williams came out who by the by is the X-Division champ for the moment. I still think that belt belongs on Alex Shelley but that's just me. ohhh lovely, a 3 way X-match.
Daniels went for a roll up on Williams but Kaz broke it up, going for one of his own, which was broken up by Williams who went for one. Daniels was going for the angel's wings on Williams, but Kaz tried to stop him, getting a back body drop for his troubles. Kaz then gave Daniels a series of punches before turning his attention to Williams. Williams used a flying forearm to get Kaz off his feet, following with a round of upper cuts. Kaz had a roll up on Williams but Daniels went to break the hold getting caught in a northern lights suplex. Daniels then in the corner, Kaz with a float over that landed him right into the set up for a suplex but it was cleverly turning into what looked like a double team move, which Kaz countered sending both of them out side of the ring. Kaz then used a suicide dive knocking them both down. Daniels then got thrown into the ring post, as Williams rolled back into the ring. Back in the ring, Williams and Kaz, Williams used a knee lift on Kaz in the corner but only got a two count. Kaz then countered with a jawbreaker before Daniels got back into the ring, with a slingshot leg drop on Kaz and a running clothesline on Williams. Daniels followed it with a BME on Kaz but only for a two count. Daniels then used a running forearm in the corner followed by a large death valley driver on Kaz for another near fall. Williams back in the ring now trading short clotheslines with Daniels while Kaz came off the top rope with a double drop kick. He then ran havoc on both men getting another near fall on Daniels. Kaz gave an inverted atomic drop on Daniels following it with a boot to the skull and a spinning neck breaker. Williams, who had been kept out of the ring for the last few minutes ran in using his chaos theory suplex on Daniels for the win.

Shannon Moore? you have got to be kidding me... how did he get a X-Division title shot at the ppv next week? That blows goat

Knock Outs match.... I don't care.

Promo for Pope, dude still waiting for someone in the X-Division to grab me that wicked trenchcoat of yours... well then Wolfe ran into him literally with a chain and cuffs.

Sting vs RVD! no way.... and somehow the crowd in the front row knew before even Sting did, how is that possible? Oh right, someone read the script... er production notes. RVD used a 5star frogsplash and the rolling thunder for the win. NICE! SWEET!

Then Eric Yummy... er um Eric Young came out to the ring... he's still on my Canadian Celebrities I'd love to meet list. And Bishoff told Young to "slap that punk up side his bitch ass" in regards to Waltman. Okay, were you watching Big Money Hustlas before the show? Just think it's funny to hear a middle aged white man say things like that.

Handi cap match between Jeff Jarrett and Beer Money Inc. They jumped Jarrett backstage, then dragged him to the ring continuing the beat down. Roode had Jarrett in the corner with a series of fists. Jarrett fought out of it with a boot to the face and a running clothesline. Then used a drop toe hold on Storm before Roode caught him in mid move power slamming him. They then used a double team DDT on him, following it with an eye of the storm. Jarrett turned it around with a large back body drop on Roode. He tossed both men out of the ring. Foley was the ref in this, and handed Jarrett the barbed wire bat which did not get used, as a second ref came out to call the win. BMI used their DUI for the pin.

Christ I'm bored, I might have to do some housework to liven things up around here. And where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns! ?

Program note next week TNA has 3 hours. The show and Epics. I will try to do a review on Epics but it's not available on iTunes Canada at this point, and sometimes websites uploads don't work in Canada.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Raw : 3/8/2010

We open with the Undertaker which you know takes a million years for him to get to the ring. I could have vacuumed the house in the time it took him to get there. They seemed to skip the opening credits which is fine as I think the credits sucked anyway. Nor did I need to see an extreme close up of the tip of his nose which looked on my screen to have a large slice taken from it.

Match #1 Diva match Kelly Kelly, Eve and Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox, Katie Lea and Maryse. Gail Kim and Alicia Fox started it off, with a go behind that turned into a side headlock then a roll over. Fox fought out of it with a series of elbows before getting caught in the corner. Gail Kim then went off the ropes nailing Katie Lea who was on the apron, but walked into a boot. Maryse tagged in using a spinning backbreaker. Eve then tagged in with a closeline on Maryse followed by a series of dropkicks. Katie Lea and Fox came in for a double team move on Eve with was followed by Gail Kim and Kelly Kelly double teaming them. Eve then went to the top rope and used a flying armbar landing in the middle of the ring for a submission. Maryse tapped.

Match #2 Big Show/Miz vs R-Truth/John Morrison. Miz can't seem to believe his script cause when he came out he kept asking "really?" Miz get a new catch phrase. R-Truth and Miz started it. Truth first kicking Miz then tossing him, letting Morrison in the ring for a double team move knocking him out of the ring. Then they double DDTed Big Show. The match was thrown out.

Match #3 Legacy vs Randy Orton in a handi cap match. Orton slammed them both from behind before the match started. Orton started against Rhodes. Collar tie up, Orton in the corner. He turned it around with a series of punches then a hard elbow knocking Rhodes to the mat. DiBiase tagged in, showing a strong start with another series of punches then a kick to Orton's face. Orton countered with a clothesline. Rhodes tagged back in, he was tossed from one corner to the other before hitting Orton in the face with another elbow. DiBiase used a cheap shot getting Orton down in the corner. Rhodes was elevated about 4 feet and tossed outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Orton throwing punches and another clothesline on Rhodes, Rhodes used a jawbreaker tossing Orton out of the ring, where DiBiase used a drop kick on him. Back in the ring. Rhodes had a knee to the head of Orton, then DiBiase tagged in and they used a double team move. DiBiase with a modified sleeper, Orton on the mat. He fought out of it bouncing off the ropes, but DiBiase was one step ahead with a clothesline that nearly took Orton's head off. only got a two count. Rhodes tagged back in with a dropkick got a near fall, then back to the elbows to the forehead. He then hung Orton up on the top rope kicking him. DiBiase tagged back in keeping Orton in the corner with a boot across the throat. Orton fought back with another series of clotheslines and a scoop slam for each of them before using a backbreaker on DiBiase. DiBiase somehow managed to land his DreamStreet on Orton for the win.

Match #4 a money in the bank qualifying match. Evan Bourne vs William Regal. Regal started out looking strong with a take down and kick to Bourne before using an upper cut to rock him. Bourne turned it in his favour with a series of kicks to the thighs of Regal before getting a clothesline. Regal used a chickenwing throw getting a two count before just tossing Bourne across the ring. Bourne then turned it back in his favour with a high knee, and used his trademark airbourne for the win.

Criss Angel was the guest host for this episode. They announced that he's been named magician of the century because of how amazing he is. Well, everyone knows he's a witch.

Match #5 Vince McMahon vs John Cena. Surprise it's a handi cap gauntlet match. Kozlov came out then, Cena laying into him with a series of punches then got a power slam from Kozlov. McMahon tagged in, got a two count then he called Drew McIntyre into the ring. McIntyre slammed on knees and punches then tagged MaMahon in again for another two count. Swagger ran in. Cena managed to gain control almost instantly, but Swagger turned it around with a sweep and a power bomb and two mid rope slam drops before McMahon tagged again for another two count. then Mark Henry came out.... this is just silly. Then Batista speared Mark Henry for whatever reason, then Kofi Kingston came down to beat down Batista. Silly silly silly. Cena then took it to Batista before getting speared by Batista. McMahon got the pin for what it's worth.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

TNA to Monday

I made comments on my weekly TNA review this week that I would give some thought to the actual move.

I have been on my main blog for the last while.

To be honest. I am not sure it will matter. Yes, you have fans that watch both companies and I am sure the first week or two those fans will be taping one show and watching the other, then after a while will just flip back and forth.

But you have alot of fans that are very one sided. Loyal to their heroes. I'm not going to lie, I am one of those fans.

I believe it won't matter this week. I believe it won't matter in two weeks time.
I believe it won't make a dent for at lest a good two months. Why? Well Spudgun, it will take I fear that long for people to choose. And by that point summer will be here and everyone will be out fishing anyway.

If you think I have no faith in my team you are dead wrong. I have bundles of faith in them. I just think the timing is wrong. Moving live to Mondays something you should have done in the fall not spring.
I have no idea what TNA has planned for tomorrow's big move to live; but it better as hell be smarter then what it's been offering in the last month.

The lack of personality, the lack of promos, the less then interesting matches, not too mention the lack of matches, TNA what are you thinking?
You can not make a move to live on Monday nights and only be offering chocolate milk to their plain. You need to be upping the bar. I want to see Martinis on the menu. Dig.

Listen to me please. I have in my other post on my blog a few ideas.
Oh my god TNA I am begging you, like a cornered housewife please, think about what you are doing.

I will say this, as for the other company, the only thing on their show I tune in for is Sheamus.
I get that show taped and fast forward through everything and everyone else.

If TNA wants to keep it's loyal fans after tomorrow and scoop up some new ones, stick to what made you - you 4 and a half years ago when you debuted on Spike. The Ultimate X, the X-Division, the tag teams. Showcase more of Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, have more air time for Eric Young and Amazing Red. Bring back in Jay Lethal to the forefront. Give us A.J. Styles vs Samoa Joe.

I still count the three way X-Division match between Shelley/Sabin/Petey Williams from the first on air show as one of the best. There was just something about the energy in that one.

And what ever happened to Shark Boy?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Smackdown for March 5th 2010

Has anyone ever bothered to listen to the lyrics of the opening credits? "Do you really want to cross that line to try to take what's mine" That is a dig at the other company.

They decided to undo the match from last week, where McIntyre lost. That is crap.
He went up against Matt Hardy. With bad crappy music. They started with a collar tie up, Hardy in the corner. McIntyre then tossed him off the ropes, slamming a hard shoulder block into him. Hardy managed to use two elbow tosses and then followed with a roll up but only got a two count. McIntyre got thrown over the top rope but countered it by bouncing Hardy face first off the rail. Back in the ring, McIntyre started to stomp on him, then got him in a side headlock. He tried a neck breaker but only got a two count. Hardy was going for his twist of fate but McIntyre countered with a nothern lights suplex-bridge for a near fall. He followed it with a submission hold in the middle of the ring. Hardy got out of it and went for a second rope elbow before using a flip pin for the win.

Sheldon Benjermin vs Dolph Ziggler. They started with a collar tie up, going into a side headlock on Ziggler. From there Sheldon used a running shoulder block knocking him down. Ziggler then used his sleeper hold but Sheldon broke the hold with a jawbreaker. Ziggler then used a standing drop kick going for a cover but only a two count. Ziggler went for a side headlock, and a swinging neck breaker. Ziggler went for a cover again, but only a near fall. Benjermin was trapped in the corner, given a monkey flip but he turned it in his favour with a backbreaker then a series of shoulder blocks. Sheldon tried a belly to back suplex for a near fall. Sheldon tossed Ziggler into the top rope having his head bounce hard then used his paydirt for the win.

Jimmy Wang Yang vs Ezekiel Jackson. Yeah, I didn't know JWY was still wrestling either. JWY got tossed into the corner where upon Jackson just screamed at him for a minute before JWY got a semi drop kick on him. Jackson shoved him turning him inside out then slammed him in the corner again, screaming. JWY went for a high risk move but was caught in mid air and pinned. this jackson is just scary.

Luke Gallows vs Rey Mysterio. Gallows went right in with a series of punches, cornering Mysterio before slamming him hard. Gallows then started to stomp but Mysterio got a tilt-a-world on him. Gallows then tossed Mysterio across the ring. Gallows then used a series of knees to the chest keeping Mysterio down. Mysterio fought out of it, and pulled the bottom rope causing Gallows to stumble out of the ring. Then Punk started to lick Gallows ear or something before getting back in the ring. Gallows had Mysterio down but only got a near fall. Mysterio was then tossed into the ring post spine first. Gallows picked him up and threw him back into the ring again, with a hard whip in the corner followed by a belly to back suplex but only got a two count. He followed this with a series of headbutts to the spine but Mysterio broke the hold, before being slammed. Gallows slapped on a bear hug, but ended up in the ring post shoulder first. Mysterio did two spring boards off the ropes but it only got him a near fall. Mysterio then slapped an octo-clutch (?) before taking out the knee of Gallows setting him up for the 619. Mysterio used his shoulder sitdown power bomb for the win.

John Morrison/R-Truth vs Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme. Morrison and Shad started it with a series of kicks from Morrison. Shad slammed Morrison hard in the middle of the ring then followed it with an elbow. JTG tagged in, and as he was starting to go for a move, Kidd blindtagged himself in. Legal men, Kidd and Morrison. Smith then tagged in, just manhandling Morrison. Smith then did two belly to back suplexes without letting go, following with a third over head one. But it only got him a near fall. Morrison went for a springboard shoulder block and ended up headbutting Smith. Kidd tagged in, as did R-Truth. Truth whipped him into the corners but Kidd went for a float over, causing Truth to spring across the ring before landing a kick to Kidd's face. Smith broke up the pin. Kidd used a drop kick but only got a near fall. R-Truth used his trademark lie detector for the win. oh my god Morrison and Truth started to dance in the middle of the ring. Please do not to that ever again.

Big Show vs Edge. BS started it with a headbutt knocking Edge down. Edge managed to roll out of the ring, and get BS on the rope for a neck breaker. BS then used a shoulder block on him. BS then stepped on Edge's neck before pulling him out of the ring and ending up face first in the ring post. Edge then got him back into the ring, but ended up with another headbutt from BS. BS used a power slam on him, following it with another attack on the neck. BS slapped a modified sleeper on him in the middle of the ring, Edge breaking it with a jawbreaker. He followed it with a series of punches, but BS used another slam. BS was going for a top rope move but Edge rolled out of the way. Edge then took the legs out from under BS causing BS to stumble face first into the ring post. BS then tossed him across the ring and went for a choke slam, but Edge used a DDT. Someone needs to tell Matt Striker to stop trying to be funny with the Canadian jokes. Edge speared BS for the win.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 4th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 5th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it for download at a decent time this week.

They opened with a reminder that next week is the big move to Monday nights. I'll have some thoughts on that topic in a post all it's own later this weekend.

I'm watching this dren that is your filler and I can't help but hope there is going to be a big swerve by Styles soon. Please please please let A.J. Styles dump Flair. Please.

Back to raping Shakespeare this time they only went back a few years in scripts. Yeah, I know you had Eric Young do the cleaning of the toilets gimmick around 2006....

Yeah, this lead to Jeff Jarrett being in a falls count anywhere match against the creepy sex guy. In the men's room. I don't know if I want to touch that one. Morley was just tossing Jarrett from one end of the bathroom to the other. that sounds so wrong and it looked like Jarrett took a shoulder hit a little too hard. Morley pinned him for the win. yeah, um I found that nearly disturbing and oddly reminded me of the video Raspberry by I Mother Earth. It also reminds me of the bathroom scene you all did back in 2006 with Nash/Shelley/Aries...which was a hell of a lot funnier.
Second match for Jarrett was against Tomko. It started with a collar tie up and a side head lock on Jarrett which went smoothly into an off the ropes shoulder block by Tomko. He continued to work on the left shoulder of Jarrett, there was a small cut on Jarrett's face too by the by. Jarrett did manage to turn it around getting Tomko on the ropes, but it didn't last long, as Tomko used a running closeline. He got a two count with a flying armbar takedown, but Jarrett got a DDT on him. Jarrett then used a roll up for the win.

Doug Williams vs Rob Terry. Both guys got in each others face before the bell, then Rob Terry walked the length of the ring with Williams over head before slamming him down. He then slapped a bear hug on him, Williams got out of it for a few seconds, but was caught with a jumping leg larria. He then put a choke slam on him for the win.

Mr. Anderson... leave the comedy routines to the MMG and JB.

Anyone else find Hogan touching Abyss's arm a bit on the creepy sexual side? That was just a little too much.... I feel like I am watching a cult leader or something.

And no cookies this week for the editing crew. None. You did not need to have so many flashbacks.

Four corners match. Styles vs Wolfe vs Pope vs Abyss for the belt. Scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit and we have 11 minutes on the show how does that work? Just when I thought Styles fashion sense could not get any worse he proved me wrong with that ugly robe. I really hope between now and Monday that A.J. looses that frealing robe in traffic or something that is just ugly. Pope and Styles started it off, with a high knee from Styles and a series of chops. Pope turned it around quick with a short shoulder block knocking Styles to the mat. Abyss and Wolfe tagged in. Wolfe tried a sunset flip but Abyss sat on him instead. Styles jumped in, but Abyss got them both with short closelines. Abyss then put a sideslam on Wolfe for a near fall, but Styles broke the pin. All four men in the ring now, and Styles and Wolf got tossed out. Back in the ring, Styles and Pope, the Pope down with Styles laying on the fists. Styles took the leg out from under Pope with Flair using a chair on him. Styles then put the figure four on him. The ref called it, giving the win to Styles. but um... there were two other guys in this match why did they not break the submission?

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! vs Generation Me vs Beer Money Inc vs Hernandez/Matt Morgan the evil druid. Chris Sabin and Jeremy started it off, with an armbar that Jeremy countered. Sabin countered right back then tagged in Alex Shelley where upon they used three double team moves in about 30 seconds. Shelley went for a cover but only got a two count. Jeremy turned it around again with another armbar then tagged in Max who used a moonsault to get into the ring and land on Shelley's shoulder. Another quick tag to Jeremy who did a double stomp on Shelley's arm before Shelley was able to tag in Sabin. They used a double team move off the second ropes on Sabin -a modified swingset- and went for a pin but Shelley broke it up giving Hernandez a chance to blindtag himself in. He then grabbed Max and power pressed him a few times before just dropping him over his shoulders to land hard in the middle of the ring. Morgan then tagged himself in who then got both members of Generation Me in a double choke and a boot to the face of James Storm before, Roode tagged himself in and got the roll up for the win. I wanna know, does Mr. Shelley read the production notes (I really don't want to say script) before hand, cause his reactions are amazingly vivid. It's like he's reacting as a fan would.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Raw: 3/1/2010

First match of the night was Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase. DiBiase started it off with a few kicks to Orton's stomach before following it up with a punch. Orton did turn it around for a few seconds with a series of punches himself getting DiBiase into the corner but it didn't last long. DiBiase once again took control of the situation, but ended up with a short closeline for his troubles. DiBiase managed to get Orton into the corner this time for a beat down before giving him a drop kick. Orton was tossed outside the ring, DiBiase tried then to shove him into the ring post but Orton countered, tossing DiBiase into it. Orton then used an uppercut rolling back into the ring. DiBiase was stomping on Orton having control of the match for a few minutes. DiBiase got a two count but Orton powered out. DiBiase then went for a submission move, but Orton used the ropes to get out of it, walking into a closeline. They then ended up exchanging fists in the middle of the ring, Orton slapped a scoop slam on him backing it up with his stomp-walk and a knee drop. Rhodes came to the ring causing chaos and a double dq. Legacy then double teamed Orton in the middle of the ring for a brief moment before Orton destroyed them.

Cheech and man! You have no idea how to use your guest hosts, that tells me it's time to stop with the whole guest host idea.

Match #2 a money in the bank qualifier. Jack Swagger vs Santino. Collar tie up for starters, with Swagger using a gut wrench power bomb for the win. Why even have the match if you are going to have it less then a minute ?

Match #3 a money in the bank qualifier. Zack Ryder vs MVP. Ryder was on the attack -what the hell is that he's wearing?- with a series of kicks but MVP countered with an overhead suplex. Then a high knee to the face, followed by his trademark ballin and playmaker for the win. Another match that was less then a minute. Why do it at all?

Match #4 Divas pillow fight. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Eve, Jillian, Alicia Fox and Mayrse. This was a pointless match, they all ganged up on Mayrse then Jillian started to close line everyone then Mayrse ddted Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim put a backbreaker on Mayrse, then Gail Kim got tossed out of the ring. Total chaos, Eve pinned I have no idea who for the win.

Final of the night, DX vs Miz/Big Show for the titles. Big Show and HBK started off, HBK ducked as BS went for him, it then went back and forth between them in a series of chops before Miz tagged in. He began stomping on HBK and got a near fall. BS tagged back in keeping HBK down on the mat. He then slapped a bear hug on him. Triple H tagged in, and used a jawbreaker on BS then a spine buster. Miz ran in and got slammed, then HBK creeped in knocking out BS. Both Miz and HBK tagged in, with HBK delivering an inverted atomic drop on Miz. HBK went to the top rope for an elbow, then Undertaker caused some chaos and Miz used a roll up for the win. Sheamus came out of nowhere and attacked Triple H.