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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Raw: 3/22/2010

Match #1 Miz vs John Morrison. They started with a collar tie up, Morrison turning it into an armbar, getting Miz down on the mat in a submission move. Miz countered with a slap to the face. Morrison then kicked him out of the ring. Morrison then moonsaulted outside of the ring onto Miz. Back in the ring, Miz had a modified choke hold on Morrision, working on Morrison's now injured neck. Morrison went for a roll up but got only a two count. Miz went back to another choke hold. Morrison fought back with a series of forearms slamming Miz into the corner before using a flapjack on Miz. Miz was then going for a clothesline but Morrison slid out from under him to the ring apron. Miz was going for a suplex off the ropes but Morrison turned it into a sunset flip, then used his starship pain for the win.

Match #2 Kofi Kingston vs Vladimir Kozlov . Kofi started with a few kicks to Kozlov, but Kozlov swept his legs out from under him. Kofi used the top rope for a neckbreaker before continuing with a series of forearms. Kozlov countered with a simple double palm thrust knocking Kofi to the mat. Kozlov followed it with a belly to belly overhead, but only getting a two count. Kozlov just tossed Kofi around the ring, using backbreakers and headbutts to the lower back. Kofi somehow pulled off a DDT and his trouble in paradise for the win.

Match #3 Legacy/Sheamus vs Orton/Triple H. Rhodes and Triple H started it off. Triple H used a kick and punch combo sending him to the mat. Triple H then used another series of punches getting Rhodes in the corner before whipping him to the far corner for a running clothesline. He went for a second one but Rhodes got the knees up then tagged in DiBiase. Who was greeted by a running clothesline. Triple H started to work on his shoulder with an armbar, but DiBiase turned it around with a few kicks. Triple H then used a jawbreaker before giving Sheamus a cheap shot who was on the ring apron. DiBiase countered with a drop kick. Sheamus from outside the ring then pulled Triple H out and slammed him into the rails then tagged in. He used a series of stomps on Triple H, getting him down in the corner. Triple H battled back with a series of punches. Sheamus got a little intense then with his double arm salut causing Orton to have to turn away while he tried to control his laughter from the apron. DiBiase then blindtagged himself in working on Triple H in the corner. Rhodes tagged himself in with a stomp to Triple H. Triple H managed to get a spine buster on him, before tagging in Orton. Sheamus tagged in as well and was greeted by a large scoop slam from Orton. Orton then pulled DiBiase into the ring and served Rhodes a vicious looking back elbow. He then started his shapeshifting before giving Sheamus a backbreaker. He spotted Rhodes on the apron going for a sneak attack, grabbing him for a DDT but was kicked by Sheamus. Sheamus got the win.

Match # 4 HBK vs Kane. HBK started with a series of chops, but Kane got the boot up. HBK in the corner, being stomped on. Kane followed this with a snapmare and a low drop kick. Only a two count. Kane then used a vertical suplex but only got a near fall. He then went for a submission move following it with a clothesline in the corner. HBK turned it around with some more chops but walked into a sidewalk slam. Only a two count. HBK slapped a crossbar on Kane but Kane broke it with the ropes. HBK went for an ankle lock, the two rolling around on the mat. HBK used an inverted atomic drop on him, causing Kane to stumble. HBK used his trademark top rope elbow then the Undertaker came out and then Kane was standing there (lights out Undertaker lights out again Kane) HBK used his superkick for the win. Well that sucked.

Match #5 Diva tag. Eve, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix vs Maryse/Layla and McCool. with every other Diva at ring side. McCool and Gail Kim started it off, McCool with a kick to the midsection. She followed it with an armbar but Gail Kim countered with one of her own. Gail Kim then went hurling herself into McCool in the corner. She used a bulldog-clothesline but only got a two count. McCool used her face plant for the win. You are not reading wrong, no one else got into the match at all.

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