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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Smackdown for March 5th 2010

Has anyone ever bothered to listen to the lyrics of the opening credits? "Do you really want to cross that line to try to take what's mine" That is a dig at the other company.

They decided to undo the match from last week, where McIntyre lost. That is crap.
He went up against Matt Hardy. With bad crappy music. They started with a collar tie up, Hardy in the corner. McIntyre then tossed him off the ropes, slamming a hard shoulder block into him. Hardy managed to use two elbow tosses and then followed with a roll up but only got a two count. McIntyre got thrown over the top rope but countered it by bouncing Hardy face first off the rail. Back in the ring, McIntyre started to stomp on him, then got him in a side headlock. He tried a neck breaker but only got a two count. Hardy was going for his twist of fate but McIntyre countered with a nothern lights suplex-bridge for a near fall. He followed it with a submission hold in the middle of the ring. Hardy got out of it and went for a second rope elbow before using a flip pin for the win.

Sheldon Benjermin vs Dolph Ziggler. They started with a collar tie up, going into a side headlock on Ziggler. From there Sheldon used a running shoulder block knocking him down. Ziggler then used his sleeper hold but Sheldon broke the hold with a jawbreaker. Ziggler then used a standing drop kick going for a cover but only a two count. Ziggler went for a side headlock, and a swinging neck breaker. Ziggler went for a cover again, but only a near fall. Benjermin was trapped in the corner, given a monkey flip but he turned it in his favour with a backbreaker then a series of shoulder blocks. Sheldon tried a belly to back suplex for a near fall. Sheldon tossed Ziggler into the top rope having his head bounce hard then used his paydirt for the win.

Jimmy Wang Yang vs Ezekiel Jackson. Yeah, I didn't know JWY was still wrestling either. JWY got tossed into the corner where upon Jackson just screamed at him for a minute before JWY got a semi drop kick on him. Jackson shoved him turning him inside out then slammed him in the corner again, screaming. JWY went for a high risk move but was caught in mid air and pinned. this jackson is just scary.

Luke Gallows vs Rey Mysterio. Gallows went right in with a series of punches, cornering Mysterio before slamming him hard. Gallows then started to stomp but Mysterio got a tilt-a-world on him. Gallows then tossed Mysterio across the ring. Gallows then used a series of knees to the chest keeping Mysterio down. Mysterio fought out of it, and pulled the bottom rope causing Gallows to stumble out of the ring. Then Punk started to lick Gallows ear or something before getting back in the ring. Gallows had Mysterio down but only got a near fall. Mysterio was then tossed into the ring post spine first. Gallows picked him up and threw him back into the ring again, with a hard whip in the corner followed by a belly to back suplex but only got a two count. He followed this with a series of headbutts to the spine but Mysterio broke the hold, before being slammed. Gallows slapped on a bear hug, but ended up in the ring post shoulder first. Mysterio did two spring boards off the ropes but it only got him a near fall. Mysterio then slapped an octo-clutch (?) before taking out the knee of Gallows setting him up for the 619. Mysterio used his shoulder sitdown power bomb for the win.

John Morrison/R-Truth vs Hart Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme. Morrison and Shad started it with a series of kicks from Morrison. Shad slammed Morrison hard in the middle of the ring then followed it with an elbow. JTG tagged in, and as he was starting to go for a move, Kidd blindtagged himself in. Legal men, Kidd and Morrison. Smith then tagged in, just manhandling Morrison. Smith then did two belly to back suplexes without letting go, following with a third over head one. But it only got him a near fall. Morrison went for a springboard shoulder block and ended up headbutting Smith. Kidd tagged in, as did R-Truth. Truth whipped him into the corners but Kidd went for a float over, causing Truth to spring across the ring before landing a kick to Kidd's face. Smith broke up the pin. Kidd used a drop kick but only got a near fall. R-Truth used his trademark lie detector for the win. oh my god Morrison and Truth started to dance in the middle of the ring. Please do not to that ever again.

Big Show vs Edge. BS started it with a headbutt knocking Edge down. Edge managed to roll out of the ring, and get BS on the rope for a neck breaker. BS then used a shoulder block on him. BS then stepped on Edge's neck before pulling him out of the ring and ending up face first in the ring post. Edge then got him back into the ring, but ended up with another headbutt from BS. BS used a power slam on him, following it with another attack on the neck. BS slapped a modified sleeper on him in the middle of the ring, Edge breaking it with a jawbreaker. He followed it with a series of punches, but BS used another slam. BS was going for a top rope move but Edge rolled out of the way. Edge then took the legs out from under BS causing BS to stumble face first into the ring post. BS then tossed him across the ring and went for a choke slam, but Edge used a DDT. Someone needs to tell Matt Striker to stop trying to be funny with the Canadian jokes. Edge speared BS for the win.

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