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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 15th 2010

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on March 16th 2010

I used screen capture for this post.

iTunes Canada had it at a decent time this week.

I still hate the opening credits. You have one shot of the MMG and it's in the uber speed, which you can only see on iTunes with pause. No cookies for the editing team. None.

We open with A.J. Styles.... now you're just doing the bad earrings to bug the snot out of me.
Why the freal is that painted waste of flesh on my screen? Yes I am the only wrestling fan on the planet who frealing hates that painted up freak. I could rant on but...

I get it, now I know why Mr. Shelley and Mr. Sabin are too thin, the food service gets destroyed before them or any of the other X-Division guys can have supper. I never picked up on that before with the million times a food fight breaks out.

Team 3D vs Nasty Boys/Jimmy Hart. ....bored now. Team 3D brought back in Brother Runt. Nasty Boys cheated for the win.

Mr. Anderson/Wolfe vs Kurt Angle/Pope. Angle and Wolfe started it off. Collar tie up into a chickenwing which was revised by Angle who took down Wolfe in a flip. It was countered by Wolfe, but Angle used a deep armdrag on him. Mr. Anderson tagged in with a series of stomps. Wolfe tagged back in, having Angle in the corner. Angle fought out and used a belly to belly suplex. Pope tagged in with a short clothesline, short running back elbows and an over head toss. Pope went for a cover but Anderson broke it up. Angle came in and put an Angle slam on Anderson and went for one on Wolfe but Wolfe countered, just as Pope grabbed Wolfe by the ankle for a roll up. Pope got the win. Angle landed wrong on his arm and was holding it in the mid-mark, looks like he might have broken it.

Now you all know I am vegetarian right? So why do you keep trying to feed me filler? I've told you before filler is for hot dogs not tv shows. You need new writers bad.

Knock Outs.... I don't care. Hey TAZ nothing wrong with being Pasty pale! You have any idea how much sunblock and years indoors it takes to get that pale?
Did I just hear the human cheese right?...Sting building TNA from the ground up? What? Wasn't Styles/Daniels/Sabin/Joe/Shelley there a good 3 years before Sting?

Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall. This was a 5 minute challenge. If Hall lasted 5 minutes in the ring, he won $25,000. He stayed at the far end of the ring for the first 2 minutes. Nash then laid in a knee and a series of forearms knocking Hall to the ropes. Hall came back with a few punches of his own, rocking Nash. Hall followed it up with a few short shoulder blocks. You all forget that Hall has been in JCW for the last few years so he's really not all that ring rusted as you might think. Nash fired back with a hard shoulder block of his own sending Hall to the mat. Picking him up, Nash got Hall into the corner with his trademark knees to the guts before using a series of elbows. Waltman ran into the ring taking out the knee of Nash. Eric Young then ran down for a save. Why the freal is Waltman so vulgar? He was ... you know what Not going to give him the blog time. Hall seems to have won... er still standing so he got the money.

Hernandez vs Beer Money Inc in a handi cap match. Jeff Jarrett as ref. BMI went right for him before the bell even rang, Storm ripping Hernandez's shirt off him as Roode laid in the punches. They put an inverted atomic drop on him, and a high double knee before going for the cover, but it was only a two count. They then switched off with choke holds while the other distracted Jarrett. Hernandez turned it around with a double short clothesline knocking them both down. He then used a shoulder block sending Roode across the ring. He then countered their double team move, sending them both over in an overhead. Hernandez was going for a border toss but ended up with Storm's foot in his face. BMI used their trademark DWI for the win.

Hey Foley while you have the clippers half the X-Division need a haircut!

Another painted up waste of flesh... he said he represents the tattooed? Oh hell no you do NOT represent me.

Abyss was the special enforcer between Styles and the waste of flesh... I really really don't care.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Yay! They had a promo. Though they came out in the outfits I thought the other week made them look odd. Mr. Sabin had the microphone, and I must say has really improved with his promo skills. That's worth a full plate of cookies and a cup of coffee. And then Mr. Shelley said they are great... that's funny, I thought you were a god. (to me Mr. Shelley is ) And then a bunch of guys I don't like came out and it was chaos. One of them jumped off the trust and landed on Mr. Shelley, is he okay?

... TNA you are sleeping on the sofa tonight cause you are in the doghouse with me.



  2. I know, I suck... never said I didn't.

    I'm sure as a human being he's fabulous. But as a wrestler, I'm just sick of him. There are so many other talented wrestlers that could be getting pushed but are not because of Hardy.

    There are a few guys from Ring of Honor that they could have brought in to TNA instead.