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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 8th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 10th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada was very late this week, and has it listed for the 11th not the 8th for anyone whom might be going to download it.
This was the big move to Monday nights.

New opening credits..... um... er... *cough cough* Moving on....

We open with Abyss and Hogan.... yeah, um don't mind me, my mind is so not on this as I just found out Corey Haim died which I know has zero to do with TNA but given the fact I compared Alex Shelley's hair to his few weeks ago.... Back to Abyss, dude, that vest looks like you spilled mustard on the back little Tide and it should be good as new. Then big bird came out... sorry my bad that's just A.J. Styles in that ugly ring robe with Ric Flair. Taz is right, I am not proud of this version of Styles, and would someone please tell Styles to loose the damned cuff-links in his ears. Abyss and Styles started it off, with Styles giving a series of kicks to Abyss. He then grabbed Styles and power slammed him in the middle of the ring. Flair tagged in, with a collar tie up and a series of his trade mark chops. Abyss turned it around with some of his own then a large back body drop. Flair used a low blow on him before Styles used the ugly robe to blind Abyss. Hogan came in NOT tagged just wandered into the ring standing on Flairs neck for a few minutes then took a paylay from Styles. Nice. Heels up, Faces down and in comes.... crap. Sting came in for what everyone thought was a save but yay Heel turn. I just said yay to Sting, and I am so NOT a fan of his. Bats and chairs and blood oh my. Are we off to see the wizard now?

Um... AUDIO!!!! MIC CHECK IN THE IMPACTZONE... were none of the mics working proper everyone sounded hollow. And I see Styles has taken up his ventriloquist routine again as he was standing with Flair during the promo "silently" reciting Flair's speech. Busted!

Kaz was in the ring looking .... um maybe you should put the Suicide mask back... okay tell me the truth, is he or is he not Antonio Banderas' stunt double?
Finally, someone is saying something worth listening to, as he was talking about the X-Division being the way to be. Then Curry Man... oh my bad again, Fallen Angel Daniels came out to the ring. Then Doug Williams came out who by the by is the X-Division champ for the moment. I still think that belt belongs on Alex Shelley but that's just me. ohhh lovely, a 3 way X-match.
Daniels went for a roll up on Williams but Kaz broke it up, going for one of his own, which was broken up by Williams who went for one. Daniels was going for the angel's wings on Williams, but Kaz tried to stop him, getting a back body drop for his troubles. Kaz then gave Daniels a series of punches before turning his attention to Williams. Williams used a flying forearm to get Kaz off his feet, following with a round of upper cuts. Kaz had a roll up on Williams but Daniels went to break the hold getting caught in a northern lights suplex. Daniels then in the corner, Kaz with a float over that landed him right into the set up for a suplex but it was cleverly turning into what looked like a double team move, which Kaz countered sending both of them out side of the ring. Kaz then used a suicide dive knocking them both down. Daniels then got thrown into the ring post, as Williams rolled back into the ring. Back in the ring, Williams and Kaz, Williams used a knee lift on Kaz in the corner but only got a two count. Kaz then countered with a jawbreaker before Daniels got back into the ring, with a slingshot leg drop on Kaz and a running clothesline on Williams. Daniels followed it with a BME on Kaz but only for a two count. Daniels then used a running forearm in the corner followed by a large death valley driver on Kaz for another near fall. Williams back in the ring now trading short clotheslines with Daniels while Kaz came off the top rope with a double drop kick. He then ran havoc on both men getting another near fall on Daniels. Kaz gave an inverted atomic drop on Daniels following it with a boot to the skull and a spinning neck breaker. Williams, who had been kept out of the ring for the last few minutes ran in using his chaos theory suplex on Daniels for the win.

Shannon Moore? you have got to be kidding me... how did he get a X-Division title shot at the ppv next week? That blows goat

Knock Outs match.... I don't care.

Promo for Pope, dude still waiting for someone in the X-Division to grab me that wicked trenchcoat of yours... well then Wolfe ran into him literally with a chain and cuffs.

Sting vs RVD! no way.... and somehow the crowd in the front row knew before even Sting did, how is that possible? Oh right, someone read the script... er production notes. RVD used a 5star frogsplash and the rolling thunder for the win. NICE! SWEET!

Then Eric Yummy... er um Eric Young came out to the ring... he's still on my Canadian Celebrities I'd love to meet list. And Bishoff told Young to "slap that punk up side his bitch ass" in regards to Waltman. Okay, were you watching Big Money Hustlas before the show? Just think it's funny to hear a middle aged white man say things like that.

Handi cap match between Jeff Jarrett and Beer Money Inc. They jumped Jarrett backstage, then dragged him to the ring continuing the beat down. Roode had Jarrett in the corner with a series of fists. Jarrett fought out of it with a boot to the face and a running clothesline. Then used a drop toe hold on Storm before Roode caught him in mid move power slamming him. They then used a double team DDT on him, following it with an eye of the storm. Jarrett turned it around with a large back body drop on Roode. He tossed both men out of the ring. Foley was the ref in this, and handed Jarrett the barbed wire bat which did not get used, as a second ref came out to call the win. BMI used their DUI for the pin.

Christ I'm bored, I might have to do some housework to liven things up around here. And where the hell were the MotorCityMachine Guns! ?

Program note next week TNA has 3 hours. The show and Epics. I will try to do a review on Epics but it's not available on iTunes Canada at this point, and sometimes websites uploads don't work in Canada.

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