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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for March 29th 2010

Originally posted on my blog on March 30th 2010

I used screen capture for this post

iTunes Canada had it at a good time today. Lovely

We start with crap. Why the frealing hoofers do we need a damned recap every week? I don't. And I'm sure the editing crew have better things to do, like create a new opening... Oh my god I'm scared now. Lethal I love you to death but put some pants on... and the crowd chanted "fire Bubba" I agree completely.
Then Eric Young (Mr. Yummy in my world) got the 5 minute beat down from Nash and his guys.

Doug Williams/Brian Kendrick vs Kaz/Moore. I would have liked to have seen Kaz and Williams in a singles match or on the same team. Kendrick looks like he's wearing a diaper. Moore started by pulling Williams into the ring and putting him face first into the corner. Followed it with a kick and a series of punches. Kaz then tagged in and they used a double team move on Williams. Kaz followed up with a scoop slam and a sling shot leg drop. He went for a pin but only got a two count. Williams then pulled the leg out from under him, getting enough time to tag in Kendrick. Kaz gave him two deep arm drags, before whipping him hard into the far turnbuckle. Kaz then used his swinging double drop kick. Kendrick then pulled the ref in the way, which gave Williams a chance to run in and cheat. Williams then tagged in, where upon he used a hard knee to the face of Kaz following it by a scissors stomp. I've seen better scissors stomps this was a little on the clumsy side Kendrick tagged back in, and started to work on the neck of Kaz. Kaz managed to fight out, then both went for a running shoulder block and both went down to the mat. Both Williams and Moore tagged in. Moore went wild with a series of drop kicks and a spin kick on Williams before using a hurricanrana. He got a near fall but Kendrick broke up the pin. Kaz came in and they double teamed Kendrick then turned their attention back to Williams. Then it looks like Williams blindtagged Kendrick in and Moore got the pin on kendrick.

Pope came out ... now before the commercial he was in his gear - I'm still waiting for someone in the X-Division to snag me that wicked trenchcoat- then when he came to the ring right after commercial he was in his street clothes... Editing team didn't I tell you that you had more important things to do No cookies No cakes and No dinner for you who's checking the continuity
Then suddenly we were watching a piece from the Blair Witch Project... oh my bad it's the return of Samoa Joe ... sort of.
Then Orlando Jordan did some creepy Cirque du Soleil thing that just made me scared.

Knock Outs match first blood between Daffney and Tara.... don't care but Tara won

Jeff Jarrett vs A.J. Styles. They start with a collar tie up, Styles tossing Jarrett across the ring. Another collar tie up with Styles locking on a side headlock, then turning it into a armbar swinging around into another side headlock-snapmare. Styles went for another armbar but Jarrett countered. Styles went off the ropes then used an armdrag-hiptoss on Jarrett. Once more with the side headlock into a running shoulder block from Styles, then Jarrett tripped up Styles before giving him an arm toss. He used a series of upper cuts on Styles before an inverted atomic drop. He then tossed Styles over the top rope. Back in the ring, Styles attacked with a double axehandle, and went for a flying headbutt in the corner but missed. Jarrett turned the match in his favour with a kick to the back of the skull knocking Styles to the mat. Styles then countered with a kneebreaker. Which he followed with the figure four leg lock. Jarrett broke the hold and slapped one of his own on Styles. Some issues outside the ring for a few minutes. Back in the ring, Styles had a modified choke hold on Jarrett. He broke out of it and went for a sunset flip, but Styles managed to stop it in midmove. Styles used a high knee drop then continued to work on the neck of Jarrett. He had Jarrett in the corner, face first in the top turnbuckle, a chop to the chest, snapmare and back to working on the neck in the modified choke hold. Jarrett broke the hold and sent Styles flying in what looked like a 7 foot high back body drop. Needless to say, Styles came down hard on the mat. He followed up with a series of running clotheslines and and a back drop suplex. Jarrett then used a double underhook but it only got him a near fall. Jarrett was going for a top rope move, but Styles caught him in midair, turning it into a flip. Styles then used his trademark flying forearm but it only got him a two count. Styles was setting up for the styles clash but it got reversed into a flapjack. The ref got knocked out of the ring, and Styles was sent into the ringpost face first. Jarrett then used his trademark Stroke off the second rope. Styles put the styles clash on him and the ref was brought back in giving Styles the win. You could see the blood pouring from Styles' hand from where he hit the post few minutes before. Blood everywhere... You so can not tell me he didn't break that hand

Oh my god the return of Jay Lethal! He went against Beer Money Inc in a handicap match.
Roode jumped in and started it off, but Lethal ducked, giving him a few punches before Storm ran in hitting him from behind. They double teamed him for the next little bit, before tossing him in a massive back body drop hard. Lethal then rolled out of the ring, but Roode followed and started right back in with a series of punches. He got thrown hard into the steel steps shoulder first. They used a double team suplex, and it looked like Lethal was starting to turn the match around when he got another double team move slapped on him. But somehow Lethal got Roode in a small package for the win.

Wolfe vs Pope. Now the Pope is in his gear. Wolfe barely waited for the bell before blind siding Pope with a forearm to the neck. Wolfe then put him in a modified necktie slamming him back onto the mat. Pope countered it by rolling him over, into a chicken-wing. They then went against the ropes, with Wolfe using a back elbow to break the hold before using an upper cut staggering Pope. Wolfe used what looked like a figure four but not really, pushing on the one knee of Pope, but Pope was able to roll him over reversing it. Wolfe then sent Pope face first into the top two turnbuckles then began to work on the left shoulder of Pope. Wolfe spent way too much time showing off. Pope managed to fight back with a series of axehandles, an inverted atomic drop and a flying shoulder block. Wolfe was going for his corner to corner move but Pope slid out of the way, giving him an open hand palm thrust. Wolfe then used a steel chain for a cheap shot and got the pin.

The final match of the night was a steel cage with Eric Young teaming with two guys I don't care for vs Nash and his guys. ....

Okay, people I read the spoiler sheets from another fan site this week, and this show did not match up with anything. The spoiler sheet had a MMG/Team 3D match which I am guessing was used for a web show or was the dark match or something cause It was Not on my iTunes download. Not too mention everything is out of order compared to the spoiler sheet's list of matches. Again, I have to ask who's job is it to check the continuity?

Next week special start time 8pm Est

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