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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Smackdown 4/2/2010

Program Note for Canadian viewers who watch WWE on the Score Monday Night's Raw for this coming week of April 5th 2010 the show will air Tuesday April 6th 2010 at 7 PM instead

We open with Jericho in the ring and Edge came out Speared him, then Jack Swagger came down and cashed in his Money in the Bank case picking the bones clean on Jericho to win the title. That's total bulls**t. Swagger has no right to be that far up the food chain.

Match #1 RTruth/John Morrison vs Cryme Tyme. Truth and Shad started it off with a collar tie up leading into a sideheadlock by Truth who then went off the ropes for a running shoulder block but got nowhere with it. Shad went for a power press but Truth blocked it using an off the ropes for his scissors kick. Morrison tagged in. with starship pain for the win. Over all ready? And so is Cryme Tyme by the looks of it as Shad man handled JTG after the match.

Match #2 Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy. Drew did not wait for Hardy to get in the ring. He sent him flying into the ring post and then used a double underhook DDT on him. Did the bell even ring? Was this even an official match?

Match #3 The Great Khali vs Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler ran out of the ring then back in only to have his head removed by a massive clothesline then tossed face first into the top turnbuckle. This was followed up with a frypan of a chop. This was followed by a large boot to the face. Ziggler got tossed out of the ring, and as Khali was about to bring him back hair first, he used the top rope for a hangman on Khali. Ziggler then went to the top rope to help slap his sleeper on him but Khali tossed him off. Ziggler when right back to the sleeper, getting them down on the mat. Ziggler gets the win. Ziggler is one of the best Feels/Haces around { not really a Face but not really a Heel}

You know, I have said before I think the whole CM Punk doing his Jesus Christ pose is over the top, and I'm not even Christian so I have no idea how others feel about this but it just seems like a really bad idea to keep this story line any longer. He must be reading this blog cause he's offering up that greasy looking mop he calls hair at his rematch against Mysterio.

Match #4 McCool/Layla vs Tiffany/ Beth Phoenix. McCool and Tiffany started it off with a collar tie up, Tiffany ending up in the corner. Tiffany then countered with a drop toe hold and an atomic drop before flipping McCool into the corner. McCool tossed her then across the ring before using the ropes to choke Tiffany. Layla tagged in, they double teamed her. Layla then went for a camel clutch but Beth tagged in using clothlines. She followed it with an airplane spin and another clothesline before using her glamslam for the win.

Match #5 Kane vs the entire NXT crew. I have no idea who is who cause we don't have that show here. Kane slammed one of them, then low drop kick. Someone with bad hair tagged in, he got a few punches and a back elbow on Kane, but Kane tossed him around the ring, someone in white tagged in then tagged out... you know this is chaos. Kane dominated all of these guys with only a few punches and shoulder blocks being of any use on Kane. This was an elimination match. Kane took out half the crew before they piled up on him. The ref rang the bell calling the match a dq for the fact the crew were suppose to tag in and out and they just didn't.

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