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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raw: 4/5/2010

We opened with Swagger coming out with the belt.   I still don't think that he should be holding a title.
Then Cena came out and said the same thing.  Randy Orton came out to the ring to the crowd screaming and cheering.  Bout time too.  Orton is one of the most talented wrestlers in the business.
Normally I don't bother paying attention to the guest host, but this week it made sense.  It was one of the rookies from the NXT. Finally another wrestler as the guest host and not a fallen celebrity.

Match #1 Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus.   They started with a collar tie up, Sheamus then following with a couple of hard forearms to the back of the neck of Kofi.  Kofi fought back with a series of kicks to the torso of Sheamus, then followed it up with what was looking like an off the ropes cross body but Sheamus caught him in midair turning it into a backbreaker. Kofi was then down in the corner giving Sheamus the upper hand with a series of stomps and a short clothesline. Sheamus then went to work on the back of the neck of Kofi getting him in a stretched submission move. Kofi managed to get out of it, getting to the corner for what seemed to be a boot but was countered by Sheamus who raked Kofi's face across the top rope. Kofi powered back with a kick to the face then a springboard slam, he went for another top rope move but Sheamus answered with his punt kick. Sheamus then used his celtic cross border toss for the win.

Match #2 Divas battle royal. Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes, Jillian, Katie Lea Burchil, The Bella Twins, Eve Torres.        Rosa over top rope, Bella twins eliminated, Katie Lea and Gail Kim both gone, Kelly Kelly gone, Fox gone, Jillian gone.   Eve wins.

Match #3 Miz/Big Show vs Cena/Batista.  Cena and Miz started, with a armbar on Miz which was turned into an flip into a choke hold.  Miz fought out, but got caught in a drop toe hold. BS tagged in with a headbutt on Cena.  He followed with a series of punches before tossing Cena into the ring post back first. Miz tagged in, with a few upper cuts to Cena following it with a running kick in the corner but missed. Cena then slammed a short clothesline on Miz before running out of the ring to beat on Batista. Cena was counted out.

Match #4 Ted DiBiase vs Christian.  DiBiase went for a swing at Christian but missed, Christian then countered with a series of upper cuts and a hard over head flip. Christian then tossed him onto the ropes, standing on his upper back before jumping over, but DiBiase moved out of the way of what looked like another upper cut.  Christian then tossed him out of the ring. Christian followed up with a baseball slide dropkick then a simple leap over the top ropes. Back in the ring, DiBiase used a neck breaker on him. He went for a cover but only got a near count. He followed this with a choke hold, but Christian powered out, and walked into a shot clothesline. DiBiase threw him into the corner going for a running clothesline, but Christian used a swingset on the second rope to get out of the way bringing both feet up to connect with DiBiase's face.  He went for a cross body lateral press but only got a two count. Christian went for his finishing move but was countered by DiBiase's finishing move, which was countered once again by Christian. Christian then was thrown into the ring post shoulder first giving DiBiase a chance to use his dreamstreet for the win.

Match #5 Swagger vs Orton.  Swagger got the first move in with a hard kick and a series of punches landing Orton in the corner. Orton managed to move before a slam was given, catching Swagger by the arm with an extended kick. He then started his stomp with a large flying knee. Swagger then picked up Orton on his shoulder for a flip press slam. Orton was tossed over the ropes to land hard out on the floor. Back in the ring, Orton used a couple of upper cuts, then a running clothesline. Swagger used the top rope then for a neck breaker. Orton went into the ring guard. Back in the ring and Swagger used a suplex on him. This was followed with a second and a stretch submission move on Orton. Orton countered, sending Swagger to the floor. Orton then used his hangman DDT but Swagger had his foot on the rope keeping it only a two count. Orton then went for two short running clotheslines and a scoop slam followed by his backbreaker, getting ready to uncoil. Swagger countered the RKO, using a running splash but only got a two count. He went for his gutwrench powerbomb but was countered and the RKO was hit. Orton won but it was an non-title match.

Match #6 Miz/Big Show in a second match vs Cena/David Otunga the guest host.  Cena and Miz started with collar tie up turning it into an armbar then tagged in David, who went for a side head lock on Miz. Then a series of shoulder blocks knocking Miz to the mat. Cena tagged back in with a few punches to Miz then using a running bulldog on him. Miz managed to get in an elbow staggering Cena, BS going for a cheap then tagged in. BS was just punching Cena in the middle of the ring. Cena fought back trying to use a shoulder block but failed. BS then stood on Cena's chest. Miz tagged back in being used as a ram. Miz got a two count then went to work on the neck with a modified clutch. Cena got to his feet for a second but was back on the mat in a choke hold. Cena broke the hold, both him and Miz going for running clotheslines both down. BS tagged in and got the pin on Cena.   Second match in the night that Cena got screwed by a tag partner.


  1. ah but some how Sheamus who arrived to Raw the same time as Swagger should have the title? You are a very confusing duck :)

  2. Sheamus! Sheamus is more ringworthy. Compare the promos they both cut in this show, Swagger has no skill when it comes to promos. He lacks something there.