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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday Night Raw Results 12/28/2009

Tonight the show began with Jericho outside the arena trying to get people to s
ign a petition to allow him to Monday Night Raw. The people all shouted NO. Which is a big surprise. Then it went to theme

John Cena has a
match tonight against Sheamus for the title. Mr. Machon makes an appearance to address the Hart situation to let people know if there is truth to the rumors.

First out was John Cena, he got a big audience applause, cheering. He went and pulled out a table. To which he put in the ring. And
starts setting up the table. He talks about how Sheamus became the WWE champion.

He wants to battle Sheamus in a table match. Out comes Sheamus with a peice of gold he didn't earn. Why cause he only battled like four people before getting the title shot. Sheamus claims he owns Raw which we know is not true and Cena quickly straightens him out on this situation. Sheamus doesn't want a table match. He wants Cena 1-1 on a main event match later tonight. Cena jumps over the table and throws Sheamus into the table. Proving he doesn't have much to prove.

(Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne will be making a stop at ECW tomorrow night to see
who will battle Christian for the title)

Next they talked a
bout the guest host Timbeland. They show Matthews interviewing Timbeland about whether or not the match would be postponed. and he said no. They put each other through tables what's the big deal.

Next they show Legacy talking about the movie Marine 2 where they bump into Orton who is contemplating breaking up Legacy. Talks about how last week three men beat them, three men who have nothing in common. Rhodes reminds O
rton of all the times they h
ave bailed his rear out over the past year. As Orton calls
them failures. Now Orton is gonna test them. Dibiase versus Bourne, Rhodes versus Henry. If they loose Orton will kick them out of Legacy and beat the hell outta them.

Next up are the Legacy matches. (Next they show Jericho pleading with people outside. Not going well for him.) Out first is Dibiase to fight Evan Bourne. Dibiase stared down Orton while he waited for Evan Bourne. Dibiase quick to inflict pain on Bourne to impress Orton. Each trying to pin the other. Ted Dibiase won the match claiming a pinfall. Orton looking at Dibiase like he isn't impressed.

Next up is Cody Rhodes versus Mark Henry with the same stipulation he looses he's out of Legacy and Orton will beat the hell out of him. Out comes Mark Henry the world's strongest man. Henry quick to brutalize Rhodes. Henry pushed Rhodes out of the ring. Rhodes having to dig down deep to win the match. Henry injuring his knee on Rhodes. Rhodes capitalizing on the leg injury. Cody
Rhodes won with a DDT to Henry. Orton looks impressed with Rhodes.

Gillian is next seen talking to Gail Kim, while DX with their newest recruit Hornswaggle is aiming to cause some sort of injury with a skateboard. Taping him to a skateboard to see how far he will go. DX has a match tonight with a partner of Big Shows choosing. Gillian gets flipped by Hornswaggle and shakes hands with Timberland.

Next was a Diva
match between Maryse and Kelly Kelly. Maryse dominating the match against
Kelly Kelly. Pins Kelly
Kelly for the win. And grabs a mic to remind Melina that she wants the Diva Championship Title.

Next they show Mr. McMahon heading out to the ring to make an announcement. Then they show Big Show breaking up with Jericho. Telling him to let it go.

Back to McMahon heading into the ring. He talks about the WWE Universe. And the discussion of Bret Hart comes up. Next week they have a special guest host, Brett "the Hitman" Hart. There was a match t
hat was shown in the footage where Shawn Michaels pinned Brett Hart with a sharp shooter. Vince McMahon claims that he and Michaels didn't screw Brett Hart but that Brett Hart screwed himself. He has let Brett back in the wwe, and had him inducted into the hall of fame. Brett Hart showed him utter contempt. McMahon has reservations about havin
g Brett Hart on WWE. He changed his mind and won't allow Brett Hart be on WWE Raw. And out comes Shawn Michaels. Shawn is very serious no
smiles no nothing. He goes on about the Undertaker and how he can
beat him. He's out here to appeal to his wallet. Since he knows McMahon cares about money. He tells Shawn he won't make the match that Shawn will have to make it happen. Telling
him he gets the fear of the Undertaker but the fear of Brett Hart it's um time to end the rivalry with Brett Hart. Bring him back to Monday Night Raw. If you do only good things will happen. Shawn Michaels would be more than happy to see Brett Hart one more

Matthews interviews John Cena who gets attacked by Sheamus. Then they show the Diva's talking to Timbeland, and MVP playing a game on the psp player. Then they show Kofi Kingston thanking Timbeland for the opportunity to fight The Miz for a chance to battle for the title shot. If Kofi wins the match then The title match will be tonight.

The Miz versus Kofi Kingston. Kofi Kingston won the match and now the Miz has to defend his title against Kofi Kingston in the match. Miz has to find something to beat Kingston who's on top of his game. Randy Orton came out and screwed Kingston causing the match t
o end.
Kofi Kingston was seconds away from winning his title. Orton gave Kingston a RKO on the floor outside the ring.

Orton being interviewed by Matthews, and he has decided that his fight isn't over with Kingston until he says it is and is looking to kick Kingston in the skull.

Next up is DX versus Big Show and a partner of his choosing. Jericho has made it i
nto the arena and it so sad. Big Show gave him a ticket. The Big Show makes his way out with his partner Chauvo Guererro. Jericho is a mess. No tag team titles on the line in this match. DX digging down deep to beat The Big Show and Guererro. DX wins the match with Triple H delivering a pedigree. Jericho jumped the ring is trng to
yell at The Big Show and throwing a temper tantrum. DX agrees to give them one last title match and if Jericho looses he will be thrown off Ra
w forever. No way back.

Last match of the night is Sheamus versus John Cena. Both men have been attacking each other through out the night. Timbeland the guest announcer. John Cena makes his way out to the ring. And out comes Sheamus who looks like he's been oiled to death. Sheamus dominates John Cena. The match ended when Sheamus grabbed him. John Cena won the match. After the match John Cena got kicked in the head twice before it ended.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smackdown Results :12/25 /09

I actually bothered to watch the opening credits and not just fast forward through them. I don't like them. Way too music video-ish.

Match #1 R-Truth/Finlay/Matt Hardy/John Morrision vs Luke Gallows/CM Punk/Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre in an 8 man match. Finlay and Ziggler started it off. Finlay knocked Ziggler to the mat with a stiff closeline. Then slammed him hard before sitting on his chest for a near fall. R-Truth tagged in, with a roll up on Ziggler for another near fall. Ziggler finally turned it around with a wristlock and low flip. Punk tagged in with a stiff headbutt on Truth. Hardy then tagged in. He sent a series of punches to Punk leaving him in the corner. He used a bulldog for a near fall. Punk turned it back to his favour with kicks then two near falls. McIntyre tagged in getting Hardy down in the corner stepping on his throat. Ziggler tagged back in, they did a double team. He turned it into a mat match with a rear naked choke. McIntrye tagged back in stomping on Hardy again. Hardy got a hang man on him. Punk and Morrison both tagged in. Morrison used a series of closelines then a boot. McIntrye tagged in once again only to get caught in the corner by Morrison before tagging Ziggler back in. All the wrestlers jumped in and chaos happened. Morrison used starship pain for the win.

Match #2 Rey Mysterio vs Undertaker in a title match. Mysterio danced around the ring for the first few minutes before being tossed out of the ring. Undertaker went for his legdrop but Mysterio rolled out, then used a suicide dive knocking Undertaker into the rails. Undertaker got them back into the ring and used a series of headbutts. Mysterio out smarted him for a few minutes with a baseball slide before being shot into the rails. Once again brought back into the ring where Undertaker stomped on Mysterio's skull before using an elbow extension slam. Mysterio used a pup for a near fall before having a boot to the face in mid jump. Undertaker used a choke slam just before Batista came to the ring causing a DQ.

Match #3 Cryme Tyme vs Bryce Andrews/Pat Buck. This was a jobber match. JTG started this against I have no idea which one he was. He tossed him back and forth with a few irish whips then a shallow over head slam before Buck (?) tagged in. Then Shad tagged in using a few closelines and a large slam. Andrews ran in and got tossed and pressed slammed while JTG tagged in to get the win.

Match #4 Diva's match. Mickie James/Maria vs Layla/Beth Phonex. Maria and Layla started it off. Maria used an arm drag and a drop kick cornering her. Layla turned it around with a disk-kick for a near fall. Beth tagged in, choking Maria in the corner then sat on her before using the second rope for a choke out. Layla tagged in with a modified dragon sleeper arm bar. Mickie James tagged in using knees to the face and a mule kick. Then a modified paylay for the win

Match #5 DX vs Hart Dynasty for the tag team belts. JBK and Kidd started. Kidd had a few nice looking hip tosses before using a mule kick. Kidd got tossed into the corner as Triple H tagged in. He used a standing verticle suplex for a near fall. He then threw Kidd into the corner. Smith tagged in using a series of kicks. Smith used a standing verticle suplex of his own, and more impressive I must say, for a near fall. Smith used a drop ankle lock on Triple H just as Kidd tagged back in. Kidd went for a high risk move but was cut short by Triple H letting HBK tag in. HBK used a scope slam before failing to use a top rope elbow. Kidd used a spring board blockbuster for a near fall. Smith tagged back in. tossing HBK back first into the ring post then out of the ring. Another quick tag in by Kidd. Another tag in by Smith with another verticle suplex for another near fall before using a wrench style sleeper then a side suplex. Triple H tagged back in whiping Smith around the ring then a spine buster for another near fall. They double teamed Smith before Triple H used a petegree for the win.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

ECW Results for Tuesday Night December 22, 2009

ECW Results:

Zack Ryder def. Tommy Dreamer

ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match: Vance Archer def. Goldust

ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match: Yoshi Tatsu def. Jack Swagger

Monday Night Raw Results December 21, 2009

Raw Results for Monday Night Raw

Divas Champion Melina, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim def. Maryse, Alicia Fox & Jillian

Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry & Evan Bourne def. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase

DX found guilty in Little People’s Court

John Cena def. Jack Swagger

Chris Masters def. Carlito

WWE Champion Sheamus def. MVP; Sheamus vs. John Cena announced for next week

United States Champion The Miz def. Santino Marella

DX gave Hornswoggle an early Christmas present when they welcomed him as their official mascot.

Timbaland will be honored next Monday night as Raw’s special guest host.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday Night Smackdown December 18, 2009

This was originally posted on my blog

Smackdown Results for Friday Night:

Beth Pheonix defeated Maria

Kane defeated Eric Escobar

The Hart Dynasty defeated Jimmy Yang Wang and Slam Master J

The Great Khali defeated Chris Jericho by a countout.

Intercontinental Champ Drew McIntyre, CM Punk and Luke Gallows defeated John Morrison, Matt Hardy and R-Truth.

Rey Mysterio defeated Batista for a No. 1 Contenders position for the World Heavyweight Championship Match. Rey Mysterio will now battle Undertaker for a title shot.

Next week Rey Mysterio will get a title shot against the Undertaker on Christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 17th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Dec 18th 2009

Nice, iTunes Canada had it ready this morning.

We open with Foley tearing up an empty studio trying to beat up Nash. I think he did more damage to himself and the studio. All because he was sent to the wrong house. Um what the hell are you all doing? That was one of the worst gimmicks yet.

Abyss's promo was very good, hinting at what many of us did not get to see last week. I know there was a hardcore match that could not air on the network.

Brother Ray vs Matt Morgan in a lumberjack match. I can't call him the evil druid any more cause he actually got rid of the bad robe. Yay. Brother Ray started off looking strong in this with a series of forearms to the back and shoulders of Morgan. Morgan turned it around with a headbutt. He then got Ray backed into the corner for his trademark elbows then used a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Brother Ray then used a backdrop suplex on Morgan gaining a bit of control. Morgan got tossed out of the ring where upon Team 3D lumberjacks started their beatdown. Morgan got back into the ring where upon Brother Ray started in with a series of chops, but to no use. Morgan used a closeline on him just before Brother Ray rolled out of the ring to be beatdown by Morgan's lumberjacks. Morgan was about to go for his elevation suplex but Neal ducked in the ring for a low blow. This gave Brother Ray a chance to use a DDT for the win.

So the list for this weekends feast or fired line up includes half of World Elite. Eric Young better not loose! TNA would not be TNA without Young. Also The show will not be on next week (Dec 24th) but will return in two weeks for a special 4 hour episode on Dec 31st

The return of Jeff Jarrett. Very very cool. Too bad he had on a hat for a bad vampire movie. What is it with the men on this show and picking crappy vampire movies to talk about? Millions of vampire movies and .....

Jay Lethal vs Tatanka in another legend's challenge. I like Lethal I just hate the gimmick and the moo-moo. Lethal started off looking good with a series of punches but Tatanka used a short closeline knocking Lethal to the mat. He then used about 4 leg drops on Lethal. Lethal did manage to get a large set of knees to the back of Tatanka knocking him down before using a double sledge hammer off the top rope. Tatanka then sent Lethal flying with a brutal looking back body drop. He then used a death drop for the win. I am not sure what the point of this series is, if it is to present the legends for the upcoming show on Jan 4th? Or if it's to soon phase out this gimmick for Lethal? But you know, I did not ever think I would see Jay Lethal being the jobber in a match two in a row.

Daniels vs Wolfe. Wolfe went for his full nelson then turned it into a side headlock (I know it was not a side headlock but I missed what it was really called). Daniels got out of it only to have Wolfe slap it on again, twice. Daniels tried a rollthrough but Wolfe did not let go of the hold. Wolfe then used his knee to the shoulder of Daniels before tossing him across the ring. Daniels managed to get a side head lock of his own on Wolfe then got Wolfe down on the mat. I like that the crowd was split half chanting for Daniels half for Wolfe. Daniels got a wrist lock on Wolfe, and as Wolfe went for a roll to get out of it, Daniels hooked the leg for a near fall. Wolfe kicked out then used an upper cut. This then turned into a slap fest, before Daniels drove a flying knee into Wolfe's jaw. Daniels then used a top rope spring board for another near fall. Wolfe then used a flying hammerlock take down (FHD) for a near fall. Wolfe slapped a combo figure four armbar and cross face on Daniels but Daniels bit Wolfe's hand breaking the hold. This match hit it's ten minute time limit and was a draw.

Raven/Stevie/Steiner/British Invasion vs Styles/Angle/Tomko/Abyss/Lashley. Abyss pushed his team out of the way and hobbled in going right for Raven and Stevie. He sent them out of the ring with a large forearm then Raven bit Abyss's burned leg. Everyone else just kind of stood there for a minute. Steiner sent Lashley out of the ring, sending him from one guardrail to the other. This was not a match as much as pure chaos. The bell finally rang and we are in the ring with Brutus and Angle. Angle suplexed Brutus then tagged in the returning Tomko. Doug Williams tagged in only to get a boot to the shoulder from Tomko then got a large slam before Angle blind tagged himself back in. Brutus tagged back in as well and they double teamed Angle with the same necktie move they have been using as of late. Back and forth for a few minutes between the ring and the now street fight with Raven and the others before seeing Williams get suplexed once more by Angle. Then Big Useless ripped Tomko off the apron hard on to the floor breaking his nose by the looks of it. Styles finally tagged in, using closelines on Williams and Brutus. Styles got a roll up on Brutus for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! promo was .... um er boys.... I notice, I care, I still think you need to do something about your hair and your pants Mr. Sabin. Not changing for anyone... that sounds like a reply to something, maybe Chris Sabin really is reading this? We'll talk. And what was with Alex Shelley's floppy arm thingie can he not sit still?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

ECW Results for Tuesday December 15, 2009ECW

This was previously posted on my blog

Tonight on ECW A new ECW announcer was announced Savannah will be the new ring announcer.

Trent Barreta & Caylen Croft def. local competitors.

On the Abraham Washington was a special guest from Smackdown the Diva of the year Maria. Who is still very happy about her Slammy.

The Hurricane defeated The Ripper, and at the end of the match The Hurricane revealed the masked ripper who was non other than Burchill. Thus neither got an ECW contract.

In the first-ever ECW Homecoming Qualifying Match, Vladimir Kozlov competed against his estranged Ruthless Roundtable associate, Ezekiel Jackson. The winner was Ezekiel Jackson.

Kane defeated Zach Ryder in a Homecoming Qualifying Match.

Qualifying Match Challenge. The winner of the Challenge will receive an ECW Title Match against Christian at Royal Rumble!

Next week Jack Swagger will return to ECW to fight Yoshi Tatsu, to see who will get a shot at the ECW championship.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Monday Night RAW results 12/14/2009

Previously posted on my blog here

Here's the breakdown from last night it was alot in it's three hour stint and was hosted by Dennis Miller.

Chris Jericho and Big Show won a slammy for tag team, then they challenged DX for their rematch via the claus when this match began Triple H deliberatly knocked over the ref which ended the match and had Jericho escorted from RAW. Since it was a disqualification the Big Show and Jericho won but not the titles, so technically there will be no rematch for the gold at the moment.

To determine Superstar of the year four men battled in various matches for this. First it was CM Punk versus John Cena which ended very easily with Cena winning via a countout. Then it was Undertaker versus Randy Orton. Orton who wasn't fairing well against the deadman had his henchmen more commonly known as Legacy beat down the Undertaker outside the ring while Orton managed to climb in the ring before a countout ended.

Then Cena and Orton battled, the battle of all battles and it was alot of wear down on both men. Cena swore he wouldn't loose til he had the belt back. Cena defeated Orton. As Cena caught his breath, new WWE Champion Sheamus stared him down from outside the ring.

William Regal and his round table called out Christian to pick two men to try to defeat them if there were any. Christian not in the best of health called on two men who put aside their differences for one night to destroy the round table. Kane and The Great Khali. The matched ended by pinfall and Christian's team was victorious. Which led to finding out that Kane would be gracing ECW tonight.

Sheamus won a slammy for breakout star of the year. He came out happy he won. M
ade a speech about how now Cena will have to take him seriously. (On a side note, how come it is that Sheamus is getting the push when people like Lance Archer, Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, seem like they are low in arena so to speak. What makes Sheamus so great? Anyone dare to answer this call out go right ahead.)

Next match was Kofi Kingston versus Cody Rhodes which quickly turned into Legacy beating on Kingston which made Bourne jump in to make it a fair fight. Per stipulation by the GM Miller, the match got turned into a tag team match. Legacy won by pinfall to Bourne.

CM Punk got a slammy for Shocker of the Year by retiring Jeff Hardy. CM Punk ws very happy and stated
CM Punk described retiring Jeff Hardy after their Steel Cage Match on SmackDown as his finest moment.

Shawn Michaels won the Slammy Award for Match of the Year. The match was him versus Undertaker at Wrestlemania, to which he challenged Undertaker for this wrestlemania. It was a great call out.

Bob Barker won for guest host of the year. He thanked them via televiewer.

Most Extreme Moment of the Year was awarded to Jeff Hardy when he stood 20 feet tall and delivered a swanton bomb to CM Punk at Summer Slam. Accepting on behalf was Matt Hardy who got a beat down by Carlito who started an acceptance speech like he won and Masters then put him in the Master lock and when Carlito was flung Masters grabbed the slammy and gave it back to Hardy asking if he was ok.

McIntyre joined United States Champion The Miz & Zack Ryder against Morrison, Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu. While the championships were on one side, determination tipped the balance as Tatsu leveled Ryder for the victory.

Mickie James won a 7 on 7 Diva match, while the girls were all dolled up in evening wear, they had a fight where it was Mickie James against Rosa. Mickie James was quick to get the pinfall on Rosa. Which sent the loosing team about to leave when Golddust and MVP came out to announce the Diva of the year who was non other than Maria who was very shocked and happy.

She was interrupted by Batista who wanted to announce the slammy for screw of the year, him last night by Long at the pay per view. He was escorted out by security.

Next up was "Oh my" moment of the year. If you didn't know who Cole was prior to this you will definitely know him now. Michael Cole vomiting on Chris Jericho at SmackDown’s 10th Anniversary took home the Slammy Award for “Oh My” Moment of the Year.

It was announced that next week Johnny Damon will attempt to knock it out of the park next week when he stops by Raw to serve as special guest host.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

TLC Sunday December 13, 2009

Previously posted on my blog

I got TLC through the webcast. So here we go

Christian versus Shelton Benjamin. The winner was Christian.

Drew McIntyre versus John Morrison. The winner was Drew McIntyre new intercontinental champion.

Mickie James versus Michelle McCool. The winner was Michelle McCool.

Sheamus versus John Cena. The winner was Sheamus, he is the new WWE Champion. (ya ya I know I know let's all go yea Sheamus...uh how about no)

Batista versus Undertaker. The winner was Batista. He is the new world heavyweight champion. Teddy Long interrupts this victory. But that a cheap move by Batista didn't win him the match and the match is restarted. Undertaker won the match.

Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton. The winner was Randy Orton.

Big Show and Chris Jericho versus Degeneration X. The winner was DX. Good job boys!

Don't forget Monday Night Raw begins at 8 due to the slammy awards.

Smackdown Results :12/11 /09

I forgot we had made these since no one has used them in months.

Batista came out to talk about why he has gone heel. Slamming the fans to add the extra jolt to he's heel turn.

First match was a tag team match with CM Punk/Luke Gallows vs R-Truth/Matt Hardy. Gallows and Truth started off. Gallows had Truth in the corner with a series of forearms, Punk tagged in using an irish whip only to get a closeline from Truth. Hardy got into the ring and they double teamed Truth with a double arm drag. Hardy went for a near fall. Another quick tag for Truth, but Punk got things back into his favour with what started off as a suplex but turned into just bouncing Truth off the top rope. Gallows tagged in stomping on Truth before using a gut buster. Punk tagged back in with a scoop slam on Truth. Hardy tagged back in with a series of flying forearms on Punk. He had Punk in the corner with a slam and got a near fall before dropping the leg from the top rope. There was a blind tag that brought Gallows back into the match and he used the gallows poll (?) for the win.

Second match Escobar vs Jericho. Escobar looked like he had this match wrapped up from the beginning, stomping on Jericho in the corner, then going for a quick near fall. Jericho was tossed out of the ring, and Vickie came down to change the rules of the match making it a handy cap match as the Big Show came to the ring. Jericho got back in the ring just in time to tag in Show, who destroyed Escobar with a drop kick, tagging back in Jericho who used the walls of Jericho for the win.

Third match Kane vs Mike Knox. Knox started this off with a few kicks and a series of forearms to Kane. Kane turned it around with a large boot. Knox rolled out of the ring only to be pulled back in as Kane tried a choke slam but Knox sent a boot of his own to Kane. This went back and forth for a few minutes before Knox got Kane to the mat, but failed to get the splash. Kane got a near fall before trying a sidewalk slam. Knox kicked out, and tried a cross body of his own. Kane did use the choke slam for the win seeming out of nowhere.

Fourth match was a Diva's tag team match. Mickie James/Maria vs McCool/Layla. Maria and McCool started. Maria used two deep arm drags on McCool before kicking her to the face. But McCool turned it in her favour with a title-a-whirl slam. Maria used a hurricanrana on McCool then tagged in Mickie at the sametime Layla tagged in. Mickie tossed her across the ring by the hair. Layla tried to spear Mickie but missed. Mickie used a roll up for the win.

Fifth match Rey Mysterio vs Batista. Mysterio started it off with a series of kicks but Batista got a hard looking closeline on him. He tossed Mysterio from one end of the ring to the other, both times Mysterio hit the ring post enough that it shifted the ring. He got a near fall before trying to crush Mysterio's skull under his knee. Mysterio finally turned it around going for the knees of Batista catching him off guard. Then got him ready for a 619 but it turned into a game of sliding out of the ring for a few minutes before Mysterio used a baseball slide on him. Batista got him wrapped around the ring post in a bow and arrow before using a cable to whip him. He slammed him around a few minutes on the floor before tossing him back into the ring using a camel clutch on Mysterio. Somehow Mysterio had enough energy to use a drop toe hold on Batista sending him face first into a steel chair. Set him for another 619, getting a near fall. Batista speared Mysterio then used a Batista bomb before a chair shot for the win.

The TLC pay-per-view will be this weekend, and Monday's RAW is a 3hour special that starts an hour early.

Friday, December 11, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 10th 2009

Originally posted on my blog Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Dec 11 2009

iTunes Canada had it for download late again. Dude, this is killing me.

Kevin Nash was running the show. Interesting idea. Um... So he came to the ring with Eric Young. I'm listening to this line up of matches that Nash has in store for the night and I am rolling my eyes at it. Dude, I know the holidays are here, and you want to end the year's wrestling season on a fun light note, but I can see nothing good coming of this line up. I mean putting Eric Young in a match for his Global Belt against a Knock Out? Haven't we gone through that craziness enough with the whole Deaner having the Knock Out title storyline.

The recap of the news heard around the world, Jan 4th 2010 will have a 3 hour special that will be starting the Monday Night Wars. All the fans are a buzz with it, we at Blind Tag Blog had a small note on it this past week as well.

Lashleys vs Steiner/Kong in a mixed tag match. there's a shocker for ya. Steiner and Lashley started. Lashley slammed Steiner in the middle of the ring. Then Steiner ducked out of the ring before landing a few chops across Lashley's chest. Lashley turned it around by giving him a shoulder breaker then a suplex. Lashley went for an off the ropes move but Kong grabbed his legs knocking him to the mat. Kong kept trying to get tagged in but Steiner just ended up giving Lashley a closeline. Lashley turned it around again giving Steiner a tbone suplex. Crystal tagged herself in and got a scoop slam by Kong before Steiner covered her for a lazy pin. Kong was not happy.

Eric Young's promo was good. He just needs to stay away from the self tanner. Looking a little on the orange side there bud. You're Canadian, you should be pale and chalk white. Okay, now you know I have a rule about not writing about the women's division. But, since there was already one mixed match, and this for whatever reason happened .... Eric Young went up against Hamada in an intergender match. This is one of the only women wrestlers I ever bother to watch. This started with a collar tie up as Eric Young pushed her into the corner. Hamada got out of it and gave him a stiff spin kick to the jaw knocking him out of the ring. She followed it up with a series of head butts and chops to him. Getting back into the ring, Young turned it in his favour with a boot to the face. Hamada used a snap hurricanrana for a near fall. She then slammed him like he was a feather. Rolling out of the way of a moonsault, Young used the ropes for a pin... I mean I saw nothing but the win.

Team 3D/Rhino/Jesse Neal vs Suicide/Matt Morgan/Hernandez .... and Jesse Neal stole the Pope's trenchcoat. Dude, that was the trenchcoat I was waiting for someone to snag for me.... in a handy cap match. Rhino and Morgan started this. And right off, Morgan had Rhino in the corner for his series of elbows. Quick tag in by Brother Devon who got floored by another series of elbows and forearms by Morgan. Suicide tagged as did Brother Ray, in with an attempt on an arm drag. Suicide landed two deep hip tosses then a drop kick on Brother Ray. He was going for another top rope move but got pushed off onto the floor by Neal. He got back into the ring and went right into a boot from Brother Ray. Neal tagged in with a series of fists to the gut of Suicide. Rhino tagged in goring Suicide in the corner. Hernandez tagged in with a flying shoulder for Neal. He got a near fall with a very hard slam before everyone started to run into the ring causing chaos. Neal gored Hernandez for the win.

It was good to see Jay Lethal back again, even if it was only for a minute. But dude, the moo-moo has to go. Seriously.

A.J. Styles vs Wolfe in an "I paid for a title shot" match. Styles pushed Wolfe into the corner, as Wolfe hung onto the ropes. Wolfe then slapped a full nelson on Styles. He then turned it into a wristlock. He managed to keep this hold on Styles even as Styles got him up into a slam. This went on for a few minutes before Styles landed one of his double drop kicks on Wolfe. He went back to work on Styles' arm, adding a semi-bulldog sending Styles face first to the mat. Styles managed to get it back around to his favour with a backbreaker then his trademark spring board flying closeline. Wolfe then got him with a low blow but Styles got the roll up for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Chris Sabin in a singles match against all three members of British Invasion. Yeah it was a handy cap match. And banned Alex Shelley from ring side. I am going through withdrawls you realize that right? Doug Williams started this, getting Sabin in a wristlock. Sabin got out of it, and did a beauty of a leap frog over Williams. Sabin got thrown into the ropes, where Brutus kneed him in the back, but Sabin turned around and used a baseball slide to knock Brutus off the ring apron. And tossed Williams out of the ring. Then Big Rob the Useless got in and closedlined Sabin. Is Sabin okay? Doug Williams got back into the ring with a knee to Sabin's jaw and a forearm. The crowd chanting this sucks. Brutus tagged in, first legal tag of the match, and they double teamed Sabin with a cross necktie. Williams tagged right back in, with a boot to the face for Sabin. Dude is Sabin okay? Another quick tag as Big Rob the Useless got into the ring dragging Sabin around by the shaggy mess he calls a hair do. (our Hair Gel King knows I love him.) the crowd screaming you can't wrestle. For once I agree with the crowd Big Useless can not wrestle. He slammed Sabin from a near 7 foot drop. Is Sabin okay? I forgot, Sabin is part monkey and was able to get up and shake it off before attacking Big Useless with a flying forearm then a boot to the face. All three of the Brits were now in the ring, Sabin going to the top rope for a double drop kick on Brutus and Williams. Somehow Sabin managed to get a tornado in the corner on Big Useless Rob Terry for the win. The moved sort of looked like a sideways version of Alex Shelley's sliced bread. then Alex Shelley came down the ramp to collect what was left of Sabin.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My ECW results Tuesday December 8, 2009

Previously posted on my blog here.
Tonight on ECW started out with Kozlov interrupting Josh Matthews talking about the up coming pay per view match between Christian and Shelton Benjamin. Kozlov called out Jackson for leaving him alone in the ring the week earlier against Christian and Benjamin. Jackson came out ready to fight Kozlov which led to Regal trying to keep the two from killing each other which brought out Benjamin telling Regal to get out of the way and let them fight. Regal warned Benjamin to back off cause there was three of them and one of him, which led Christian and Yoshi to come out. Where Regal said they didn't have the authority to call the fight which of course brought out Tiffany who did but left it up to Regal, Jackson and Kozlov to decide. Jackson wanted to fight Kozlov, Regal and Kozlov wanted a tag match against the three stars.

Next up was Archer versus Tommy Dreamer. Which was very action filled and allowed us to see someone dominate Archer for a change. Archer won the match through alot of work.

Then you see the masked face of Burchill in Tiffany's office, Where she told them in front of Greggory Helmes that next week they could try and earn a contract if they could beat The Hurricane. To which the masked man said I can't wait to see you to Helmes to which Helmes said you won't see me you'll be seeing the hurricane.

Last match of the night was the round table (Regal, Kozlov, and Jackson) versus Tatsu, Christian and Benjamin. Christian begins with match fighting Jackson. To which Jackson tagged in Regal. And Christian tagged in Tatsu. Alot of multiple tags in the match. The teams of Tatsu, Christian and Benjamin do their best to keep the opponents from tagging each other in. Benjamin in a lot of pain dealing with the round table. Benjamin trying to regain himself to get a tag to his team mates. Benjamin is being beat down by Team Regal. Making it impossible for him to get a tag in. Finally able to tag in Tatsu. Kozlov is leaving the arena. Jackson chases after him and beats on him. Then Regal tries to get in the way to keep them from fighting. Christian, Shelton Benjamin, and Roshi Tatsu won the match due to a count out. Christian pulls out a ladder into the ring. He is proceeding to climb the ladder. Benjamin jumped the ladder and it closes with them fighting over the title.

Monday Night Raw December 7, 2009

Originally posted on my site here

My Raw Results: The show opened with announcing the pay per view which will happen this Sunday.

Tonight came from Dallas TX. US Title will be on the line tonight between Mark Henry and The Miz.

They welcomed out the newest guest host Marc Cuban. Who came out through the audience. He spent some time talking about Dallas Mavericks. He will be ring side tonight at WWE. Sheamus and John Cena will have a showdown later tonight. They will have a chance to have a face to face to give opinions of each other with no holds bar.

Out comes John Cena. The crowd loves Cena. Next coming out is Carlito for a match against Cena. They pan the audience where you see Cuban and the Bella Twins. Carlito is dominating the match with a lot of anger. Carlito attempts to pin Cena without any success. Cena is regaining his strength. Just when he's about to go after Carlito out comes Sheamus. Cuban goes to confront Sheamus. Cuban stops Sheamus with a bunch of security keeping Sheamus from going any further. Sheamus backs up. In the ring Carlito is dominating Cena. Cena quickly reverses with a attitude adjustment, and pins Carlito.

Next Monday will be the slammy awards on USA be gining at 8 should be interesting to see who wins. Also announced for pay per view will be a match between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. Guest Hosting the slammy awards will be Dennis Miller.

Randy Orton comes out with Legacy announcing he wants the ban lifted. He wants t o be able to fight who ever wins the title on Sunday. He demands that Cuban lift the ban. The ban is while Cena is title holder Orton can't go for a title shot. To which Cuban says no way. They showed older footage from 2003 Survivor series where Orton delivered a painful RKO to Cuban. Rhodes challenges Cuban to a fight, if he wins the ban is lifted. Cuban won't discuss it til June. After the Mavericks win the basketball finales. Instead he will be fighting Kingston tonight and on Sunday.

Next starts the match between Legacy and Evan Bourne and Primo. Legacy was able to claim the victory then you hear announced how Legacy is banned from the arena and are being escorted out of the building. This shocks Legacy and makes the match later for Orton a very fair fight. Legacy is out of the building.

Next they recap on Sheamus. And how he has destroyed everyone he's fought in this short life span on wrestlers on RAW. He arrived on RAW October 26th. And destroyed everythin g in his sight.

Next is Kelly Kelly announcing the next match Maryse versus Gail Kim. Gail Kim quick to dominate Maryse in this match. Gail Kim is dominating Maryse. Maryse was able to get bin via a legs on the rope. Maryse heads towards Kelly Kelly. After beating up Kelly Kelly for not announcing that Maryse is going for the divas belt. Melina is quick to come out and help Kelly Kelly.

Net they show DX decorating their Christmas tree. They are advertising their products again. Triple H gave Shawn a present and inside it was a Hornswaggle with an altered DX shirt. Hownswaggle is trying to get Shawn's hat off the tree. He jumps them knocking the tree and DX over and stealing the hat and is off again.

Next match is Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton with special guest referee Marc Cuban. Marc Cuban refused to be intimidated by Orton. One on one as it should be. Kofi Kingston already sending a message to Orton that he can't beat Kingston. Orton trying his best to beat Kingston. Orton beating down Kingston. Kingston getting alot of pain inflicted on him by Orton. Kin
gston not quick to give up fights back. Cuban looking really mad. Kingston regaining his fight and inflicting more pain on Orton. Orton getting into his viper stance looking between Kingston and Cuban. To which Orton lost on a Kingston pin. To which Cuban counted out in record time. Orton is devastated. It was payback from Orton giving Cuban the RKO in '03.

Next match is United States Title Match The Miz versus Mark Henry. Out comes Mark Henry the worlds strongest man. Mark Henry quick to dominate the match. The Miz finding difficulty knocking down Mark Henry. Mark Henry inflicting insane amounts of pain on The Miz. The Miz finally able to send Mark Henry out of the ring. Mark Henry choked The Miz to give him the leverage to get into the ring. The Miz able to DDT Mark Henry barely.

Next they show Jericho talking to the Big Show backstage. Not that we can hear what they are saying. The next match is Eve and Hornswaggle versus Gillian Hall and Chauvo Guerrero. Hornswaggle was kick to tag in Eve. Gillian quick to attack Eve. Gillian dominates Eve. Eve quick to regain her momentum against Gillian. Eve and Hornswaggle win the match with a pinfall on Gillian. Chauvo quick to attack Hornswaggle. Eve gets in Chauvo's weigh after he has shoved Hornswaggle which brought in Chris Masters to defend Eve and Hornswaggle. Masters isn't pleased after being poked by Chauvo. The master locked locked in on Chauvo. Eve is smitten by Masters.

Next match is a handicap match between Chris Jericho, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. This could be Jericho's last match on RAW if he looses at Pay per view. He will go back to Smackdown. Lot of signs saying Jericho sucks. And now he's got a microphone, when will they learn to not give him one cause he just boosts about how great he is. He needs a good beatdown. Out comes DX to battle Jericho. Jericho trying to fight against Michaels. Michaels and Triple H wearing down Jericho. Alot of tags being made between the two men. 32 titles held between DX. Jericho being beatin down by DX. Jericho shoved the ref into the game to which Michales was sent in and The Big Show came out to inflict some pain. Triple H hit Big Show with a chair which caused the Big Show to hit him in the face with the chair. Michaels pulls out a ladder, Jericho used it as a baseball slide. Big Show picked up the ladder and swung it at both Michaels and Triple H then stuck them inside the ladder and wacked the ladder with a chair.

Next will be the confrontation between Sheamus versus Cena for a mouth off. With a podium in the ring. Cuban is talking about them and announcing them. Sheamus comes out and stands but his chair, and out comes John Cena. Cuban will ask three questions. So here we go
1. Why do you feel you win this Sunday (Sheamus) He talks about when Cena came in the wwe took him 3 years for the title. And how Sheamus will do it faster. Next Cena answers no comment.

2. Are you either of you concerned with using a table this sunday? Sheamus says Cena isn't concerned enough. He calls Cena dumb. If he thinks he can rematch on Monday when he looses. Sheamus says Cena will loose everything his health, his state of mind and his title. Cena looks at Sheamus and replieds "no comment"

Cena demurred, finally asking his opponent whether he believes what he’s saying.

The question upset Sheamus. He appeared ready to leave the ring, but instead he attacked Cuban and took a cheap shot at the Cena. When Cena came to, Sheamus kicked him in the skull . That’s when Sheamus went all crazy on Cuban, slamming the host through a table!

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From Ring Side: Dec 6th 2009

It's official fans. As of an hour ago the video was posted on the official TNA Facebook, of Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan at the UFC being interviewed.

As of Jan. 4th 2010 the Monday Night Wars begin!

Resistance is futile

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Smackdown Results for Dec 4th 2009

First match was CM Punk vs RTruth. R-Truth started strong with a series of forearms but Punk turned it in his favour by getting Truth in the corner with a shoulder block. Truth got a near fall then went for an armbar on Punk keeping him to the mat. Punk kicked him in the back and head butted him twice. Both went out of the ring and Punk pushed Truth into the ringpost shoulder first. Back in the ring and Punk used a revese chickenwing/suplex combo for a near fall. He continued to work on the left arm with a tricepwristlock. Truth got out of it and used a series of short closelines before a double drop kick. Luke Gallows interfered casusing a DQ

Second match was Kane vs Mike Knox. It started with a side collar tie up, Kane got a near fall before using a low neck lock-hip toss combo on Knox. Knox managed to get out of this and went for a cross body for a near fall. Knox then used a large splash on Kane turning it into a mat match with a bearhug. Kane slipped out and kicked him then used a sidewalk slam. Kane won this match with his trademark chokeslam.

Third match was a Diva's Triple Threat match. Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix vs Natalya. Beth knocked Natalya down getting Mickie into the corner then got herself caught on the top turnbuckle. Mickie slapped a huricanrrana on Natalya. Beth then tossed Mickie out of the ring before getting into a shoving match with Natalya. Natalya managed to get her in a headlock. Both women then went for a short arm closeline knocking each other to the mat. Mickie meanwhile got back into the ring only to have a surfboard on her by Natalya. Beth then grabbed Mickie putting her on her shoulders for something but Natalya landed a drop kick to Beth that sent both Beth and Mickie to the mat. Mickie got the pin for the win.
Mickie now goes to the ppv to face McCool for the belt.

Fourth match was John Morrison vs Drew McIntyre. Morrison got McIntyre down with a sweep to the legs then used a standing shooting starpress for a near fall. McIntyre got out and began to stomp on him. Morrison used a reversed paylay before getting shot out of the ring. Both men were down outside the ring. McIntyre tossed Morrison back in for a near fall then slapped on a submission hold. Morrison somehow got out of it but McIntyre got a half camel clutch on. Morrison turned it around and used a simple mule kick then a running knee for another near fall. He then tried a springboard kick but McIntyre kicked him causing a fall. Morrison then managed to get the upperhand once more with a series of stiff punches and a drop kick that sent McIntyre outside of the ring. McIntyre crawled halfway under the ring with Morrison trying to pull him out, but McIntyre used the ring by pulling Morrison into the support beams. McIntyre then rolled Morrison back in to the ring used a DDT and won the match.

Fifth match was Escobar vs Hart Dynasty in a handie cap match. Kid started but it was all Escobar as he landed a hiptoss and drop kick on Kid. Smith tagged in with elbows and forearms before Kid tagged back in. Kid got slammed hard into the mat. Smith tagged back in and Escobar used a PRnecktie for a nearfall. Smith turned it in his favour with a slidslam. Kid tagged back in and got the win with the Hart Attack.

Sixth match was Cryme Tyme vs Jericho/Big Show. Jericho and JTG started this. Jericho got JTG cornered but JTG snuck in a slap managing to get a near fall. Jericho slid out of the ring but JTG used a baseball slide on him. Once Jericho got back into the ring, he started to work on JTG's leg before stomping on his neck across the ropes. Jericho then got him in the center of the ring in a modified sleeper. Show and Shad both tagged in, and Show used a single punch knocking him out for the win.

Final match of the night was suppose to have been Batista vs Undertaker. But Batista used a steel chair on Undertaker as he was walking up the ramp, then slammed him into the steps. He threw Undertaker into the ring and continued to use a chair where upon he power bombed him. This match never really happened as there was no ref nor was the bell ever rang.

Friday, December 4, 2009

My Thoughts on TNA Impact for Dec 3rd 2009

Originally posted on Andrew and the Aluminumsidings on Dec 4th 2009

Had to wait for it to be available on Spike TV official website. As there is something wrong today with iTunes Canada.

We opened with Wolfe in the ring. Talking about the fact he tapped out at the last ppv. And side note, Wolfe that was gross. Took a minute to realize he was inside a Six Sides of Steel cage, because the picture on there is so dark. Kurt Angle came down to the ring, but Wolfe had locked himself inside. Angle climbed in and what I don't understand is why did Wolfe not climb out?

The TNA commercial was cute, with the idea that everything you want from TNA you can get for Christmas. But I really don't see how Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin would fit under my tree.

Pope and Suicide's promo did not come across as very thought out. Sorry boys tray again.

Homicide vs Suicide. Okay I have to say cliche much. Suicide slapped a side headlock on Homicide, turning it into a takedown. Homicide got out of it for a second but Suicide slapped another on him keeping him to the mat. Homicide turned it around again knocking Suicide down with a hard shoulder slam, then continued to work on Suicide's shoulder. Homicide got him up in what was starting to look like a piledriver, but it seemed like he lost his grip and dropped him on the wrong part of his neck. Suicide some how got up and gave Homicide a kick to the face followed by a drop kick. Suicide got the win with a backslide.

Jesse Neal vs the Pope. Damn it I still want that trenchcoat. This started with a collar tie up and led to Neal kneeing Pope in the gut. Pope was going for a top rope move but Neal gored him nearly 5 feet before he fell off the ring apron landing on the floor. Neal then got a near fall. Pope turned it around with a series of chops before Neal got him up for a reversed shoulder breaker. Pope got the win though with a double knee plant to the back.

World Elite's Eric Young/Kevin Nash vs Beer Money Inc. Young and Storm started. Storm got a vicious looking closeline on Young knocking him down. Roode tagged in, and they double teamed Young for a bit, dropping knees and elbows. Roode got a large slam on Young. Nash tagged in with a large fist to Roode's gut. Storm jumped in and just started to wail on Nash. They took this to the floor and it was everyone everywhere. Young and Roode got back into the ring and Young nailed him with a knee/elbow combo. Nash tagged back in using a series of knees on Roode. Young tagged back in getting a near fall before Roode kicked out. Storm tagged in with a few forearms to Young's skull before using a backbreaker on him for a near fall. Young got the win with a piledriver.

Daniels promo was odd. He went against Abyss. Daniels started off mocking Abyss. This was the joke/jobber match of the night right? Daniels got a side headlock on Abyss but it was turned into a slam. Daniels ran around the ring but ended up with a boot to the chest. Daniels used a distraction to get a roll up on Abyss for the win.

Kurt Angle vs Raven/Dr. Stevie in a handy cap match. Angle was cornered by both men before Stevie managed to get Angle on the ropes. Raven used a boot to the throat, before Angle rolled out of the ring. Raven and Stevie double teamed him by tossing him into the guard rail. Stevie got two near falls. Then gored Angle in the corner. Angle then used a double closeline knocking both men down. He then used a series of suplexes on them sending Stevie out of the ring. Angle slapped the ankle lock on Raven for the win.

And the MotorCityMachine Guns! Alex Shelley vs World Elite's Doug Williams in a singles match. Mr. Shelley gets sexier every week doesn't he? The ref sent Brutus Magnus to the back and was about to send Chris Sabin when Brutus knocked Sabin to the floor. And the match started. Williams blindsided Shelley with an elbow but Shelley managed to turn it around with a second rope spring board that landed a wicked kick to William's skull. Williams rolled out of the ring, but Shelley went for a suicide dive planting it perfectly into his chest, Shelley landing on his feet. Nice. And then we got a close up of Shelley's butt, thank you cameraman. Williams rolled back into the ring and Shelley went straight for a top rope cross body for a near fall. Williams then got Shelley up in a move I think they called the TorriSpecial, which was pretty much a low reversed widow's peak and planted him onto the top turnbuckle. Williams then got Shelley in a side surfboard that looked like it really craned Shelley's neck. Shelley flipped out and got a near fall, but Williams once again worked on his back with a backbreaker. Shelley got out, but Williams strung him up in the corner with a hard kick to the innerworkings. It only slowed Shelley down for a few seconds before he came back with a series of kicks for another near fall. Williams managed to get out of it and climb to the top rope for a back elbow knocking Shelley down. Shelley got the win with his trademark Sliced Bread. Beauty.

RIP Umaga

Former WWE wrestler Umaga died this week at age 36.
It is said to have been a heart attack.

His real name was Edward Fatu, and came from a wrestling family. Umaga had been part of WWE since 2002.
He also worked at one point for both TNA and All Japan. He most recently toured as part of the Australian tour Hulk Hogan was doing.

His titles were HWA Tag Team Championship, MCW Tag Team Championship, WWE Intercontinental Championship among others.

Happy Birthday WWEGIRL

Wishing you a happy birthday !
From the rest of the staff

Resistance is futile

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Profile on Necro Butcher

One of the biggest names in JCW, the Necro Butcher made the crossover from Indie wrestling to mainstream with his recent role in the movie the "Wrestler".

In the late 1990's, he worked the Texas circuit as "Private Dylan Summers" but changed his name shortly after that to Necro Butcher, where he won his first hardcore belt for IHW HARDCORE. He also worked for TCW, IWA-MIDSOUTH, (where he won the belt in 2007) COMBAT ZONE WRESTLING (CZW), FULL IMPACT PRO (FIP) and RING OF HONOR (ROH).
Some of his titles include : CTPW Tag Team Championship, CWA Hardcore Championship, JCW Tag Team Championship, among others.
Necro Butcher was also awarded Wrestling Observer Newsletter's 2008 Best Brawler award.

He's most known to Insane Clown Posse fans as one half of the Juggalo Championshit Wrestling tag team which he held with Mad Man Pondo.
He is one of the kings of hardcore style wrestling, with a gimmick of being a "little rough around the edges". The members of the ICP who do announcing for JCW's Slam TV, always seemed to draw attention to the look Necro Butcher had with references to the fact he wrestled shoeless and the wildness of his beard.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday Night ECW Review December 1, 2009

This was posted originally on my site

ECW Results for December 1, 2009-- The show opened with a match for the main event for the night which would be Shelton Benjamin and Christian versus Ezekiel Jackson and Valdimir Kozlov.

Then it went into the Abraham Washington show with their guest hosts Zack Ryder and Rosa Mendez. The "It" couple. Zack wrote a poem for Rosa on pink paper. Oh god he really needs to learn to write. "Zack tested Ryder Approved" She wrote a poem for him, on white paper. In it she spoke a ton of spanish what she said no one knows.

Next they recap on the situation striking with William Regals goons. Aparently there are riffs. For lying to William Regal about who interfered in the previous week. Up next is Regal versus Goldust.

Regal making his way to the ring with Jackson and Kozlov. For his match against Goldust. The mission of the three men is to dominate ECW. Goldust is out for revenge from Superstars. Goldust is quick to dominate the match. Regal went out the ring and Goldust went outside the ring and kicked him in the head. Regal able to regain control. Regal continues to inflict damage on Goldust's head. Outside the ring is yet another fight betwwen Kozlov and Jackson when Kozlov tried to interefere with the match causing Regal to capitolize on the match inside the ring. Goldust not yet pinned was able to take advantage of Regal for the cover. Regal on one side of the ring with Kozlov while Jackson is on the other side of the ring.

Next backstage you see the Burchills talking to Tiffany the general manager. They are pleading to come back but Tiffany holds her ground saying there is nothing that can be done. Then it cuts into a new tag team joining ECW Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft.

Next match Trent Barreta and Caylen Croft versus Bobby Shields and Tyler Hilton. They are very dominate in their match. They have managed to keep Hilton in the corner of the ring unable to get a tag. They were able to be victorious and get the pinfall.

Next they show Lance Archer in a interview with an ECW reporter. And how he remembers all his matches to get up there for the championship belt. And that ECW better be scared. They are recapping matches for the TLC pay per view. Christian and Shelton Benjamin will be in a ladder match at the pay per view, to see who will claim the silver belt at the end of the night.

Next they show Shelton Benjamin playing the new game smackdown vs raw 2010. Christian wants to make sure Shelton and him on the same page and they are. And the round table Kozlov and Jackson are still arguing with each other.

The next match is the main match of the night Shelton Benjamin and Christian versus Jackson and Kozlov. On this Thursday on superstars Zack Ryder will face The Hurricane. I will be giving you superstars on this blog.

Out in the ring are Kozlov and Jackson. Next out are Christian and Shelton Benjamin, This should prove to be an interesting match. Jackson seems filled with all sorts of anger. I wonder if the Anger is more directed at Kozlov and not Christian. Christian threw Jackson out of the ring. Christian able to tag in Shelton Benjamin to go after Kozlov and got knocked out by Jackson. Right now The "Round Table" is dominating the match. Right now Jackson is dominating the match and Benjamin was able to tag Christian. Kozlov got knocked out by Christian. Kozlov got tagged in. The Round Table trying to wear down Christian's bad arm. Christian fights back. Christian and Shelton Benjamin were able to reign supreme in the tag team match.