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Sunday, December 13, 2009

TLC Sunday December 13, 2009

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I got TLC through the webcast. So here we go

Christian versus Shelton Benjamin. The winner was Christian.

Drew McIntyre versus John Morrison. The winner was Drew McIntyre new intercontinental champion.

Mickie James versus Michelle McCool. The winner was Michelle McCool.

Sheamus versus John Cena. The winner was Sheamus, he is the new WWE Champion. (ya ya I know I know let's all go yea Sheamus...uh how about no)

Batista versus Undertaker. The winner was Batista. He is the new world heavyweight champion. Teddy Long interrupts this victory. But that a cheap move by Batista didn't win him the match and the match is restarted. Undertaker won the match.

Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton. The winner was Randy Orton.

Big Show and Chris Jericho versus Degeneration X. The winner was DX. Good job boys!

Don't forget Monday Night Raw begins at 8 due to the slammy awards.